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Deerfield Beach, Florida

Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 17:31:03 -0400

Tokyo Studio

This Oriental Massage Parlor located on Federal Highway in Deerfield
Beach has been around for some time. It is located next to an Italian
Restaurant in a strip center.

It is a busy place, so calling ahead (954-429-1530) is highly

After buzzing your way in you are greeted by the attendant. She always
asks if you have been there before (always say YES!). Say you had Coco or
Yoko, and would like to have them again. Set prices are $80 for 1 hour or
$60 for 1/2. All girls are Oriental.

I chose the hour session, paid my $80, and was greeted by COCO, she is a
bit older (late 30's). (If you ask for Yoko she is in her early 30's and
cuter) She put her arm around me (nice touch) and escorted me back to the
dressing room.

Here she undressed me completely, placed my valuables in a locker, and
handed me the key. After handing me a towel, she took me to the steam
room for about 10 minutes of steam.

After the steam she then took me into a private shower room, removed my
towel, and proceeded to have me lie face down on a table. Here she gave a
nice full body shampoo for about 10 minutes. If you mention you have been
there before and Yoko (if you get Coco) or Coco (if you get Yoko) always
took care of me, she will pay quite a bit of attention to your cock and
anal areas.

After the shampoo the gal will dry you off and take you to the massage

The massage you get is truly excellent, which includes walking on back,
stretching, and all the professional Shiatsu methods. This went on for
about 30 minutes on my back.

Right before she asks you to flip over, she starts the lightest of
tracing all over your back and anal areas with her nails, which will
drive you crazy! I immediately became rock hard when she did this.

IF you follow my rule as to mentioning you have been taken care of before
by Yoko or Coco, she won't even ask you if you want anything. She will
just start stroking your cock in preparation for a hand job.

If you are able to get Coco, she will put you in a position which was out
of this world. She puts you in a cradle with her legs, and jerks you off
while playing with your asshole with her toes. WOW! I came in about 30

After you come she will go off and get a hot towel to clean you up, and
then finish the frontal massage. After all is done she then takes you by
the hand back to the dressing room, and dresses you. I tipped her $30,
and left.

While I know $110 is a lot to spend for a hand job, the massage is truly
professional, and if you get Coco, she will make your head spin.

I have heard blowjobs are available, but I have not had any luck yet.
Full service is not possible.

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