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Dominican Republic General Information

  No need to go further than Dom. Republ.  Glowing reports from all my
buddy's who visit. No $ exchanged up front ( they have their self respect)
but you are expected to leave a gift...$10-20 / night is average. Beautiful
ladies in the 17-30 yr old range. Some English spoken. The abbot labs saliva
hiv kit known as "test pack" is available there for a 10min hiv test. Would
recommend running it on anyone you pick up. 2 or 3 women at once is not
uncommon, and a very nice party atmosphere.

Date: 5 Feb 1995 19:51:29 -0500 When in the Dominican Republic visit Herminia's Nightclub, Santo Domingo. Four star ladies available as are dogs. The ladies tend to be pushy. Twenty dollars is about right for full service.
Subject: Re: Boca Chica Date: 22 Mar 95 07:15:32 GMT I spent one night there during a week of business at the nearby Free Trade Zone, a few weeks ago. The book you reference claims that there are all kinds of single women running around looking to hook up with guys for the love of it. Not true. The only available ones are hookers. The usual single-mothers situation. Nice pretty young inexpensive ones, yes, but - not my cup of tea. One can score in Dominican Republic with regular girls, but you will have to go through the rigamarole of dating, courting in Hispanic style, etc. Also: Outside resorts (such as Boca Chica) you really need a working knowledge of Spanish. You cannot depend on English for ordinary daily living situations, if you are trying to seduce a lady. The Don Juan Hotel does _not_ permit female visitors in its room. The working girls said the Europa does. I guess the situation changes over time. Find the working girls at the two "discos" on the main tourist-shop street. Or, in the disco of the Hotel Hamaca, which also appeared to have some regular girls who are there to dance the Merengue.
Subject: Santo Domingo/Dominican Republic/Update Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 11:13:51 UTC In addition to other information available for Santo Domingo let me state as follows: At the Hotel Jaragua there is a Casino, likely to be the best in town (I have not been to all of them). Around 8pm you will find wonderful young ladies in the Casino. The only snag is that it is very difficult, next to impossible, to know who is a prostitute and who is not. The Casino is filled with beutiful young ladies. If they appears not to have male company you can always start by saying Good evening! If she replies with a smile Buenas noches next step is to offer her a drink and 15 minutes later most likely is that she is in bed with you. You dont have to bring up the subject of money. You might have her for free, she might be interest in a relationship with a foreigner likely to take her out of the country! Otherwise she will ask you for some money, but dont accept to pay more then 40 - 50 dollars. She will accept! No doubt! Manolos Piano Bar and Casa Teresa (any taxidriver know where they are) offer quality service. A full day with a lady here can be obtained for about 50 dollars. Only if you dont speak spanish they might ask you for more.
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 16:00:58 -0800 Subject: Trip to Dominican Republic. I just came back from Dominican Republic. This is a great place!! I visited Puerto Plata, and Sosua. There were plenty of girls, quite young(18-28), and pretty(5 to 9.5). All the girls were courteous and friendly. Some where a little too money intensive(20%) but overall very nice. Most of the girls in DR are very dark spanish to deep Black. So, if you like white girls only do not go there. The place to go in Sosua is the disco Oxy-2,very nice and modern, do realize that this is a normal disco so some of the girls are not pros. The prices vary from $20 to $80 (US). Also if one happens to be black, this is the place to go. There are tons of beautiful German(80%), Italian, and French women from 18 to 50 who are willing to pay for sex and affection!!! believe it or not. I saw many 9 and 10 20 year old girls paying for it!! One had to see it to believe it. There seems to be a fantasy thing with German (both men and women) to find the darkest (and sometimes no so pretty) locals and pay to be with them. There was a German girl next door to me that had about 10 guys in a week. She lookes like Demi (Bruce Willis wife, but younger). Also the fishimg, scuba and sea Kayaking are excellent here.

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