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Corpus Christi, Texas

Subject: Corpus Christi, Texas Street Walkers

Recently I was in Corpus Christi. I checked and found nothing here on
girls in Corpus.  I was forced to explore on my own. The strip clubs are
terrible. The women are ugly and you don't get any contact. I was forced
to drive around a found several women working on LEAPORD St near the dog
track.  Most of the girls here are druggies and very ugly, but I did
meet two That were on a sacle of 1-5 were solid 2.5's. The first was a
Purto Rican girl with a very tight body and about 5-1. I picked her up
and she told me to be careful, that most of the girls are junkies and
will steal change off your floor! I took her back to my hotel and for
only 30.00 gave me an amazing blow job(no rubber). She took her time and
Licked and sucked my balls for atleast 15-20 minutes. Then she put a
rubber on me and I climbed ontop and fucked her for atleast another 20
minutes. It was well worth the 30.00!

The second night I picked up an white girl named "babyface" and she
wanted 30.00 for sex and 30.00 for head. Both got me a 10.00 discount. I
deceided to go with the fuck. Again it was back to my hotel where she
washed up and took off her clothes. She was a little fat, but she was
cute and that made up for the weight. she put the rubber on me and away
I went. Before I came I pulled out and sucked her breasts for a while.
She didn't mind, but didn't seem to enjoy it either.

There is not a great selection, but I found a couple of good fucks for
only 60.00.  That's a bargin

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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