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Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 00:59:54 UTC

Updates for Connecticut section:

Two places that can be trusted for reliability, service and cleanliness are the
Tokyo Health Spa in Waterbury (one block off Huntingdon Ave. on Route 8)
and the Seoul Oriental Spa in Greenwich (Post Road, next to Bo Chicken,
second floor). These establishments are basically consistent with what other
readers have shared at this site concerning spas. The Asian women tend to
be service orientated, professional, kind and gentle, though sometimes the
choices are limited. However, I can't say that I've ever been disappointed,
regardless of options; More satisfied at certain times over others, yes, but
never disappointed. A point someone made about the American Spa in
Bridgeport is worth repeating, though it had nothing to do with Asians:
Treat the madame and her ladies with the utmost respect. What you get out
of it will be commensurate with what you put in.

Also, someone mentioned recently that there were no locations in Danbury.
Not true. Genesis is one of the oldest parlours in the business, having been
in operation for at least 14-15 years that I know of. Have never heard
anything about it, though. Also, a place called Executive Oriental Spa
opened within the last few years off Exit 3, Route 84, near the Danbury

As noted by another reader, the Hartford/New Haven/Fairfield County
Advocate chain is loaded with adds of all kinds. You can even compile a
decent list from the phone book. Is Connecticut a great state or what?

Subject: Busted in Conn. USA Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 16:20:55 -0700 According to the Hartford Courant (7/9/96), Statewide Massage was busted for running an outcall massage/sex service. The article stated that police set up a sting operation and lured Statewide to send hookers to a hotel room where they were waiting. Thank god, Connecticut still has plenty of other services (in and outcall) available.

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