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Cozumel, Mexico

Sorry, I can only offer advice if you take a day trip over to Cozumel, an
island 40 miles from Cancun.  For comparison, Cancun is Miami Beach in the
50's - Cozumel is like Key West in the 50's - nice and sleepy with only
divers (when the cruise ships aren't in).

Ask any cab driver for KILOMETRO TRES - it's a bar off the Transverse Road
about 3.5 kilometers from town.  Don't be nervous when he turns off the
paved road onto a dirt road and heads towards a bar.

Many girls to choose from, including some very young.  Without bargaining,
I paid $40 plus $10 for the room.  I was very satisfied for my 3 visits

Another place someone recommended is PLATINAS (spanish, I hope, for
PLATIMUM).  It's in the main part of town near the only PEMEX station on
the island.  I hear the cover charge is $15, beers are $6, and the girls
are $100.  But they're supposed to be VERY beautiful.  I didn't have the
desire to stop there - kilometro tres satisfied my needs.

Hope this helps.

Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 03:45:48 UTC Cozumel Update: Platinos is a strip club where the dancers do what is called "table dances" for 60 pesos. This was around $8 when I was there. **Do not use dollars there, as they give a terrible rate of exchange. The dancers will do some of the usual sort of scams to get all of the pesos you have out of you, but having a chocolate version of Nikki Charm writhing on your lap stark naked, sticking her breasts and butt into your face, is interesting. Since there weren't many customers when I was there, I was double teamed by Fernanda and Alejandra, and had one exquisite young woman lying on my lap while she sucked on the other ones tits. The dancers are apparently available for sex, but my wallet wasn't that full of pesos. With my poor Spanish, I didn't find out the price, but one of the customers left with one of the dancers. I did hear that one gets 20 minutes with the girls for lots of cash. The dancers went from drop dead gorgeous through one who looked a lot like Aranxa Sanchez Viccario. If one is just interested in getting laid, there are several other possibilities. The safest is Tres y Media, which was refered to as "kilometres tres" in an earlier posting. This place opens at noon--don't let the cab driver take you out there when it's closed. Ask how many pesos it is for the ride. It should be 15 or 20 at worst. I was told that it is open very late, but I went at opening time, so I got to watch the ladies come and get ready. It is a large courtyard with an outdoor bar at one end, and what looks like a rather shabby motel surrounding it. At opening time there were about 30 working girls sitting on chairs along the edges of the bar. I didn't have much option to watch how things worked, since the only other customer was waiting for his regular lady friend, and she went to his table immediately. Making extended eye contact seemed to work, and I met a lovely woman named Juana(?)--again Nikki Charm sized--who was available for oral and straight sex for $53, room and rubber included. She seemed very concerned with safe sex, which made me feel much better about it. This was the only time down there where the price in dollars was better than the price in pesos. Don't expect change. Don't expect the lady to speak English. The ladies there went from very attractive to old and fat. One looked like a darker version of the pre-boobjob Savannah. The women at Platinos looked better than at Tres y Media on the average, but there would be overlap. Most of the customers are from cruise ships. There are also prostitutes along the Plaza sometimes, and the time share hustlers will offer you a lady for the night sometimes, but these options seemed a little more dangerous. For one thing, I think they are illegal, unlike Platinos and Tres y Media. The cantinas also sometimes have working girls, but I didn't check out that action.
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 97 21:06:00 -0500 Subject: New Travel Report: Cozumel Mexico Enjoy the WSG and am happy to finally make a contribution. Visited the newest whore house on Cozumel in mid February 1997. It was referred to as "Kilometres Quattro" and any cab driver understands it by that name, but also heard it called the "Caribbean." It is Northeast of San Miguel, beyond the airport and is somewhat remote. Cab fare from the international pier was about 40 pesos ($1US = 7.65 pesos). It opens around noon or one o'clock in the afternoon and closes at 4 a.m. I was there from about 11 p.m. to closing. This was my first ever paid sex adventure and I must say I had a fantastic time. Kilometres Quattro consists of a large bar/lounge nightclub area with a high ceiling, stucco walls painted in tropical pink and dim lighting. A DJ & guy on electric drums and music mixer were playing Latino music in front of a dance floor as several ladies and their patrons danced Mexican style (hip intensive). The staff is professional and pleasant, wearing tuxedo-style shirts and secret-service type ear radios with a mouth piece. I heard it said, but didn't see it, that they have guards on the premises with machine guns. Maybe it's to guard against robberies as all the patrons I saw that night were well behaved. Felt good about safety and didn't feel I was going to get my Gringo butt kicked. Adjacent to the lounge area is a closed courtyard and the few dozen rooms where the real business gets done. On this night there were maybe two dozen ladies near the bar with maybe twice that many patrons who were mostly Mexicans. I only spotted one or two other Gringos and they struck me as being Europeans. Among the girls, I didn't see any pigs and no absolute beauties either; the scale ranged from maybe 5-8.5 but there were indeed some very attractive ladies - just fine for my needs and tastes. Most were wearing tight fitting spandex cocktail dresses and high heels - sexy but not overtly whorish. It should be noted I was there on a religious holiday (going to hell for sure but I'm enjoying the ride!) during the week so this maybe wasn't a typical night. Beers were about $1 or $1.50 if I recall. I sat at a table and every so often a girl would approach, smiling and politely asked if I wanted company. I declined a few invitations as I drank a few beers and figured out who I would take to a room. Other girls sat together at tables near the bar or were leaning up against the bar. One 26 year old stopped by, got my attention and I asked her to sit down. After buying her a drink (sangria wine @ 35 pesos). The girls get a casino chip token for each drink which I guess gets cashed in for money later. Her English was limited to maybe a 300 word vocabulary (about as good, or as bad, as my Spanish) but we communicated fairly well despite this by using gestures and an occasional drawing on a cocktail napkin. I asked her "how much" and she said $20 for the room and $60 for 40 minutes, and $20 for another 20 minutes for a total of one hour. I did make it clear that I expected as many opportunities to cum in that hour as I could manage by motioning to one hour on my wrist watch, and saying "uno boom boom, dos boom boom, tres boom boom....OK?" She nodded vigorously and smiled. I didn't even bother trying to negotiate the price though I expect I might have been able to do so successfully. Hey - what do you expect from a newbie? In the end, however, I feel I got great value and didn't have a problem with the money, though other postings suggest that maybe I spent more than I had to by Mexican standards. I paid the cashier $100 US greenbacks and "my date" was given a key to her locker which is beside the bar. She retrieved her purse and we vamoosed to a room. Her story is somewhat typical for a Latino prostitute, I assume, from reading the posts to the WSG. Single mother abandoned by her kids' father and thus discriminated against as is typical in those societies. Lives with an uncle and a sister in an apartment on the Yucatan mainland and spends 4 or 5 days a week at the cat house, traveling by home by ferryboat. She indicated that she is disgusted by Mexican men and their attitudes and hadn't had a boyfriend in years. Said she likes Gringos better as they are gentle and respectful, saying Mexican customers frequently like to grab and bite and generally play rough and can get mean. She said, in a half joking and maybe half serious manner that she'd consider marrying an American. Hmmm. After the fun and games were over, I returned with her to the lounge area and we spent the rest of the evening talking and dancing. She showed me pictures of her kids - a birthday party for her sister, her friends, her car that she is very proud of, her son dressed as a cowboy for some party..... It reminds you that these are real people with real lives and they are doing this out of economic necessity. Back home, she dressed very conservatively and stylishly, looked great and appeared to be a good, devoted mother. She had gone to the second level of the Mexican education system which I believe would be equivalent to middle school in the USA, but she was very literate and intelligent. She didn't act or look like the stereotypical "whore" in any way. She simply made a decision to go into this line of work for the money. As the reader can gather, I really liked her and developed respect for her pluck despite her profession and really enjoyed the fact that I got a glimpse of her personal life. She was always quick to smile and laugh. Anyway, back to the real point of this report. The room was nice & clean with bed, bureau and bathroom & shower. She turned the light out but light coming through the upper windows was sufficient to see all of her wonderful, brown body (I love dark women). She was perhaps 5'4" and looked mostly like a Southern European with maybe just a little bit of Mayan Indian heritage thrown into the mix. Great face, great smile and good teeth. She had brown eyes and medium length, dark brown wavy permed hair. She was very fit considering she had given birth with no stretch marks and no "mommy tummy." Lovely medium sized, perky breasts with those erect brown nipples that I love so much. As for her butt, it was very nice and curvaceous but she carried maybe an extra 5 pounds down there, but I was OK with that. She had a great looking pussy - not too hairy - I could see and have access to her labia and clitoris with no problem. Her light brown skin was smooth and hair free. Most guys would give her a grade of 7.5 to 8.5, I believe, provided they were attracted to Mexican women as I am. She undressed for me as I watched on the bed, and then I let her take of my clothes. She had a great mischievous smile going the whole time. I commented on how beautiful I thought she was and asked her to lie down and I just lightly stroked her body, getting a super stiffy all the while. I began lightly kissing her all over and to my surprise, we began some passionate kissing on the lips which continued for our entire encounter! My understanding is that this is virtually unheard of among professional women and I wasn't expecting it. I enjoyed this thoroughly. I asked if she kissed other customers like this and she said "No" so I guess it made me feel special. I also know that prostitutes rarely, if ever, actually enjoy the sex and I'm not saying that I'm an exception or have a magic touch or any B.S. like that. But I'll be damned if her vagina didn't become lubricated and her gentle moans didn't at least make me think twice that she could be enjoying this. Maybe she's just exceptional at what she does and is a great actress or maybe she's just trying to make the best of a situation she'd rather not be in. In any event, I do believe that she recognized and appreciated that I treated her with respect and TLC. The whole scene had more the feel of a boyfriend/girlfriend encounter rather than an impersonal and quick "grunt & squirt" where both parties hold each other in disdain. I started gently petting her pubic area and sucking her hard little nipples while her hips undulated rhythmically. She masturbated herself just a little and then moved into a 69 position, looking over my tool very carefully as I inspected her privates. I kissed her around her pussy and licked her inner thighs. She was very clean down there. I did detect a slightly different though not at all unpleasant aroma compared with the way a typical white girl smells. None of that musky odor. I have a feeling it's due to a spice she eats or other dietary factor. Anyway, it was barely noticeable and certainly not a turn-off. If she wasn't in the business and I knew conclusively that STD's weren't an issue, I would have eaten that box with relish in a minute!!! I continued playing with her lovely pussy as she expertly licked my balls and my shaft. Nice! She slipped on a rubber and began an outstanding blow job. As I came, she gently milked my balls and shaft with her fingers which was a great touch. I hadn't cleaned my pipes in quite a while, so was rock hard but came way too quickly - not even 5 minutes - during round one. During the interlude, we held each other, kissed and talked about all kinds of subjects. She said she liked to sing and I asked her to sing for me. She had a really pretty voice and I enjoyed this. She asked me to sing and I reluctantly did my rendition of a wounded bull moose which she found quite funny; giving me a cheerful applause at the conclusion. Got a major stiff weenie within a few minutes and was ready again. Switched into most conceivable positions during this approximately 15 minute round two. Finished off doing it doggy-style, during which she was very careful to watch my dick and occasionally touch the shaft to make sure penis and condom were still together. Round three was just like round two, with me lasting about 20 minutes this time. I didn't keep track of time, but I am pretty sure that we were in there for much more than one hour. I never felt rushed or hurried and my pretty seneorita was accommodating to my every request. During one interlude, I gave her a full body massage which I think she really enjoyed (and wasn't expecting) and then gave me a decent but not great one in return. We then took separate showers (I left my wallet out on purpose during my shower as a test and wasn't surprised to find nothing touched. She's an honest woman) and went back to the bar together. There weren't any new customers and the crowd had thinned down considerably, so we spent the rest of the evening together at a table and dancing. She didn't smoke, do drugs and drank only moderately. I think we both genuinely enjoyed each other's company. We talked about all kinds of things including our backgrounds. Some of the other girls stopped by briefly to chat too. She gave me the lowdown on each one, telling me whose tits were real and fake, who was a bitch and who was her friend, who was a good lay and who was "just business." Damn - girls are the same the world over!!!! During this time, there were some girls dancing naked on the dance floor (customers were seated and just watching at this time). Nothing special to that show and I didn't pay all that much attention. My date said that she didn't ever dance naked. As closing time neared, I ordered my last beer and discovered that I spent all of my money that I brought (I kept the rest back in the hotel safe. I didn't want to bring my whole wad and then get ripped off). Shit! To my surprise, my little seneorita bought me a beer and a tequila shot! Holy mackerel - what a sweetheart! Sadly, the time came to leave as my plane was taking off in just six short hours. I was surprised by a long, deep good-bye kiss at the table in front of all the other girls. What a fantastic evening! It was so much better than I anticipated! She indicated that she would and could go off-premises with me when I return...maybe this would be on her days off; I'm not sure. I'm going to do it for sure!!! When talking to bartenders and other cab drivers about what kind of action there was in Cozumel, I found out that another whore house is near by; "Kilometres tres media" (three and a half kilometers). It is an older & established whore house, but not quite so fancy but with an outside bar. Pricing there, I was told, was between $40 and $60 US. One bar tender even said as low as $10 US if you like them fat and old. The other option is Platinos (Platinum), a go - go bar in town where the girls are very hot (I have been there but never bought), available for sex but very, very expensive (but got no specific details). I hope this report helps some other horny traveler have as much fun as I did. Just be respectful to the ladies, practice safe sex and don't act like an ass - the USA has enough image problems without horny drunk gringos adding fuel to the fire. Have fun ! - "The world's newest whoremonger"
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 08:47:57 -0500 Subject: Cozumel,Mexico Please keep this submission anonymous. I can only agree with what the other contributor said about "kilometro tres". It is off the beaten path, you will need a taxi to take you there. The girls are very pleasant for the most part in terms of beauty. $50 got me a room and a lovely senorita who although she spoke little english, and I spoke no spanish, was able to communicate to me that we had the room for a half hour to do whatever we wished. Rooms are sparse but did have bed, ceiling fan, shower, and a healthy supply of condoms. She gave me a very nice blow job that ended in 69 with my senorita straddling my face and swallowing my prodigious load. My lovely senorita than washed herself, offered the shower to me and even helped me by summoning a taxi to get me back to town. The trip to this place is through a fairly depressed looking area and the last turn off the road convinces you that this may not have been a good idea as you get out of the cab. But take heart gents, go through the courtyard, sit down at a table in the outdoor bar and get ready to select the lady who will fulfill your desires.
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 12:38:48 EDT Subject: Prostitution in Cozumel!! Well...Just got back from a cruise this past week...I highly recommend a brothel in Cozumel call "Salsa". I had gotten a report from the WSG in the weeks before I left and wanted to try a couple of spots they recommended...well..when I tried to get to those places I was told they didn't open until later in the evening and I was very horny at 1 in the afternoon. I asked the cab driver to take me to a couple different places..he said they weren't open but to try Salsa's...It was approx. 3 minutes from the dock of the ship and cost $4.00 to get to. When we pulled up he said he'd wait to see if I and my friend would be staying. Within 2 minutes I sent my friend out to tell him we'd be here a while!!! We walked in..passed a couple pool tables and into a very dark "dance" room. The manager I assume came up to us and asked us what we were looking for. I said a couple girls for an hour, he says ok...take a look around we have many more out on the patio if you don't like what you see here. I needn't look any further than the first table I saw with two very beautiful senoritas sitting. My friend and I sat down and ordered a couple of Coronas and started to try to chat with the girls..Much to our dismay..they were very bad with the english language, knowing very little. I chose to sit with the larger of the two girls..both had very pretty faces as well as nice bodies, but I really enjoy a nice long, full head of hair to pull on, so I chose the girl with the longer hair..down to her ass and very thick, I was in heaven. She stated it would be $40. for the hour and $20. for the room. I asked the manager if that meant a full hour and as many eruptions as you can have..he stated.."absolutely" they are all yours for the whole hour. I said fantastic. We left and went to the back of the "facility" where there was a bunch of somewhat "shady" rooms...I walked in and there was a dingy bed, sink, shower and light.also the biggest key was air conditioning which was better than nothing at all since it was about 95 degrees outside. I gave the "rubber boy" a dollar for a rubber and also had a couple of my own with me. We lay on the bed attempting to talk and when I realized that was futile I began sucking her tits...she had very nice breasts..probably a C cup or so...What happened next I'm not a big fan of but couldn't really stop it. She began to kiss me on the mouth...full tongue and all...I'm not into tonguing hookers at all but was caught up in the heat so I let it go and we continued. I edged her head down towards my cock and she was more than happy to oblige, she blew my socks off without any rubber..she gave a great hummer, was a bit surprised when she dipped her long tongue into the crack of my ass too..licking all up and down my I'm thinking...this girl's performing analingus on me then she's gonna kiss the next guy that comes in. Ugghh.. anyway...after a lengthy blowjob, I pulled her off my cock by that gorgeous hair an spun her around, placed a condom on my member and rode her from behind...this lasted probably a grand total of 20 minutes including the 17 minute blow job. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled back then came like a volcano. Settled into the bed for a few more moments of trying to no avail..then asked her to continue with another blow job and analingus which she happily did. She blew me for another 15 or 20 minutes before I came in her mouth. This was superb I was thinking to myself!!! So we lay for another 10 minutes or so, having her stroke my shriveled member. Low and behold it rose again. I climbed on top of her after another few minutes of oral ecstasy and fucked her missionary for about 15-20 minutes. After finishing my last orgasm we both lay exhausted on the bed...she said someone would knock when the time was now it had been over an hour closer to 1 1/2 hours. So I got up, started to dress gave the senorita a kiss and her money which I tipped her another $20. and made my way for the door. Went back to the pool table area, had a beer, talked with a couple of other fine fems and went to Carlos and Charlies Bar to finish my night. I would very, very highly recommend "Salsas" Brothel if you are anywhere near Cozumel.
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 00:22:45 -0500 Subject: Cozumel,Mexico,#1 I worked in Cozumel for 2 years in the property management trade. I have read the other comments on prostitution in Cozumel, and all are fairly accurate. But the best kept secret, by the locals and frequent travelers would have to be a place named "La Salsa Bar", a full fleged no bull , full service whore house. Located 3 miles south of the San Miguel pier, just past the cruise ship docking terminal. Any cab driver knows its location and will be glad to take you there from anywhere on the island for 5.00 US dollars. Everone inside is friendly, walk in get a beer then walk past the pool tables to the back there you will find a large room full of ladys all ages all sizes most are extremely beautiful, a band is usually playing, lots of empty tables, have a seat when you find one you like just give her a smile and she will sit down beside you, she will ask you where are you from, then she will ask you if you want sex. Tell her yes and tell her what you want, do not be shy, hell you're in a first class whore house for Gods sakes! It has always been 20.00 U.S. for the room and 40.00U.S. for massage, blowjob, and a straight fuck. However a 25.00U.S. dollar tip afterwards is customery. All girls once in the room take a shower, once she is finished in the shower she comes out wearing a smile and gives you her all.(except anal). This place is very safe. Here's a big tip : the guy that unlocks the door to her room, give him 5.00dollar tip if you do not after you have been in the room with the girl for 50 mnutes he will knock loadly on the door, this signals the girl her time is almost up,if you give him the tip up front you will not hear a knock, hell you will not even see him again. A word of CAUTION if you are looking for a place to get rowdy and get in a fight, do not do it here. The bouncers will give you a Rodney King asswhipping, no shit. Just mind your manners and you will have no problems. It is by far the safest whore house in Cozumel. I have visited La Salsa Bar at least 40 times in 2 years and never had any problems. 87% of the girls are pretty, the most talented is a 19 year old named Stephanie, but you can not go wrong with Lana, Maria, Carmaletta or any of these fine Latin girls.

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