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Dominican Republic Travel Report #2

Date: Thu, 5 Sep 1996 19:56:21 -0400

I wrote to this home page a few months ago (and you were kind enough to
include it) regarding my admiration for the women in Thailand and Brazil and
how I consider these two places heads above any other in the world in terms
of available women. Through this page and others on the Internet, I heard
wonderful things about the women of the Dominican Republic and decided to
check it out for myself. I just spent two weeks there (in June 96) in Boca
Chica on the south coast and Sosua on the north coast. I thought if I could
find a place much nearer than either Brazil or Thailand to satisfy my needs
(warmth,water and women) it would be a true godsend. Here is my report.

Boca Chica is about a 20 minute drive from the International airport outside
of Santo Domingo and the taxi fare should be no more than $10-15. The hotel
that I had booked into was great - right on the beach, great rooms - but oops
I had neglected to ask when I made reservations if it was OK to bring women
back. The answer was NO ! - so be sure to check this out before you book your
room. It turns out that all of the good hotels and some of the not so good
hotels do not allow women in the rooms. Needless to say, I quickly checked
into a more user friendly hotel. I recommend this hotel wholeheartedly. It is
the Hotel Villa Don - (809-523-4679) and is run by a couple of interesting
and very off beat French Canadians - Don and his sidekick, Ernest . The hotel
is a few minutes from the beach, but has a pool and there often are various
women hanging about for which arrangements can quickly be made should they
catch your fancy. There are numerous other hotels on this street - Juan
Bautista Vicini - that I believe allow women and for the most part seem
fairly inexpensive. Prices for hotel rooms ranged from about $15-35 - this in
the summer though - prices go up in winter.

Now as for the town of Boca Chica itself - how do I put it ?. On the plus
side the beach and the water are terrific and everything is very inexpensive
 - in fact cheaper than either Brazil or Thailand. But try to picture a muddy
broken down 200 yard stretch of road bordered by trashy, run down bars, empty
restaurants, dusty tourist shops and discos. For this is Boca Chica. A
quintessential south of the border town as pictured in Hollywood movies. Now
this is not necessarily a bad thing since the reason you are probably going
there is not for cultural enrichment. It is just that I don't want anyone to
expect a lovely picturesque seaside town. The first thing you will notice
about Boca Chica is that just about every business (not just the women) is
for sale - "se vende". Tourism has decreased considerably over the past
couple of years. There is a real dichotomy going on there. The good hotels
cater to families and couples, while the cheaper hotels cater to single males
wanting to find a muchacha or two. Seeing the looks on the faces of the
families - most of them German - as they wander into the town for the first
and last time is quite humourous. You know they are thinking, I am going to
kill the travel agent who arranged this trip. Most of the good hotels are
all-inclusive so none of the people staying there have any need to come into
town to eat or drink or do anything and after the first visit they rarely do.
Thus the town itself is suffering economically and a real air of seediness
hangs over everything. This is during the day. So you can imagine how it
looks at night with no street lights and hookers hanging back in the shadows
and lots of young tough looking guys on motorbikes. I must admit I felt some
trepidation on the first night I ventured into town, but as things turned out
everything is quite safe and no one I talked to had heard of anyone having
any problems (more regarding this in the addendum). The tough guys on
motorbikes are just looking for passengers!.

Lets talk women. This is why we are all here. I know a lot of the reports on
the Internet describe how incredibly friendly and sweet these women are and
that many of them just want to meet a Westerner. This is not the case. Not
even close. There are only $$ signs in these women's eyes.They are business
women and nothing more. This was not only my observation - but that of some
others I met - an Englishman, a Frenchman and two other Americans. We were
all disappointed by the attitude displayed by the women. All of us have spent
lots of time traveling around the world to its various fleshpots and placed
these women way down on the scale of overall personality and charm.

Their Looks .

Again , I have to disagree with reports on the Internet. I know beauty is in
the eye of the beholder, but most of these women are truly not great lookers.
Many of them would fit right in as hookers on 10th Ave in NYC. For those not
familiar with New York - this is where the scraggly, hot panted hookers ply
their trade. Many of these women just have a tired worn out look about them.
Maybe it is not fair to compare them to the women of Brazil, but the women in
Brazil are just so much finer. This is not to say that there were not some
attractive women available - but they are in the minority. In terms of race,
most are black - about 70% - while the rest are more Latino looking. There
was a wide range in age. Most from 18-25, but a few looked to be much younger
and a number looked well past their prime. There were actually a number of
nights that I went back to my hotel room alone because none of the women
appealed to me (this would never happen in Brazil or Thailand !). On the
other hand, most nights I did not go back solo.

As I mentioned before, Boca Chica is a small town. It is difficult to
estimate how many women are in the business. My best guess would be 75-100,
but it could be more. So within a few days you know them and they know you.
It is ,also, impossible to avoid a particular girl. This can be a problem
because if you have been with a girl the next time she sees you she will
stick to you like glue even after you have explained that you are not
interested in going with her again. One girl literally followed me around the
entire night and then followed me back to the hotel even after a 100 "no
interesantes". The girls can really be incredibly irritating at times. They
will pinch you, squeeze your testicles and smack you -- to get your
attention. For some reason they must think that we find this kind of
behaviour sexually attractive. Some will look extremely pissed when you pay
them no mind. Another thing that bothered me was they were constantly
badgering me for money or for drinks. And beware - if you sit down in the
disco and talk to a girl for 10-15 minutes some of them will try to charge
you for their time if you decide not to take them back to the hotel. As one
girl told me "my time is very valuable". I heard stories from the owner of
Villa Don (who will regale you with many stories if given the chance) of
instances where the guy said "not a chance" and the girl raised quite a

Where the girls are:

During the day the town is practically deserted. Everyone is at the beach.
The beach is terrific with outside bars all along it. It can be quite
pleasant having a beer and watching the crowd - though the multitude of
hawkers can be annoying. There are not though a large contingent of available
women hanging out. A couple of the bars seemed to have 5-10, but in total
only 25-35 girls seemed to be out on most days and most of these were very
unattractive - big thighed women - which I don't much like - but some do of
course. I don't know where the women who come out at night spend their days,
but not at the beach for the most part. I only saw a few of them on the beach
the entire time I was there. Many of these women live outside of Boca Chica -
some as far away as Santo Domingo - and just come in at night to work. If you
are more of a day person in terms of desiring a woman, arrangements can
easily be made with the woman of your choice at night to come by your hotel
during the daytime. They may be late, but will usually show up.

When the sun goes down the women start to roll out, though slowly at first.
It seems the unattactive older ones show up first in hopes of getting someone
wanting to go to bed early. They hang out at the various bars that line the
street - some keeping to themselves, others aggressively seeking out
business. The better looking ones don't appear till the discos open at around
10:30 or so and usually go straight into the discos. When I was there only 2
of the discos had any business what so ever. Three to four others were
completely empty night after night. These 2 discos were Isle de Bonita and
Las Terraces. Everyone seems to start at Isle de Bonita and then for some
reason move onto Las Terraces after midnight. Both discos are quite pleasant
facing out on the ocean and  40-50 women go back and forth between the 2
discos. They stay open till about 4 AM. By the time you go there it may well
be that another disco has become the hot spot, but it should be easy to find
out. Making contact with the girl you like as you can imagine is not
difficult. One look or smile in her direction is all it takes and she will be
all over you. Trying to get rid of her if you decide she's not the right one
is the hard part.

The Cost Structure:

You need to negotiate !. Almost every girl I asked "how much" replied 600
pesetas which is about $50. You can easily get them down to 400 pesestas and
even 300. This is for full service, but you can get a blow job for 100-200
pesetas ($8-16!). As everywhere else the final price depends on their
looks,your looks, how late it is and how good business has been recently.
Very few of the girls speak any English, so a little Spanish is helpful in
the negotiating process. If you know no Spanish though,don't worry, sign
language can always be understood.

Just how good are they sexually speaking?:

Pretty damn good for the most part. Not up to Brazilian standards, but quite
enjoyable. They are usually in a bit of a hurry to get down to it and be done
with it and on their way - only 1 girl wanted to spend the night. But during
the sex act itself they are quite uninhibited and very active. No dead fish
here. All were willing to give a lengthy blow job without use of a condom,
but they expect a condom during intercourse. They really are very uninhibited
as I say. Many at the Isle de Bonita which has the beach behind it urged me
to go out on the beach to show me their breasts and let me touch them. I have
the feeling though that if I had not taken them back to the hotel - which I
did - they might have been unpleasant. Many offered a blow job right on the
beach !. They are also quite willing to do threesomes and for these prices it
is well worth thinking about.

One strange thing that was going on in Boca while I was there was that the
police were rounding up and arresting 20-30 prostitutes each evening and
locking them up overnight. The jail was right near Don Villa by the park and
you could walk by at night and see them all packed into one room. I am not
sure why the police were bothering because the girls were out doing business
the next night. Over the longer run though this may cause the girls to go
elsewhere to conduct business.

I ,also, spent some time in Sosua, but only for a couple of days. It is
fairly easy to get to Sosua from Boca - a bus from Santo Domingo costs about
$7 and takes 4 hours to get there. The town itself is much nicer than Boca
Chica - larger, cleaner, better everything --- but women. There are 2 discos
that are full of women at night and they are right across the street from
each other, but these are without a doubt some of the butt ugliest women I
have ever come across. Unbelievably ugly. Most are Haitian and are old (at
least in hooker years) and heavy. More unbelievable to me was that many of
them were being taken out by young Germans.  I know just a different
experience is sometimes worth something, but it is a credo of mine not to pay
for a women that I would not even want to sleep with under normal
circumstances. Just because you are on vacation and they are inexpensive
should not mean that you have to sleep with someone. So after 2 nights, I
went back to Boca - which, as much as I have knocked it, is much better than
Sosua in terms of women. When I told Don from Villa Don about this, he said -
"I could have told you that and saved you a trip. Everyone in DR knows this".

Perhaps I did not go at the right time of year, but thats the way I saw it.
Obviously, others have liked it more. I can only guess that these others who
have raved about DR have never been to either Brazil or Thailand and so have
no real background to compare. And for all my less than positive thoughts, I
will probably return at some point for a week or so. It is close, it is
cheap, the beach and weather are great and there are enough attractive women
to keep one happy for a vacation. It sure beats the Jersey Shore. What else
can one really want ? -  except Brazil and Thailand of course.

I passed the above thoughts along to the Englishman I met in Boca and asked
for his reaction. The following is his response with my comments in

It is possible to catch a bus from the airport to Boca if you walk to the
main road for 5 pesos. The bus to Santo Domingo is only 10 pesos, the last
returning bus is at 8 PM.

Some nights there were not many girls. On my last night, Saturday, there were
only about 20-25 girls out.

Don't believe the girls when they tell you they love you - "mi amor" - there
are no freebies. (He had a girl tell him this, but she kept raising the price
everytime he seemed interested)

The place, Boca , seemed to be on an exponential decay curve and if it
continues the place will be dead in a years'  time.

Some of the girls like to bite. (this is true - I hope they had their rabie

Don't forget to mention the one legged prostitute (who was actually very
attractive , but for this misfortune - though Don told us that she was a
trouble maker), the pregnant hooker and the one with the deformed hand. Also
the large stomachs that many of the girls possess. In Sosua there were
virtually no girls with flat stomachs - in BC there were only a few . In
other words S--T--R--E--T--C--H  - - - M--A--R--K--S . (My friend was in
total agreement that the women of Sosua were just downright ugly. He said I
omitted their mustaches in my description).

According to Don (from Villa Don) until a couple of years ago, many Germans
went to Boca but things slowed down after a German woman was killed in a
bungled bank robbery. Also, a German man who lived in Boca was robbed at home
and hung by his assailants. Both these incidents received much bad press in
Germany. There was also a German charter jet that crashed killing all. All
this badly effected tourism numbers.

Don told me that the day before I returned from Sosua - two gunmen held up
Italy & Italy (a restaurant),D'Lucien (another restaurant) and La Terraces
(the disco) consecutively.

Thats all from the man from Manchester, England across the Atlantic sea.

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