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Darmstadt, Germany


I lived in Darmstadt for three years, and it is a fun place in many
ways. For those who do not know it, it is about 60 kilometres south of
Frankfurt on the A5. There is a large British and Italian presence
there, the Italians work the Pizza parlours and hotels, the Brits are
mainly engineers working for the European Space Agency which has its
control centre there.


Bordellos are refreshingly open about themselves, look for a building
with large lettering on the roof and chances are you just found one.
Prices are displayed at the door, or you can phone up and ask. I never
went myself but frineds of mine recommend the CRAZY SEXY in Pfungstadt,
just head for the Pfungstadt Brewery (the beer incidently is superb!) or
follow the signs for the Continent Supermarket, you cannot miss it, it
has a red neon in every window, big letters on the roof and a flashing
sign "Crazy Sexy" outside.

I am told prices vary from 200 marks to 500 depending on the quality of
the girl (they are usually ordered according to floors) and what you


During the day some real hags can be found at the back of the Space
Agency, head out of town toward Griesheim for about 2 miles and follow
the signs for ESOC. When you come to the main gate look for a road
nearly opposite heading off into the woods, one goes to a cemetry, the
other will have a van parked in a layby and some very mature women
hanging around. You pay at the van.

Travel further up and there is a bigger area with two big white vans
waiting, these have two tall and long legged girls waiting, they look
great, but as I lived about three hundred yards away at the time, just
too close to home!!

In the evening you can usually find a few reasonable girls by the
Darmstadt Brewery, just opposite the main train station in town,
preferred pick up is a car. Don't expect anything fantastic, the best
girls work out of the brothels or work the big conference hotel next to
the station.

Contacts are the best method. There is a magazine called Happy Weekend
available everywhere. It is a contact mag that makes the british efforts
look sick, it is divided into commercial and non commercial contacts and
the photographs include total hard core, its worth getting just for
them! There are plenty of ads to suit all tastes in and around
Darmstadt, and some even advertise "English spoken" the mag will also
list all the brothals with sample photographs, massage parlours and
saunas, swing clubs etc. It is a must for the fun loving traveller in


Too many to list, most of them tend to be down towards Karnischstein and
Heidelberg. We went to one a few times with some American friends of
ours, what can I say, great ambience, terrific openess, not seedy at
all. Strictly couples only, though some advertise a guest night when you
can take a single male with you. No pressure, relaxed, fun, expensive.
There is a door charge and a surcharge on the drinks, probably because
so few people actually do drink. There is usually a buffet and its handy
to rent a room. Don't expect to come home with change out of a thousand
marks. No point giving you the address of that one though, it is being
re-developed now, but there are plenty more around, and you can
guarentee to find at least one English or American couple, and most
Germans speak excellant English.


If your an exhibitionist then just pull into any layby on the A5 between
Heidelberg and Frankfurt (probably other places too). The ones that
advertise a WC are usually the best as they are set back further from
the Autobahn. If you are a couple you will literally draw a crowd, we
found it disconcerting at first, but they were actually polite and well
behaved, they just made no pretence about the fact that they were there
to watch you in action! No one ever banged on the window, tried to get
in or cause trouble. But we did prefer to find the quieter places away
from the towns where only two or three would appear.

Sometimes couples go with the intent of watching other couples and
prefer something a bit more discrete. We parked up innocently once on a
trip back from England and relaxed in the car, giggling a bit at the
inevitable voyeurs who were hovering, we were just too tired to oblige.
There was a couple in the car next to us also not playing, but after a
while the man got out and discretely popped a note through my partly
open window, it contained directions to an out of the way place in the
woods by Schloss Frankenstein (I'm not kidding, it is there, look it up
on a map!)

Somehow we found the energy! We know of others who liked to show off in
this way too, and no one ever had a problem, which is not to say of
course there is some risk! I would advise you lock your doors, don't
forget the hatch back, and keep your keys handy to drive away. Also
don't go to the toilet, it will be taken by some as an invitation to
join the party!

If you prefer something less sleazy get the Happy Weekend magazine and
look up a swinging club. You can try for other couples, but we found as
many time wasters advertising in Germany as in England.


There is plenty of gay activity, and its easy to find. If you don't
fancy the club scene, again advertised in Happy Weekend, then go to the
same laybys on your own.  Wind your window down (or keep it up if you
just want to watch and be watched), pull your plonker out and if you
don't get one man standing by the car watching you, and probably showing
you his, then you really picked a bad night! You can invite him into the
car with you just by unlocking the door, but you are more likely to see
him wander off into the woods, that is your invitation to join him. Most
will speak English.

Some will stay close to the layby in which case you can expect an
audience, others will go deeper into the woods for privacy (laybys on
the A5 almost always have woods around them).

Alternatively you can walk to the toilet. They are usually small, one or
two cubicles at the most and a double urinal. Lots of messages in
English on the walls, you can leave one yourself if you like or browse
for promising rendezvous yourself. Its usefull to check for the best
places to park as it changes. The police will occasionally stake out a
layby, but its drug dealers they are after, couriers driving in a load
and dispersing it to their dealers.

If you want attention stand by the urinal holding onto your pal, you
will soon get someone beside you with his on display. Alternatively go
into the cubicle and leave the door open, someone will follow you and
lock the door. The action tends to be mainly oral, lots of it. If you
don't get enough first time around just stay in the cubicle, you can bet
you will get other visitors very shortly.

In Darmstadt itself there are a few sex shops. The best for meetings is
just off the main pedestrian precinct. Stand at the statue that looks a
bit like Nelson's column in the centre and look up the precinct past the
cinema on your right. The precinct comes to a crossroad effect, go right
past the Burger King and the place is on your left just past where the
precint ends. It changes its name occasionally, but not the fun.

Inside there are a number of cinemas upstairs, at least one of which
will be showing a gay film in deep darkness. But on the ground floor are
some really neat video booths, some are just plain ones, but most have a
sliding panel in each of the side walls. You go in, slide open your
panels, and if someone in the adjacent booth opens his then the night
(or day) just got interesting. You can just watch each other, or take
turns pushing your pal through the hole. You will probably be invited
into the others booth at some point, the proprieter does not care so
long as you keep feeding the coin machine.

Its a great place to make a casual pickup, or just watch others in
action if that is your interest.

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