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Subject: Czech Republic update

Hi, I have some more detailed information about the
situation in the Czech Republic:

1. Prostitution itself is not illegal, but connected
activities like pimping are. The city can forbid
"offering of sexual services" at some public sites,
which in practice does not work and the police usually
does not bother neither the girls nor their customers.

2. Be aware of the street girls, especially the gipsies
(Zigeunerin). Most of gipsy girls use drugs and are mostly
very dirty. Although HIV is not a big problem in Czech
Republic, the risk of the STD in this case is much higher.
You can be even put to sleep by pills in the drink and
despoiled. Do not hail the taxi on the street, if you
really don't have to. Many of such taxis are not licensed
and they bill incredible prices to strangers. Order taxi
by phone instead or use public traffic system. It is good,
cheap and in the downtown faster then a car.

3. I can recommend the brothels mentioned in the World
Sex Guide (especially LOTOS CLUB), but you can obtain
tens of call girls numbers in the advertaisement
newspaper "Annonce", part B on the last pages.
Though it is a czech newspaper the ads are very international.
Usual price vary from 1000,- CZK to 1500,- CZK ($35 - $45) for
half an hour and about 2000,- CZK for an hour. You can order
the girl to come or you can visit her apartment.

Good luck in your work.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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