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>1. I'm about to visit Cuba and am wondering if anyone out there has
>experience/info on prostitution in Cuba

I have gone to Cuba twice and it's a heaven for prostitution. One bit
of advice, Havana is not a great place, for pros or anything else. Go
to Veradero, you'll be in paradise, I was. At the discoteque (there's
only one)_ the ladies wait outside to be taken in. After a few dances,
they'll be glad to go home. The price is cheap, $20 gets you
everything- and they're BEAUTIFUL. Can't go wrong.

The only problem is that this pussy paradise is illegal for US Citizens and
residents. However, if you go through Canada, the Dominican Republic,
Mexico, or Venezuela there should be no trouble. The authorities at the
Veradero airport DO NOT STAMP anybody's passport, so that's a plus. However
if you go through Canada the US authorities (who work out of that country)
will ask about the Canadian entry-exit stamps. Best to enter Canada with a
birth certificate and keep the passport in your pocket. If you're really
paranoid, mail it back to yourself from Canada.

It's worth the effort, go enjoy!

Date: May 1995 The May issue of Esquire has an article about prostitution in Havana: they mention the discoteque Palacio de la Salsa in the Hotel Riviera and the Havana Club in the Hotel Comodero. The hookers hang out in front of the clubs, because there's a $10 cover charge and they can only get in if they have a tourist friend. Apparently they don't operate very openly inside, i.e. you still have to buy them a drink and flirt a bit. Hookers prefer older men, especially those who look rich (as always, bring your fake Rolex!). A coke is $5 there. You have to pay $40 at the reception if you want to bring a girl up to your room in the Hotel Riviera; this doesn't include the girl's payment. They mention that all the girls want to marry a foreigner. Average income of the girls is $50/night. Streetwalkers hang out at the Malecon, seawall, after sunset. Atta
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 1995 18:21:55 UTC I've been to Cuba four times this year and the average age of the girls I've had is 20. You can have any girl you want. Just stop any one on the street and ask her if she wants to go with you and she will. That's because the average salary is about US $10. per month and they know that hanging out with a foreigner will bring them something if only a drink and dinner. Incidentally, there's no travel embargo to Cuba, only a trade embargo. The catch is that the moment you spend any US$, you've broken the trade embargo. US customs authorities are lax, no one has been prosecuted. The planes are full of Americans. Bring little gifts like panty hose and perfume and you'll be treated like a king.
Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 01:15:41 UTC CUBA. The whole island is a brothel, possibly the cheapest one in the world. It is right now the most popular sex travel destination for Germans and Spaniards, who arrive in chartered flights to do nothing but fucking for a couple of weeks. Any hotel will organize prostitution for you, including the most expensive ones. You can also pick them up in the streets. Attention: they are so hungry they could rob you! Do also be careful with sexual illnesses.
Subject: Re: CUBA questions. Need help... Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 18:00:08 GMT >Looking for advice or suggestions on yng prostitutes in Cuba. (i.e. Where >is the best city to go to?) Go to the tourist city of Veradero. The rates are cheap, the weather beautiful, and the ladies anxious to please. You can find them in the local discos. Have fun
Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 15:50:02 +0100 Subject: Cuba Great Site!!So I am Happy to add my experiences. I have travelled extensively across Asia and Africa, but nowhere compares to CUBA. First, some ground rules. 1.Cuba is now the most popular Holiday destination for Italians, so don't be surprised when you get mistaken for one. 2.The Cubians are the most romantic people in the world. You will get far better results if you act in the same way. 3.I am fortunate, I have a friend who has a villa there. You can't take a girl back to a Hotel. Either you go to a "short" time room or her place. 4."Crabs"(body lice) are quite common, so "look before you leap"(or eat!!). 5.Girls at the "Tourist Discos" are no longer cheap, thanks to the Italian and Spanish guys. It will cost $70-100, for all night, You're crazy if you do. The best places are a.The Beach, particularly at week-ends. B.The local Salsa Clubs, Casa De Mussica in Havana is great. c.The Malacon, this is one of the few places in the world where it is safe to pick a girl up in the streets. Remember don't rush, the girls like conversation and attention. Speaking Spanish helps but you can get away with just English. The girls are very willing to please and everyone I have met love to fuck. The colour variation is vast from blonde to black. I have enjoyed a 19yrs old Law Student, and a 30yrs old Mother, and every type in-between. I have probably paid about 50% of the time, otherwise they are happy with a meal, drinks, and a night out. A gift afterwards is met with real pleasure, but not asked for. Enjoy it while you can.
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 11:11:11 +0100 Subject: Prostitution In Cuba About Cuba I was very sad to read some of the letters sent to you. I did spend time reading some of them. I spent a lot of time with the girls there but I must say when you speak to them that they go with tourists because have to survive. If people treat them well they will be very thankful. I spent the best time of my life in Cuba. The people in general are very nice. They are willing to help at any time. Some of the girls never asked for money. Give them something anyway. Bring SOME OLD CLOTHES . SMALL PRESENTS are quite welcomed but if you know where to look for the girls you don't get the pros. Look for the nice girls DURING THE DAY when they have time to talk but be careful not to fall in love with them otherwise you're stuck with them the whole time. Continue toTREAT THEM NICELY otherwise you'll spoil it for others. Make sure you don't get robbed at your Casa Particular. Hide your money, perfume etc... Make sure they understand that they have to stay until the morning otherwise you have to wake up at 5am to take them home. Offer to take them out for breakfast in the morning is a good way to make them stay with you until the morning. DON'T HURRY TO GO TO BED WITH THE FIRST ONE YOU MEET. GO FOR QUALITY ALWAYS. The best disco where you can find girls who don't ask for too much is the 1830 at the end of the Malecon towards the Marina Hemingway. It's an open disco (no smoke). There's a good show for the lover of good cuban music and it's opened till late. Discos are usually opened every night of the the week as well as the week ends. Don't be afraid to talk with the people. If you take photos or video ask them before and some money to thank them ($1 is enough usually). ENJOY AND VIVA CUBA
Subject: Re: cuba Havana & other cities I would like to thank the contributors of this great publication (fuckers united) for such great input. But let me put in my two cents. I hear a lot of bullshit stories or half truths about the good life In Cuba. I would like to start with law enforcement. The police are there to protect you and your belongings. Don't misinterpret this; this doesn't give you card blanch to do as you please. You'll hear stories from Cubans that a foreigner can do as he/she pleases, this is bullshit. By the way, this is probably the only country in Latin America where the cops won't steal from you. There is a fine author who complaints about this being a fourth world country, obviously he is entitled to his opinion but for a nagger he sure doesn't mind taking advantage of this situation. He should visit Mexico more often. I am all for capitalism, but not that same shit that exist in the lower Western Hemisphere. Now lets get down to business: Locations 1) Havana > The Malecon: mostly young inexperience girls 15-18 years of age usually have a pimp 'chulo' and do this for pure economic reasons, usually are from out of town and their new found boyfriends are more than willing to find them work. Rating between 3 through 6, Prices u.s. bj=15 fk=30. Not my cup of tea, I like girls who enjoy it. 2) Hotel Discos: this is where the more, Experienced girls hang out, and are usually more beautiful. Comodoro, Riviera, Capri and the Havana Libre, I've noticed that some are rather picky about their customers. Rating between 5 through 9, Prices may fluctuate depending on looks and if they like you (only in Cuba) bj=25-50 fk 50-100. The above info is for the ill equipped, meaning monetary compensation for services rendered. (paying customer) . For the more talented individuals, I suggest a few tips: Stay at a hotel for the first two to three days, get a feel for the city, meet other tourist that are veterans and let them hook you up with a chauffeur, trust me this is fastest way to get around without worries. A good price is 25-35 U.S. per day plus fuel, you'll get a feel If he is honest on the first day, If you feel he is, keep using his services otherwise give em the boot, believe me there is plenty of self style taxi drivers in Cuba. Keep in mind the average person makes about 25 U.S. a month, so you will be a highly priced commodity, so be smart but be fair. Now that you got your transportation squared away it's time to start looking for a place to stay, chances are that your driver will know of a few places. These places are called casas particular 'private homes' check all of these out thoroughly, make sure they meet you specs, the prices as usually quoted per day but you can pay for a week and probably save yourself a few bucks. Only do this if you're comfortable with your new environment, some of these places offer maid service and hot meals wich may alter the total price. I always check essentials; running water and electricity. Depending what area of the city you may reside at will dictate the above, when in doubt ask. Now for the fun, the Cuban girls are probably the most friendliest, and have no hang ups about their sexuality if they find you attractive they'll let you know, Just stroll the town on your private taxi and have him take you to places where the Cubans hang out. (discos, clubs and restaurants) Things are a lot cheaper because of its clientele, but you don't get the hookers 'jineteras' from the touristy places I mentioned above. Because these aren't whores, you can go around picking product either, so just pretend you're back in the U.S. get yourself a drink sit back check out the ones you like and then make your move ask them to dance buy them a beer, play it by ear and eyes. You meet the one you fancy, spend a little time talk to them, treat them with respect and you'll be respected, if you've made your decision by this time offer her breakfast for the following morning, she won't let you down. During the conversation try to find some essential information 1) is she employed 2) is she from Havana 3) is she married/boyfriend. If she looks too young ask her for her I.D. book this little communist idea will dispel any forth-coming lies and might save you from any potential hassles. By the second day you'll be getting fucked. (trust me) don't end up with a block head she'll be useless out of the bedroom and she'll keep you busy buying her unnecessary shit. (might as well end up with a jinetera). For that right girl, a gift from a broad would be most welcomed, I make it a point to take body lotion, perfume bras and panties. (Get sizes that are comparable to the size of women you like. As a rule of thumb I usually get medium and 36C which is the size of the women I prefer. This gift thing works all the time cause you'll enjoy taking it off and she will enjoy putting it on for you. Now I know this may sound stupid but a couple of times at these places where my cock was lodging, my respectable hostess introduced me to several female acquaintance of theirs own, and I made the best of it in the bedroom. These women love to fuck, suck and please you. And so do I. These same tactics apply in Guanabo 'playa del este' or Pinar del Rio. P.S. if anyone I mean anyone asks you if this is your first visit tell them no, this is your fourth time. This will save you from street hustlers. The coxsman!!!!!!
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 00:00:33 EST To all my fellow travelers: I've recently been to Cuba just before the Pope's visit. Believe me it was bad timing if ash-hauling was high on your priority. There are 2 main ways to get there, through Canada or Mexico. I reccommend going through Cannada since there are a truck load of travel agencies in Totonto that can arrange for hotel accomoncations with little added cost than you shopping for just airplane price alone. There are 2 price scales, local and tourist. Cuba is renown in the tourist industry for good quality at bargain price. NOT so if you pay tourist scale. A trip from Havana airport to the hotel will set you back $15usd. Fine if you are traveling in NYC or DC, I call it gouging if you know the average monthly salary is $11 and most of the $15 goes to Fidel. Recommended course of action is to check into a hotel for a day to get a feel for the rythm of the place. By next day you should move into a "case particula".Don't worry if you don't know where to find it. A walk down the Malecon will attract hawkers trying to sell you everything from digar,rum, their women, to dwellings. It is a must since no hetel I know of will let you bring a women into your room. Expect to pay $15 to $20. Do not pay over this amount unless the dwelling is VERY nice. The practices are not allow but the no-rental policy is not enforced. Still, it pays to be low profile. Night clubs are loaded with young and attractive girls. However, if you want the non pros, weekend are best time. There is an influx from the surrounding countryside as well as the schools. Expect asking price of $50 to $70 by the pros. However, you'll pop your cork for a reasonable $30-40 for the amateurs and you'll get a better lay. There really is no need to truck to the discos when you can just walk down the street and pick your choice at night. The body language of available chicas is subtle but perceivable. It didn't took me long to pick up what to look for. For those of you what can't wait. Any town except Veradero outside of the skirt of Havana is fine. The law barring locals to approach tourist is still enforce in Veradoro! But to the horny-inflicted, the trick is to get that casa particular and your hawker will handle the rest. The locals are hungry enough for your $$ you can still get good tail there. I got my best peice at Veradero. Just try to be discreet when ask for rental.

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