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Dominican Republic Travel Report

Date: 27 Jun 1995 12:00:25 -0400

After reading about the hedonistic possibilities in the Dominican
Republic from  I recently decided to go check it for
my self.  American Airlines currently has a special, it costs about
$500 for round trip airfare and 3-4 nights in a good hotel.

Day one:

Basically sucked, The flight out of Chicago was 3 hours late,
therefore missing my connection to Miami.  They put me on another
flight to San Juan and then transfer to Santa Domingo.  My luggage did
not arrive on the same flight, and American Airlines told me the
wouldn't deliver mt baggage to my hotel ( BULLSHIT! ).  They also
didn't have any transportation to and from the hotel (Hotel
Hispanola), which was covered in the tour package.  So rather than
make two trips to the hotel, I prayed for my luggage to be on the next
flight from Miami.  Well I finally made it to the hotel at 9:00 pm, I
should have made it there be 2:00pm.  Taxi service was DR $250 Pesos
($1 US = $13.25 Pesos) all prices quoted here will be in DR pesos.
After a shower, and a meal at the hotel ($200 pesos) I decided to
pursue my activities.

I found a taxi in the front of the hotel, I decided to go to
Herminia's Nightclub ( I had read so much about it on the net! ).  The
taxi driver basically refused to go there, he said it was dangerous!
By the way, some knowledge of Spanish is greatly helpful only a very
small percentage of Dominicans speak English, but taxi drivers
generally get the idea of what your up to.  He took me to this place
called Le Petite Nightclub, which was a large outdoor strip joint
covered by a grass roof, right next to the ocean.  We arrived at 11:30
and the strip show didn't start till 1:00am.  The chics varied here
from 6-8 rating, I guessed they were all prostitutes.  The beer cost
($130) and it was real hot and humid. a few chics tried to talk to me
but it was hopeless, me no habla Espanol.  Unfortunetly, the taxi
was charging me by the hour ($125). I was somewhat sleepy after the
beer (6% alcohol), I decided to venture back to the hotel.  The taxi
driver wanted ($250) when I asked why he said it was a 2 hour minimum.
Being a cheap bastard I decided to make him drive me around for
another hour, I told him I wanted to go to Herminia's Nightclub but he
still refused!  How about Casa de Models or Casa Rosada?  He took me
to Casa Rosada, all the chics here where 8-10 rating!  I didn't know
which one to get, so I asked for a girl that spoke English.  The price
was $1000 for 1 hour or $1300 for whole night.  When I got Dhyania
back to the hotel the front desk clerk was a asshole, after some
arguing I told him to add her to my room as a guest and he did, ($250)
per night.  Dhyania was an OK lay, nothing great....she said she had
to leave after 3 hours, she had class at 8:00am.  So I gave her $20
for a cab and let her go.  A very classy and intelligent chic, she
told me she had a baby and her parents kicked her out of the house,
for getting pregnant.  All the chics have sad stories and it fucks
with your mind after a while!  Because you never get the feeling that
they are after your money, and they don't have a attitude of a whore.

Day two:

I meet a fellow Americano at breakfast, I was real happy to be able to
speak English with someone.  He was on vacation and also in pursuit of
hedonistic activities.  We walked around town and found a pub, where
we could have a couple of beers.  We meet a few locals at the bar that
could speak English, one of which had spent some time in the U.S.A.
The locals said they would take us around, if we paid for gas.  They
took us around to various pubs and nightclubs, we picked up a girls
from Casa Rosada once again to party with us.  They took us to a place
right around the corner from Casa Rosada, I think it was called Casa
Theresa? Chics there were also 7-10 same price.  Loranene the chic I
got from Casa Rosada, was probably the best lay I've had in my life!
We fucked from midnight to 6 in the morning.  This girl had non-stop
energy and wouldn't stop, I'd call myself a horses ass if she was
faking.  She told me she had to go visit her baby in Santiago for a
few days, and also how much she wanted to visit America.  I gave her
all the money I had in my pocket at that time $600 pesos, she refused
the money because it was too much!  I eventually had to just put it in
her purse.  We exchanged addresses and she left.

Day three:

Me and the dudes I befriended went to Boca Chica, I had a great
time. But I didn't experience the amount of women, talked about on the
net. I guess maybe we just didn't stay long enough. We left about
9pm. Once again I ventured of to Casa Rosada, this time I got Pamela.
Pamela looked like she jumped out of a magazine!  She had a great
personality and spoke a little English, enough to communicate, I
purchased a Spanish phrase book, we got along great!  These chics have
so much class its hard to believe they are prostitutes.  We went
dancing, sightseeing, and dining.  She also had a sad story, her
father was injured on the job, and only got $1000 pesos a month and
she was doing this to support her family and pay the house bills.  She
had worked at a hotel reception desk but only made $2000 pesos a

Day four:

Pamela called Casa Rosada and told them she wasn't coming in.  We
spent the day together, Life was good!  My American buddy just about
married the girl he was with, I think he might have...I don't know he
is suppose to call me and tell me about it.

Day five:

Pamela took me to the airport early in the morning....She cried.....I
felt like shit.  I wish I could have brought her home with me.

After thought:

If you are going to Santa Domingo be prepared to fall in love with
these women.  I'm going back again...This time maybe spend a week or
two on the beach with Pamela....


Rent a car, driving might be a bit tough but you'll save money, gas
prices are about the same.

Bargain for everything up front.

Wear a rubber.

I would appreciate any input from others who have gone there....and also
willing to answer questions
for those who want to go.

Why didn't anyone want to take me to Herminia NightClub?

Date: Fri, 1 Sep 1995 00:55:42 UTC Well, I always wanted to take a trip to the Philippines or Bancock, but for the foreseeable future I have neither the time nor the funds for such a trip. Having read glowing reports about the Dominican Republic (DR) on the net, and seeing were as it's only a 3.5 hour flight from NYC (my home base) I thought I take a long weekend down there and check out the action. First off, thanks to all those who gave me some info we before I went. Your advise was invaluable. Some prices are listed in Dominican Pesos (DP). I got about 13.25 Pesos for my dollar. I flew out of Kennedy on American on a Wednesday night. The airfare was about $350. My fight left about 5:00 PM. I got in to Los Americanas airport about 9:15PM. Baggage and immigration were quicker and much more hassle free then I thought they would be. At the baggage carousel, I was approached by a man with an official looking badge who asked me if I needed a taxi into town. I asked how much and was told $20. As I was forewarned that the trip would cost 20 - 25 I agreed. Before I knew what happened, two guys (one who would turn out to be my driver) came and each took a bag (I only had two). On the way out of the airport I stopped at the money exchange place to change some bucks into Pesos. I gave the guy $100 and he in return gave me 1,225 pesos. I almost got ripped off right at the official money exchange counter. As soon as I started to complain he handed me the extra $100 pesos. He knew exactly what he had tried to pull. It was an early and cheap lesson on watching my money in the DR. Once we got to the car the guy who had carried one of my bags to the car demanded 200 pesos. Having never asked for a porter I was appalled but gave him 50 pesos and then felt like an idiot (for giving him that much) all the way into Santo Domingo (SD). I arrived at my hotel in SD (the Napolitano (809) - 687 - 6814) at about 10:30 PM. Gave the driver $22. The hotel was recommended to me as being cheap (it was $42 a night), clean (it was very), comfortable (firm bed and good shower) and as having a no questions asked policy about girls in the room. My only complaint about the place is that there was an awful lot of road noise (it's right on a main drag) and I was up on the 7th floor (the highest). For another $3 a day I was able to rent an in room safe to keep the bulk of my money, passport, tickets etc.. After getting cleaned up I headed outside and asked a cab driver how much to take me to Manolo's piano bar. He told me 60 pesos and I said fine. Manolo's had been highly recommended in a book and on the net. When I got there I was a little disappointed. The lighting was a little low making it hard to see the women unless they got very close. I expected fresh young girls and found mostly whorish looking women. Still there was one that was maybe a 7 or 8. Her name was Monica. She seemed to have a decent personality so I paid the $1,300 for the night fee and took her home with me. Once out in the light I had to down grade her to a 6 or 7. When we got back to the hotel the driver asked for 120 pesos. I thought I had made clear to him that the 60 pesos we had agreed on was for a round trip but by this time I was so horny I just gave him the extra 60 pesos and we headed up to my room. In bed she was pretty good. She blew me without a condom but I put one on before I banged her. We did it twice. By then it was about 2:00AM. One thing that did disappoint me about the Napolitano was that the Disco was closed for renovations. My plan had been to have sex, go down and dance (I love to dance) and then back up to the room do the nasty and repeat the pattern until I passed out. They did have a casino open and instead we went there. There I dropped about 2,200 pesos (the next day I found that the casino at the Juaragua was much nicer and had a much lower minimum bet allowing me to gamble for hours without dropping much mula). We went back up to the room and I banged her for a good 1/2 hour. By then it was almost 4:00 AM. I told her she could go home if she wanted (I really need a good sleep) and gave her 100 pesos for a cab. I woke up about 10:30 and had breakfast in the hotel. The Napolitano had a good restaurant. Breakfast was about 70 peso (mushroom omelet, toast and orange juice). The only thing worth seeing in SD is the Colonial Zone. Here they have a church and other buildings that go back to Columbus' time. On the way there a guy approached me about changing some money with him. He offered 15 pesos to the dollar. I had been warned about these guys. I could see he had a partner on a motor bike all warmed up and ready to go with him and my money. I chatted with him for a few minutes and moved on. I changed all my money in the hotel. It was then I met the first of many Tourist Guides who walk around SD (especially near a hotel). They all have these official looking Tourist guide cards. Most of them will walk with you a bit. Tell you a little about the history of SD and then hit you up for money. They'll also offer to get you a whore, a car or a whore in a car (grin) . We walked around the Colonial Zone a bit and then he offered to take me to a place where he claimed the girls were the best. He got a cab and I asked the guy the round trip price in advance. He told me 100 pesos round trip so we went. [Apparently something missing here --Atta] Before going home we went to the Disco and Casino at the Sheraton. We had a blast, Pammy was a real party girl. For me this was all part of the thrill. Even if I could afford a beautiful hooker for night in NYC (I imagine it would cost well over $1000), I'd be terrified of running into someone I knew (all the girls I took out in SD dressed nice but not whorish). In SD the thought barely occurred to me. I then took her home and all I can say is Wow! I've had a lot of pros where I wasn't sure if they were faking or not. My dick was soaked in her juices. There's no way this babe was faking. At 5:00Am she told me that the that morning (Sunday) was her son's birthday. I had a 9:00 flight and very much doubted if Mr. Man would again oblige me so I gave her 100 pesos for the cab and 50 to buy a gift for her son and sent her on her way. At 7:30 I took my $20 cab ride back to the airport. This time I made sure to carry my own bags. Some general notes. Language was a problem. Most of the girls spoke no or little English. Before the next trip I'm definitely going to bone up on Spanish. Food was very cheap. I had dinner one night at a place called Vesuvios where I had Chataeu Brighon (sp) and the whole dinner was about $33. The same dinner in NYC would cost over $100. Gambling is also fun there. In the casino at he Juruagua, which is affiliated with the Ramada (a beautiful place by the way), the minimum bet at the crap table was 25 pesos (less then $2). Generally though the place is a sewer. You don't want to venture out at night without a cab and the streets are lined with Garbage. Next time I'm going back for a longer trip. My plan will be to go to Casa Rosita and try a girl out there (or take Pammy or Maria if they are there). Then it's a week at the beach for the two of us.
Date: 18 Nov 1996 02:38:07 GMT Hey, Just got back the Dominican Republic. Shit how the hell could I have missed this place when I was single. Cut to the chase!!!! Checked into the Jaragua at around 9:30pm. Out ot the Hotel at 11:00pm. Cab driver didn't speak english but my spanish is ok so no problem for me. Straight to Casa Rosada. My bro and me really didn't see anything we liked so we had 1 beer each and paid $15.00 and left. Exit to Le Petit Chatue. The girls at Petit were from 7-9 very nice scored 2 babes for $100.00 US $$$ and left with them. No problem at the Jaragua the girls just had to show ID to the desk and we were in. My girl did everything and was hot, she didn't stay for the night and asked me to give her $50.00 bucks, gave her $40.00 and she left. I slept like a dog. DAY 2 Was told to go back to Rosada early, the idea is you get girl early and go have a good time out before you slip them the sausage. We did just that, again $100.00 for each the girls. These girls were KILLLER babes. I was in love no shit she was incredible. She did shit to me I never knew could be done to my body. She stayed all night, it was fucking the best. Next morn I had to book and gave her $50.00. I didn't want to leave. I am still thinking about her. Good thing is I am going back on business in a couple of weeks. MY NEW NAME FOR THE D.R. IS WESTWORD FOR YOUR DICK! Do you understand what I mean..
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 21:22:45 -0500 Subject: A trip report My dear friend Atta, Attached is a copy of the latest Connoisseur's trip to the Dominican Republic. Please keep up the excellent work. TC I so hate that week of Xmas (bah Humbug). Nothing decent is on the tube. Every public place full of Xmas Muzak. I won't even think of walking into an overcrowded store. So, I your Connoisseur decided that the only way I could possible survive it was to spend it on that oasis of whoredom, the Dominican Republic. Now back for one week, I share with you a travelogue. Being my third trip, I knew mostly where I wanted to go in Santo Domingo. Never settling for anything less then 1st class, I booked five nights at the Ramada Juragua (sp?) resort and casino. It's a 5 star Hotel in the heart of the capital city that has NO problems allowing girls in the rooms. They will even record the girl's ID before they go up with you to insure that you won't come out of the shower to find your girl and your possessions gone. The guard won't allow the girl up to your room without a special pass. I believe the recording of the girls ID is temporary and will not be kept after you checkout. But if this is important to you, you should ask. The room price was $75 with a discount coupon (closer to $90 with tax). All the rooms are quite large with a mini bar and cable TV from the states. I used the minibar fridge to store the bottled water, soda and beer I bought at a nearby Bodega. The price was about one third of what the hotel would have charged me. Having never been to Boca Chica, I decided to spend the last two nights of my week at that combination beach resort - open air whore house. Based on some advice I had seen on the net, I decided to stay at the Oasis hotel. Rooms there were $35 - $50 with no tax added. My first class flight from Chicago was relatively uneventful. I had carried on my baggage, so I breezed through immigration and customs and grabbed the first cab I saw to take me into town. The rate is still fixed by the government at $20 US. Just to make things easy, I think I'll just convert all amounts reported here into US dollars. After arriving at the Ramada, I shower and changed and headed out to find a cab. Let me digress for one minute to talk about transportation in Santo Domingo. You need cabs to get around ( I don't recommend renting a car). In any case the cab in front of your hotel will probably charge you 400% of the normal fare. There is no haggling. You can get a cab much cheaper on the street, but several tourists have been beaten and robbed going that route. There are several taxi companies you can call if your Spanish is ok. But I found them to be unreliable. Last thing you want is to waste an hour waiting for a taxi. Some also have attitudes about going to the 'Casas'. Best bet is to walk to the next hotel over (in my case the Sheraton). Here for some reason you can haggle (best to get several cabbies competing for your business). Now if you were staying in that hotel no deals. But because you're staying elsewhere you can bargain at that hotel (screwy system huh). From your hotel, a trip to any of the cat houses, about 30 minutes waiting and the trip back for you and your true love will run you about $14. Just by walking next store to the Sheraton, I never paid more then $7. That difference can add up over the course of a week. I even arranged for my main man from the Sheraton (Louis) to pick me up right at the front door of the Juragua, but still only paid the $7. Before I get into the carnal details, let me tell you that I'm terrible with names. Wherever I remembered them, I'll share them with you here. But please don't ask me for those I don't remember. Those of you that have read of my previous exploits know that my favorite place in Santo Domingo is Casa Rosada. For $100 per night (or about $96 if you pay with local dinero) one can find a gorgeous, light skinned and young latina to spend the night with. In my other two trips, I've had both great and good experiences there. For all the hundreds of times I've selected a woman in a establishment such as Casa Rosada, I've never quite figured out the science of it. Generally the women fall into two groups. There are the eager beavers (pardon the bad pub) that sit close to you and try to get your attention. Then there are the coy ones who keep their distance. Unless you know the girl in advance, it's always a crap shoot. I've had good and bad experiences with both the eager beavers and the shy ones. The only rule that seems to hold most (but not all) of the time is that the best looking girls aren't the best lays. I've found that to be true in purely social situation as well. Sometimes it's worth the trade off just to be with a beauty queen. Other times I've gotten lucky and found a model type who is also wild in bed. They are rare prizes. And I've found a few of them at Casa Rosada. In any case that night there was a drop dead gorgeous girl who was kinda playing peekabo with me. Unlike many other Latinas she was tall and really built. Very light skinned, she looked about 17 or 18. So I gave her a go and selected her. In the cab ride home, I got my first hint that this wasn't going to be one of those life time memory nights. Instead of snuggling up next to me as had all the other exceptional girls, this one sat demurely on the other side of the cab. Since I have a lot of girls to report on, let me keep my description of my first night brief. On the plus side she had an absolutely unbelievable body (no signs of child birth), a cheerful outgoing personality and was a very enthusiastic lay (I think I still have her claw marks on my back). On the down side she wouldn't blow me without a rubber, no mouth kissing, her concern about messing her hair was disruptive, and at 12 AM she asked to leave (this had never happened with a girl from Rosada). We had done it twice and I was exhausted from the trip so I let her go. As for daytime activities, buy a Foder's or Birnbaum's guide book. Suffice it to say that at least during the daylight hours, I found Santo Domingo a nice town to walk around. The next night I was really in a quandary. Should I go back to Rosada or not. So based on some information I got from a street tout, I decided to try a different place called Casa Coco. On walking into this place my enthusiasm was almost instantly quashed. The girls here just weren't up to your Connoisseur's high standards. Many where down right dogs. There was one however that was certainly well in the acceptable range (your connoisseur has high standards). She was also in the eager beaver group. Sitting close and making a good deal of eye contact. So I took her home for the night. Bingo, this one had a great personality. Lotsa warm foreplay, kissing and very good blow jobs without a rubber (I always use one for the horizontal hula). We went to the casino together and had a great time. I must confess that when we said goodbye the next day I was tempted to ask her to spend the week with me. But truth be known I am a slut and do enjoy meeting a lot of different girls on these trips. The next day I wanted to take it a little easier, go to bed early and get a good nights sleep. So again on the advise of a street tout I tried what was advertised as the best massage place in Santo Domingo. I had meant to bring home that card so I could give you the particulars, but lost it somewhere. It's a couple of blocks behind the Sheraton and for a buck or two any street tout should be able to show you where it is. Be forewarned that they close by 10:00 PM. But since I wanted to turn in early that suited me fine. In any case, the place had about 6 or 7 Ok looking girls. I choose the cutest and paid the fee of about $60. The rooms where nice with attached bath and AC. We both stripped and bathed (though not together). She proceeded to cover me from head to toe with some awesome honey perfumed hot massage oil. She then used her whole naked body to massage me. It was very erotic. She gave me some oral attention to Mr. Johnson, but it was mostly on the side (not a true blow job). She spent about 30 minutes slipping and sliding around on me. I tried to hint I wanted to be in her, but she wasn't buying it. I was having a great time so I didn't push it. I finally blew my load between her ample palongos. Every night (and some days) I was down there I was gambling. Minimum bet at most tables is 25 pesos which is a little less then $2 American. My luck was excellent and I paid for about half the total trip cost with winnings. Then again, maybe I was just getting back some of the dough I left there on previous trips. Had I been playing in dollars and not pesos, I probably could have bankrolled the whole trip. I also shared my good luck with the locals and tipped much more generously then I normally would (I'm a big believer in Karma). Night four I decided to try Casa Manolo. I hadn't been there since my first trip to Santo Domingo. You may remember that my first experience there had only been so - so. Again the fee was the standard $100 (about $96 if you pay in Pesos). The selection of girls was ok, but not as nice as Casa Rosada or Casa de Models. I picked a cute 'blond'. For some reason I remembered this girl's name. It was Sara. Her name was the only memorable thing about her. She did an adequate, but unremarkable job back in the room. Tired, I sent her home at 1 or 2 AM. Night five was to be my last night in SD. I choose to go to Casa De Models. Immediately upon entering I was smitten by a gorgeous girl. Her name was Elizabeth. I invited her to sit down next to me. After she sat down I began to wonder if I had made a mistake. She just didn't seem interested. No eye contact. No touching. No attempt at conversation. In the mean time there was another girl on the other side of the room that was really giving me the eye. She was very pretty, though a bit on the skinny side for my taste. I made a quick switcheruni. It was a good call. She was great in bed. After a couple of rounds in the room, we went down to the casino. My luck continued to hold and I won more then enough to pay for the evening. Even my girl was able to turn the $10 I gave her into $70 (which of course she kept). About 3 or 4 in the morning my woman started to feel sick (sneezing and such like she was catching cold) so I sent her home. Several other poster have mentioned the hookers that hung out in the casino at the hotel. I flirted with them, bought them drinks, danced with them in the Meringue Lounge and gave them money for their kids. But most all just weren't up to your Connoisseur's very high standards. About half I wouldn't do for free. About five in the morning I was really making a good deal of money at the crap table and my good luck charm was this ok looking girl that had been trying to get into my room all week. Having won so much, I just had to take her back to my room with me. I was sooooo tired I didn't think I'd be able to get it up, but Mary was unstoppable. She gave me a great swallowing blow job. You gotta love the swallowers. They are really hard to find. I just lied on the bed and didn't move a muscle (ok one muscle). Perfect ending to my stay in Santo Domingo. I gave her about $45 and sent her on her way. After only a couple of hours sleep, it was time to move on to Boca Chica. Again I negotiated a cut rate cab ride of about $20. On arriving at the hotel, it took me a while to get acclimated. I had been staying in a 5 star resort. The room (a $35 one) was clean an functional, but that was it. A bed, a ceiling fan and a bath. Fortunately though it did have a safe in the room (the Ramada didn't, but the front desk safe boxes where available 24 hours a day). The hotel is run by an English speaking French Canadian fellow who is relatively pleasant to deal with. Knowing that if I returned from my trip with no tan, I be subject to comments and snickers from my home crew I headed out to the beach. Being a Sunday it was quite crowded, but still a nice wide white beach. There were plenty of hawkers and vendors about, but I just told them 'Yo no tourista' and they left me alone. A friend from Boston had told me about a place that is an American hangout of sorts called Ronnie's beach house. I headed over there and had a cold one or two with some ex-pat Americans who where able to fill me in on the ins and outs of living in the DR. I had expected to get some tips on the local flesh trade, but there were too many 'civilians' around to make discussion of the topic comfortable. After spending a few hours on the beach I headed back to the hotel to shower and change. One thing I was looking forward to was the more casual dress of beach whoring. One of the dilemmas I now faced was that it was relatively early. I understood that the best girls really didn't come out till 10 or 11, but I was crashing. I tried to nap, but didn't get much rest. About 8 PM or so I headed down to the hotel's restaurant/bar for dinner (the food there was pretty good). It was here I met three fellow American whore mongers who I will refer to as Moe, Larry and Curly . Larry and Curly both had the 'suites' ($50 rooms) at the Oasis. The both also had a pair of dark skin teenagers living with them. Curly's pair were sisters. These girls where all a bit young and dark for my taste, but to each their own. I any case the 'stooges' where very kind to give me the lowdown on the scene in Boca Chica. About 10 or so we headed into town. On the way to the disco, I was accosted by almost a dozen hookers. It was frightening, for not one was even marginally up to my standards. What if all the women in this town where so esthetically challenged? I began to wonder if I shouldn't have stayed in Santo Domingo. There are two main discos in town which are the center points for picking up girls. From about 10 to 1 the action centers on a place call Le Isle de something or other. Then by 1 most of the action has moved to a place a few blocks up called 'La Terazza' (sp'). By about 10:30 'Le Isle' disco must of had about 70 girls in it. Many where bowsers, but more then a few where quite fetching. Several where real knockouts. I circled around a few times to check out the action. From behind all of sudden, someone put their arms around me. I turned around to find an enchanting young creature. She was very pretty although a bit young and a bit short for my tastes. I asked her to have a drink with me and took her over to a table where two of the stooges where sitting with their harems. She told me her name was Nicole. I asked her age and she told me 18. We sat there a while and had a few beers ($2 a beer). After a bit of 'feeling the merchandise' I asked her to go back to my room. She wanted about $75 for a 'few hours of love' but we settled on about $45. Had I known what was in store for me I would have paid $100. For those who have never had a young girl cum on their face?? words will not describe the experience. Nicole had a very hot young body that unlike most of the girls in SD had never been changed through child birth. In three hours I came three times with Nichole (once in her mouth). Given the lack of sleep and the full week of carnal delights, a magician would not have been able to perform such magic. Nicole was truly a Hall of Famer. Rarely have I been sure that a woman was not faking it. With Nicole I had no doubts. On these cold New York nights I think of her often. We were spent, the bed was soaked in sweat. We showered and headed down to the disco La Terazza. On the way in to the disco the guard was hassling her. From what I could pick up in my limited Spanish, he did not want to let her in because he claimed she was 15. I gave him a couple of bucks and it ended the discussion. To this day I'm not really sure how old Nicole was. I really enjoyed La Terazza. What a wonderful end to a wonderful night. We danced under the stars. As opposed to almost every other dance club I've ever been to, the DJ here knew just what music I liked. The mixing was perfect. As the sun was rising, I bid Nicole a good night and headed home to collapse in my bed. The next day I awoke late and headed to the beach. I rented a wave runner for about $30 for ? hour. Before I knew it was getting late and I returned to my hotel to prepare for my last night of debauchery. My friends the stooges had returned to the States so one of the 'suites' was available and I moved into it. It was a little nicer then my own room, with a color TV (only local programming) and couch and a slightly bigger bed. Most importantly it was well off the street and much quieter then my previous room. As I headed out for my last night, I was determined to again find Nicole. First I stopped at the one casino in town. I made about $200, more then enough to pay for the rest of my stay. At the Isle disco, I circled the room about three times but couldn't find her. All of a sudden, I was again grabbed from behind. I turned around to find another angel hugging me. This one was a few years older then nicole and a bit darker skinned. Still she was by any stretch of the imagination a fox. I sat down with Julie to have a beer, and figured I'd wait a while to see if Nicole showed up. When after 30 minutes she didn't and I took my new friend home with me. She accepted the same ~$45 I had negotiated with Nicole the night before. She was good in bed, but certainly nothing to compare to my previous night. Her body definitely bore the signs of child birth. And she was most definitely of legal age. After a couple of times, we went down to the Le Terazza disco. There we bumped into my love Nicole. I'm not sure, but from what I picked up in Spanish, Julie and Nicole were friends. It seems earlier in the evening Nicole had sent Julie looking for me (what are friends for?). I was tempted to ask the two of them back to my room, but was afraid that after all that had transpired that week and giving my relative state of exhaustion, there would be no way I'd be up to it. So I just danced the night away with them. The next morning a totally wasted Connoisseur headed home. I had hoped to over my stay get a good threesome going but it never happened. By the time I got to Boca Chica (where I'm sure a threesome can be got for about $50 to $70), I was just too tired. Next trip I think I'll start in Boca Chica and then move on the capital. I hope you enjoyed this report and will be inspired to share you tales of tail. Your faithful Connoisseur.

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