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Date: Tue, 29 Aug 1995 00:13:13 UTC

The capital, Nicosia, is a divided city like Berlin used to be, but
here it is the Turks and the Greeks. My report is from the Greek side.

There is not much of a red light area, but what there is, is in the
area of Soutsos Street, off Trikoupis Street, which runs North-South
between Canning Bridge and the "Green Line" that separates the
Greek and Turkish areas. I walked along it about 3.00 in the
afternoon and saw about three establishments with a couple of girls
sitting in doorways looking very bored.  Half an hour later I returned
and standing in one doorway looking for custom was a 20-ish
7/10 looker dressed for the heat (it's warm there) in tight shorts, a
boob tube, much make up and that's all.  She called me and we
agreed on 10 Cyprus pounds (about US$20) for a blow job. In the
room we stripped and she gave my cock an enthusiastic and effective
going over (with condom), then about 30 seconds before I was going
to come she decided to throw in full sex as well at no extra charge.
She got over me and lowered her cunt on to my cock - at which point I
shot my load!

I've not tried any other girls but I shall certainly go back next time
I'm in Nicosia.

There is also some occasional late-night activity in the area of
Eleftheria Square, with girls waiting to be picked up my car drivers.
I didn't see any find any clients, though.


Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 15:14:40 +0000 Subject: Anonymous please I like to add another country to your list which I noticed wasn't listed. I have been visiting North Cyprus ever since 1993. There are 4 major small cities and they have these 'clubs' where you get to meet girls mostly from Bulgaria, Romania, Russia. For 3 Million Lira ($100) you could take them out for a day (yes, whole day) and treat them as a girlfriend, wife or whatever. Good thing about this is that you only pay one fee and there are no hidden extras. Most girls are friendly and know very good english. In fact I was suprised to hear that most of them were university graduates. Some of them work so they can look after their family back home. But they are all very young girls 19-25(max). The hotel I had my experience was in the capital of the island, Nicosia (turkish side), at this hotel called Picnic. I think the girls rest there during the day and do strip shows etc at night in the nightclub below the hotel. When I went there it was around 1'o clock midday and it was boiling HOT. It was nice to go in an air conditioned hotel and have a ice cold drink which was free. And on the other side of the bar were girls, about 10-15 of them. While you having your drink you can choose the one you like and tell the barman who will also invite them over to your table. You can have a chat and get to know each other. Once you are happy you can pay the money to the barman and the girl will take you upstairs to hotel bedrooms which are like a normal hotel rooms with shower and tv. From here on she is all yours and she will do anything you ask her. Includin sex in the shower and not just sex, you can kiss touch, and do whatever you like. All girls go for regular check-ups and they do use condoms. You can do it many times as you like and even have a rest in between. I highly recommend it.

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