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Curitiba, Brazil

   BRAZIL (Curitiba). South from Sao Paulo, this is a middle size city
with a higher-than-average living standard. You should visit the
Lambaterias (Lambada dance discos), where you can pick up girls by
dancing this very sexy dance with them. The lambada dance simulates
fucking. They will then charge you much less than in Rio for the real

Date: Mon, 10 Feb 1997 09:15:48 -0800 Subject: Paranoia: Curitiba Curitiba, Brasil Summary: If you want your money to last twice as long, if you are tired of seeing only mulatas, and if you can live without Rio's polluted beach, try Curitiba. Curitiba, is a 12 hour, US$ 40.- bus ride from Rio. Among urban planners and ecologists it is known as a world model city. Public transport, recycling, all function amazingly well, compared to the rest of Brazil. Prices for many services are half as expensive as in Rio. In front of the Rodoferroviaria (the interstate bus terminal) you find several hotels, for example the hotel Imperio. It charges R$ 20, if you are lucky R$ 15.- (US $14) for a clean no frills single room. Others cost R$ 10 (a bed in a box) to R$ 70 a day (***). Sorry, no female visitors there. But, the hotels in other parts of town that allow female visitors are usually quite sleazy and look less secure. Sex services in Curitiba also are fairly moderately priced. Minimum rates start at R$ 30 for 30 minutes in some places. Unlike Rio, the lower priced places seem clean and spacious. A typical price for women in a nicer place, in a spacious clean house is R$ 60.- or R$ 70 for 1 hour, R$ 80 for 2 hours, R$ 100 for 3 hours. Look for the keyword "local" (a place, the emphasis is on the a, locaal) for girls that have a room for your encounter. If they don't, motels are R$ 10-20 for a few hours. The newspaper ads often are for one to three girls, you have to enquire if there are more. On Sundays and earlier in the day there are very few girls in these houses. In the late afternoon or early evening you would find about 5-15 girls in a typical house. You find the ads in the section Relax in the newspaper Gazeta do Povo. Special hint: ask at the newsstand for a special newspaper, with only sex ads, called Curitiba Noite e Dia. There are ads for higher class girls, like students, for about R$ 120 for up to a few hours. But, you cannot select them, you have to make an appointment and see only one, at a hotel. Many of the girls have fairly clear skin. You can find your favorite mulata or morena, but there also is a selection of fair skinned brunettes and some blondes of European descent. Girls are typically 5-7, with some rare 8 or 9. Some work as secretaries during the day. They are fairly friendly, often quite inexperienced, not quite as hot as the girls in Rio. If you are a little decent looking and know how to turn them on, they are quite likely to enjoy and orgasm. What about paying 50 bucks for almost an hour of sex with a cute 19 year old girl, who spends her days selling clothes in a classy boutique and has not had sex in a few weeks? She anxiously puts your hand to her pussy and has an orgasm with you? She is just an inexperienced girl, her blow jobs are not so perfect, and after she comes once she gets tired. Just like going out with any regular nonprofessional girl. She tongue kissed and gave blow job without condom. BTW, half of the girls use condoms for the blow job (oral), if that bothers you ask if she gives oral sem camisinha (oraal seng cameeseenia; I hope I wrote this right, if you cannot pronounce the word camisinha, try preservativo instead ). Also, remember BYOC, bring your own condoms, and your lubricant. Better to use US condoms with Brazilian girls than using Brazilian condoms with US girls, believe me. Most places are extremely unhurried, the girls have only zero to three programas per day. You can sit there for hours, drink, talk, even if you leave without going out with anyone you are treated well. Examples with extremely friendly management, cute, young, simple girls (Addresses may change, so call ahead): 223 6499 Av. Marechal Floriano 1590. This one is a bit cheaper and simpler, and more centrally located and allows for haggling. Very friendly management. 278 3762, 278 2742 at Rua Cleto da Silva 1864. Very nice girls. A ten minute walk from the main tube bus line Boquero that traverses Av. Marechal Floriano. This street and this bus line are an excellent starting point to most of the massage parlors. Other places that charge R$ 30-40 have girls that look more like older, out-of-shape over-the-hill whores. The extra $20 for the nicer places are well spent. At night, from 10 pm to 6 am, do not miss the Boate Metro (there is another one nearby called Lido, it is being refurbished right now). There you find a hundred girls, many ugly ones 3-4, many average 5-6 and very few totally cute model or girl next door types. R$ 10 to get in includes 1 drink, R$ 10 for a girl dring may be required to take her out. At at the Hotel next door (belongs to the same owner), you get a simple room for R$ 10 and a big one with a whirlpool for R$ 20 (2 hours). The hotel is Flowers Garden Hotel, Alameda Cabral 221, Tel 323 1416. The girls' price seems to be R$ 100 for one or two hours. I heard of an offer for two girl friends for an hour for the price of one. Most of the girls in the Passeio Publico park are whores, they charge about R$ 20, most of the young guys are muggers, you better stick to the established houses.

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