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Davao, The Philippines

Subject: Philippines, Cebu, Davao

Davao: Davao is really my favourite city in the Phil. I suggest
everybody to go there instead of staying in Manila. The city has so
much space, and is not so crowded by people like Manila or Cebu and
the prices are not as high as in the capitol of the Phil. I always
stay in the Pension Royal House, it is in the downtown area not so far
away from Rizal Park. Taxi drivers know the place. Beside the Hotel
there are some bars and also a massage place. I tell you first about
the bar. It is upstairs and it is quite dark. You can sit on a table
and order a drink. You can watch the topless girls dancing and maybe a
girl will ask for a drink and will sit beside you. If you like it just
say yes if not just say no. If you want a massage you go out of the
bar room and ask the lady who is waiting there for a massage. It is
150 P for an one hour massage. She will get a girl and she will guide
you to a small massage place, one by the other just divided by thin
walls. The girl will massage you for a few minutes and then ask you
for how much you would spend on her.  Always have a condom with you,
they do not have one. You can just discuss oral or vaginal sex or just
a hand job, it is between 200 and 500 P. But it's just a massage bed
where you are laying and not so much space. Also you should be a
little bit quite because it is not really completely closed.  To fuck
her was just average. But I could release my pressure.

Next day I visited that bigger massage place. When I came in there
were around 20 girls sitting behind a window with numbers. You can
just choose one. The price for the massage is depending on one hour or
two. The price for two hours were 300 P. Someone guides you to a nice
room with a big bed and a bath room. He will also switch on the TV
where a porno can be watched. After taking a shower and massaging a
few minutes the girl will ask for how much you would spend on her. You
can discuss oral or vaginal sex or just a hand job. It is between 300
and 700 P. For the two hours I had enough time to fuck her
twice. She gave me also a good blow job before.  Always wear a condom,
it is just be better to be sure.

I am going to the Phil in the end of May 1997. Update will follow

Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 06:11:38 -0800 (PST) Subject: Comments about Davao, Philippines, Feb. 1998 Davao, Philippines seems to have a nice complement of services for hire. As of Feb. 1998, the street scene was centered along the stretches of Pelayu and San Pedro streets closest to their intersection downtown. Walk around after 10 p.m. or so and you'll likely be approached by several mamasans, offering their "chicks" and promising they're young. Sometimes the girls congregate in groups nearby, dressed normally and discreetly. Mamasan usually does the talking, though. I didn't research further, but would expect to go for an all-night rate of 800-1,000 pesos all included, after bargaining. In line with Cebu street prices, in other words. Asian economic problems have affected the Philippines, making it a good deal if you bargain the price. There's also a "pub house and athletic massage" nearby on San Pedro, as well as the Aquarius Single Bar about 1 km from the San Pedro/Pelayu area. Overall, the scene and outlets are similar to Cebu City's...tolerated by authorities only as long as they keep a fairly low profile. I certainly wouldn't make a special trip, but if you're in Davao for other reasons, you should have an easy time finding girls.

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