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Costa Rica

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Prostitution Status: Prostitution is legal; prostitutes have to be licensed and carry ID cards to prove it.
The age of consent: 18.

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  • Date: 07-14-2001

    WSG is where I originally came across the idea of sex-related travel, which has been a great addition to my life for the past three years. Even that insane and obviously fabricated post on Egypt was amusing. I go to Costa Rica every summer now, and this summer may try Panama or Nicaragua as well. Anyway, here's some updated information on Costa Rica, particularly the places often mentioned in the posts from a few years ago:

    San Jose:

    The very best place in the world to get laid, I am convinced. Price range of $20 to >$200, with variance in quality, accommodations, etc. Here are some highlights of the major players in the San Jose scene.

    Hotel Del Rey/Blue Marlin Bar - Perhaps the most famous and most often discussed on the old WSG, the Blue Marlin is alive and well. Girls here will range from 5 - 9.5 in looks, and all will start with an asking price of $100.00. This place caters to gringo tourists, most of whom will pay that without batting an eyelash. I'm not one to negotiate very hard, but I also generally will prefer to go with some other, less expensive options that I will discuss later. Depending on the girl, the time of day, the ratio of gringos:ticas (Costa Rican females), etc. negotiation can probably cut that price in half. Incidentally, at least half of these girls are Colombianas, Dominicanas, Nicaraguan or maybe even an Eastern European or two. This is a great place for a gringo to go, get the feet wet and learn a little bit about Costa Rica. Some CR experts will sneer at the place for its prices, but it's probably the best first stop for a first timer. From there, check out some of the other places and make decisions for oneself. I've been with about 8 del rey girls in my time, and never had a bad experience. The best, actually, was two years ago with a Tica named Alexondra ("Alexondra," not Alexandra!). She was a year older than I (she was 27, myself 26), but had a great body and was very enthusiastic about oral sex. Also once did a Dominican girl who put lotion on my condom and had me do her in the ass, but I think that is not typical.

    Key Largo: This place has more aggressive and less expensive girls that range from 3 - 8 in looks. The Key Largo is right around the corner from the Del Rey, but has seemingly fallen out of favor with most of the gringos and is no longer the major player in the San Jose scene. I think that it's definitely worth a look, as the gringo:tica ratio tends to be more favorable there and the asking price tends to be much lower. You go in, have a drink and look around. If there's nothing there that catches your eye, go back to the Del Rey or some other place. BTW, the girls here tend to be much more aggressive than in the Del prepared to give a polite decline as you'll definitely get offers.

    Hotel Park: This place is very hit or miss, although it's usually a miss in my experience. I've never taken a girl from there, but have visited and find it generally a bit depressing. The chicas there tend to be older and a bit more rough, although some of the older gringos and ex-pats seem to love it. The Park is probably most famous for its extremely wild sex shows on Friday and Saturday evenings, where a half-dozen or so girls perform lesbian acts atop the bar for all the gringos to see and even participate. They also have a free blowjob raffle on Tuesday nights, but the quality of the girls tends to be much lower than at the Del Rey. Typical price is about $40.00, with another $10.00 for a short-time room.

    Arte y Sauna: A massage place with a dry sauna and showers. $40.00 will get you all of the about plus sex with the girl of your choice, for about one unrushed hour. The girl quality here tends to also be hit-or-miss, but the massage here is usually very good. The old WSG posts talk about wobbly tables, but I guess they must've replaced those because I didn't have that problem any of the several times I've been there. Had a girl named Gabriella who had a great attitude and decent looks. The one bad thing here was that the condom they provided broke, so maybe you'd want to stick with your own condoms.

    Krysis: Another massage place that is more expensive than Arte y Sauna (about $60.00 for the same services), but has hotel-like rooms that include a king sized bed and a Jacuzzi. I only went one time because I didn't find it so much better than Arte y Sauna, but many gringos report that the quality here is generally higher. The one time I went I was with a Nicaraguan girl named Jenny, who was a decent lay but didn't want me to eat her out (said it tickled) and didn't want to go into the Jacuzzi with me. Still, for $60.00 it's worth a look.

    BBC and Green Door: Both are closed down, and I don't know of any word that they'll be open again.

    Other places: I hear good things about Lucy Massage and IDEM, but have not visited either. Lucy massage has a like setup and pricing structure to Arte y Sauna, and IDEM is a brothel that will run you about $40 - $50 for one, unrushed hour. There are over 100 brothels, hooker bars and massage places in San Jose, but this is plenty to start out with. Taxi drivers and other gringos can be great sources of information, so if you go to San Jose just kick back, relax and be friendly. That will go a long way in making you a San Jose expert.

    Other Random Information: The local currency is colones, and the exchange rate is 320 colones to $1.00. Many things can be purchased in dollars, but you'll need colones for food, taxis, the mall, etc. There are plenty of ATM machines in San Jose, and you'll usually get a better exchange rate from your bank through an ATM than you will at the airport exchange booth or your hotel front desk. The thing you won't be able to easily do is obtain dollars once you're there, so bring your chica money in cold hard cash with you. Also, make sure to bring high-quality bills, as they'll not accept older, worn-out bills.

    San Jose is probably the safest city in Central America, but is still a big city and big city crime is a reality. Take cabs and don't walk alone at night. Don't wear jewelry or expensive clothes. Basically, take good care and you'll be fine, just like in New York or LA.

    Taxis are a great resource of information and safety. The legitimate taxis are red and have meters, which will give you a very fair rate. Befriend a taxi driver and you'll get great information and help to enhance your vacation. You can ask any taxi, particularly the ones in front of the Presidente or the Del Rey, to take you to any of the places that I've mentioned and they'll know how to get there. One sure way to upset a taxi driver is to slam the car door shut as you get in. Close the door nicely...I know that sounds strange but take me seriously on this one. The taxi ride will cost you about $12.00 to and from the airport and your hotel in San Jose. Make sure to get “un taxi por solo,” and stress the “por solo!” Otherwise you could end up paying the same amount for a van ride that will not leave right away and will take you significantly longer to reach your destination.

    Hotel Presidente is amidst all of the action, and is very hobby-friendly. IMHO, this is the best place to stay because they will not charge you a guest fee to have a chica in your room as most other "hobby-friendly" hotels will. They have staff there that speak English and provide a good level of security and comfort. Also, the rooms are pretty spacious and the water is hot with excellent pressure. A great place...look them up on the internet and email them to bargain for a good rate on your reservation.

    Strip Clubs are a major rip-off in San Jose!!! They are there to prey on unknowing gringo tourists, so stay away! They’ll pressure you into buying expensive drinks for the girls, and in turn you’ll get basically nothing more than to watch a girl get naked on the stage every once in a while. If you like this kind of thing, stay in the US, because in San Jose you can find a lot more for a lot less.

    Escort services are alive and well, but charge you a lot more than you would pay by finding the girl on your own. Don’t be afraid to get out there and chase your own company down…that is part of the fun after all.


    I visited this Pacific beach town in June of 2000, and found that there was not much action there at all. You may or may not have success in finding a girl from San Jose to accompany you there or elsewhere in the country, but if you can this is probably the better option. I will give some extra thoughts on that at the end.

    The one place where you can find working girls in Quepos is called “Itzamana,” which is a hotel/brother where the girls stay. Since this is the only deal in town, the girls ask for and stick by the price (as of June 2000) of $125.00 for about one hour. The girls there were very good looking, but compared to similar quality in San Jose are a bit steep. The thing that I didn’t like about this place was that, as soon as I walked in, I was accosted by this one girl who, although was an attractive girl, was not really my type and was not what I was looking for. She coerced me into buying a drink for her, and then got pushy about negotiating for sex. I wanted to check out the other girls there, but this girl made it awkward for me to do so and I just ended up leaving.

    Final Thoughts:

    It’s very easy to become like a kid in a candy store when you first go to San Jose. There’s so much available talent down there, and it’s all done in wide-open public spaces. That’s a great feeling, but don’t lose your good sense in the original bliss. Take your time, be selective and get to know the chica before you do any negotiating. You can end up spending a lot of money and wasting a lot of time with someone you turn out not liking all that much if you get over-zealous. Chemistry is very important, and you want to make sure that you and the chica get along before any negotiating, especially if you’re choosing someone to travel or spend extended amounts of time with. I speak Spanish well, which definitely gives me an advantage in this category. Still, if you find yourself sitting there awkwardly with the chica in the bar, chances are that you won’t enjoy the sex or the company so much either. Look for someone with a personality to go along with the looks; someone who smiles and seems to enjoy being around you. That will make a great difference.

    That’s a pretty useful summary, I hope. I’ll be going again in August and will come back with a trip report and photos. Let me know if I can specifically address any other areas of interest.

    La Muerte

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