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Del Mar, California

Date: Sat,  2 Dec 1995 06:04:06 UTC

DelMar, CA, Prostitution Bust

On November 30th all the TV channels of the San Diego media market area were
abuzz with a great victory of the S.D. County Sheriff over the forces of evil
and vice (and it's not even an election year!):

The media was invited and present en force as a small army of Sheriff's deputies
and immigration agents raided all six (count 'em: 6!) acupressure clinics in the
fine seaside resort of DelMar, CA. Some eight women were arrested, it appears,
and the offending dens of depravity shut down.

What's the charge, officer? "Solicitation for Prostitution". Discovered by
months of undercover investigation, complaints from neighbours...the usual.

Now I have personally perused four of these fine institutions, all in high rent
areas on or near the Pacific Coast Highway, the main boulevard of this town of
movie stars, millionaire race horse breeders, deposed foreign royalty,
university professors and such pillars of the community. Each one I found
luxuriously and tastefully outfitted and aseptically clean, staffed by nice
Asian ladies with experienced and compassionate warm hands. Even I as a regular
client could never get more out of them than a fine massage and a handjob.

The undercover officers must have had a great time and spent a lot of tax
payers' money to get the masseuses solicit THEM. The minimum charge is $45.-/30
min  and the average is $70.-/hr! You and me, we paid for some of our fine
jackbooted thugs to get jacked off! While there allegedly is no time or money to
combat drug trafficking, vandalism, burglary, car jacking, armed robbery and
such petty crime, not to speak of funds for libraries and schools.

Our fine law enforcement officers have again have demonstraded what they are: "A
bunch of horny, bully adventurers out to beat up homeless drunks and Niggers (of
all races) and harrass hookers" (a quote from a movie dialogue, forgot the

Something we should wonder about: Where will the hundreds of clients of these
establishments go for relaxation in the future? I guess they'll have to find
relief for their natural urges by harassing the females around them? Lurking in
the bushes at playgrounds? Accosting jail bait teenagers on the beach?

If anybody wants to bail out the masseuses: They were taken in chains to the
county jail at Vista, CA, the same town whose school board declared creationism
the state religion and chastity the moral code a while ago.

So, avoid DelMar and San Diego County for a while, actually better avoid all of
California, and if you're overseas, stay there, avoid the prudish USA. Spend
your vacation money elsewhere.

>>>>>"Kalifornia Ueber Alles!" (Jello Biafra, The Dead Kennedys)<<<<<<<<

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