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Dalmine, Italy

Dalmine (45 km from Milano, few Km from Bergamo)

just go out from the motorway Milano-Venezia at "Dalmine" exit till the
next light stop. From there if you turn left you find first a wall of
Africans and Albanian in the main road and in the small lateral roads and
then some South American transvestite. If you turn right fisrt Eastern
European girls and then local girls (better than the average Italians).
Same price than in Milano but a bit less hurry. 50.000 in the car bj +
fuck, 100.000-150.000  1 hour, very variable for the full night (not less
than 300.000, you should set for 400-500.000). Action from dark to 02:00.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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