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Man, I can't believe you don't have info on Detroit. I stayed there
once last year and had the most beautiful woman. Because I had had
many experiences with incall services (where they come to your
location) I kept thinking that I was holding her up (she stayed for 1
1/2 hrs) and probably would have stayed longer.

Although I may have just been lucky...I got the distinct impression
from calling several services before I choose, that many of the
services were high class. The price I paid..$180 FULL FULL SERVICE)

One of my deductions..perhaps some of those lovely Canadian
dancers from Windsor like to go to the U.S. to make additional

Date: Wed, 15 Mar 1995 02:11:37 UTC >Could you give me some more information please? How did you get her >number? Are the agencies in the yellow pages any good? I'd be >interested in starting an entry about Detroit. Yes, I got the number from the yellow pages in fact the ad was for "A-All American" something-or-other. I had also called a few other establishments. All seemed professional over the phone. In fact, A-All American described several ladies, one which they said entertained some of the auto execs when in town. And I didn't even choose her. But like I said the lady I met was just beautiful. Well kept, polished nails, high class clothes great personality, and simply one of the most beautiful girls I've seen PERIOD. I would suggest somehow getting info about Detroit yellow pages.
Subject: Detroit Call Girls Date: Fri, 27 Oct 1995 02:35:48 UTC I have on numerous occasions had girls in Detroit. It is the best city in the country to get laid by a professional. Most of the services listed in the phone book will get you a girl who is will to do anything. Most of the girls do not even ask for a tip. About a third will kiss and about half will give a blow job without a condom. Some of the girls are incredibly pretty. There is an agency in the yellow pages that advertises model types. They are $270 and worth every penny.
Date: Sat, 16 Dec 1995 11:20:23 GMT > I am looking for good escort/massage places in the Detroit area, >FULL-Service is desired, if anyone has reccomendations please e-mail me >privately. There is a Massage (Korean) in the mall on the corner of E. 13 Mile and John R. (There is a Farmer Jacks their). I cant remember the name but it is something like Yoshiko. One hour massage was $60, after first visit you can go for 1/2 hour at $40. Expected tip will be $40 for a hand job. The woman is korean and probably in her early forties. She will start off by giving you a normal massage and then ask if you want anywhere else massage. She will massage your anus with her finger. This is very very erotic. She'll continue to give this internal massage when she gives her hand job. One time I did get a younger Korean girl, same service.
Subject: Detroit Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 15:58:27 UTC There are several great outcall services. They run ads in the classifieds and also in the sports section and in the Yellow Pages. Usually the guy on the phone will describe several girls. I've found that you usually do best with the first one they mention. Prices generally $150 for an hour with a good to fine girl, $200 for extra fine or especially young. I've found that the $150 girls are very good, sometimes great. Somebody posted they paid $270. That's crazy. Generally a session begins with a girl meeting you at your house or hotel room. Usually you'll want her to stay, but if not just give her a twenty and send her on her way. I've never experienced or heard of a girl giving anybody trouble if they didn't meet the customer's standards. Payment is always up front. About a third of the girls will kiss and about half will suck. Almost all will let you lick them. All fuck. Most of the girls will enjoy a little pot or a drink if you bring it. They hardly ever rush. I've had hour sessions that lasted as long as two hours. All in all the best scene I've experienced anywhere outside of Asia. I'm from Chicago and get to Detroit about once every two months. A visit with a Detroit girl is always a highlight.
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 22:07:24 UTC The best place to look (Its where I look) is in the Metro Times. You can find it in most of the Record Stores, or some restaurants. About 80% of the places I've visited in their P.S. section offered Full-Service. Some even offer Anal. As for the massage parlours, I don't know of ANY around here that offer full-service, although I sometimes enjoy going to the Japanese Sauna, by the Zoo, in Royal Oak.
Subject: Detroit Report Date: Fri, 21 Jun 1996 07:25:46 UTC Since I don't often get the chance to see professional ladies, I usually lurk, but this is what happened to me on a recent outing in Detroit. I checked in the yellow pages and found many services advertised. I decided to call A-All American because of the reference in the FAQ in the World Sex Guide web page. A very friendly lady answered and said she had three ladies and would have one call me. After a wait one did call and we arranged to have her come to my hotel. This was the best I got that evening. I waited for over an hour and since it was getting late I decided to call them back and cancel for the evening. The woman at the service was friendly and since the first call I made was late I didn't make much of a big deal about it. The next night I decided to give them another try. This time it was earlier in the evening and figured they would be able to get their act together. This was probably an error. Speed is not their strong point. To make a long story(and wait) short after about two and a half hours and several calls a young lady arrived. The friendly woman on the phone gave several excuses and the lady who arrived said "she was doing a favor for her aunt." The lady who came was a young light skinned african-american girl with blonde hair after seeing her I figured it had been worth the wait. Besides I was getting horny. She was about an 8 or 9 with a firm body and large breasts. her name was Nancy and she said she was 22. The fee was $185 and she didn't ask for a tip. The preliminaries over we found ourselves naked on the bed. She started by giving me a partial massage, eventually concentrating on my cock. I don't think she was too experienced because there was some fumbling when she put on the condom for a blow job. (but at this stage even the fumbling felt good) I stopped her because it was getting a little too good and we continued by breast sucking, fondling and even a couple of small kisses. I also put a few fingers inside of her, but she wasn't interested in taking my whole hand. Eventually we got down to intercourse and after a few minutes I came. We lay around talking for a little while and then she got ready to leave. While she was dressing another girl from the service called to say she was on the way. I declined the offer. Anyway, for looks I'd say Nancy was a good 8-9, for experience 5-6. I have to give A-All American a lousy grade for promptness. Given the large number of agencies in Detroit I'll probably try another next time I go there.
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 10:19:47 UTC Hi, I have been to many Asian Massage parlors in the Detroit Metro Area, All have Services to offer.... If Flint is not too out of the way for you there are some really good places up there. One is on Dort Highway 2 miles south of the strip clubs. (3 miles south of 69 and Dort intersection.) it is on the right hand side and is called the Sun Health Spa. Go in to this place and your greeted. Ask for a massage, she takes you through the first door. Now you have a choice!! Hallway to the left leads to rooms with king size beds. 100 total gets you here. (40 massage, 60 for fuck) If you tell her take me to a bigger room on the left she knows what to do. If you just want a J/O or blow tell her your a bit poor tonight and take me straight ahead. Place has attended shower, Sauna, constantly rotates in new talent etc... They give a good shower, great massage, get you off!! Really a nice place. Most of the other Asian places give you J/o or oral but not full sized beds to play on!! Take care...
Subject: Detroit Area Massage Parlors Date: 6 Jul 1996 12:48:37 -0400 I'd like to comment on some of the previous messages about Detroit area massage parlors. By far, the best one I have found (and I have frequented at least seven of them in this area), is Retreat Spa on Industrial Road in Ann Arbor. The women here are very "loose" and don't play a lot of mind games. Once you are escorted to a private room by an older woman who appears to be the owner, and pay her $60 for a 1-hour massage, a young, very attractive Asian lady is sent to your room. On EACH visit, the lady herself has immediately asked me if I want anything "special." In fact, on only two occasions there have I actually received a massage! They are very straightforward (often taking the top of their bathing suits off when they proposition you for services). I have found that depending on who you get (ask for Yoko -- trust me!!!), full-service runs for an extra $100. You can get a blow job for $60 and a hand job for $40. They supply the condoms. Kimono Health Spa on Carpenter Road in Ypsilanti is another good one. The rooms are far less private than at Retreat Spa (curtain doors as opposed to wood), but the woman that was there the two times I went there, fucked me for an additional $100, over the $60 I paid for the 1-hour massage there. She was older, and rather frail, but very willing to lay back and get hammered. The worst list would include places such as one in Belleville (the name escapes me now) where a woman who looks to be as old as your grandmother gives you a massage and nothing more (thank goodness), and Far East Sauna in Inkster. At Far East, the staff is friendly enough (all American staff?!), but they won't do much beyond looking at you jack off and letting you rub your hands on their tits (no pussy). Try Retreat. You won't be sorry.
Subject: Infomation on the Detroit Area Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 04:50:26 UTC The 'hot' areas of street action seem to shift every few years. Currently, the most action is along Michigan Ave, from Wyoming to Livernois (about 3 miles). Generally speaking, the closer you get to Livernois the more the chance you are picking up a girl who is just looking to get some money to buy more crack. Prices in Detroit are moderate compared to other large cities: Blowjobs $20-$40, Sex $35-$50, Half and Half: $40+, Anal: ???.
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 12:48:10 UTC I was at a theatre called the Wood-Six. On one side it's gay male, and on the other it's women dancing and movies being shown in-between. When I was there, they had three black girls dancing and selling lap-dances in the audience. Two were pretty hot with one of them being an absolute work of art. Anyway, you can basically get off for anywhere from $30 to $60. They will suck you off, give you a handjob or even fuck you right at your seat. It's pretty hot fucking one of these chicks while the other dudes watch and with their turn. The hottest looking chick gave a guy in the front-row a blowjob while everybody watched. I paid $60 while one of them fucked me under the guise of it being a lapdance. The theatre is actually in Highland Park, which is surrounded by the Motor City. Highland Park has always been a pretty loose place. I used to get blowjobs in a similiar theatre in the early 80s there, called the Hi-Land.
Subject: Detroit Area Report Date: 30 Oct 1996 12:33:00 -0500 I was recently in Detroit. I don't usually call for escort but decided to try based on the various reviews in the World Sex Guide praising the area's service. I checked the yellow pages and found an abundant of advertisements (about two and a half pages). I found A-All American which was reviewed in the World Sex Guide (one report said it was great, another said it was lousy). Unfortunately I decided to give them another try. A woman answered the call and said she had 30 ladies available. I asked for a young blonde of about 20. She said she could send Samantha who was 22, blonde, 5'7" and 120 pounds in about 35 minutes and it would cost $185. The woman was somewhat impatient when I asked her if there were other choices. (On 20/20 hindsight, that should have been a warning sign.) About ten minutes later, a woman called back saying she was Samantha and she was blonde, 25, 5'7" and 125 pounds. (Descriptions don't match -- another warning sign.) She said she would arrive in about 25 minutes. After about an hour she finally showed up and not at all who she described. She was 5'7" and blonde alright, but was definitely not 25 (more like 35) and about 165 lbs. She was also definitely no better than a 5. I told her that she was not what I expected and send her on her way. She left with no fuss. I then tried another service, also A-something (sorry I don't remember the exact name). This time a friendly guy answered. He said he had 3 young ladies available and suggested a girl named Celese who was 19, blonde with blue eyes, 5'7" and 120 lbs. The cost would be $175 for a full hour. Thirty minutes later she arrived with another female she said was her driver. I was expecting someone who was less than the description but Celese actually fit the bill almost perfectly. She was an 8 or 9 and dressed well. Her driver excused herself to the bathroom so we could talk. Celese asked for the $175 and said she works for tips. Before I fork over the money I asked for 69 and straight and she said that would cost $260 in tips. I told her that was more than I had expected. (I had expected to pay about $180 to $200 for full service based on the reports on the World Sex Guide, but $435 was simply outrageous.) We negotiated a bit longer but couldn't come to agreement so she (and her driver) left. All in all I was pretty disappointed with my experience in Detroit. May be this was an exception but it certainly did not stand up to the high praises that I read in some of the reports about Detroit in the World Sex Guide. One last thing, as an earlier report said, A-All-American has definitely gone down the tube so don't even bother to try. You would be better off with another service even if you may have to pay more.
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 23:37:58 -0500 Subject: experience in Detroit, Mi Dember of 1996 WOW!!! I just had the most incredible visit from JULIET. First and only time I have used a service called Class Affair Personal Services and I hit gold! I put in a call mid afternoon for out-call services to a Detroit Area hotelbetween morning and evening business meetings. The friendly lady on the phone described an auburn hared beauty - 5'-6/7" tall, 34B cup, intelligent, self employed (outside the escort bus.) professional in her early to mid 20's who could get to my hotel within the hour. I jumped at the chance as it is my feeling that B stands for Best! The stated fee was $175 for one hour "massage (to hand release)". She showed up on time and was quite pretty (obviously works out)! She didn't waste too much time with stupid, teenage, nervous, chit chat but talked a little about what I wanted and what she'd do. That day I was in the mood to go down on her but she made me wait a little as she rubbed and played with me a while. Finally I could wait no longer and started on her. She seemed to enjoy it a lot (me too) and was soon telling me to stop or she'd cum too soon. She went back to sucking and playing with me while I fingered her, just as I was nearing overload she straddled me and rubbed my cock back and forth through her dripping (boy was it wet!)pussy lips & over her clit (no penetration) until she came (I was not far behind!!)! Although she didn't ask for a tip (maybe she thought her orgasm was her tip!)I gave her an additional $60 - she was well worth it. I have never been so satisfied without penetration. She hung around for awhile before we kissed (not mouth to mouth - she says she's got a boyfriend)and hugged and she was off! Needless to say I had trouble concentrating in my next meeting. Being self employed she has no fixed schedule so its catch as catch can (although if you can give the service 24 hrs notice they say they can make an appointment). The service says they have a variety of ladies and service as far west as Ann Arbor as well as all the Detroit suburbs.
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 1997 02:07:46 -0600 Subject: A-All American-Detroit Warning!!! Major rip off at All American Escort service in Detroit!!! Girl shows up-very late-takes credit card imprint-and then remembers that she left her condoms in the car. Out the door never to return. I called the very friendly and usually talkative lady at their main #, and she pretended to go to sleep. Needless to say they billed my card $195. I have used several services in Detroit, including All Am, with generally positive results....but be warned...STAY AWAY FROM ALL AMERICAN!!!!
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 01:30:52 -0400 (EDT) Subject: detroit area update massage parlors: -- 3 asian ones considered best massage is john r by 11 mile, where the girls will walk on you or give very sincere, thorough massages ... i stopped putting their hand on my thing as i have had it treated better other places ... but the massage is worth the visit, and it is excellent foreplay for going out and getting the big thrill best massage, including personal parts --- john r by 14 mile :: a wide variety of experiences over the years ... go late at night saturday and you might get all the girls to go out dancing with you .. though i turned down the offer ..... some excellent cunilingus with many of the girls if you pull them up on you .... but they never go all the way ... that i have been able to figure out best all the way coupled with worst massage --- 10 mile near greenfield ... weird next to dental offices ... put 80 bucks on the table with a condom once you are in the room and say nothing --- i haven't been able to get it cheaper than 80 bucks, and they'll gladly accept more ... so don't discuss, just put down the money travelling around ::: in the car .... Cass corridor :: right near 94, and 2d street up to the fire station ... these are the heroin addicts ... many are off the streets now with the improvements, but with gm moving downtown, there is a big lunch time business .. i use local hotels and condoms ... the cop run houses were closed by the feds ... i don't know if vice stopped forcing sex from the girls in exchange for leaving them alone ... watch out for the transvestites unless you can deal effectively with really cruel people ... most girls will not try to steal woodward ave :: highland park .... if they are too pretty they might be thieves ... sometimes the pretty ones are out at 3 in the morning ... most of the time it is a mix of crackheads or genuinely poor black women, the former won't want to go to a 10 dollar short stay hotel due to problems ... and i suggest getting them out of your car (with a tip, right near woodward ) sometimes they turn really fast, so really check your instincts .... a lot of the time you can get a pretty, poor gal, and it is up to how your heart feels whether to just give them some money, or enjoy yourself ... some are touched to tears if you just give them some money and wish them well ... they just had a bad streak of luck which you broke woodward ave -- 6 mile to 8 mile ... i have had more trouble here with hardcore problems ... the guy/gal who put lipstick all over my underpants and got ugly, the gal who pulled a domination thing and took my money (the credit cards were hidden thank god) .. the over-priced pretty girls ... i just stay away 8 mile east of 75 ... this is a sting area but can be a source of fair white gals ... though don't let any "friends" get in the car for threesomes as you might get the two of them after stealing your car ... they like to give head while driving around for 20 bucks 8 mile schoenerr ::: another mixed bag ... this is girls just sliding into serious drug addiction ... they still have their looks but are about to lose them ... there are some really nice girls and it is too bad that something doesn't happen more another time
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 19:31:33 EDT Subject: Bad news in Detroit I went to A Absolute Satisfaction which had a good write-up from an early post in this group. I asked for Michelle, who was described in that post. Forget it. Its definitely a different Michelle. She was a 2, unkempt, spent the first 15 minutes bitching about her boy friend, and stole from me. The service offered to help, but only after I made more than a dozen calls. This service has definitely changed hands.
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 09:32:40 -0400 Subject: Update for Detroit/Highland Park, Michigan: Wood-Six Some time ago I saw a report in the WSG on the Wood-Six Theatre in Highland Park (small city surrounded by city of Detroit). The theatre is located on the southwest corner of Woodward Avenue and Six Mile road (16549 Woodward Avenue, Highland Park, Michigan. Phone: (313) 867-1177 ). Parking is difficult and limited to north side of building along a side street or, for $5, use the fenced in parking lot of the adult book store next door. The theatre has been closed "for repairs" since fall of 1997, but the recording at the phone number continues to promise it will reopen. When last open, the format of the twin theatres was theatre on the left was male/gay (I have no further experience with that side) while the theatre on the right is female nude dancing, xxx-rated movies, and fuck in your seat entertainment. True to the last report, I was able to get fucked in my seat for $50 when they were last open. An $8 cover charge (no drinks served) and maybe $10 for an initial lap dance so the girl can assure you're not a cop means you can get in, get off, and get on your way for under $70. All the girls carried their own condoms and all refused blowjobs (really only the three that I talked to). The XXX-rated movies are going constantly while 3 to 5 girls (always black and usually fat) take turns doing a nude stage dance. I would only go into that part of town in the daylight hours and when you enter the theatre (after being checked with a wand metal detector) your eyes, as adjusted to daylight, can see nothing! Stand in the back a few minutes until you can see the five or six rows of theatre-style seats in front of a four foot high stage. Pick a seat near the right side wall and wait for one of the girls to ask if you'd like a "dance". When I was last in, there were signs all over the lobby stating that there were absolutely no lap dances, no touching, no contact, etc. This is obviously to fool the police (Highland Park police have plenty of serious things to keep them busy and they have a history of tolerating this place for years). A little experience would probably have saved me the $10 initial sit-on-your-lap-tits-in-your-face pelvic grind (all the touching and licking you want) if I had asked up front "how much more I could get for a little more money." Each $10 dance will last the duration of one of the songs playing loudly in the background (movies have the sound turned off, but somehow it detracts nothing from the drama/plot). I was offered a trip to the room upstairs for on-her-back-fucking for $75 plus a $20 fee to the house for use of the room, but I didn't want to see her in that much light. The $50 fuck-in-your-seat went up to three songs, but I didn't need that much. She had paper towels ready at hand and cleaned me off when I was finished. Then I pulled the Dockers back up from below my knees and zipped it up and zipped out the back door. Quality of girls is definitely very low, but in the dark it all feels pretty much the same and the price can't be beat.
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 09:27:54 -0400 Subject: Update for Metropolitan Detroit area in Michigan: Having traveled to a number of cities on business, I find that the Detroit area is one of the most competitive in terms of pricing. Best place to find ads is in a free newspaper called the Metro Times, available in the foyers of larger book stores and most music stores. Many agencies will quote from $100 to $125 for a half hour or from $150 to $175 for an hour. I have never found a Detroit area agency that offers different service for the added time/cost... if you are physically able to get off in 30 minutes, the extra time/money is generally wasted. Most all of the girls operate on the "up to a half hour" or "up to an hour" basis, meaning that when you come they go. A few places will even quote a 15 minute rate, but it's not usually much cheaper than 30 minutes and that amount of time really runs it close to uncomfortably quick unless you've seen the girl before and can dispense with the small-talk and other non-contact pleasantries. Most girls will be expecting a tip of $40 to $50 for full service. There is one agency that consistently provides girls that never ask for tips and still provide fabulous full service. As is often the case, it is known by a number of different names but you can find it in the yellow pages under Body Talk Massage. I have used this agency for home-town incall for the last 7 years. They usually place incall girls near major freeway intersections (I-696 & Telegraph Rd., I-275 & Ann Arbor Rd., I-696 & Dequinder Rd., and I-75 & 14 Mile Rd.) in hotels no better than a Red Roof Inn and others as seedy as you can imagine. To assure you're getting full service for the $125 per half hour that Body Talk charges, be sure to ask if the price is complete and I would suggest inquiring about how long the girl you're arranging to see has been with the agency... the longer the better. This means that she's getting repeat business and she knows not to ask for a tip. Body Talk attempts to have at least one or two girls working incall most days (from around noon to 6:00 pm). If you're looking for incall after that you have to try another agency. Another reliable agency is Little Black Book advertising in the Metro Times at 888-325-2425. These girls always are looking for a $50 tip for full service but the agency price is only $100 for a half hour, so it's still quite competitive. This agency usually has girls working incall into the late evening (after midnight). Other full service agencies: "A Absolute Satisfaction" ($125/half hour + $50 tip), "Shelia's" ($125/half hour + $50 or more tip), "Abbey Entertainment" ($125/half hour + $50 to $100 tip). Generally speaking, girls at most agencies in Detroit in this price range are average lookers... a 6 to 8 on the 10 point system. Every now and then you may run into a real porky or something quite unattractive. To step up the ladder in looks you need to ask for a "model type" which many agencies have, but the price will run up to $200 to $250 and they often don't work incall or don't work half hour appointments. Over many years of experience, I estimate that about 40% to 50% of the girls will give head with no condom... some are very good. I have never come in anyone's mouth (although nearly so by accident once or twice), but I don't think it would be welcome. Most girls will want another $40 if you want to come twice. As always, being polite and respectful goes a long way toward a more pleasurable experience Places to avoid: "Relaxation Plus", "Secret Rendezvous" (recently busted by the police),

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