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Copenhagen, Denmark

Judging from the replies in my mailbox, there's a lot of people planning
to visit Copenhagen, and why not get an extra experience while you are
here. As a tourist in Copenhagen, there's mainly three possibilities:

Gentleman's Clubs: We have a lot of strip clubs and bars where you'll
find working girls, but you'll have to pay a lot. The girl might be
gorgeous and the sex might be good, but you might feel a bit stupid
paying maybe $ 500 or more for that experience.

Escort Services: The magazine "Copenhagen this Week" is available at
most hotels and there's a number of escort services advertising there.
I haven't tried any of those, but my guess is that the quality is high
but the price is also very high.

Street girls: Mainly 3 streets in central Copenhagen. 'Halmtorvet': Low
quality, several drug addicts. 'Skelbaekgade': The street where very young
girls hang out. You might find 12-15 year old girls here but my advise is
to stay away, it's illegal, hazardous and questionable !! 'Istedgade' is
probably the best street to find working girls. Judging from their looks,
they are of a much higher quality than the girls in any other street in
Copenhagen. But be careful out there, these streets are not in the best
area of Copenhagen.

My personal advise: Don't use any of the above. Instead buy a copy of the
newspaper called "Ekstra Bladet". In the last pages you'll find just what
you're looking for. Hundreds of ads, covering the whole country, but 60-
70 pct. are services available in Copenhagen. The next thing you need to
do is to decide whether you want to have a girl in your hotel room or
if you want to go to a massage parlor. The escort services range from
regular agencies with a number of girls working for them or one or two
girls advertising their services. The escort services will cover 'normal'
sex, but can also include bondage, S/M or maybe even couples where the
guy is bisexual. You can also order more than one girl... The price depends
on what you require, but I've normally paid $ 200 for one hour, but I
usually get following hours for $ 100-150 an hour. The best thing to do
is simply to call them. Ask what your looking for, and they'll advise
you what to do.

If you're into more kinky stuff, the massage parlors can accommodate you
with almost anything. There's only one problem, all these ads are in
Danish !! So if you're coming here, and you want something a bit out of
the ordinary, you're are very welcome to email me in advance. I'll then
try to tell you what to look for, or even find it for you. The prices
depend very much on what you desire, half and half is probably $ 110 and
bondage (including half and half) is usually $ 130. The quality is very
different, but mostly I've been quite lucky. If you want to buy an hour
you'll probably pay $ 200 or more.

One good piece of advise: Treat these girls well !! If you're polite,
honest and relaxed you'll get a much better experience.

Good luck !!

Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 11:51:23 UTC After reading this group for a while, I've decided to add one of my personal experiences: Recently I found myself reading the massage ads in a local Danish newspaper and among the hundreds of ads, one in particular caught my interest. So I picked up the phone and dialed the number listed in the ad and I reached an answering machine. I was about to hang up when the voice from the machine caught my attention. The woman on the tape described the 'menu' and this was truly a very kinky selection (bondage, sm, selection of leather and women's clothings, straight sex, threesomes, slavegirls ...) 40 minutes later I was standing in front of a door looking at a handwritten note saying "Carina and Pernille welcomes you" and then I pressed the doorbell without any further hesitation. The door opened and a very attractive and smiling girl was in front of me. "Hi, I'm Carina, please come in". She took me to a room and I sat down in a comfortable chair. "So, what are you interested in ?" she asked, still smiling. "Well, I'm very interested in the bondage thing", I managed to say, while I couldn't get my eyes of her body. She was dressed in very sexy black lingerie and I could clearly see the shape of her her breasts and the rest of her attractive body. She then gave me some options about which kinds of sex I could have with the bondage. "Or you can pay me my regular fee, and I'll surprise you |" she said. Her regular fee turned out to be appr. $ 130 and I took a very quick decision and handed her the money. She took me by the hand and led my down the stairs to the basement. We entered a large room with a dim red light and she asked me to undress and to sit down and wait for her. After I'd undressed I looked around in the room and noticed all the interesting equipment, crosses on the wall, ropes, whips, chains, masks and lots of other stuff. The walls were painted black. The door opened, and she just stood there looking at me. "Get up", she said with a slightly commanding voice. She entered the room and was now in front of me. "Lay down on the bed", she commanded, "on your stomach". I obeyed without a word. She picked up some rope and started to tie my up. Soon I was unable to move. She was a real pro ! Then she started touching me very gently on my back and suddenly she hit me ! Not hard, but anyway I could feel the warmth from the stroke. She continued slapping me for a little while, and during that she kept telling me that I was in her control, and she could do whatever she wanted to me. Then she got up and left the room ! She was gone for just 5 minutes but it felt like forever, because I couldn't move and I couldn't see the door. She then entered the room and untied my gently and took my hand and led me to the cross on the wall. There she tied me up once again with my stomach against the cold wall and my arms and legs were stretched to the maximum. Then she started touching me gently again but every once in a while she would slap me again. Then she untied me and turned me around. She fetched a leather mask and blindfolded me. She pushed me against the wall and tied me up again, but this time I was facing her. "Are you horny ?" she asked. "Yes", I stuttered. "Your cock looks really hard", she said and started to touch me again. This time she was very gentle and teasing, but I couldn't see her, just feel her all over my body. Suddenly I felt her licking my balls, this was the first time she touched me in that area. She then put a condom on my cock and was just standing in front of me. She was standing very close to me and I could feel her soft breasts pressing against me. She slowly kneeled down and started to suck my cock. I was in heaven, while she was teasing and sucking me for more than 15 minutes. Whenever she felt that I was about to come she'd stop and say: "Have I given you the permission to come ?" "No", I managed to say. She pulled a piece of rope around my cock and balls and every time I was about to come, she'd tighten the rope. At that point I was ready to do anything she asked, just to get her permission to come, but no - she had other plans. She untied my from the cross and dragged me across the room where she commanded me to kneel down. I did, and she tied me up in that position. My arms where over my head tied to a hook in the ceiling. My legs were tied to hooks in the floor, so once again I was unable to move. She didn't remove the mask, so I was still not able to see her. "Now I want you to tell me, what I'm doing to you", she said. "And remember, you're not allowed to come, unless I give you the permission". Now I felt her hands on my cock. "You're jerking me off", I said. "Right, she said". After that she started sucking my cock again. "You're sucking my cock", I said. "Good boy", she said. "Now what am I doing now ?", she asked. I felt her hand grabbing my cock and I could feel her warm pussy slowly pressing down on my cock. I felt her soft skin against my stomach and my cock was now deep inside her. "You're fucking me", I said. "Yes, but you are not allowed to come yet", she answered, and she tightened the rope around my cock and balls, just to make me remember. This was incredible. She started moving, slowly at first, but soon she was fucking me harder and quicker. Just before I was at the point of no return she pulled my cock out ! "Are you sure, that you want to come now", she asked. "Oh, yes", I said, "I can't stand this much longer". She then grabbed my cock again, but this time I felt something different. She slowly inserted my cock in her ass !! Then she pushed herself against me very, very slowly until I was deeply buried in her ass. At that point I was extremely close to ejaculation, but she didn't move ! She just pushed me deeper and deeper inside her and then finally she said: "Now I give you the permission to come", and she started to move very slowly. Needless to say, I came right after in a giant explosion. She kept still for a little while, and pulled me out. She then removed the condom and untied me. I got up and started to get dressed. She was watching me with a little smile: "Did you have a good time ?" she asked. I told her, that it was the best bondage experience I've ever had. "You are very welcome again another time", she said. "I'll be back !" I answered and smiled to her. This was one of the best experiences with massage parlors, the other good experiences are also due to the same girl because I went back the following week !! Since then she's taken me further and further into this exciting world but every time with deep respect for my boundaries and desires. I'll be happy to post some of these stories if there's any interest. If you're in Denmark and want to try this out, email me and I'll pass on phone number and address. P.S. I apologize for any language errors, English is not my natural language.
Date: Sat, 04 Jan 1997 16:52:48 +0000 Subject: Sex clubs I was recently in Copenhagen and visited several sex clubs. Men(mostly) women and couples attend for hot encounters. There were 2 bedrooms, with a viewing room for each. People could watch through a see through mirror at what was going on. Glory holes were provided, and the 2 women that I saw there took full advantage of these holes and the cocks through them. it cost about #3.50($5.00) to get in and you could spend the whole day there or come and go as you please on the one entrance fee. This brings me to my question for you, are there any clubs or swingers clubs like this to your knowledge in Amsterdam? If there are, could you please let me know.
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 1997 00:27:51 -0800 Subject: Re: Massage in Copenhagen Hallo Atta, The newspaper Extra Bladet in Copenhagen is now on the net. They present all advertisments from massage-ladies and escort-ladies. The address is "". Denmark is really a free country. Sorry, almost all messages are in danish. But if you are planning a visit, you are free to call. The danes are an English speaking people. Be happy. Copenhagen is a very friendly place. From "A Swede"
Subject: Prostitutes on the net, Copenhagen Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 17:17:08 +0200 Hello Atta, Besides Ekstra Bladet there is another service available on the net for those who seek a good time in Copenhagen. They have a little bit of each and the also write the info on english.
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 14:56:03 -0700 The most beautiful girls in the world are in Copenhagen! I have never been able to find any really beautiful prostitutes there. I have many times been on the streets mentioned in the World Sex Guide and all of the clubs that promised a lot but had nothing. The escort services listed in the "Copenhagen This Week" guide are expensive, not that great and you have to take what they send you. Where are all the beautiful prostitutes in Copenhagen??? Surely someone must have found a good area or a club with beautiful blondes who are available for a price.
Subject: Item on Copenhagen for World Sex Guide Date: Wed, 8 Oct 1997 14:41:26 +0000 (EEST) Visited Copenhagen in early October 1997, and I must say that the advice on preferring Ekstrabladet and avoiding the expensive gentlemen's clubs is very sound. I was actually not intending to get laid, but just checking out one of the 'night clubs' advertising prominently in the "Late Night" section of the "This Week in Copenhagen" guide. The location was in the red light district near the main railway station. This club seemed to feature mostly Oriental girls, who did fully nude strip tease acts in a slow pace, and inbetween were available for conversation in return to being dosed with very expensive champagne (normal bottle at least US$240). I got hooked by a stunning albeit slighly heavily built girl. The smallest bottle bought me some rather chaste conversation in the public area. Fortunately her English was quite passable, although "Melanie" told that she was an Indonesian of Chinese extraction working on a half year contract in Denmark. For the full bottle we moved into a secluded corner, and she indicated that she had nothing against some polite necking. Soon enough she started the sell, aided by some quite skillful manual attention to my dick. Inbetween she had to take her turn on the stage, which of course provided a good change to advertise the goods: a magnificent body, although those tits no way could be natural. Significantly enough, she did not take off her panties like the previous girls... After that I was pretty sure this little darling was a post-op transsexual at the very least; I must have been in a very strange mood since I soon enough made a deal: DKK 3000 (US$480). She let me understand that it might cover the whole night, but I did really not expect more than an hour, and that was what I got. Unfortunately I had little cash, and the club enforced an extra DKK 600 surcharge for giving out cash in return to a credit card payment. Very expensive indeed... I had declined the suggestion of going to her flat (10min cab ride), and we ended up in a pleasant enough small room on the opposite side of the street. Might have been a mistake - she probably would have been less in a hurry back to the club from home. We got undressed without much preliminaries; too bad she insisted on shading the only light with a towel - must have been afraid of me freaking out, if I got too close a look on her anatomical details. ;-^) She started by putting a condom on me - accompanied by a blowjob, of course. Soon enough she moved onto the bed and offered to be fucked, the point of course being to get me off and out sooner rather than later. However, I insisted on enjoying the sight and touch of this gorgeous creature. During my oral explorations I definitely confirmed that 'she' was no natural-born woman, but we both appeared to be having such fun 69ing each other that I could have not cared less at that stage. Finally (after about 45min - working girls must have a bloody chronometer in their heads!) she begged me to come inside her. She turned out to have quite a tight orifice in pretty much the right position, so this indeed became the 'grande finale'. A much better experience than my two previous visits to Russian prostitutes back home. Those girls had such chilly attitudes that I could not help going limp before I had any time to make any progress; it obviously helps when a person has some reason to try harder... Even the outrageous rip-off price was in a way a plus, since it definitely suppressed the qualms of conscience I tend to have when I 'force myself' on pretty young girls. "Melanie" was even polite enough to have me walk her back to the club. However, the next time I feel like buying sex in Copenhagen, I'll follow the Sex Guide advice and pick up Ekstrabladet. (Funnily enough, my Danish colleague had earlier said that there was no point in visiting these night clubs, since it was so easy to get laid for free in Copenhagen. Oh well, what does he know about the problems dirty old men have...)
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 05:12:44 -0800 I visited a club in Copenhagen called Maxim's Bar in Colbjornensgade (just behind the railway station) on a Friday night at about 10pm. There was an entrance fee of DKr75 (around $12) and the beer was DKr50/half pint. The place advertised a strip show every 15 minutes although in the hour I was there I only saw one. 8 or 9 girils sitting around waiting for custom, most seemed to be Eastern European but there was also a fine looking Brazilian girl there. Prices were quoted as DKr 3000 for 2 hours in my hotel. Stayed for a beer but did not fancy paying $500 for an hour!!

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