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Date: Sun,  7 Apr 1996 05:32:46 UTC

Well, since your connoisseur has been to the Dominican Republic twice I
though I'd try a trip to Costa Rica.   Several people on the net have
been touting it for some time and it seemed worth a try.   American Air
was offering a deal from JFK to San Jose (the capital)  for $450.
Since I purchased my ticket in January during a government shut down, I
was able to screw Uncle Sam out of the usual 10% tax.   Thanks to all
those on the net that gave me valuable advice that made the trip worth
while.   In addition to the whoring and gambling I made several trips
around San Jose and took a few tours into the country.   They were for
the most part excellent and really added to the trip, but I won't cover
those here.   There are plenty of other places to get that information.

On numerous recommendations I made a reservation at the Del Ray hotel,
almost in the center of San Jose.  It was $49 for the night plus %14
tax.  The room was pretty nice with a large bed and safe in the room.
There was also remote control color TV that carried cable from the
States, although reception was not always so great.   It also had a
good restaurant, bar (stocked with women)  and small casino.   I
arrived on a Wednesday.   Getting through the airport and to the hotel
was relatively fast and efficient.  I was in my room by 7:30 (about 1
hour after the plane touched down).

All the FAQs, trip reports and books tout several Bars in San Jose as
the best places for getting laid (and they are all within a block or
two of the Del Ray).  Being horny as hell I made my way to the Key
Largo.   When I got there, there where about 20 - 25 girls milling
around.  They were anywhere from 5s to 9s in looks.  I settled down and
ordered myself a beer.   Not to long there after,  a tall full figured
(the way I like them), Panamanian sat down real close to me and started
a conversation.

Before long we were discussing price.  She wanted a hundred.  I offered
70.   She agreed.   When she asked me what I wanted, I shared with her
my long standing fantasy to be part of a real threesome, where the
girls went down on each other as well as me.   She assured me that she
had a friend that would fit the bill and went off looking for her.

The woman she brought back wasn't as nice looking as her, but I figured
what the hell, if they really dig each other it would be worth it.  So
the three of us took off for the hotel.  Someone on the net had posted
that the hotel only charged a fee for company after 10:00 PM.  It was
only 9:30 but as I found out, they now have a policy of charging the
extra ten any time of day.  What was worse,  was that they charged me
$20 for the two of them.

When we got up to the room, the girls hit me up for $100 each.  I was
really pissed, but I let the wrong head do the thinking and gave it to
them.  For the $200 I got average sex with each of them, but they
wouldn't touch each other.  All in all it was a disappointing

The next night, I met Oscar.  An expatriate American stuck down there
(probably cause of legal troubles up here).   There is a bunch of them
down there and they hustle as carnal tour guides.  Oscar showed me a
couple of massage parlors where for $35 you can get a steam, massage and
great lay.  One even cleans your cloths while your getting your pipes
cleaned.   The women manning them were as pretty if not better then
the girls in the bars.   I'll come back to them later.

In any case walking around, I told Oscar about wanting to find two real
bi-sexual girls.   He promised he could get me what I wanted and we
went to the Blue Marlin bar which was right in my hotel.   There he
showed me two very young looking girls he said he could hook me up with
for $100 for the two.  One was so so, but the other was a real knock
out.  She could be a movie star.   I told him to go over and make sure
the price was set at $100 for the two.  He came back and told me
everything was set.  I gave him $10 for his trouble.

Once up in the room the girls were real insistent that he had told them
$100 each.  I later found out that this was true and Oscar was really
screwing with me just to get his commission.   In any case I held firm
(pardon the pun) and we settle on $120 for the two of them.

It was better then the first night.  One went down on the other, but
they both were not into it 100%.   I banged them both.   There was a
lot of laughing and jokes in rapid Spanish between the two that
lessened the mood for me.  It was fun, but nothing memorable.

The next night I decided to try one of the strip/show/bang places in
San Jose.  The books say there are all a little expensive.  Figure $200
for everything, but I figured hell I'm on vacation and that's where the
best girls were reputed to work.  I got into a cab around 6:30 and
asked him to take me to one that was well recommended (Hollywood).  On
the way the driver remembered that the club really didn't open till 8:
00.  So I decided to try one of the massage places.

I can't remember the name of the one I tried.   I paid my $35 and was
shown a selection of decent too hot looking girls.   One really caught
my eye.   She looked just like Winnie Copper on the TV show the Wonder
Years.  Her name was `Mary' and I was in love.  After disrobing I was
asked if I wanted a sauna or steam first.  I asked for the steam and
Mary asked if I wanted her to join me.   No fool I!  Of course I said
yes.  So there I am sitting in the hot sweaty steam room with a lovely
19 year old rubbing my back, playing with my chest and knibling on my
neck and ear.   I was only able to take about 10 minutes of that before
I asked to go the room.

The room was a pretty standard deal with a large message table.  One
nice touch was they had really good music piped in.   Modesty prevent
too many detail here, but we had really good sex.  I know it is a
frowned on there, but I gave her $20 as a tip.  On the way out I asked
the proprietor, if I might be able to arrange to go away to a resort
with Mary for a couple of nights.  He told me that he'd see if he could
arrange it for $50 to him plus $200 to Mary.

Later that night I bumped into Oscar at the bar in the hotel.  I really
launched into him for the screw up the night before and he apologized
saying it was his fault.   Not to be one to hold a grudge I had a beer
with him.  While we were sitting there, who walked in but Mary.  Using
Oscar as a partial interpreter I asked her if she wanted to go away
with me for two nights.  When she said yes, I thought I was going to
stroke out.  I offered her $200 and she said she'd come to my hotel the
following day at 12:00 noon and we'd make plans.

The next day I waited, but no Mary.  I was heart broken.  After an hour
of waiting,  I gave up and went for a walk around the city and did a
few of the museums.   Early that night I went back to message place.  I
found out that her boss was pissed, cause I had tried to cut him out of
the loop and he had refused to let her go.  I made nice nice with him
and gave him the stupid $50.  Mary's friends had also talked her into
asking for more money so I told her that $250 for the two nights was

As long as I was there.....   We spent an hour in the steam room.
Without a doubt the best hot sweaty sex I've ever had.

The next day she did show up.  Albeit 45 minutes late (with me a
nervous wreck).   Together we went off for two of the best days/night
of my life.   We did it in the middle of the rain forest.  We did it in
the hotel Jacuzzi.  We did it in the shower.   When we were too tired
to for anything else did it in the bed.  On my last night there she
woke me up at 4:00 PM cause she wanted more!

As I said good bye to her at the airport there were tears in both our
eyes.   For those of you that have seen Miss Saigon or know the
story.....   I must admit I had some pretty stupid ideas of saving her
from that life. They really messed with my head for a few day.  I had a
long talk with her on the ride back to the airport and made her promise
that she would save her money and only do that work for a couple of
years.   I told her a couple of years was ok, but more would change her
as a person.   I also warned her that not all men were the sweet
harmless fuzzballs that I am and made her promise to be careful.
Please don't e-mail me asking exactly how to get in touch with her.  I
left part of my heart with her and really couldn't do that.   I still
think of her daily.    Anyone has any problems with any of this, too
hell with you!

Oh well that's the end of the story.   While most guys like the bars,
the quality is just too spotty in my opinion.  Cause the girls are all
independent contractors, they aren't very concerned about repeat
business.   Then again maybe I just didn't find some of the better
ones.   It's my belief that the owners of the pallor's really want to
make sure you have a good time so that you'll come back and tell your
friends. It's also hard to know what the quality is like on average in
the message place.  Did I find a diamond in the rough?   I'll
definitely go back again so I guess I'll find out.

Finally some comparisons to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.
On AVERAGE and with exceptions the girls in the DR seemed sweeter and a
little less jaded then in San Jose (with the obvious exception of Mary)
.  In addition I think one would have a problem finding a great looking
girl to spend a whole night with you in San Jose for $100.  In Santo
Domingo $100 is the going rate.  Everything else tips in San Jose's
favor.   The streets are much cleaner and safer.   The people are much
friendlier and most don't have their hands out for money.   There's
much more to do in and around San Jose when not whoring.   The costs
for food and lodging are similar, but things seemed cleaner and fresher
in San Jose (despite the well publicized air polution).   Telephone
conectivity to the States is much better (In the DR it costs $5 just to
connect to AT&T USA direct).   In San Jose people aren't constantly
trying to take advantage of you cause your a gringo (taxis don't cost
you twice as much as the natives).  The girls run much more to the
Caucasian persuasion in San Jose (although there are plenty of African
types also).   All in all I'll probably go back to San Jose (unless I
can finagle a trip to Brazil ;-)  ).

Subject: Costa Rica Date: Sat, 09 Nov 1996 14:28:30 -0700 Well, I'm back from Costa Rica, and it was a great trip. The posts to the WSG are pretty accurate, although the prices they often talk about are higher than I ever paid. I hear that prices were lower while I was there because it was the rainy season and there were fewer know, a classic supply/demand situation. I got into my hotel (the Hotel Del Rey) at about 1:00 a.m., checked into my room and headed down to the bar for a nightcap. The place was jumping with as many pretty senoritas as men. Most of the men were Americans, with a few Aussies and Germans. I was dog tired after a long day of traveling, so I didn't bring a girl back to my room (for which there is a $10 fee by the hotel). I did stay around long enough to have more than a few grab my dick and tell me what they would do to me up in my room. The next day I eased into the day and took a walk around town as well as a tour of historic biuldings. At about 2 pm I headed to BBC, a "health spa" that I'd heard about both on the WSG and from the bartender (woman) at the Hotel (the bar is the Blue Marlin bar). BBC is run by an American named Richard. There are usually between 8-12 women working there at a time. The place has showers, a sauna, steam bath and private rooms with massage tables. I noticed a drop-dead gorgeous woman (whom I'll call Maria) and asked her to join me. We got out of our clothes, took a shower together, wrapped ourselves in towels, and jumped in the steam batth for awhile. I met another American (from FL) there who I would continue to see throughout my stay. After a nice relaxing steam bath, we showered again and went to the massage room. I laid on the table and she gave me a first rate massage with lotion, first my back, legs, feet and arms, and then my chest legs and groin. She started pumping my dick until I was good and hard and then she proceeded to give me a righteous blow job without condom. I had to stop her 3 times to prevent a blowout. This went on for a good 20 minutes. Finally, she put a condom on me and we went at it, no holds barred. She also asked me to go down on her and I happily obliged. She seemed to be having as much fun as I was. All told, I was there for about 2 hours. Did I mention that it costs $35 and that this included unlimited beer or sot drinks? What a deal!!! I tipped her well and promised to come see her again. I was tempted to come back an hour later but resisted the temptation. That evening I hit the Blue Marlin and was overwhelmed by the choices. The girls there were quite assertive, which made it fun. While assertive, they didn't upset with a polite or humorous refusal. They're pros. after all. All the women at the Blue Marlin are registered prostitutes (it's legal) and they carry a health card that they must show to get into the bar and to accompany a guest to his room. I spent a few hours drinking and enjoying the show before finally settling on a spectaculatly pretty young Tica who I sat with for awhile. (no overpriced drinks here, even for the girls. Beer is $1.50, others $2-$2.50). We finally headed up to my room after settling on both a price and services (I had been told to make sure everything was agreed upon). So, for $50 we spent about 2 hours in my room where she gave me a condomless bj and sex w/condom. It was very good. (though not up to the ridiculously high standard set by Maria). The next several days follwed the same pattern. An afternoon trip to BBC and an evening visit to the Blue Marlin. For under $125 (incl. tips) I could get off twice. I saw several different women and only had one so-so experience. On my next to last day I decided to take a trip to one of the small resorts on the Caribbean coast. I gave Richard at BBC a call to see if I could arrange to take "Maria" with me. He checked with her and she was agreeable. For a $50 fee to him and a $125 fee to her, it was a deal. I picked her up and we headed of to the coast. What a day and night!!! From the moment we hit the hotel it was almost nonstop sex. We took a break for dinner and a walk on the beach. The beach was secluded so we grabbed a blanket and went out on the beach for another round. Then back to the hotel's hot tub where we went at it again. Once more in the room where we continued until we both collapsed! At about 5 am Maria woke me up because she was horny! We finally went back to sleep and got up at noon and went out on the beach for a few hours. Costa Rica is a beautiful country and the beach reminded me of Hawaiian beaches. We had to head back to San Jose because I was leaving early the next morning. Maria asked if she could stay with me at my hotel and come with me to the airport. I was more than happy to oblige her. We had a wonderful last evening. As you can sense, it was quite a trip. I think it helped that I speak enough Spanish to communicate reasonably well. Some guys I talked to had problems because they couldn't describe what they expected and were consequently disappointed. I did decline several girls who wouldn't provide the services I wanted for the price I thought was fair. And I decided to let my head rather than my dick do the negotiating, given that it was clearly a buyer's market. I can assure you I'll be back to Costa Rica at some point; just don't know when. I can't imagine a place in the US that could compare, especially with respect to the price. I hear Rio is great, and I'll find out in Jan., but I'm a bit worried because I don't speak Portuguese at all. For now, Costa Rica leads the list, followed by Toronto and NYC. Tijuana is relatively cheap but tacky.
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 03:24:06 -0600 Subject: Re: Costa Rica Tips. I just returned from a long holiday in both So.California, where I sampled the delights of Tijuana( see that FAQ) and then traveled to Costa Rica. This is posted not only for everyone to see, but for my two docter buddies I met in Tijauna. You know who you are. I told you I`d post as soon as I got back. I Traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica on American Airlines. The ticket cost 632.00 dollars and that is a walk up fare from Tuscon Az. The plane was full as we left Dallas and when I got up to stretch my legs I did notice what seemed to be a lot of single guys on the plane, a few I would see at my hotel. After clearing customs in San Jose (no problems-very casual customs) I went to catch a cab to that hotel. Outside of the airport a kid of about 19 grabbed my bag and asked what hotel. He then asked if I wanted to share a cab or go alone and did I want a car or mini-bus. After I was in the car another guy came over and told me 10 dollars was the fare and away I went. Although nobody ever said so, I got the impression that taxi drivers in the past had been gouging the gringo tourist and this system had been set up to protect visitors. My cab driver was very cool even if he didn`t speak english and my spanish is horrible. I was staying at the Hotel Del Ray, and he gave me a little tour to show me all the spots where the Ticas (ladies) could be found close to the hotel. When I arrived at the hotel I gave him $15 and he seemed a little surprised. I would later dicover this was a good investment. I checked in and received an outside room on the third floor. Since it was now about 10:30pm I headed for the bar. As I walked I realized that I was in heaven. It was Thurs.night so I sort of expected maybe 10-15 girls. WRONG. A least 40 women of all shapes ,sizes,colors,hair types, and ages. It was incredible. As I pushed to the bar to get a drink I felt maybe 5 or 6 women reach and touch me or rub my back trying to get my attention. Believe me it was hard to focus on the task of getting that first drink. Once I had it I turned around to do a little sightseeing. I was still very popular with a number of the ladies but I just wanted to check the place out first. As I sat at the bar I watched the same thing happen to a number of guys when they first walk in to the Blue Marlin Bar. I soon realized that the woman had their own little gossip network and they were talking about the guys just like we were talking about them. I also noticed that the best looking ladies did not try to get the attention of every guy walking through the door, they just waited and talked among themselves. While I watched and looked around I saw several people from the plane and got into several conversations with different guys who had the same plan as me- to get some pussy. After an hour or so I had narrowed the choices down to 4 or 5 different ladies and soon had the attention of one of them. She was about 5ft3in. with dark hair and was quite slender. She soon worked her way across the room and as she got closer the view just got better. I soon bought her a drink and we were talking. Marie said that she didn`t speak much english but she certainly seem to be able to have a good conversation. After about 15min. she asked if I would like company upstairs and I replyed yes but I was also looking for someplace to have a late meal before I went upstairs. We were soon out of the hotel to a little seafood place half a block away where I bought dinner for both of us. Back to the hotel and after paying the hotel $10 we went up to My room. I had been looking for someone to spend the whole night with me but like most of the ladies I was to meet Marie had a small child and she wanted to be home by 6:00am. After some talk in the restaurant we had agreed to $60 and it was money well spent. In the room I was treated not like some john or a client but more like a boyfriend. As they said attitude is everything. After she had a fast shower she came out of the bathroom in bra and panties along with higheels. Soon we were both naked and she was licking my balls and sucking my cock with some real effort and at that point I realized- no condom. I knew she had them but she didnt use them for cocksucking. Soon she was on top of me and we were fucking. It was one of those slow intense kind of fucks and was just what I needed after a long day of travel. After I came she removed the condom and cleaned me up and then we just talked a while before we drifted off to sleep. Later I woke up to the feeling of wet lips around my cock as we went another round before she left in the early hours. When I woke up I decided that a massage was in order for the day as well as a afternoon nap. Off to BBC. Since I wasn`t ready to explore San Jose yet I decided to take a cab. This is where the tip from the previous night helped. The cab driver was the same guy as from the airport and he told me to walk as it was to close to take a cab. Once I got to BBC and was buzzed in I chose one of the ladies and went off to one of the rooms. The massage was as good as any real massage I`d ever had and to finish a good blowjob and her on top. All for 40 dollars. However after I`d had a steam I discovered that the showers did not work and at this point they just seemed to want me out the door. Back to the hotel for a nap and then I discovered the problems of having an outside room at the Hotel Del Rey. And thats noise. Everyone who drives in San Jose uses the horn. At all times. Night and day. I soon had myself moved to an inside room which was both quieter and cheaper. Each day I was in San Jose the routine was the same with one change. I didn`t like the BBC club for a massage so I thought I`d try the Tiapan Club. As soon as I asked my friendly taxi driver I was informed that the manager had been shot and the place was now closed. So it was off to Club Luxor. This required a cab ride as it is quite far out of the downtown area. The taxi fare to get there have him wait for over an hour and bak to the Del Rey was 2500colones, about $12.00. The Club Luxor is a home in one of the better areas of the city. The house has a couple of bars, swimming pool, jaccuzi, and a steam room as well as six or eight massage rooms. For $60 dollars inclusive you get a great massage, excellent and enthusiastic sex and very attactive women some of who speak excellent english. I spent my afternoons there if I wasn`t out on a tour. I also checked out the Key Largo Club and the Hotel Park. The Key Largo was always full of attractive ladies but most of the same ladies could be found at the Hotel Del Rey as well. I found that the same lady could be persuaded to take $10-15 less at the bar in the Hotel Del Rey than at the Key Largo Club and the attitude was also more relaxed. The Key Largo has the most expensive drink prices in town and they also have a cover charge on Friday and Saturday nights. It`s only 600colones(about $3) but it just pissed me off so after a couple of day I didn`t bother to go back. The Hotel Park was kind of interesting. I checked it out with a couple of friends that I had met in the Blue Marlin Bar in my hotel. When the three of us got to the Hotel Park we notice most of the ladies sitting out in a little courtyard area. After a few questions we realize they were all underage, about 16 or 17. The comments that we heard were that they were not very skilled or enthusiastic- sort of like fucking a dead fish. If thats your thing go for it. As a Canadian if somehow the police in Canada find out that I fucking underage kids in Costa Rica I can and will be charged with child abuse, not something I care to be known for. Besides that there was great sex available back at my hotel. A couple of points of interest. After a couple of days of going into the bar at the Hotel Del Rey the ladies realize that I just wanted to watch the action and talk with whoever I meet at the bar. They soon left me alone when I walked in. That doe3sn`t mean that I could not get their attention when I want it. A little eye contact and soon the interest of the night was sitting beside me. I always tryed to treat the ladies I was with as ladies. Most of them are single mothers and are trying to support their kids. I did see the effect of two gringos (I won`t say where they were from but they were pigs) who tried to fuck over one of the girls by shorting her on the agreed price. They could find anyone who would even talk to them. And thats not just the girls because all the ladies were telling all the other guys as well. It was a pretty humiliating scene but those boys did it to themselves. My last point is that ever you go there are three prices. One for the gringo tourist, one for the gringo who lives in Costa Rica, and one for the Ticos (Costa Ricans). Accept the fact that you will probably pay more for somethings and you will have a great time. The price difference is often not that large and don`t forget the average wage is about $12 to $15 a day. If you act like a gentleman the ladies will treat you wonderfully. Several guys I meet down there on holidays had found one lady for the duration of their stay and they thought they were in heaven. I prefered to meet a variety of ladies and I could not have dream for a better time. As I write this in April 97 I have already made plans to return in Aug 97. Maybe I`ll see you there.
Subject: Costa Rica, Central America Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 10:06:10 -0700 I just returned from Costa Rica and the great Downtown hot spots are alive and well. The Blue Marlin Bar in Hotel Del Rey has expanded into the Casino area and there is an abundant number of women there ranging from 3 to 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. Prices in May were only $100 PER DAY (24 hours). The first night there I went to the Key Largo bar which was the same as described in the World Sex guide so I wont repeat that. All is available there from $60 to $100. Most of the women there were overweight but there were a few hard bodies as well. There is bandits in the area as I spoke with one patron that got beaten and robbed in a well lit area about 50 yards from the club. They took his wallet, credit cards, and luckily he lost only $120. It is best to take a taxi as they are too cheap (less than $5) to take a chance. My buddy and I went to the Olympus Club to look for some ladies to take to the beach. This is a nude upscale adult night club about a 10 minute walk from Key Largo. Travel in numbers or take a taxi. The girls here ranged from 5 to 9. Table dance were 2500 colonnes (about $12), they became nude during the dance, and there was a fair amount of contact during the dance. The vino for the girls costs about 3000 colonnes and its a small glass of cheap wine. The girl gets half and the bar gets half. We found it is better to tip them $10 and they won't ask for the wine. There is private dances available for $50 which lasts about 15 minutes and includes oral sex. This is done in the VIP rooms which have one way glass so you can still watch the show. The bedrooms in the back are really nice with television, Jacuzzi, and shower. Very clean and up scale. Prices to have sex with one of the women for 2 hours ranged from $150 to $250 depending on the girl. We picked the 2 best looking girls in the club, bought several table dances, and asked them to go to the beach with us. One was a gorgeous blonde named Yuty, and the other an attractive brunette name Jessy. They both had breast implants (big in this business - no pun intended, Heh, Heh) and were both close to 36,23,26 proportions. The blonde was also a gymnast and had a 6 pack on her tummy when she flexed it. These girls were definitely take to the beach material. We negotiated price separately which was $200/day for the blond and $100/day for the brunette. They got to talking later and the Blond tried to up the price for the brunette but my buddy said its $100/day, take it or leave it. She took it. We left on Travelair the next morning. This was 3 days of sex, alcohol, gambling, sunning at the beach, and enjoying the great entertainment at Tambor. The sex was intense and in the hotel room at night, Yuty did her exercises consisting of about 600 stomach crunches and leg lifts of different varieties. Her sex was intense and she finished every time. She was pretty horny for a gorgeous hard body. Jessy and my buddy had a great time as well and I won't get into his stories but the 2 almost fell in love. They were like 2 peas in a pod. One night we left the disco pretty looped about 2:30 AM and we were all sweaty from dancing. We took our clothes off, except for our underwear and got in the pool. There was no one around so the underwear did not stay on for long. I did have protection with me in case something like this happened (always thinking ahead, I am). We stayed in the pool about 1.5 hours and got out exhausted. My buddy and Jessy came along as well and we noticed one guy laying on one of the lounge chairs. He looked up at us, smiled, and didn't say a word. When back in San Jose, Yuty had to leave but Jessy and my buddy were not separating. Actually, I told Yuty I was exhausted and wanted t rest before leaving for home the next day. Two hours later I was ready to go. I called a beautiful sweetheart named Yessica the week before my buddy arrived from NY. This was a petite 21 year old girl with auburn hair and large blue eyes. She weighed maybe 100 lb. soaken wet. 34C, 21, 34. She was $100 a day so we hooked up again. This was really fun because you could stand up and basically curl the woman. Her hair was wavy and all the way down to the crack on her behind. She was always made up and dressed very nicely. I could have fallen in love with this woman very easily. I met her in the Blue Marlin bar about 10:30 en la manana uno manana. She was great company. It was like making love to your girlfriend. There is a couple escort services that advertise in the Costa Rica Today newspaper which comes out every Thursday. There are 4 services which are the same one being Costa Rican Nights, R&R, G&G's, Giovanna's. The telephone number is the same for all. I reviewed the photos that someone brought over for me to review. They were all overweight and cost $250 per day. There is another escort service run by a guy named Tony. A lot of the taxi drivers know him and his service is very good. He advertises in the Costa Rica Today magazine in the back. It is a yellow colored classified ad that states, Beautiful Polite Escorts and tour guides available. 506-222-8502. The girls are young, slim, and he is a very honest guy. I used his service the last time I was in Costa Rica. It was tough going home, but I have to make more money for more good times!
Subject: [ASP] Trip Report - San Jose, Costa Rica (Full Report) Date: 7 Jul 1997 02:29:08 GMT A few months ago I visited San Jose, Costa Rica. The stuff I'd tell my Mother I've posted to In that post I cover my hotel, taxi cab tips, restaurant experiences, and where to find English language newspapers, magazines and books. Here's the good stuff ... (this is the full text; I am posting an Executive Summary separately) ... BBC: Yes, it's still there and open again, BUT THE BBC IS NO LONGER MANAGED BY THE TWO RICHARDS. I walked in and noticed a different configuration. I noticed that there were three girls sitting around and that none of them were very attractive. A grandmotherly type mama-san who was obviously in charge was dealing with a couple of guys who had walked in just in front of me. I waited and when she was free asked about Richard. She said that Richard was not around any longer. (Her English was not very good, by the way.) Since I found the girls unattractive and wasn't about to tell the grandmotherly type what services I wanted, I left. Later in the week I noticed an ad for R&R in Costa Rica Today. Remembering that this was the escort service run by the same two Richards who ran the BBC, I called and got in touch with (Costa Rican) Richard. He said that the BBC had been shut down by the government (didn't say why). He and his partner, the American Richard, were going to get back into the massage business but at the moment were only in the escort business - $100 for two hours, $250 for a whole day. He said that they no longer have the photo album. I'm sure that they have quality girls, but given the cost and not being able to select from a photo album I decided to find my sex elsewhere. The R&R ad gives a URL <> and e-mail address <>. (The web page says that they DO have a photo album but I'm quite sure Richard said otherwise.) Incidentally, I told Richard that I saw the Anabolic video which the BBC helped with (back when it was run by the two Richards). If you saw the video you wouldn't know that the BBC had been involved unless you recognized some of the girls or watched the credits at the end very carefully. They don't have a copy of the video and would really like to get one. (Hint!) AVOID like the plague a girl who hangs out at the Blue Marlin named Marlene. Her full name is either Marlene Vargas or Marlene Vargas-Keith. And that's her real name right from the hotel's register which was taken from her registration card. Anyway, she's a real bitch, with a real bad attitude. And when you get back to your room she will insist on the money up front, and will ask for more than was agreed to back at the bar. She keeps her clothes on until you pay her. That's because with her bra on she appears to have a great body, but with her bra off her tits hang down to her navel. Too late I remembered that this was the girl I had been warned about by a guy at the Blue Marlin during a previous trip to San Jose last year. If you plan to take any US dollars with you for spending there, take the most perfect bills you can find. I had two $20s rejected, one for a small tear in the corner and the other because of some ball point ink smudges. Although both defects were obvious, neither would have been a problem in the States. LANGUAGE: It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of establishing a complete understanding of what services you expect. And of business issues such as when payment will occurs and whether or not the negotiated price includes a tip. This is tough in English (which must be why we put up with lawyers), but damn near impossible in a foreign language. I posted a message a few weeks ago in which I recommend a book which I have found helpful. I can post it again if you can't find it. LUXOR: I knew about this place from the WSG and thought I should try it. They don't seem to advertise - so take the WSG info with you if you want to try it. I called first and was quoted $60 for one hour - not much English on the other end of the phone by the way.. Cab fare from the Best Western (formerly the San Jose Garden Court) was ¢750 (i.e. 750 colones) - it's out of the downtown area. Physical set up was as described in the WSG. Nice, large shower stalls - BUT you will have it all to yourself, the girls are not allowed to shower with you. The manager (her English is a bit better in person than on the phone) explained that government regulations allow the girls to be with you only in the massage rooms. Met the girls, who seem to speak practically no English. I'd rate them 4 to 9. I selected one with a 9+ face and a 6+ body. (I thought that she had an 8-9 body, but again when the bra came off the tits came tumbling down. Actually, body was perhaps 7-8, her tits only sagged a bit; but the "let down" (pun intended) factor influences my rating.) Was told she would cost $50 for an hour (that's $10 less than I was told on the phone). Knowing the importance of getting everything straight (no pun intended) beforehand, I tried to explain in Spanish that I wanted to come twice. (Well ... I was horny and she was pretty; it seemed entirely possible.) "Quiero correr dos veces." She didn't seem to understand although she understood "correr" because she started to jog in place. Well, it turns out that "come" is a reflexive use of correr - correrse; I should have been saying "Quiero correrme dos veces." Was she pretending not to understand? Who knows. Little things can mean a lot; mañana mañana may look like it should be close enough to tomorrow morning, but it's not (try "mañana por la mañana"). In the massage room she stripped to her bra and panties and then stopped. But she did not object when I removed them. In general the massage was only fair, but she did have a real nice touch when it came to my cock and balls. My heart stopped when I felt her fingernail trace delicately over my asshole, but, unfortunately, that must have been accidental as it didn't happen again. (And YES, I had showered thoroughly, so that was not the problem.) I had given her a flavored condom for blowing me, so I don't know if she would have blown me without a condom. Anyway, after I came she apparently thought she was done and started to get dressed. I told her that I thought we had more time left and indicated that I wanted her to lay down beside me. She did. Allowed me to fondle her tits but when I asked her to caress my balls ("acaríciame los huevos") she seemed not to understand. I know that my pronunciation is pretty bad, but she's the first one who has not understood that particular expression. When I thought I was ready for more action and asked her if we could fuck, she said that there was only two minutes left. It seemed like a really short hour but I can't be sure as I hadn't looked carefully at the clock when we started. (DUMB!) But why not offer me another half hour for more money? They didn't, after all, have customers lined up at the door. (At the ORIGINAL BBC they never seemed to worry about the clock. At Luxor they at least watch it and maybe even help it along.) Afterwards I recalled two things which had not seemed important at the time but which shed additional light on this place, or, at least, my experience. On the way to the massage room she had yelled a quick request to one of the other girls. I understood practically nothing but think I heard the words llamar and punto - llamar means call or knock, and "en punto" means "on the dot" (when talking about time). And then there was a knock on the door about 5-10 minutes before the hour was up. I asked about it at the time and she said that it was nothing. If she had told me then that it was the 10 minute warning, or even the 5 minute warning, (and that's apparently what it was) I could have managed (being a bit "endurance challenged") to get it off again. Since Luxor is not on a major thoroughfare I asked them to call me a cab, which they seemed glad to do. If you go with the idea that you'll simply leave if you don't care for the place, bear in mind that if they don't call you a cab (I don't know if they would be willing to call you a cab if you were leaving without having done business with them) you may have a bit of a walk to the nearest highway where you can hail a cab. I'd guess that the distance is somewhere between a half a mile and a mile. The flavored condoms, by the way, were a hit with some of the girls. Condomania has a decent selection, <> or 800-9CONDOM. (I fully understand what it is we all don't like about condoms for all types of sex. But let me mention a few positives about wearing a condom for a blowjob: 1) she'll have no objection to your coming in her mouth; 2) she won't stop sucking the instant you start to come and then want to get your dick and come out of her mouth as soon as possible; and 3) there would seem to be less risk of getting some terrible disease, although I do not know the probably of getting STDs via blowjobs. Checked out some alternate hotels. I know that the Best Western (former San Jose Garden Court), where I always stay, is a great price performer. But it is in a noisy and dangerous area and the plumbing could be better. (When you are showering the water will often become MUCH hotter (although not scalding) for a few moments. Especially annoying when you are showering with your "date". So I visited the Hotel Villa Touron and the Raddison (formerly the Hotel Europa Zurqui). Both are much nicer than the Best Western but much, much, much more expensive. And neither will allow you to take a girl to your room. So I assume that for this newsgroup there is no point in saying more! (See my post to for additional info on the Best Western and how you can contact them.) Had a unique experience which you might want to try to avoid. Met a girl at Key Largo with an angelic face. (Yes, it's open again, but I am told that it is doing much less business than it used to; the ratio is much in the customers' favor, although that doesn't seem to be influencing prices.) She started at $80 and we agreed on $70 for two hours. Un poco caro I thought but I am a sucker for angelic faces. So back at my hotel we screw and then shower. She does a very nice job of washing me where it counts most. So far I like this girl a lot and am thinking I wouldn't mind spending many of my evenings with her. So after the shower we are back in bed and have plenty of time left and I'd like to warm things up for a second round. So I start to caress my way to a nipple. But she is blocking me by placing her arm over both nipples. At first I think that she is just being playful but then she reminds me that we have already had sex! We discuss. She informs me that, unless explicitly stated otherwise, all deals assume one climax! So what is it that I bought two hours of I ask. Her answer is something about "companionship". What bullshit! BANGKOK vs. SAN JOSE: These are the only two flesh pots I can compare. If sex was the only consideration I would go to Bangkok. There are many more girls and they seem younger than the ones in San Jose. Also, they seem to have a better attitude; and, as of when I was there last, they were less expensive. A friend tells me that there are places there now (on Soi Cowboy) where the girls are all naked all the time. Eliminates the question of how much help her figure is getting from her clothes. I will continue to go to San Jose for three reasons: 1) No jet lag; 2) Less incidence of AIDS; and 3) Spanish is a more useful language than Thai. One more thing, I brought a case of crabs back from San Jose. Never picked up anything in Thailand. A friend who has been to Thailand many more times than I have has never picked up anything either.
Subject: [ASP] Report on Costa Rica Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 13:44:20 -0500 A friend and I went to Costa Rica this last April, and the experience was quite nice. I showed up Monday night in San Jose, and checked into the Park Hotel. ( I got some of my information, by the way, from a page I discovered called Costa Rica for the Single Man [].) This place is a real is more of a brothel than a hotel. The beds aren't very comfortable, and there is little in the way of food, but there is cable in English and a bar that is frequented by the working girls, all for $30 a night. The staff at the Park Hotel is excellent. Marco and Bismark take care of the customers, and they were really great guys. They wouldn't let us walk into bad areas alone...they actually sent a big bouncer-type along with us when we went walking to make sure we didn't get in any trouble. The hotel is in a pretty bad area of town, so follow all tourist precautions...wallet in front pocket, etc. (There was a knifing outside the bar that occurred just before I checked in -- a man and wife domestic dispute -- but I didn't see anything scary while I was there. However, another American I met there told me he had been there for a year and had been robbed four times, so wear your cheap watch!) Anyway, I checked in, dropped off my stuff, and went down to the bar for a beer. They only had two kinds, Imperial and Pilsen; they were the equivalent of $1.20 a beer. I had a beer and started checking things out. Since this was my first trip to Costa Rica, I didn't know the procedure, and my friend wasn't showing up until the next afternoon, so I sat there and tried not to stare at the girls. Soon, however, one of them (30-ish, 5'2", "A" cups and a tiny ass) sat down next to me. "¿Quieres un cerveza?" I asked. She replied "¡Quiero leche!", which literally translates to milk, but you get the meaning. I said "Vamanos," and we headed up to the room. She was undressed in a flash, and although she was older than I was looking for, she had a great body. She gave me a few minutes of head, then I put it to her for about 15 minutes. She got up and cleaned herself, and I gave her the CR equivalent of $25! (This was in colones, which was about ¢220=$1. By the way, all the money I used there was colones...I use dollars in this post to make it easier to read.) "That was too easy," I thought. I went downstairs to get another beer, expected smirks from the other folks at the bar, but apparently this was business as usual. Later that night, I went upstairs with a different girl, Merlan (nearly pronounced like "Marilyn"), for $30, but she was much prettier. She stayed around a couple of hours. The next day I met my friend and we hung out at the Blue Marlin bar at the Hotel Del Rey. The girls here were no better looking than I had seen at the Park Hotel bar, but they were wanting $100 a session. We just looked, went back to the Park Hotel just to get a beer. There this incredible woman started hitting on me. I think she said her name was Marciel...she was about 5'8", full "B" cups, and a great ass. When we got upstairs, though, she acted more like a working girl than the others. Most girls in Costa Rica that I saw don't act like they are getting paid to put out...they kiss all over you, smile like they love you, and only after the act is over does compensation enter the picture. (Even then, I usually brought up the money, not them.) She said it would be $50, no kissing, and easy on the tits, since she was going to start her period any day. Kind of a drag, but then she took off her clothes, and she was the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen naked in person. Jesus! Of course, I didn't last very long, and she was out the door (she said she had to have "her poosy inspected" at a government clinic...I was dying!) My pal and I then went to get some Tico food (Tico is a word to describe anything Costa Rican, especially the people.) The food was great...the staple is a black beans and rice mixture they eat with any meal, called gallo pinto. I have actually started eating it get a taste for it! We went back to the Park Hotel, and I again met Merlan, and my friend found someone else. Merlan said she would stay all night for $70, and make it worth my while. I liked Merlan because her English was pretty good. We went at it all night, and she even put it in without a rubber, but this is not a good idea (I had to get a shot when I got home, so even if they are being generous, be safe!). I had her off and on all night until around 7:30 am. There was no anal, but oral and manual aplenty and every position you could want. The next day I felt like shit, so I stumbled around most of the day in a daze (all that beer and tequila with no sleep will wear you out!). I went to the room that night around 6:00 pm to get a nap in, and when I got downstairs, my friend was with two outstanding looking girls! One of them took up with me. My Spanish is not very good, but she said she was 17, and I believe it. She was stunning! My buddy was with her sister, who was 20. The 20 year old was a little prettier, but the 17 year old (Priscilla) was still way hot. We sat and drank beer with them until I was feeling no pain, then we went to our respective rooms. She undressed to her underwear, and let me take off the rest. She seemed very shy and was giggling at the way I was digging her body. I went down on her for a couple of minutes, and then got on top. She came before I did, and although they say you can never tell if they are faking it, she was flushed and shaking by the time I got finished. She was kissing all over me, and said she was sorry she couldn't stay longer, but she had to get some more money by working at the Hotel Del Rey (where I'm sure she got $100...that seems to be the going rate there for all the gringos. She only asked me for $25, but I gave her $35...I'm a sucker!). I went back down to the bar and met my friend, and we exchanged stories. Apparently his girl loved giving head, and he of course had no problem letting her show her talents. About closing time, a fat older working girl was trying her damndest to turn me on so she could get cab fare home. We just kept laughing until she left us alone. The next day was our last. We visited the volcano that was closest to San Jose (in order to show some pictures to the folks who didn't know what we really went there for!), Volcan Poas. It was pretty cool. Bismark at the hotel got us a cab for three for $75, and it is about an hour and a half away. We came home, took a nap, and went down to the bar to prowl again. We hung out at the bar with Dominic, this 81 year old regular at the Park who speaks English and still wears the women out. (By the way, he said to never pay more that $20 for a lay there...he said they will always give in!) The pickings were a little slimmer that night, but Merlan came by and my friend found yet another extremely horny woman. We decided to go to a disco. In the cab, my buddy's girl was telling us how bad she needed to get off and was frigging herself right there in the cab for us to watch. We got to the disco, and I truly believe we could have talked most of the beauties there into going home with us for cheap, but we had dates. The ladies were checking us out big time, smiling at us (and we aren't any better than average looking at best!). The girls we were with said that they would get it on with each other and us for cheap that night, since it was our last one, but by the time we got back, that all fell apart and I ended up doing Merlan again for $30. I really wore her out that time, for about 45 minutes of pretty forceful banging. It was a short trip, and we weren't even there over a weekend, but I got out for very little money and a great time. Just the average girl walking down the street is typically very beautiful. You folks need to check this place out!
Subject: Costa Rica News/Travel Report Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 17:10:08 -0700 For you guys that are used to paying a bundle for women in the States, I think you owe it to yourself to check this out. In Costa Rica it is legal, safe, and you definitely get what you pay for!! Wow, what a place for a great time. This was my fourth trip to Costa Rica and is by far my favorite place to go. It was a quick trip arriving on a red eye Thursday Morning (United Airlines) and returning Monday. My plan was to get there, spend the day looking for a beautiful girl to take to Playa Tambor for 2 nights and return Sunday. I had made reservations for two on an Airline called Travelair. Their web site is and you can make reservations right over the Internet for a round trip from San Jose, Costa Rica. The prices are reasonable. Playa Tambor reservations can be made over the Internet as well and their web site is difficult to find as it is under Barcelo Hotels. For ease, their web site is and the price over the Internet is cheaper than through a travel agent. It is $70/night per person based on a double occupancy and is all inclusive; that's right, food drinks, shows entertainment. Their web site tells all. I found out about it from the locals and it is a great deal; built in 1990, ultramodern and clean. Food is terrific and they don't skimp on the alcohol either! To get to the good stuff, I started by calling this supposedly elite escort service Steve Esteban told me about. Steve is the big bouncer at Hotel Del Rey; he's a dark complected guy that is obviously a bodybuilder. By the way, I stay at the Aurola Holiday Inn; its a bit more expensive than Del Rey, but if you value your sleep in the morning, it's well worth it. Del Rey is right on a bus route that starts at 6:00 en la manana and these buses are loud (RRRRRR). Anyway Steve gave me a number that didn't work out. In 4 hours the girl showed me two ladies that I would almost be embarrassed to be with, at least if they were in a bikini. From there I went to Hotel Del Rey's Blue Marling Bar. The normal girls rating from 2 to 6 were there and the going price was $100 per night. I was looking for something a bit more upscale that would look great in a bikini so I thought I'd try the Key Largo Bar right around the corner from Hotel Del Rey. It doesn't really get going until at least 9:00PM and it was not any better with most of the girls being overweight. I'd say 4 out of 5 girls were overweight and looked pretty used. I guess if I was on a budget, I could have found someone there for the evening but no one that I would be proud to be with at the beach. I went over to the Olympus Club, which is a topless/bottomless night club about 6 or 7 blocks west of Key Largo. The girls here were a little better but not much. I was surprised because the last time I was here, I left with a Colombian Hard Body that was absolutely awesome in a bikini. I left in about 20 minutes (its about 10:30PM now) and took a taxi to Josephines which was really walking distance but I didn't remember exactly where it was. They have a web site at and the same owner owns this club and Club Elite (pronounced eli'tay). Josephines was much better and as I walked in, there was a Blond looking at me and gave me one of those smiles that you know is specifically for you. This is my smile!! She had a gorgeous face and terrific smile. It was very dark back where I was and as I smiled back, I partially tripped over this little black stool on the floor. She got a big kick out of that and came over. When she stood up I was a little disappointed as she was maybe 20 pounds overweight. I had her sit down anyway and bought her a glass of wine - which is about $20 here. We chatted for a few minutes and she offered a table dance, which I knew was coming. Before the dance, she started kissing me and rubbing her tongue in a circular fashion around and on my lips. She started dancing and removed all her clothing - which by the way is a skimpy white outfit with stockings that is identical for all women here. Her dance was awesome, fondling my cock and moaning in my ear which she got her lipstick all over. She was great company and I told her I was looking for someone to go to the beach with. She said it would be no problem and that we would talk more when she got off stage - she was dancing next. I saw another woman there that was more attractive - there were in fact many attractive women there. The legality makes this so much fun because you can speak without hesitation. This slender brunette, gorgeous eyes, long hair, and a body for sin came over for some wine while the other was on stage. I figured I'd better work quick to size this prospect up. I told her I was looking for someone to go to the beach with in the morning and that I saw her beautiful eyes from across the room. I told her I wasn't sure who I was going to ask but was wondering if she would dance for me. They love to have wine and dance because they do make their money this way. She was very gorgeous bordering on a 9. Her dance was so so though. She did give a lot of contact but did not get as personal (not much eye contact) and did not seem like she was as nice of company as the blond that was a bit overweight. All of this takes time and it is now about 12:15 AM. I told the waiter I had to make some phone calls and get more money from my Hotel Room but would return. He was a great guy, closed my tab, gave me his card, and got a taxi for me. This establishment is very professional. With wine and table dances I ran up a $120 tab. Shit, I never get out of a place like this in the States with that little damage and the table dances were far better and only $10 each!!! I had the taxi take me to Club Elite. Keep in mind these places are open until 4:00 in the morning. I went inside and the waiter greeted me at the door. He showed me a few tables and allowed me to choose. I looked around and saw some absolutely awesome women rated from 6 to 9. Keep in mind my 10 is like the best lingerie model in a Victoria Secret catalogue. There was some serious table dancing and partying going on here!! I picked a table that was a little off to the side but still with a good view of the stage. I chatted with the waiter for a while and told him I was looking for someone to take to the beach in the morning. He said that was no problem, they could arrange that for me. I told him I wanted a slim lady with mediana o grande pechos (medium or large breasts) y no alto (and not tall). Wow, he told me he would bring some over and to let him know if I wanted to chat with them for a while. He brought 4 very nice looking ladies over and I did have a drink with one. She spoke no English what-so-ever, and my Spanish is OK, but not great. We had a couple drinks and he asked me to let him know if I saw anyone that I liked. Just about then, this gorgeous girl appears on stage. About 5'6", 36C-24-36, long blond (with an auburn tint), big brown eyes and I noticed a smile on her face all the time. I went to find the Caballero (waiter) and told him that's the one I want to sit with for a while and possibly take with me. Now the real fun starts. He goes back stage and tells her to come and sit with me. She tells me a couple days later that she was already sitting with somebody but that the waiter had her go to my table. She came over and the smile was still on her face. I bought her a glass of wine and we did the small talk stuff "Adonde Vive" (where are you from etc.). She was so pleasant, holding my hand, putting her head on my shoulder. I told her that I think I would like to take her to the beach in the morning but would like to ask her a few questions. I acted a little shy and explained to her that I was not comfortable asking these questions but I wanted to be sure a couple things were OK. I asked her if she would kiss on the lips - in a polite and tactful way. I know - yea right - how could you have possibly done that tactfully. Well, I did the best I could without pulling her over and attempting to give her a big sloppy one but she beat me to it! She frenched me and worked her way around my neck to my ear, then pushed me back in my chair and started removing her outfit. She made some motion to the waiter that it was to be free!! The waiter said "This is on her". She gave me one awesome table dance, leaning back on me, kissing my neck while she reached underneath her bottom and felt the lump in my pants. She put her hand around my Cohiba then turned her head and looked right into my eyes and said something in Spanish that made me think she was impressed. Acting or not, it was sure a turn on. She turned around and kneeled on the floor in front of me, facing me and started rubbing me through my pants and looking at my Cohiba like she was going to take it out right there. Well, the dance was over, we wiped the sweat from our brows and she sat back down to finish the wine. The waiter spoke good English and he came around the other side of the chair. He asked if I asked her to go to the beach. He said she was fairly new (2 weeks) and they never arranged for her to be with anyone yet. I turned to her and said, "is it possible for you to go to the beach with me tomorrow for 2 nights?" (in Spanish of course) Her eyes lit up and she quickly shook her head yes. We had not discussed price at this point. When the waiter left I negotiated $500 to go with me for 2 nights and stay with me until we return Sunday at 12:00 noon. To my surprise, the waiter then said that they charge a fee for the girl also as they lose money from the girl not being there on Saturday night. He wanted another $300. Thoroughly disappointed I told him, its not going to work, I am not paying that kind of dough. Some haggling went on and he knew I was about ready to leave. Finally they settled on $200, $100 of which she chipped in so it cost me $600, and I could have her until Sunday at 5:00PM. Not a bad compromise and she was happy because she was getting a paid trip to the beach. I paid the money and left with the her about 2:15 AM. We went to the 24 hour restaurant at the Hotel Del Rey and got a bite to eat then I checked her in at my hotel (the hotel charges $15 for an additional person and registers their identification for your safety). We hopped in the shower and I rubbed up against her bottom and she reached behind me under my balls and let out the sexiest OOOOOh I think I ever heard. I had my hands around her waist and went down to finger her and she was warm and wet inside. She turned around and went down on me without a condom. She sucked me moaning with pleasure and I was in 7th heaven. I pulled her up and pushed her against the back wall of the shower and went down on her. She had one hand on one of her breasts and one on my head. She then put one leg up on my shoulder and I finished the job putting the other one on the other shoulder as she leaned against the back wall. She came in practically no time quivering and jerking. She let out a moan that I thought might disturb some neighbors. I put her legs down and couldn't believe she came so quickly so I asked her if she did. Her response was "Claro". Look it up if you don't know it. The smile never left her. We dried off and hit the sack as we had to get up at 8:30 to hit the tienda (store). She needed a traje de bano (bathing suit) and some beach clothes. We got in bed and I went down on her again. She got exited very quickly again and pulled me up saying "Yo Quiero" (I want). I had already taken care of the protection and gave it to her. Boy she was so tight, it was so so nice. We did the traditional position, she then got on top, then doggy, then back to tradition. Tears were in her eyes and I asked her what was wrong. "Nada, nada, es asi bueno" or something like that (nothing, nothing, it is so good). I started pumping her slowly looking into her eyes. She was in the same level of heaven I was; we had a great chemistry together. She started taking deep breaths and letting out moans then turned to look in my face and let out another fantastic moan that lasted a good 10 seconds the same time I came. I hadn't come like that for years, I felt like my spine was emptied jerking a good 10 to 12 times. She moaned the whole time time I jerked and she "claro" came again.. It was 3:30 now and we fell asleep just like that for about 20 minutes at which time I pulled it out, cleaned up and fell asleep. She thanked me; now that was a first for me!! Then she explained to me she just got a divorce and had not had relations with a man for about a year. Wow!! She was only 20 (legal age is 18 there) but looked 23. I'll leave her name as Mary for this post. Never any children, slight tan lines and a great personality. In the morning, we ran down to a couple of stores and I bought her two inexpensive outfits and a bikini. Total was about $125. We rushed to the airport and she gave the taxi driver a real treat as she changed in the taxi. We had a fair amount of foreplay on this loud 3 engine puddle jumper until she got carried away and let out another one of those moans. Only the two people in front of us heard it and the girl giggled while the guy peeked back to see what was going on. Oh well, shit happens. We got there, checked in, did it again while we put our bathing suits on and went out to the pool for some Pina Coladas. She teased me in the pool quite a bit, facing me, wrapping her legs around me, then leaning back to wash her hair back. While she was leaned back she'd pump me and wiggle a few times. This was like better than being with your girl friend; she was the best company I ever had and it was not like a job at all to her. She was having as much fun as I was. We ran on the beach, sat in the incoming tide and covered each other with sand, laughed, told stories, played in the waves, and had a wonderful time just being with each other. We went, got cleaned up and went to dinner. There was not an activity we did that she did not entertain or tease me in some way. At dinner she was fondling me under the table with her feet, then moved her chair over so she could reach me with her hand. Luckily there was tablecloths. She did this while she spoon fed me some desert with her other hand. Wow, I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. We were beat from not much sleep the night before so we went and took a nap. Got up about 11:30PM at which time the Disco opens. Guess where we went. We danced till they closed at 2:30 and we were soaken wet from dancing and the humidity. We went out to the pool and all the lights were off and no one seemed to be around. We stripped to our underwear and got in the pool, swam to the other side and it was a beautiful night - stars, moon. She wrapped her legs around me again and we started kissing, Then moved her skimpy panties to the side and went down for a taste. She was much lighter in the pool and wrapped those legs around my head until I needed air. I came up and she wanted me inside of her. She didn't want me to stop and put a condom on but I did - that was probably the most difficult condom I ever put on because I did slip in her for just a moment and boy what a difference. We made love for almost an hour as I am proud to say I do have great staying power for an old man (heh, heh, heh). That's right, it was not just sex, she made love to me, there is a big difference. You can pay a lady to have sex with you but you cannot pay a lady to make love to you; they make love only if they want to. I did my best to keep her quiet and she did an OK job but when we got out of the pool we noticed we did have a small audience - two older couples that smiled at us as we exited the pool in our underwear. I couldn't tell but I think the old lady was trying to coax her husband of many years to give it a try ( oh Brother, what did we start). We didn't stay to find out but went to our room. The next one night two days was pretty much the same except that it got more intense as I thought I was falling in love with this woman - I had to keep pinching myself. I went through a package of a dozen condoms in 3 days besides the 2 no condom BJ's I had. When she left Sunday tears came to her eyes, she gave me a big hug and asked me when I was coming back. We exchanged addresses (direccions) and I can't wait to go back and see her but being a realist, I know it probably would never work. Sunday night I went to the Key Largo Bar somewhat depressed that my love was gone. I tried to strike up some conversations but didn't seem much in the mood. I saw another girl named Anna there that I chatted with before. A petite slim blond (a 4 or 5). Told her I had enough for a few days but she said if she can't make me do it twice, I don't have to pay her. What a challenge. Ok, I hired her for $60 and she did me twice but it was not anything like Mary. Left for home the next morning and cannot wait to return.
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 11:13:09 -0700 Subject: Costa Rica I just returned from a Costa Rican surfing trip with my two college-age sons. We stayed at the Del Rey hotel, as per the suggestions from your WEB page. We had an unbelievable time. Scores of beautiful girls were available for $40-60. My sons were able to get these girls for $20. Jaco Beach: the best place to find women was at the local discotheque. Going rate was similar to San Jose ($40-60) but the variety and quality was not as good. A good alternative is to bring a girl to the beach from San Jose. You can easily get a girl to go with you for $100 a day + expenses. Comparison with other places in the world: The quality of the women in Costa Rica was good but does not compare to Rio de Janeiro. However, the prices are better in Costa Rica. I have traveled to Russia several times, and the women are very beautiful. However, they tend to be more expensive than in Latin America. The women in local cat houses, such as the Mustang Ranch, should take lessons from the wonderful girls from Costa Rica and Brazil. South the of the border, the girls provide a great time. Most have great attitudes and really try to make your time with them enjoyable. In general (with several notable exceptions), the women at Mustang and Moonlight Ranches have extremely bad attitudes. Going to those places, I feel like I'm being prepared for surgery rather than getting layed. For a great sex and recreation vacation, go to Costa Rica or Brazil. The women are beautiful, plentiful, and inexpensive. They aim to please. Forget about the shrews in Nevada. They represent the worst in American womanhood.
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 23:00:59 -0700 Subject: Costa Rica Travel Report Went to Costa Rica in August 1997. The WSG reports were useful. so let me only add recent info from my visit. Hotel: Stayed in Balmoral. Cost me $47 per night inclusive of all taxes. Before you make a booking at any hotel make sure that they will allow you to bring a girl in. I first stayed at the Don Carlos and they did not allow it, but Balmoral allows it. Escort Services: Saw girls from four of them and tried girls from two of them. The best is Costa Rican Night Escort Services run by the american Richard that used to run the BBC club. The phone numbers are (506)380-5389 and (506)296-5656. It also has a website You can get the passwords for accessing the pictures of the girls. Note that the names of the girls on each picture are not always correct. So remember the girl's features when you land up in San Jose and call up Richard. Richard was very helpful and accomodative. He sent me a sweet and gorgeous girl Cynthia. Cynthia had a good bust and soft, firm and lean flesh all over. The only problem was that I knew only English and she knew only Spanish. Still we had some glorious sex at the hotel and later I extended the time by calling Richard and took her to a movie - Volcano. I paid her $150 total. Please note that the american Richard mentioned above is different from the Costa Rican Richard that runs another escort service. His girls are kind average though he does have a good looking black girl called Vanessa. A gringo that I talked with at the blue barlin bar told me that Vanessa is a bit arrogant. But she might be worth it. All the escort services advertise in Costa Rica today. Massage Parlors: Club Luxor was closed. Checked out the girls at the BBC Club in downtown San Jose. Cost was $40. The girls were slightly above average, but I did not go in. Tried Arte Ye Sauna in downtown San Jose located just a block from Del Rey. Got a sauna, massage, blowjob without condom and intercourse with condom from an above average looking sweet girl for $35. Also tried a massage parlor (no name) that advertised in Costa Rica today and is located in a green house near the railway track in downtown San Jose around Avenida 12 and Calle 17 (note sure of exact street and avenue numbers). I got just a hand release for $ 35. Blue Marlin Bar: There is a wide variety of girls. The bartenders are on average better looking but not available. If you are patient, you might see a girl you want if you wait. I took a sweet girl called Anna (she works only 3 days a week) to the hotel and the mall for about 3 hours and paid her $100. I know that $100 is kinda high, but I was not in a mood to bargain. Strip Clubs: Went to Hollywood, Josephine Elite and Olympus. The quality of girls at the Hollywood Club was not good. At the Elite and the Olympus, I found 2 or 3 good looking girls. But they are costly. They come at around $250 for 2 hours that includes some payment to the house. The couch dances are good for $12. You can also talk to a girl by buying her wine, but the wine cost $15 or $18 and some of them tend to drink fast because they get a cut from it. So watch it. If you have any questions, post it to WSG or to and refer to my report. I check both of them periodically and will try to respond.
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 1997 15:36:43 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Costa Rica update/Aug 97 After just returning from Costa Rica, I finally get to contribute to the fine work of art created by master Atta, called the World Sex Guide. Following is a brief description of my trip along with some hopefully helpful tips. (Please note: everyone's taste in women differs as I can only rate the girls according to my own prefference. To me there's no such thing as a girl being "too thin", however, if she's as little as 1 lb overweight, it's an ultimate turn-off. Those with a little more leniancy will have a MUCH easier time finding the right beaver in Costa Rica.) DAY 1 Arrived at the airport at 1pm on Tue. Due to a reservation screw-up, couldn't check into Holiday Inn Aurora until next day. Went to the Costa Rica Morazan instead. Righ after checking in, went to the Blue Marlin bar. It was empty as hell. Decided to walk around town a little. Tried to find Hotel Park, but couldn't locate it. The info you have posted is wrong. It's actually located on 4av btwn 2 & 4 sts. Went in for a drink. Not much there. Maybe 6 women in all, 5 of which FAT!!!! (at least by my standarts). Went back to the Blue Marlin. There I met a retired American now living in CR by the name of Patrick. He gave me the basic rundown of the local scene. There was a beautiful 18 yo blonde named Priscilla there, but stupid me figured she'll be there later and went back to the hotel to take a nap. Went back to the Marlin at 10pm. There were at least 20 women there (90 % overweight). At about 11:30 I finally made my pick. A brunette in tight jeans named Vanessa. She wanted $100 all night or $50 3/hrs. We settled for $40 3/hrs. Went back to the hotel and when she disrobed, her ass became a little too big for my taste. She would be considered a knockout by all of my male friends, but personally, I would rather do my dog Spot than a girl that's not model-perfect. Since I already paid, I got a decent bj and a screw. My inability to communicate in Spanish got in the way big time. After I came, we were just lying on the bed unable to make conversation. Soon she wanted to leave. Since it's only been 1 1/2 hrs, I figured let me come 1 more time so I had her again. Went to sleep. DAY 2 Checked into Holiday Inn (WHAT A DIFFERENCE !!!!). Met up with my friend arriving from the US. Spent the rest of the day hitting as many places as possible but didn't get anything. Us a little tired, them a little fat....not a good match. DAY 3 Checked out the massage parlors. BBC had fat women so we went to Arte y Sauna. And guess got it.......FAT AGAIN!!!!!!! My friend's taste differs from mine so he had no problem choosing one. I picked the thinnest one there who was on the borderline at best. The massage was good and the bj even better. For 8000 colones ($40) not a bad deal. Again, Spanish was a big problem. Afterwards we hit a # of bars, got drunk as a mother, ended up at Key Largo at about 11pm. The place itself is a ripoff, unless you enjoy having the barmaid come up to you every 30 sec heckling you for another drink. However, I spoted a fine blonde across the bar that I just had to have. She was with a friend. Not to my buddy's liking (go figure....they were too thin for HIM). Finally we decided to take the two for 15000 col each ($80) for the whole night. My girl was sooooooo beautiful and feminine. We smoked some pot and got a little comfy. Since I was drunk and stoned, the flames of desire took me right down to her snatch and I started eating her out like an apple pie (HOW SCARY WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT NOW !!!!!!!). Then she blew me. Seeing her beautiful face munchin' on my tool really got me off. As an encore, I buried my shaft deep inside her and had a tremendous orgasm. And now the bad side. Her tits were dripping milk every time I sucked on them. After I came, wanted to do her again but she said "in the morning". She left at 6am when I was half asleep. I could've stopped her but said screw it. DAY 4 Went to Hotel Park. Had a skinny little twat named Cathy for 6000 col ($25) + 1500 for the room, one shot deal. Checked out a massage parlor (only 4000 col or $20 !!!!) on 4 st btwn 2 & 4 av. Nothing there for my taste. Later, my friend found a cute girl at the Blue Marlin but I just went back to the hotel. DAY 5 Went back to see Cathy at Hotel Park. Incredible bj with no condom. My friend took the girl from the previous night. I was too sick of uninspired, passionless, mechanical sex with some whores (hey....I can do THAT with my wife) that I just kept drinking and eventually went back to the hotel. DAY 6 With a tear in my eye, I boarded an AA plane. TIPS DO abandon the hooker scene in favor of regular girls with whom you will have a really good time (considering you're decent looking and of course....SPEAK SPANISH). Even the hookers are tired of those sleazy redneck Americans which make about 90% of tourists. Being 28, long hair and not THAT bad looking, I could've had a blast. But of course...."no habla Espanol". DO learn to speak at least some Spanish. I cannot stress the importance of it. I've had many chances of picking up regular girls on the street. Even with a hooker, you can't have a good time not being able to communicate with her. DO leave your money & cc's in a safe deposit box. DO stay at the Holiday Inn Aurora. The only hotel of it's class. Definetely worth the extra few bucks. DO NOT tell the girl you're staying at the Holiday Inn (thou you will be asked, just try to tell her "oh,a hotel 2 blocks away") untill after negotiations, for it will only jack the price up. DO NOT take a girl for the whole night right away no matter how pretty or passionate she might seem. Instead, opt for 3 hrs and if she is indeed pleasant, you can always keep her for the night. DO NOT touch any street hookers. They do not have their id's and will not be let in to any hotels. BOTTOM LINE Gentlemen....WHORES WILL BE WHORES NO MATTER WHAT COUNTRY THEY'RE FROM!!!!!!! It is a rarity to meet a working girl that will be genuinely affectionate without her thinking about going back to the bar asap to pick-up another trick. It's a shame, but that's reality. And by all means, please don't fool yourselves thinking that you're making these women come. With the amount of men they sleep with a day, the only thing they care about is MONEY !!!!!!! If you can get past that (unlike me), you will have a blast in Costa Rica or anywhere else in this world. I will be going back next year (able to speak Spanish, that is)
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 16:58:12 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Costa Rica Richard, who you mentioned as owner BBC now owns G & G. His phone number is 296-5656 ask for code 129907. As mentioned in an earlier posting, Richard is a pleasure to do business with. He has provided me with girls during my past three visits. The girls have always been attractive and eager to please. I find his prices very reasonable. If you call Richard, please tell him Mr. Gary placed this information on the internet.
Subject: RE: Recent trip to Costa Rica (Nov. 25th, 1997) Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 00:58:50 -0700 I found most all of your information helpful on Costa Rica. A few changes have taken place from some of the information that I found. The blue Marlin bar & the Key largo are much like was described on your website. The negotiated rate seems to be around 50-70 us bucks. The girls range from below average to beautiful, but below average seemed to be the norm. I found that patience is the key. Both places were fun just to people watch, and most of the girls were not that pushy there. I met several very nice ladies & had great conversations at both bars. Most of the ladies seemed to work between the two places. I also discovered a couple of other places called Club elite & Josephine's. These two places were in San Jose & had 1st rate ladies, but the prices were quite high, ranging up to 200 u.s. a night. (This is including the wine one must purchase for the ladies to get them out the door) Both of these places are strip joints, and really a big scam. We passed on both of these places. If money is no object & you want beautiful, check them out. In Jaco beach, the Hotel Copacabana was a complete dive. I would not recommend staying there & there is no night life at the bar at all. Everything seems to have moved to a place called Disco Central. I noticed a few ladies working outside & in, but things were pretty scarce here. I would recommend the Best Western as the only place to stay in Jaco. In Quepos, there are 3 clubs (Names unknown). Action can be found at all, as most people drift between the three places, depending on the time of day. I met an American lady who is planning to open a fantasy escort service there in Dec. 97. I must warn you that its a very slow place in general. Overall, I would agree with another travelers comments to the site, who said that Costa Rica is badly overrated. The place in general is a hole, and other than a few small parks, is very run down & dingy. I would not recommend planning a vacation here, there is many more beautiful spots in the world. The food is terrible, the roads are horrific & even the best hotels are not all that nice. San Jose is the armpit of Central America.

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