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Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 15:28:50 UTC

There are quite a few changes in San Jose since the publication of "The
Single Man's Guide to an Erotic Vacation in Costa Rica", many of which
have already been mentioned in this FAQ.  I'd like to update you on some
more of them.

Since the closing of Key Largo, it appears that the main bar contact area
has become the Blue Marlin bar in the Hotel del Rey.  During the Summer
(in North America) prices are much lower than those mentioned in earlier
posts.  I started bargaining at $40, and never went over $50. One rainy
afternoon there were at least twice as many working girls as customers.
Since it supposedly rains every afternoon in August, there are no
tourists, so it might be a good time to go if sex for rent is the purpose
of the trip.  If you go to the Blue Marlin, tip the bar staff for me.
There are some nice folks there, and a barmaid or two who look
spectacular.  Some posts have mentioned the busy hours in the bars, but
there are ladies in the Blue Marlin almost all of the time.  I expect
those there at 7:00 AM are left over from all nighters in the
neighborhood, most likely upstairs, but from noon on there are women
available for "compania".  It gets much busier at about 3:00 PM and there
is lots of action until after 4:00 AM. There are times where there is more
choice than others. There is one lady there who is built somewhere in a
range defined by Rene Morgan, Sunny McKay and Melanie Moore, who has a
strong, beautiful, latina face and hair that is in the little braids like
Whoopie Goldberg. She should be a model.  She always was taken when I went
down to the bar, except for my last night in the country, when I was
following Jayhawk's advice about avoidance when one has any dermal trauma
in the groin area. Sigh. I've always loved long and lean ladies. At about
5' 7"  she's probably the tallest one there. She seems to come in at about
7 or 8.

A story about Key Largo broke early in July, when the American vice
president of the company that ran the bar along with several hotels in San
Jose was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head.  The police call it
a suicide, but there is always speculation. The gossip was that the bar
can't open again during this administration. It is right across the street
from a school, which was one of the nominal reasons for the closing. It is
also right next to Happy Days, which is still open. I heard about 6
diffenent reason why it closed, so I don't really know the truth.

From the Hotel del Rey, south on Calle 9 between Avenida Central and
Avenida 2 there is Arte y Sauna, one of many massage parlors in the area.
A massage "con sexo" is 7000 colones, a bit under $35. I got a good
massage and sex with Xinia.  It is bit noisy and dark there.  I was told
that Taipan Massage in the Sabana Sur neighborhood is a higher class
version of Arte y Sauna, but they didn't answer the phone on Sunday when I
was interested in going.

Some of the bars mentioned in various places have changed.  Yesterdays
appears to have reopened as a gay bar, if the poster in the entry is any
indication. New York is a small bar with unattractive ladies.  The last
night I was there, I saw chair pieces flying out the door and heard one
loud drunken American.  With the conduct of so many of the Gringos down
there, it is surprising that they don't seem to hate us. By the way, there
has been a series of murders over that last year and a half of single
professional men, most of them gay, so if that scene is your thing,
beware. The charge to have a lady in your room at a hotel, that so many
people complain about, looks much better in this light.  It is there to
protect the guests in the hotel from the seamier side of things.  The lady
shows her card, to indicate that she is a registered prostitute, who gets
health checks and is known, and she is signed into your room. At the Hotel
del Rey, the euphemism is that the charge is for use of the back elevator.
If anything shows up missing, they know right where to look.

The night club scene seems to be concentrated in an area north of the
center of town, where Alcasar (now closed for remodeling), Olympus,
Josephines, La Casa de las Munecas and an allegedly sleazy bar called VIPS
are all located. There are some nice hotels at the edges of this district,
but I didn't go there at night. The usual admonition is to take a cab.
There is also a club in Sebana Sur called Club Hollywood. Supposedly the
dancers are all available for sex, for the right price.

During this trip I discovered that two popular fantasies are over rated.
For me, two at a time is more distraction than turn on.  Talking with one
of the ladies later, she said some people are really into it, but many
prefer one. I just took two because I couldn't talk the smaller prettier
one, Maria, into coming alone. Also, shaved crotches may be fine a few
minutes after they are shaved, but stubble is just a scratchy on the groin
as it is on the face.

Fiesta Costa Rica has closed, but Federico, the author of the previously
mentioned "Single Man's Guide", is planning to open a new Fiesta Costa
Rica service next year when he retires and moves down there. There are
various other escort services available, that advertise in "Costa Rica

Subject: San Jose Costa Rica FAQ Date: 23 Oct 1996 20:57:51 -0400 Pura Vida! Just thought that I would share some of my insights and experiences of travel to the wonderful city of San Jose, Costa Rica. Costa Rica bills itself as an "Oasis of Peace". It should also be called an "Oasis of PUSSY!" Yes my friends, along with all of the rain forests, volcanos, and beaches are the extremely beautiful Ticas, who will captivate, stimulate, and if the price is right, fuck you until your balls run dry! What follows is some general information about San Jose, and the sex scene there. I hope it will be helpful. *-------------------------------------------------------------------------* Getting There: American, Continental, and United all have direct service to San Jose (SJO) from the US. Check with Easy Sabre or a travel agent. RT airfare will be anywhere from $US300 and up. Lacsa (1-800-225-2272) is the official carrier of Costa Rica (they also have the cheapest fares). I have found that when using Lacsa it is best to go through a travel agent that has a contract with them, as they will have the best deals. Look in the travel section of a large city (such as Miami) Sunday's paper. Warning: when flying internationally, and especially on Lacsa, remember to get to the airport checkin counter at LEAST 2 hours before your scheduled departure. If you do not, there is the risk that your seat will be given to someone else, and you will have to take another flight! This is not to say that Lacsa is a poor choice in airlines. Indeed, their service is excellent! Remember, when travelling on Lacsa, you must reconfirm your reservation in San Jose at least 72 hours in advance of your departure date. Package Deals: You might be able to save a few bucks by purchasing an American Airlines FlyAway Vacations package deal that includes RT airfare, hotel, and RT airport transfers (1-800-321-2121). The hotels offered are the Europa, Amstel Amon, Balmoral, Herradura, and Camino Real. You will also get a half-day San Jose sightseeing trip included in the deal. When To Go: Basically, anytime is a good time. The best weather can be found from December thru April (dry season). The rest of the time, expect a rain shower at LEAST once a day. Hotel rates in the dry season go up, but because of the glut in hotel rooms, prices in San Jose remain fairly constant. Where To Stay: There are many choices of hotels, in all parts of San Jose. The hotels listed below are places that I have personally stayed at. I have noted if the hotel was part of a package deal. They are located right in the heart of downtown. I prefer the downtown area as it is where most of the action that I am looking for can be found. However, it can be noisy. If peace and quiet is important to you, then look for a hotel outside of the downtown area. * Hotel Balmoral - Avenida Central, Calles 7/9. (Included in FlyAway package). This is touted as a more upscale tourist and businessman's place (although, I would have never know it). The current rack rate is $US70 + tax (around 18%). For that you get a clean room, cable TV, and a wall unit AC. They have safe deposit boxes, money exchange, travel agency, and a casino. There is an extra charge of $US11 + tax to have a senorita in your room (see note below). * Hotel Del Rey - Avenida 1, Calles 9/11, Phone # 011-506-221-7272. This is an excellent downtown hotel. The place is located on the southeast corner of Morazan Park. Their rates are $US39 or $US55 + tax for a single. To get these rates you must book directly with the hotel (their reservation people speak English). The rooms are clean and all come with cable TV. The lower rate will get you an inside room with a queen bed, fan, a window facing out into the atrium, and no AC. The higher rate will get you a bigger bed, outside window, and possibly AC. If AC is important to you, then ask for it. The hotel has safe deposit boxes (both in the rooms and at the front desk), money exchange, travel agency, and a casino. I always take an inside room, away from the lobby, on one of the upper floors (4 or 5) as it will be quieter than the rooms facing the street. There is also one other advantage to this hotel as there are many "working girls" who hang out in the bar of the hotel (more on this later). There is an extra charge of $US10 + tax to have a senorita in your room (they call it a guest charge!). * Hotel Amstel Morazon - Avenida 1, Calles 7/9, Phone # 011-506-222-4622 I think the name may have changed to the Hotel Costa Rica Morazon. A cheap, but functional place if you can stand the traffic noise. The rate I paid was $US35 + tax for a clean room with a/c, but lacking in hot water. There are safe deposit boxes both in the rooms (extra $US3) and at the front desk (free). My room was on the fifth floor and I heard every honk and yell from the street below. The charge to have a senorita in your room is $US10 + tax. * San Jose Garden Court - Avenida 7, Calles 6/8, Phone # 1-800-272-6654 This hotel has received much bad press, but I found it to be an excellent place to stay. Granted, the neighborhood stinks (it is right on the outskirts of the Zona Roja), but there are always plenty of taxis to get you where you want to go. The rate for a single is $US33 + tax. For that you get a clean room with one double and one single bed, cable TV, and a wall-unit AC. Included in the rate is a free breakfast and happy hour. There is also a travel agency and money exchange. The charge to have a young lady in your room is $US8 + tax. Note - In most of the better hotels, when you bring that special senorita back to your room to do the nasty, they will tack on an additional person charge to your room for the privilege of letting her fuck your brains out, if even for only an hour or two. This used to be a source of great displeasure for me because I felt it was none of the hotels business who I had in my room, or for how long. But, I have come to view this policy in a different light. When you bring a senorita back to your room, she will have to sign the guest register, and present her "cedula (national ID card)". This way if anything ends up missing, the authorities know exactly where to look. The extra charge is for this security. It is, IMHO, worth it, as the security in most hotels is excellent, and they really look out for the best interests of their guests. I have had many senoritas in my hotel rooms and have never even had a towel stolen. On the other hand, I do not leave hundred dollar bills lying around either. Be careful, but not paranoid. Most of these girls are very trustworthy. Immigrations And Customs: After departing from your flight you will go through 2 lines, one to have you passport stamped (passports are necessary for entry!), and another line after you have picked up your luggage. I avoid the second line by taking only 1 carry on bag and am always waived on through to go upstairs into the arrival terminal. Outside will be all of the taxis, buses, etc. to take you to your hotel. If you purchased a FlyAway package the people who will transfer you to your hotel will find you right after you get off your flight. If you are not on a tour, it is best to take a taxi. Outside the terminal will be baggage porters who will demand to carry your bag to the taxi. Unlike some other countries, this is perfectly legitimate. Tip the kid a buck. The taxis to downtown are usually microbuses. Always ask up front what the charge in $US will be (should be $US7-15) and you may be sharing the taxi with other turistas. Money: The official currency is the Colon (C) and the current exchange rate is C213 to $US1.00. I have found that it is best to pay for all purchases, such as meals and drinks, in colones. Paying for pussy is another matter. This can be done in $US or colones. The first time I was in San Jose, I was being a smart ass and negotiated for the services of a very pretty senorita at the Key Largo in colones (allowing her to determine the exchange rate). After services had be rendered, and I did the math, I found that I had been fucked (literally!) on the exchange rate. My screw up! I always exchange money at the hotel, and never at the airport, as the exchange rate will be just about the same as you would get in the banks or on the street. Also, there are plenty of ATM machines around, but they will only accept VISA Plus System cards (and I have yet to get one of my cards to work!). The Language: Spanish is the predominate language in Costa Rica, but don't worry if you cannot speak a word of it. In most of the hotels you will find someone that can speak English, and most of the young ladies speak enough English to at least communicate, albeit on a minimal level, with you. If you are going to be there for a week, and have nothing else to do during the day, the Instituto Universial De Idiomas (Avenida 2, Calle 9/11), has a 3 day survival Spanish crash course, Tuesday thru Thursday, 6 hours a day (9-12 and 1-4), that will set you back $US130. Food And Drink: The tap water in San Jose is safe to drink, but I stay away from drinking large quantities of it. In fact, I do this in all Latin American countries just out of fear and respect for Montezuma's Revenge! I always travel with some Immonium and Mylanta just in case senor Montezuma decides to pay me a visit. As for food, stick with regular restaurants and sodas (their version of a coffee shop), and you should not have any problems. Just to be on the safe side, I never eat anything that cannot be peeled or cooked. The local brands of cerveza are Pilsen, Imperial, Bavaria, and Rock Ice. Drinks should cost you around C200 and up. Imported liquor is very expensive, but the local brands are not. When the bill arrives, there will be both sales (15%) and service (10%) taxes added on to it, so tipping, although appreciated, is not really necessary. Most bars will let you run a tab. Getting Around Town: During the day and early evening walking is ok. After about 9 or so I always take a taxi. The legal taxis are red with a light on top that says "TAXI", are everywhere, and are relatively cheap. Anywhere from about C200 to C500 to get to any destination in the downtown area. Always ask before you get in. Also, taxi drivers are never tipped. There are lots of public buses, but I never use them. Be careful when crossing streets! Costa Ricans are very aggressive drivers and should you find yourself in the middle of the street when the light changes, run like hell, or else you will be history! Trips From San Jose: There are many interesting activities, other than the carnal ones, available close to San Jose. They include white water rafting, a cruise on the Gulf of Nicoya, rain forest expeditions, and seeing a live volcano up close and personal. All of these trips can be done in one day. The tour company will pick you up in the morning, and bring you back at night. Personally, I have never done any of these things, but have received good reports from other gringos who have. They can be arranged by any travel agency or tour company in San Jose. The only company I am familiar with is Tikal Tours. They seemed very nice and honest, with very friendly guides (I only took a half-day sightseeing tour of San Jose). If you book a FlyAway vacations package, American Airlines can make all of the arrangements for you before you leave. Expect to pay between $US70-100 per person for a one-day activity. Some Safety Points: Leave most of your valuables, including money, in the hotel safe. Carry a small wallet with one days spending money, and a photocopy of your passport and the hotel identification card (all places will give you this when you check in) indicating when you arrived. La policia can stop any gringo and ask for ID. This has never happened to me. Carry your wallet in your front pocket or in a money belt. I have never been hassled and nobody has ever tried to rob me. I feel just as safe in San Jose as I would be in any other big city in the US. Don't be flashy by wearing expensive jewelry or loud clothes. No one but the turistas wears shorts in San Jose. This will only bring out the potential pickpockets. Violent crime is almost nonexistent in San Jose, but I have heard that pickpockets are becoming more common. Play it cool and you will not have any problems. *--------------------------------------------------------------------------* Now on to the more interesting activities! Where can you find las senoritas? There are many places at which to secure the services of a very pretty Tica. The places described here are those that I have personally visited. Before I go into the discussions of these fine establishments, I will take a moment to comment on the types of young ladies that you will meet in these places. The Prostitutes: All senoritas who are prostitutes are required to be registered and licensed by the government. Not all do this. They all carry ID cards that must be shown to the hotel security for them to enter your room. Most are single mothers. I have yet to meet one that did not have at least 1 kid. Because the Costa Rican government taxes most imported goods at around 100%, I always take with me a few bottles of perfume and baby shampoo to give as gifts. The smile you will get, will be priceless! *--------------------------------------------------------------------------* Bar Procedures: This is pretty basic, just walk in, sit down, and order a drink. Take a look around. If someone strikes your fancy, then motion for her to come sit down next to you. Some of the young ladies are very aggressive and will approach you right away and ask if you would like "compania (company)" for the evening. She is not talking about dinner and a movie! If this is not the one for you, just say "no gracias" and continue your search. There is no need to rush yourself. Kick back and relax! Once you have spotted that special senorita, then negotiations can take place. In the more upscale bars you will always be quoted a price of $US100 for the basic "sucky sucky, fucky fucky". Not to worry, they will always accept less. Always be specific as to what you want to do. The more you want, the more it is going to cost you. I have included in my review of the bars what the average price range is. Once negotiations have concluded you have 2 options. Take her to your hotel or to a local place that will rent you a room short time. As for the first option, if you are staying within walking distance of your hotel, the two of you can just walk there, if not, then take a taxi. At your hotel she will walk up to the front desk and register to be a "guest" in your room. You will also have to sign a guest form or the guest register. After that, the two of you can proceed up to your room. With the second option, you will have to take a taxi to the motel. The price for the room will be around C1500 plus C500 for the taxi driver, who will wait for you to do the deed and then take both of you back to the bar. Don't expect much from the room. It will usually be very compact with a small bed and shower. Once in the room, she will collect the money first, take a ducha (shower) second, and then proceed to carry out what you had negotiated in the bar. Some will perform a blowjob without a condom, but one is required for the main event. I recommend taking some with you. But don't sweat it if you do not have one. All of the young ladies carry them. Upon completion she will take another shower and, if you are in your hotel, ask you for cab fare to go home or back to the bar. If service was truly outstanding (and it usually is!) a tip is in order. *--------------------------------------------------------------------------* Blue Marlin Bar (Inside the Hotel Del Rey): Hours: 24; Looks: 5-10; Prices: $US50 and up (Negotiable) Credit Cards: N/A This is a medium sized bar that is open 24 hours a day and is mostly filled with ex-pats, gringos on extended stays, and guests of the hotel. You do not need to be staying at the Del Rey to enjoy this establishment. It is a fun place to just hang out, drink, and chat with other fellow travellers. The place starts to fill up with senoritas around 11:00am. Sometimes it gets so full that security has to limit the amount of ladies it lets in. Also, this bar has become the place for the "late crowd" of San Jose. If you can stay awake until 3 or 4 in the morning, you will find that this is the last stop for senoritas who could not find any business earlier in the evening. This might be the time to score with a special beauty for a very reasonable price. Hotel Park: (Avenida 4, Calles 4/6) Hours: 11:30am to 12:30am; Looks 0-8; Prices $US25 and up (Negotiable) Credit Cards: N/A This is the place to go if you are on a budget. It is located right near Parque Central. If it is early, around 8 or so, you can walk there, but later on it is best to use a taxi. Friday and Saturday nights, around 8 or 9, are the best days and times to come here. Walk in the front door and go to the bar. The place is small and there will be maybe 10+ senoritas along with the usual contingent of gringos. Sometimes the pickings here are very slim. What is nice about this place is that they will rent you a room for C1500 to take care of business (and the room is much better than the other short time hotels). Club IDEM: (Calle 11, Avenidas 8/10) Hours: 3:00pm to 01:00am; Looks: 3-8; Prices: $US40 (Paid to the house) Credit Cards: VISA/AMEX A totally local place that, although not a long walk, is best reached by taxi. Since you will probably be the only gringo there, it is best to know some Spanish (at least be able to count). But do not worry, they will be more than happy that you are there! It is a more typical whorehouse than the other bars mentioned here. There is a very nice bar with rooms upstairs (included in the price) to take care of business. If you forgot to bring a condom, that will cost you an extra C300. Happy Days: (Calle 7, Avenidas 1/3) Hours: 3:00pm to 12:30am; Looks: 3-8; Prices: $US40 and up (Negotiable) Credit Cards: N/A This place, to me, is a dive, but worth mentioning. Many of the young ladies here are more aggressive than in the other bars. Sometimes I can find a very nice and pretty young lady for a reasonable price. Other times, it is totally dead. I have heard reports of unsavory characters who hang out here, but I have never had any problems. But then again, if I do not see someone I like right away, I usually split. Key Largo Bar: (Calle 7, Avenidas 1/3) Hours: 7:00pm to 05:00am; Looks: 5-9; Prices: $US70 and up (Negotiable) Credit Cards: N/A Once shut down by the Governor, this San Jose institution is now back up and running, just like it was before. The place has 4 bars (with the most expensive drinks in San Jose), dance floor with live band, restaurant, and a gift shop. On a busy night there can be anywhere from 50-100 senoritas there. I am sure there is something for every taste. Since this is the so-called "classiest" bar in San Jose, you will pay top dollar for the services of the senorita of your choice. Not that they are any better looking or better in bed, it is just that most first time visitors come here first (like I did) and did not realize that there are other options available to them. Still, it is a nice place to visit and look around. *--------------------------------------------------------------------------* Massage Procedures: A new type of establishment has emerged in San Jose. The term massage parlor does not really fit. These are more "gentlemens clubs" that give the word service a new name. The 3 places mentioned here are all excellent places to visit, and where I usually spend most of my time. They are "all inclusive" establishments, meaning that you pay one price and get full use of the facilities, a great massage, all you can drink, and of course sex. None has a time limit that I know of, but it is generally understood that you are not going to stay there all day. By all means, I highly recommend that any male visitor visit any of the places mentioned below. They are truly a great value (and a great time!). Remember, if you pick up a senorita in a bar, you are going to have to pay for a taxi to your hotel, her taxi to return, and the hotel guest charge. Because of this, I am tending to frequent the below mentioned clubs more often. Hey, 2 massages in one day is not too bad for the body! BBC Club: (Calle 3, Avenidas 7/9), Phone # 257-3036 Hours: 12:00pm to 12:00am; Looks: 5-9; Prices: $US35 (All Inclusive) Credit Cards: N/A One of my favorite places, the BBC is probably the best value for gringos in San Jose. The owner Richard, is truly an outstanding businessman and a great person to talk to. Tell him I said hello. Here you will find a great sauna, steam room, and several massage rooms to take care of business. The girls are all very pretty and give great massages. Perfect to work out the kinks from the night before. Richard also runs an escort service. If you feel the urge to have a very pretty Tica accompany you to the beach, he can make all of the arrangements for you. He has a book of all available young ladies, so you know what you are getting before you leave. Club Luxor: Del Triangulo de Rohrmoser 400 N, mano izquierda, Phone # 290-0300 Hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm; Looks: 6-10; Prices: $US50 (All Inclusive) Credit Cards: N/A This place is truly a sight to behold. They have everything here. It is a converted house with a nice pool, 2 bars, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam, and massage rooms. The owner Karl (who speaks 7 languages), is truly dedicated to making every customer feel at home. The senoritas are all very pretty and give great massages. I stayed for a couple of hours and had a great afternoon using all of the services they had to offer. Everything was great! A definite must visit on all my trips to San Jose. Taipan Massage: Paseo Colon, 75 meters North of Quality Hotel, Centro Colon (Behind Aparthotel Napoleon), Phone # 221-2016 Hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm; Looks: 6-10; Prices: $US50 (All Inclusive) Credit Cards: VISA/MC/AMEX Once shut down by the Governor, the Taipan has reopened and was still under construction when I last visited. Once completed, they will have a sauna, steam, jacuzzi, bar, exercise area, and of course the massage rooms. When I did visit the new location, only the sauna, bar, exercise area, and massage rooms were completed. That was enough for me! All of the young ladies were very beautiful and made me feel right at home. *--------------------------------------------------------------------------* Departing: It is best to take a taxi from your hotel to the airport, unless of course you are on a prepaid package that includes this service. Be sure to arrive at LEAST 2 hours before your flight. I have heard stories about people who did not show up 2 hours in advance who had their reservations cancelled and had to take a different flight. The current departure tax is $US17. You can pay the equivalent in colones. Afterthoughts: San Jose is a really fun place to go. The Ticos are great people and there is much less of the usual street begging than one might find in Latin America. I always have a great time and will be returning very soon! *--------------------------------------------------------------------------*

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