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Columbus, Ohio

     Columbus is the pits for finding sex.  The massage parlors are awful
(see comments below under Massage) and street sex is limited.  The only place
I have had any luck is on High Street between around 1st and 15th.  There are
a few girls working on any night and some cheap motels not far from there
that they use.  I got a $25 blow job in the car from a rather plain looking
blonde.  I saw a very cute black girl working one night, but someone else
picked her up before I could turn the car around.

     There are half a dozen massage places in Columbus and they are all a
complete rip-off.  The entry price of $60 for 30 min is pretty steep, but an
attractive girl that greets you has a great come-on that implies she will do
more for a tip.  The tip, it turns out, will get her to take her clothes off
and that's it!  $60 will get the girl to take her top off, but she won't let
you touch her.  You are allowed to masturbate while looking at her.  For the
$120 it costs you will do better to buy a Playboy and beat off in your hotel
room.  I have been in two different massage places with the same arrangement,
and I understand this is how it works city wide.

Date: Mon, 26 Jun 1995 04:04:03 UTC Subject: Columbus, OH Forget the Massage Parlors, working girls advertise in the local paper (Columbus dispatch). Full service ranges from $60 - >$200
Subject: Columbus Ohio, Jan 1996 Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 02:29:10 UTC Jan. 1996. Checked out the Columbus dispatch. A bunch of 900 numbers and then about 2 columns of ads for in/outcall and spas. Seemed to have a high number of incall relative to other parts of the country. I wasn't able to leave my location so I looked for outcall. Most of the ads weren't very descriptive about in vs. outcall so I tried to find something with same phone prefix or at least one that had a prefix of the area I was in (check the phone book, most have an area map and prefix's for each area so you can find someone close). First number I tried was incall. Next number was for Dana. Women answered the phone told her I was calling about the ad, she asked if this was in or outcall. Told her out, she then asked for name, phone number so she could call back to verify. Waited about 20 minutes and didn't hear a thing so I called back. Man answered and apologized, said that 2 incall's had just arrived and messed things up a bit. Asked if I wanted 2 or 1. I asked about price, he said one premium women was $135/hr. Then went on to explain that that was the going rate around town and then began to sell me on Miss Tennessee. Firm, young, beautiful, busty, all the fixings. Told me that all the women worked for tips and wondered how much I had to spend. Told him I could go to $200 he said that should about do it and said I'd be pleased if I could go a bit higher. I told him to send her over right away, he said she would be there in 30 minutes. Well like all things it took about an hour, and Miss Tennessee she wasn't. Not that she was bad looking, she really had a great face and a wonderful set of breasts but below that she was large. Not what I would call tight. She was very nervous when she arrived. Wanted a drink but I didn't have anything. Seems this was her first date or if it wasn't it was one of her first. After a lot of talk and a couple of phone calls she turned the lights down and began a very nice dance. But would not take off her clothes without a tip. I gave to $60 to get things moving. Eventually everything came off except her panties, which was probably OK because of the time of the month. I got a bit of a back rub but she wouldn't let me touch her. "Models aren't supposed to be touched" she said. She then said she loved to watch men play with themselves while she played with herself so I obliged. That seemed to loosen things up a bit and I got a bit of a hand job. I then asked for a titty fuck for $40 more. She wouldn't say yes just would say she would do more the bigger the tip. So I gave in and gave her $40. She then slid down between my legs and proceeded to give me an excellent titty fuck and let me cum on her breasts. That wasn't the first time she had done that maneuver. After that she picked up and left in probably 5 minutes. Overall this was VERY expensive for what I got. Maybe incall would be better. Don't know. I tried to negotiate at the start but she wouldn't even discuss any options, just the bigger the tip the more she would do, nor would she prove to me she wasn't a cop. A bit frustrating.
Subject: Columbus Ohio Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 00:05:04 UTC Greetings: After reading the reports on Columbus I had distinctly lowered my expectations. However I found the opposite to be quite true. Folks should check out the hot tub club called the VIP. The young lady was a 9+ and thoroughly enjoyed her work. Price was very reasonable at $140 including house fee for a full service experience including a movie, hot tub, massage and some of the best sex I have ever had. the young lady was blond and very well built. She readily enjoyed all positions and styles, and suggested a few herself. Worth the trip.
Subject: Re: Columbus Date: 31 Mar 1996 14:18:27 -0500 I thought the massage parlours sucked. Visited two "jack shacks". No touching and fairly expensive.
Subject: Re: Columbus Date: 27 Mar 1996 18:03:33 -0500 Having lived in Columbus previously I think you'll be plesantly suprised. Many escort services advertise in the Columbus Dispatch's classified pages and I have experienced a few with great success. I have heard the massage parlors were pretty good too. Good luck!
Date: 1996/10/12 Columbus, Ohio Parsons Street from Marion north to Main has a small number of high quality hookers. The girls in this area are not flagrant and should not be approached unless you make eye contact while driving by and get a smile, nod, hair toss etc. If your eye contact is returned with an icy stare.....keep driving. The enchanting aspect of this section of town is that the hookers are intermingled with non working female pedestrians (this is a light commercial district) and the challenge of distinguishing one from the other is a nice test of whether you are ready to go on or not. Expect to drop $50 to 60 bucks in this neighborhood and you should have a hotel room available as discrete parking locations are not readily available. Main Street from Nelson Road to High Street has several pockets of activity. Clearly the most active and predictable section is the stretch from Ohio to Nelson. This can be a rough area but attractive to the bargain hunters with a lot of self confidence and $20 in their pocket. Activity reaches it's peak late in the month when the state/federal program checks have been exhausted. High street from Main to Lane is the premier hooker alley in this town. Most action occurs between Goodale and 15th (but don't overlook the downtown area...especially after midnight). A full range of options is available in this stretch. Goodale Park, one block west of High on Goodale Avenue is 95% gay and TV. High street itself runs from crack addict scary to college coed part timer (Ohio State is only a few blocks away). Once again, make eye contact before approaching the object of your desire. This area features several nice restaurants and bars and the workers are intermingled with evening revelers out for a drink and dinner. This area is active 24 hours a day so if you are just looking for a lunch break quickie or morning "pick-me- up", this is the place to go. After dark you can go from a $25 blow job in the car on a side street from a veteran to a very nice looking, articulate lady who will go back to the hotel for a $100 anything goes tryst. Finally, for you teamsters and MC club members, you might want to drive by two outlying adult entertainment clubs located at the intersections of Agler and Westerville Road and Mccutcheon and Westerville Road. These two nightclubs attract some rough looking but very willing chicks of various racial and ethnic backgrounds. These places are most productive after 11:00 PM and really peak about 2:00 am. Watch for your contact at the public phones around the clubs and in cars around the clubs. If you drive back and forth in front of these clubs a few (OK several) times looking horny, expect a gal to drive up alongside you at a light or in the lot and check you out. Smile back and negotiate.
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 00:05:04 -0500 COLUMBUS-OHIO The past few years have found Columbus to be the pits. However, after checking the newpaper classified ads in the Columbus paper, that changed. I believe the section is called "Escorts/Dating Services". A large number of girls that place ads are independents. Rates vary between $100 to $150, cash only. All of the girls I used so far have been pretty, good bodies and enjoy their work. Some are incall, most are outcall. Most of the independents advertise as such and that is very important. Beware that the commerical Escort Services have ads as well, and those services are all lookie, no touchie! Compare phone numbers with the Escort ads in the Yellow pages and ask over the phone if they are independent girls or a company. A good question to ask is "Are there any drivers or contracts to sign?" A "yes" answer to either of those questions means NO SEX. Columbus, Ohio used to be the pits, but this past year I've found it to be the best in the midwest!!!!
Subject: Review Submission Date: Sun, 29 Dec 1996 18:50:56 -0500 Finally a chance to contribute to ASP! My first official review so please don't be too tough on me...I tried to be as detailed as seemed useful. Based on info from OHNCTX visited a place that turned out to be called "Tori's Boutique" on the east side of Columbus. As many of you may know, Ohio is, in general, not a great market for any kind of full service and my experiences have been that Columbus is by far the worst city in the state. So naturally I was more than a little suspicious. Arrived about 6:30 on a Thursday (pretty impressed that they were even open the day after Christmas). Tori's is in a nondescript blue house wedged into an alley. Walked in the front door to a large room set up somewhat like a display room for a boutique. There was a front desk and four girls watching TV. They seemed a little tense, I was quickly escorted into a room with a tanning bed and pictures of girls in bikinis. The girl asked immediately how I had found out about the place, I said I had a friend who was there last week. I asked if Shayla was working that night (she was the one referenced in the brief review I'd read a few days before). I was told she was, and that she'd be with me in a minute. After a minute Shayla came in. She's mid-twenties (26 I later found out), about 5'1", 100 pounds or so. Very tan, very toned, curly blond shoulder-length hair. Nice girl-next-door look, a little ditzy, very non-threatening. She asked if I knew about the $40 door fee, I said yes, she said I'd need to fill out a form and get the $40 out and she'd be right back. For those of you who haven't been to Columbus before it's standard practice to fill out a little half-page "consent" form. The form basically says that you're over 18 and that no sexual contact is to take place at all. You're asked to fill in your name and SS# or driver's license# but they don't check it against actual ID. Filling out the form made me even more wary as I've never gotten any physical contact in Columbus after signing "the form". Dropped the $40 on the table and signed the form. I was then taken upstairs. I saw several rooms that looked very much like "massage" rooms although with nice, homey touches and pictures of naked girls - very warm, very clean. Got into the room, Shayla told me to "leave my tip on the table and make myself comfortable" and left. No negotiation, no discussion of amount of any kind. Being a little confused I waited until she came back before I did anything. When she came back in a minute later I said "my friend told me $140 for everything, right?" She clearly didn't want to discuss it and just said "leave it on the table and I'll be right back". Not taking the money directly from your hand is a BIG deal to these folks, no doubt due to some local legalities. I placed the bucks on the table as instructed and relieved myself of my clothes. A few minutes later Shayla returned looking stunning in only a bra and panties. Fearing a repeat of my earlier Columbus experiences I was pleasantly surprised when she locked the door, stripped down to nothing and joined me on the bed. Her small breasts showed evidence of childbirth but nothing terribly bad. The rest on her body was nice and tight. She was very direct, I was on my back and she immediately got on top of me and started to stimulate me manually while grinding her crotch against me - very pleasant. Since it was now clear that this wasn't the standard modeling scam I took the opportunity to negotiate a second time around for an extra $40. Once we agreed on price I put the extra cash on the table and got back to business. Overall, a very nice time. Seemed in a bit of a rush to get me hard and get the condom on but this may have been since I was her last client of the day (I'd come in just as she was leaving). Received some nice oral action and then a run through most of the old favorite positions. Took a few minutes to rest up and talk a little. She seemed willing to answer just about anything I asked. Turns out the place is highly paranoid about cops, I get the feeling that the slightest false move gets you shown the door, or worse: a "modeling only" session. There are usually 3-4 girls on each of the two shifts - all white. Shayla usually works the first shift from 10 to 5. The place is usually open until midnight. I did see 3 other girls when I was there: - A medium-height brunette, 7-8 range, maybe 22-24, friendly. - Another petite blond, also 7-8, 20 or so, face kinda reminded me of Jenny Garth. - A busty blond, VERY much a Pamela Anderson type, not my cup of tea but I'm sure most men would consider her at the 8-9 level. Her name is Nina (or Nicki?) and she's a friend of Shayla's. She told me I should ask for Nina if she's not there herself next time I'm in. I imagine that she's very popular. My overall impression of this place is that it hasn't been around that long and that the girls don't know exactly what they're doing - it still seems new to them. Just an impression though. I usually do outcall when I travel and when I do visit a massage type establishment my tastes run towards asian places that tend to have that assembly-line, well-oiled-machine feel to them. I hope that their caution pays off - it seems that the Columbus authorities have been very efficient in closing these places down. I asked Shayla if she'd like to be reviewed in an internet newsgroup and to my surprise she readily agreed. She said that they're VERY careful about their clientel but are willing to add to it. Finished up in just under an hour. Shayla offered their phone number so I could call ahead next time I'm around (614-278-2474). They do not advertise in the Yellow Pages only in a small local paper. A happy experience. Assuming they last I'll definitely be back. If you do choose to make a visit please be discreet, I'd hate to see these folks hit the road. P.S. If you end up seeing Shayla tell her that "Bill the Internet guy" says hi!
Subject: Re: [ASP]Ohio Date: 22 Dec 1996 15:09:12 GMT There is a modeling studio on Sullivant Ave in Columbus. It may be called Tori's. There is a girl there named Shayla. She is 25, very small, probably less than 100 lbs., her body is pefectly porportioned for her size. She is great, fun affectionate, intelligent, relaxed. When I saw her she was dressed like a high school cheerleader. The rates were $40 entry and $140 tip.
Subject: [ASP] Info and Req: Columbus, Ohio update for WSG Date: 16 Jan 1997 10:57:38 -0500 I visited the WSG website recently and found the post on the VIP in Columbus, Ohio. The information there is correct, it was indeed the only full service lingerie massage parlor in town. In fact, one of the local police officers was running protection for it, and it also did outcall. It was apparently being protected by the Columbus police from the top on down. However, it was recently closed down, and an internal affairs investigation into the chief of police resulted in some major changes and re-assignments for several upper level officers. So the VIP has been closed down, regrettably. I'd heard rumors that it switched locations, but a visit to the purported new location showed that the attendant quality had suffered substantially (the old VIP had some incredibly attractive girls). If anyone has new info on Columbus, please post to the group. Thanks.
Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ: Columbus, OH. Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 20:21:06 -0600 Look in the classified section of the Columbus Dispatch, service called Elite is run by Linda. I've used numerous times with good results.
Date: 17 May 97 23:30:22 EDT Columbus, Ohio. VIP is closed and the building is for sale. I went to some message place not to far away and on the same road. I called first and asked if they were "full-service". (stupid question) She said, "yes, we are considered full-service." So I went, $50 to get in the door. They asked me to take a shower. It was alone in a regular bathroom. Then she (who was very pretty, maybe a 9 or so. age-19) explained. For her to be topless during the message would be another $50. Full nude would be another $100. and mutual masterbation after the message would be another $50 on top of that. That's right, a total of $200 and I couldnt touch her. I asked if she thought I was a cop. She said she didnt care. Something about she just wasnt that kind of girl. Oh well, I got a $50 message and nothing else.
Subject: [ASP] columbus,ohio Warning! Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 22:33:57 +0000 I wanted to get laid by a pro, so I checked the classifieds of the local newspaper and called a number under escort services and spas. A lady by the name of Sam answered and told me to drive to a phone booth at the corner of I70 and morse. I did so and called her back. She told me she had 3 ladies available and listed their measurements and other features. I chose one and then she told me it would cost $120 dollars. She gave me a room number to go to at the Knights Inn at 161 and I70. When I arrived at the motel room I was greeted by a not to pretty and not to enthusiastic young girl in a night gown. She let me into the room and there was another girl there who was pretty and very young. The first girl said that I needed to pay her $120.00. I did. She then explained that for an additional $80 I could have both girls. I thought about it and declined. She then offered the same thing at $50.00 and the second girl said that I would not be disappointed. I only had $20s, so I gave them $60 and they said they could not give change. I said fine. The second girl picked up the money and left the motel room. I told the first girl that I would like to have sex with her first and then her partner. She replied that she does nothing illegal. She went on to say that the two do a show and will act out any fantasy that I might have. The second girl returned and I told them both that I was not interested in a show. They reiterated that they don't do anything illegal. I then offered to give them each 20.00 bucks if they gave me the rest of my money back and we would call it a night. The second girl replied that she had already given the money to someone and there were no refunds. I walked out and called back Sam. I told Sam I was dissatisfied. She replied with something like "what, your dissatisfied that we don't respond to requests for illegal prostitution?" I said yes. She replied that I would find no escort service that provided sex and there is no refund of money. She then told me she had a clean conscience and hung up on me. The End...well almost. I came straight home and wrote this news to all you guys and gals that like the idea of good sex for good money. This woman Sam pisses me off. Her number is (614) XXX-7466. She advertises under: Garters Stockings & Lace.
Subject: [ASP]Ciera Columbus,OH Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 23:03:50 -0600 I was in Columbus last month on business and used a service I found in the local paper (Columbus Dispatch). Sonce I was staying at a local hotel I requested an outcall(they also do incalls). Anyway, I requested a petite girl around 22. The service suggested Ciera. She came right on time and was as described.......21, 5'3", 105lbs with long light brown hair. I would give her a 9, and I'm usually very picky. After the usual chat she turned on the radio and let me undress her, then she undressed me! We laid on the bed and she kept kissing my face and neck while I played with her hard body (great tits and ass). finally she got over me and applied a rubber and started giving me great head. after about 5 minutes she laid on her back and said in a sort of begging voice " I want you to with your big ...., So I decided to tease her a little I started kissing around her stomach and thighs, since she did not object I went right down on her. After several minutes of eating her, I gave her what she wanted and finished with her kneeling on the bed and me doing her doggie. I would have to say it was one of the best experiences I ever had.
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 1997 20:55:26 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Columbus, ohio Wanted to let you know about Main St in Columbus, Ohio. There between 18th and Nelson you can find some hookers where you can get blown for $20.00. Most are ugly but some times there are some nice ones. Also on Main St. between James and Hamilton Rd. one can find hookers there. These tend to be of nicer quality. At both places watch for cops and people recording license plate numbers. In the Columbus Dispatch you can get laid easily. Look for independent girls versus agencies. If you call an agency and get a recording that sounds professional, you wont get shit.
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 13:03:03, -0500 Subject: Situation in Columbus, Ohio U.S.A. Just returned from a business trip thru Columbus, Ohio, Tried to hit three of the best spots on the west side( broad st.) but all three were locked up tighter than a drum it would appear that local law enforcement has struck another terminal blow to the high life in that fair city
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 18:49:33 -0500 (EST) Subject: No Subject In Columbus, Ohio be sure to avoid Full Serv Girls 235-9830, this guy will try to rip you off and then lie to your face. Also don't agree to any service that requires the driver to collect the fee. 9 times out of 10 they will walk away with your money.
Subject: Update for Columbus, Ohio Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 08:37:56 -0500 I called ABBY'S Full Service/Independent at 731-6556. A "friend" of Abby's answered saying that she was taking messages for Abby. She assured me that Abby was a Full Service/Independent. Once Abby (really Tracy) arrived she made a call to her friend to "check in" the entire time insisting she was an independent and provided full service. She collected the fee and then began to explain that full service at that level was just her showing up. That there was another level of full service which required a tip. I asked for details but she wouldn't divulge anything except that at that level full service was very special. By now I'm frustrated so I shelled out another $100. She then explained that this level of full service was her talking dirty, showing me her breasts or taking a walk. I said you advertised full service and her response was that the service didn't allow anything else. My response was that she had advertised as an independent. So she laid out some BS about how she was an independent but that she worked through an agency. Watch out for ABBY'S Full Service/Independent at 731-6556. They are NEITHER.
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 13:37:08 -0400 Subject: Columbus, Ohio Ripoff Alert Recently I've had the misfortune of being ripped off on two occassions by the same type of scam. Basically it goes like this, you call up someone found in the local paper who appears to be an independent. They tell you to drive to a specific phone booth to receive directions to their place. During that phone call they describe themselves and say it is $100 for Full Service. A little cautious; but, understandably so. When you finally get to their place, you lay the money on a table and they tell you to get comfortable. Of course, they leave the room to stash the money. No biggie. Everything sounds O.K. so far. Then they come back and ask you to lay down on the bed? Next, they ask if you like Baby Oil. Assuming this is a prelude to something better, you of course agree. After doing a half ass hand job they ask you how you like it? Afterwhich I replied Doggy if that's O.K? Then the bomb shell .. Oh I'm not going to fuck you! You'll have to tip me a hell of a lot more to get that. When I asked how much? The girl replies that's up to you. Now, I am totally confused. Because for security reasons I always bring just the amount for Full Service. When I realized what was going down, I decided to skip the half ass hand job and just talk to this now naked girl laying next to me. During that conversation she told me that the person on the phone was not her. It was someone else who just sets up the sessions. When I told her that I thought this was supposed to be a full service session when I spoke with the girl, she replied that Full Service just means that she gets Naked. To get everything you need to ask her for "Total Service". Sounds like semantics to me. She explained they have their own little codes and that this was just one of them. Then to beat all, we got the 50 minute call from the time I first called. Not upon my arrival. Therefore, when I was driving to the location the clock had already begun ticking. Ripoff number #1 was by a dynamic duo who advertise as Lacey & Lotti (Bedroom Eyes & Thick Thighs). Well, the last comment was an understatement. She had one of those just had a baby stomachs. However, she was kind young and I said what the fuck. Big Mistake! On this occassion her skinny assed girlfriend had the nerve to walk in during her hand job to get something in her room. That really put me in the mood. And, she's got this annoying dog, just like Michelle from Atlanta. Their place was on Campus and it was a dive. Had to shake your clothing before leaving (if you know what I mean?). Ripoff number #2 advertised under "Veronica a truely sweet redhead". Supposedly she had 38Cs; but, you had to scrap them off her belly button to see them. Again, I said what the hell. I was horny and wanted some strange. Then she smiled and I almost ran out the door. Not only did she have a gap so wide you could drive a truck through it; but, they were bucked and they looked like they could double as a can opener. I must be a sex addict to have continued after that point. But, I did. Let's run these ripoff's out of town by not patronizing their business. A year ago, I had a relatively good experience with a strawberry blond who has advertised as Bambi amoung other names. She was a real knockout. But she's upped her price to $130. She does the condom BJ followed by a true Full Service. Her only querk is that she doesn't want you to come in her. I mean, I thought that was the purpose of the rubber (Dah!). Well, I shot my wad in her anyways. But, I kept it low key and told her I didn't cum (hee hee!). I guess it comes down to Cavaet Emptor (Buyer Beware). If you think you're getting an independent and they ask you to drive to a phone booth, you're probably getting a ripoff service instead. So, either bring a lot more money or just say I'll pass on this one. I'm sure once the word gets around that these girls are a ripoff they'll change their handle in the paper. But, I doubt they'll change their modus operandi.

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