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Chech Highway E55

Coming from Dresden (Germany) to Prag at the E55 the whole street is
directly behind the german border a brothel. Girls of various ages are
there very young until the late 20's

Date: July 1996 The German newsjournal "Der Spiegel" has a story in its July 22nd issue about the prostitution scene along the E65. Apparently, the child homes in Czechia near the German border are full of abandoned children of prostitutes. Many women there work for pimps and the whole scene is tightly organized by gangs. There are also bordellos, bars and cheap cabins along the E65. No price information given.
Subject: Czech Republic: Good sex for US$ 30.- Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996 09:36:09 -0700 There are lots of working girls on the European Highway E 55 from Dresden/Germany to Prague soon after you cross into the Czech Republic. I will first describe you the problems and pitfalls, be patient, the best deals and hints will follow at the end. Thus you may save a few hundreds of $ and spare you the disappointments and waste of time that made me almost give up on this place. On the few miles between the border into the Czech republic and the town of Teblice: there are plenty of bars at the roadside, each one with half a dozen or more girls, waiting at the streetside or in the doorways. Be careful where you stop: the police likes to fine you if you stop in inconvenient places at the streetside or very close to street corners. Better you stop at a parking lot. Also, watch for no stopping signs! Competition is fierce, the girls grab you, embrace you, sometimes almost open your pants. You can grab their behinds and check them out quite thoroughly. They charge in German Marks (DM 1.50 = US$ 1.00). Usual price is DM 50.- per half hour, DM 100.- for an hour, DM 200-400 for the entire night (after midnight it is usually 200.-, but it lasts only till 9). Additionally, they charge you DM 10 - DM 20 for the room. Frequently this is a crummy room with a sofa with no sheets, no water, no towel, not even a paper towel. Sometimes it is a little better. Bring a towel to lie on and some paper tissue to wipe yourself clean. Better: you rent your own room in a decent hotel and bring the girl there in your car. You might get a surcharge at the hotel, but you do have a decent and clean place and a bath. Hotel Corrado in Teblice is very clean, but costs about DM 40 a night (single room, if you bring a girl you have to pay extra). Also, they require the girl to have an ID. Most girls don't, so they do not get in. Also, there are only the girls in the lobby and one or two bars in walking distance. If you haggle with the girls or show lack of interest they sometimes reduce the price to DM 40, rarely DM 30, or they offer you DM 50 including the room. In this case the chance to get a crummy room is even greater. Unfortunately, most girls do not show much enthusiasm in bed. At least the prettier ones usually lie passively in bed, but if you show them how you want them to handle you they seem quite obedient. Often they do not blow well, sometimes you have to press them to leave the light on or to take all the clothes off. 98% require a condom for the blow job. I heard that some people get better treatment after repeat visits to the same girl. They are also often grateful for tips, because she often sees little or nothing of your payment, after the bar and her pimp took their share. This may also explain their lack of enthusiasm. It may also explain the price structure and the hurry never to overstay your time. Some girls on the street keep all, some pay only the share (50%) of the bar. Often, they give the rest to their family instead. Some self-employed girls stand at the streetside, I was told there is a street off E 55 in downtown Teblice, where amateur girls stand or walk in the late afternoon or after dark. Coming from the border, this is the first exit into Teblice. Just follow the exit as it passes under E 55 and drive straight. The girls range from fat and disgusting to cute, young and the occasional beauty queen. There are so many girls that you can always smeone who fits your taste. You can easily discern the prostitutes by their mannerism, clothes and ample war paint (make-up). When a girl stands around at weird places at the street, she usually is a hooker, too. Careful, sometimes regular girls wait at a bus stop but they usually take pains not to be confused. Most people speak a little German, at least enough to arrange the price and services. The more educated people speak scant English, like the owner and some guests at a local disco I visited. In this (non-prostitution) disco 30 miles from Teblice I bought drinks for an entire table of 6 girls, which set me back 16 Marks (US$ 11). As a result I was surrounded by cute 17 year old girls. I was glad I brought a few friends along and had made friends with owner and bouncer, because some local males were not at all amused at this success. Now more good news. Best deal I have found is Bar Eva. You get your own room for DM 30., a shared room for two costs DM 50. And, if you are a paying guest you can bring the working girls from the bar downstairs to your room without paying the room charge. Just your regular DM 50 per half hour. Usually there are only 1-5 girls, but several of them are 7 to 10 in looks and 9 to 10 in attitude. You can leisurely chat and flirt and hug before and after your half hour bed stint. It is lcated in Dubi, if you come from the German border turn left at the corner of Echo Bar, well before Adela Bar. A dozens other bars on E 55 are within easy walking distance. You can bring the outside girls along, I believe you need not even pay a surcharge for this. But, the girls in Eva's bar are the safer and better deal. Bar Eva Bystricka 256, Dubi Erenco Bar, on HWY E55, in Dub=ED (or Pozorka?), right side if you come from German border, a few hundred yards before the side street that leads to Bar Eva. Some fantastic girls with great attitude. If you haggle you may get some good deals, especially during the week near closing time after midnight. But you need to be on guard constantly. Make sure you repeat 3 times aloud what was being offered, and you openly show the time to everyone when your time period starts. They promise you 2 girls for an hour, then after 35 minutes they tell you the hour is over. Then they tell you you had one girl already, she should leave and you can stay with the other one. Constant begging for drinks (DM 4-8 = US$ 2.75 - 5.50) and tips. Wrong addition yields too high a bill. I will be back, though, because the girls are hot. In the bar 2 girls kissed me all over, for over 15 minutes, and grabbed my pants. A third one would have joined in, but she was not my type. About 40% of the way between Teblice and Lovosice on E 55, in a small town, on the right side of the street, there is a small guest house and bar, with red lights and often a girl standing outside. It is highly recommended, no hustle, no pimps, good food, excellent service, just 3-4 girls. It is after an uphill stretch and a right curve. Penzion Sindibad Borislav 47 Car break ins are rampant, you easily get your car radio stolen. At night you must leave your car attended or locked in a private or hotel yard. It may be illegal to bring a rental car from Germany into the Czech Republic. By train you can get good deals if you come from Germany. There is the so-called Super Sparpreis (DM 190 two way anywhere within Germany, as long as there is a weekend between arrival and departure) or a weekend ticket (DM 35 for the whole weekend, up to 5 people. A steal, but you can use only local trains, it gets tedious if you have to go longer distances) Like blacks in America, Zigeuner (gipsies) are the underclass in the Czech Republic. They have a little darker skin and often curly hair.

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