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Coral Springs, Florida

Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 17:31:03 -0400

Shogun Spa

Located on Oakland Park Blvd. 2 blocks East of University Drive in
Coral Springs. (954-761-7611) This is a new massage place, so I had to
check them out. They advertise a seasonal special which is $45 for an
hour session, which includes steam and sauna. They list as licensed
massage, so I was a bit sceptical.

When I arrived I was greeted by an older man (60's). He asked the normal
questions, which I replied yes I had been there before. IF you go say you
had Tina or Marylin.

I gave him my $45 and was greeted by Tina. She is a 3, with buck and
crooked teeth! Oh well!

She took me to the dressing room, and left...telling me to disrobe, put a
towel around, and meet her in the hall.

After disrobing I was taken back to the steam room for 10 minutes. After
a load knock on the door saying my time was up, she asked if I wanted a
shower before the massage. I said yes. She pointed me to the shower, and
said yell when I was done.

When I came out again in the towel she then showed me the way to the
massage room. This is a private area, with a door. Here I thought there
may have been some additional services offered.

She started off by taking off my towel, and then her lab coat, to which
she had a short skirt an low cut top on underneath. She then asked if
there was any areas I wanted her to pay special attention to, and to let
her do all the work.

I just couldn't bring myself to asking for full service with this dog,
but I think it could have been had. So I just went along for the ride
with the massage.

The massage was terrible, (further proving my pointfull serve could have
been there for the asking) with a lot of soft touching in close to the
right places.

Being the investigative reporting type I am, I thought I would see if at
least a handjob could be achieved without resistance.

When I turned over she said just place my hand on whatever you want taken
care of. (So much for beating around the bush!)

I placed her hand on my cock, to which she immediately said no problem
but it is not included in what you paid. I said fine, go ahead.

She didn't state a price, just started to give me a handjob.

I was having trouble getting excited by this woofer, so she grabbed my
hand and placed it on her ass, saying maybe this will help.

After a ho hum jo and less than exciting come, she just stopped and got
me a towel.

She then said if I wanted to shower to go ahead, and she would wait for
me after I finished changing, back in the hall.

I tipped her $20, so the whole thing cost me $65 for 1 hour.

While not as exciting as Tokyo, it was certainly cheaper. And if you are
looking for full service, I am sure it can be had for the asking. I will
go back and see if I get another girl that may be a bit more exciting to
look at.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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