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Dortmund, Germany

Date: Thu, 31 Aug 1995 09:03:32 UTC

It's called "Club 370", Wittbraeucker Str. 370, Dortmund-Hoechsten,
Tel 0231-488401. They are open Mon-Sat 11am-11pm. I had read about it
in a sex mag.

You can take the train to Dortmund, then the subway to Hoerde and then
a bus that goes right to Hoechsten.

It doesn't look very inviting from the outside. The club is in a large
appartment building, the door is kind of old, and so I didn't expect
too much. It's very different from the inside, though. Very spacy,
three floors, three bars, large swimming pool and sauna. Everything
exceptionally clean and proper.

The economics of it: entrance fee is 30 marks, which includes all
beverages and snacks and the use of sauna and swimming pool; you can
stay as long as you want. Half an hour with a girl on a room is 120
marks. Otherwise, money is no topic at all; you pay when you leave. No
credit cards.

One women showed me around, then I got a key for a locker and
undressed. There were 4 women working, all nude or half-nude sitting
on the couches in the first floor, a little bit bored since I was the
only guest at that time (Tuesday afternoon, about 4pm).

One black woman, about 25, one woman from Poland (she told me that she
has a German passport and always works three months every summer in a
club; the rest of the year she's a nurse), maybe 32, and two gorgeous
20-year old German women.

I first went into the sauna, relaxed a bit, and then asked one of the
German girls, "Danny", to join me on the sofa. She made it clear right
from the beginning that she would do only safe sex: No kissing, blow
job and fucking only with condom. She started with stroking and a hand
job and let me play with her tits. Then we went upstairs. She hurried
a little bit more here, no more caressing, she put on a condom and sat
on top. She was very good at that and I came soon, but I was a bit
disappointed that I'd only got about 15 minutes and not 30.

Next I checked out "Nancy". Long black hair and beautiful
large-but-not-hanging tits. But the looks aren't everything, which
became clear pretty soon. Once on the room, she hurried very much,
gave me one of the worst hand jobs I've ever got (ouch!) and kept
saying "shoot it out, baby, I want to see it, come on, shoot it out"
etc. Pretty bad overall, so I asked her to shut up and fucked her
missionary style. At least she couldn't do too much wrong there, but
it was not a great fuck by any means. Again, not much longer than 15
minutes. After my orgasm, she immediately got up and asked me to go to
the shower, also kind of distracting.

Summary: Dead cheap club with potential, but the women were not good
at what they did.


Date: August 1997 Streetprostitution in Dortmund is in and around the Bomstrasse, late at night.
Date: Octoboer 1997 There's a sauna club in Dortmund Dorstfeld, Kressenweg 6, Tel 0231/614588. They advertise as "FKK", but the 7 girls are only topless. They range from 6 to 8. Half an hour for DM 130, full hour for DM 260. Drinks free. DM 50 if you leave without having fucked. The club is huge, has a sauna, some rooms have whirlpool (can only be booked for DM 260), but the atmosphere is not as relaxed as in other sauna clubs. When I was there, they had a special where you could get three half hours for the price of two. Directions: highway A40/B1, exit Dorstfeld, turn right, then fifth right and first left.

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