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Dayton, Ohio

Date: 10 Jun 1995 02:12:37 -0400

Just got done with a fun experience with Christi, from the outcall service
"Impulse" based in Dayton, OH 513-274-2705. She came down to Cincinnati to
see me. 18 yrs. old, thin, small katadees but cute nonetheless, not drop
dead gorgeous you understand, but not hard on the eye either. She waivered
between being quite business like and quite friendly. Once the $'s were
out of the way, quite friendly predominated.  A bit steep in $s though.
$75 per 1/2 hour for the "agency fee." $150 tip on top of that. I think
I'd pay it again though; not only did I enjoy myself immensely, so did
she. Had I not been paying, I would have considered making her see the
fireworks. They were not too far away as it was. Baby oil, thick black
rug, tasty pink. Yowzah! She is also quite willing to do doubles with a
friend of hers. I do believe I'll try that next.

Subject: Main Street Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 14:29:16 UTC I just had a great time and found just what I wanted on Main in Dayton. Go South on 75 till you get to Main and then go north. In the first few blocks (mile) is where the ckicks hang out and there are plenty of white girls to. Not expensive but look out the Local Cops have been having a hayday with sting operations. Also 3rd street is good.
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 15:19:41 UTC Dayton, OH Checking previous reference in the FAQ, Impulse out of Dayton has some really beautiful women at the going rate of $55 in Dayton, $65 in Middletown and the Miami Valley and $75 in Cincy for the Agency Fee. Full service will run $200+ but don't haggle or you'll be looking at your hand instead of the girl. Also check out Silk Stockings in Dayton. Fees are the same but the girls are better and more friendly too!
Subject: [ASP] Re: Dayton, OH (repost) Date: Friday, 22 November, 1996 02:01 I just tried Silk Stockings, and found the prices to be the same, however, the service was minimal. Dancing, Striptease, and a hand job was all that she was going to do. She also had a set time schedule, and if you did not finish by the time her music tape finished, that was just too bad. I have to admit, the girl which I saw, was very good looking, at least an 8. She was not even close to being as accommodating as the girl written up from Impulse in Daytona.
Subject: (ASP) DAYTON,OHIO RIP OFF!!!!!! Date: 1998/01/18 Just got nowhere with an escort service in Dayton,Ohio. The service is called CHANTILLY LACE. They advertise honest descriptions of the grirls, but that is a lie. They said she was 5'7" 125lbs shoulder length blonde hair and 38-26-36. She must have been 160lbs++++ with chopped up brown hair. She had a cute face and I could not tell what the body looked like til after the fee and the coat came off. I figure what the hell. Paid 50$ agency fee and 100$ fee to the girl. I figured I would at least get to touch her, but she said no sexual contact. Got a shitty back massage and she was out the door. I guess you win some, you get screwed over some. The female's name was DESTINY. DO NOT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THE SERVICE. body-2 face-4 service-0 -------
Subject: Re: (ASP) Daytona Beach Date: 1998/02/08 Cruise US 1 near Madison Ave, and look for a tall stately blonde who calls herself Mercedes. She has a pretty face, sweet smile, and a gorgeous body. Mercedes is mild-mannered and a bit shy, but gives superb half-and-half (fuck and a blow) for $25. Though I don't hit bars, my friends claim that the Pink Pony is a hotbed for free-lancers.

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