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Coventry, United Kingdom


Various girls who advertise in contact magazines, but often fairly

There was an escort agency - "Unique" - whose girls were, in general,
quite stunning. However, I think it may have closed, or changed its

I had several wonderful all-night sessions (8 till 7) with one girl in
my hotel - #250 for the whole night, superb value. She was like a
tiger, would try almost anything, incredibly erotic.  By the third
time we spent the night together, she really began to trust me, and we
spent a wonderful night together - almost non-stop fucking, sucking,
bondage (both ways) and rubber. It really blew my mind.

There was a knock on my hotel door - I opened it and she entered. She
was wearing a short, low-cut, tight, black satin dress and high heels
- nothing else! To prove it, she raised her hem and showed me her
dark, hairy pussy - grinned, and gave me a big hug.

Last time I saw her, I had promised to buy her some "toys", so she
eagerly asked what I'd bought. Knowing she liked rubber, I showed her
a pair of rubber pants with a built-in dildo. To make it really
comfortable, we unrolled a condom over it, and she eagerly put them
on.  To test out the pants, I handed her the ice pail and sent her off
down the (very) long hotel corridor for the ice. Ten minutes later,
she returned, with a wide grin on her face and a slight tremble in her

By this time I had undressed, and she made me remove her dress - but
not the pants. She caressed my now rampant cock and raked her long red
nails over my balls, while making my hand press the dildo deeper into
her.  Next came the bondage session (the first of many that
night). Using the cord I'd tied to the bed legs, she fastened the
wrist and ankle straps to me, and pulled them tight - so tight that
all I could move was my head. Then she teased every part of me with
every part of her - finally ending up astride my chest, pushing her
pants and dildo hard against my captive but willing face!

Next it was my turn - I tied her up and rubbed my body all over
her. Then I slowly inserted the large vibrator she'd brought with her,
and turned it up full. As I knelt beside her, my cock only inches from
her mouth, pushing the vibrator slowly in and out, her eyes
flamed. She was getting amazingly excited - but said nothing. She
leant towards my cock, and greedily sucked as har d as she could,
closing her eyes and sighing.  After 1/2 hour of her being tied up, I
released her, and we had a beautiful, straightforward fuck - doggy
fashion, with her leaning on the windowsill, so that her tits were
visible to anyone that cared to look up 4 floors from the car park!

As I said, I knew she liked rubber, so for our final session (before
we "went to bed" for the evening!) she put on the rubber clothes I'd
bought for her - red rubber stockings, long red rubber opera gloves,
and a tight red rubber pencil skirt. She tied me up really tightly
again, and went to work. What she didn't do to me as I lay helpless is
hardly worth mentioning. By the time she'd finished, it was way past
midnight, and we were both exhausted!  We both undressed and had a
wonderful sexy shower, before drying each other and snuggling down for
the night.

Between one and seven, I think we must have actually slept for about
only two hours - we fucked lying on our sides, masturbated each other,
I lay with my cock erect inside her, and in the 69 position.  It was
one hell of a night - and all for #250 (that's about $400). I'm
desperate to find her again - she's stunning!

Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 06:25:54 PDT Coventry, England Try Gabrielles, 16A Crampers Field,off Holyhead Rd. Good fun for around #50, right next to a row of shops.
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 15:02:43 +0000 Subject: info for world sex guide COVENTRY (UK) Coventry is a large city in the middle of England. Though the street scene has declined somewhat, there are still hookers to be found in Hillfields. Try Read Street and the streets of it. Best to try after 9pm. The Police do mont regular clamp downs. So be careful. Going rate is about #20 You can always try the massage parlours. There is a good magazine called WHY-and it's free from newsagents and the like. I've visited three this year. Two of them are in the same sort of area, by the rugby ground. The first one is called Gabriella's which is at 6A Crampers Field. It is above a cafe with a discreet entrance. Visited here 3 or 4 times. Last time had a nude handjob from a stunning girl called Chloe which blew my mind. #10 for massage #25+for extras. Another place closer to town is on Coundon Rd Pretty girl let me in (I had made an appointment) and led me into the bedroom. Another girl came in and gave me a massage and oral for #40. Fairly good. Appointment only. Another place over the other side of the city is worth a visit. Located on Stoney Stanton Rd, not to far from the police station, but don?t let that put you off. Really nice girl gave me oral for #40. Very expensive but worth it again #10 for massage.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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