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Columbia, South Carolina

Date: Thu, 14 Dec 1995 21:39:58 UTC

I've been in Columbia about one year and have had great times with the
ladies.  The Escort section of the yellow pages is filled with entries,
but thet represent fewer than 10 agencies (each of which lists multiple
numbers).  I have had dates with about a dozen different girls, ranging
from 20-30, all in the 7-10 range.  Going rate for full fuck is
$140-$175, some will kiss, all give head.  No rip offs yet.  Good luck.

Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 21:20:39 -0400 Subject: Columbia South Carolina Hey there, Thought I'd give you an update. There is a great massage place on Broad River road. Look in the local newspaper for the phone # and address. Call them, if you are not familer with the area. (very, very familer) Room rent was $40, damn good massage was $70. More could have been had but that was all the $ I had on me. Young lady was truely outstanding, quite pleasent and about a 9 out of 10 on my personal scale. Small and slender with great boobs. Kept her G-string on, which was no problem, did all that was required. If you are looking for more action, may be able to get more through hard bargining, although I was extremely pleased with the service rendered. There is a caveat to this, I do not expect them to stay open long. The local gestappo will eventually get around to busting them. Probably sooner rather than later. Also off of Broad River is a oriental massage place. Good massages, nothing extra is available. When I first went there they were gettin good, but all of a sudden they got much less willing to "play for pay". I do not know for sure, but I imagine they got a visit from the local law enforcement guys and backed off. Started keeping shirts on, no extra's etc. Better than a porno movie though. Street scene is frought with peril. Take it from me, lots of TV's who want to rob and shoot you (not neccassarily in that order), cop chicks and other bad scenes. Do not expect anything other than what I have told you. I have personal knowledge of this.
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 06:33:09 +0100 (MET) Subject: SC incall I've been making business trips to SC for years. Here's what I find lately: Columbia: For a while from the late 70s to the mid 80s, there were a number of massage parlors and out & out brothels on Decker Blvd (near Ft. Jackson). I don't know what happened politically, but all of these were wiped out by the late 80s, and for a long while there was absolutely nothing but outcall escort. Things seem to be turning around a bit finally, but the loci have shifted. The first of the new incall sites was VIP in the Service Merchandise complex ("Intersection Center", I think) just off of Broad River road. Exit I-20 at the Broad River road exit and go South. Turn right into Intersection Center. This is a Korean establishment with a sauna and steam room. The price is $60 for 1 hour. You will not have a choice of girls; some of them are quite good looking, some less so. All are friendly, but in general the level of English is fairly low. As far as I have been able to find, all you can get here is a hand-job, with the girl fully clothed (though some are not averse to your cupping their bare tits under their shirt). On the plus side, you don't have to tip -- the $60 gets you everything there is, the girls are friendly and the massage is quite good in and of itself. A mile or so further south on Broad River is 2001. It will be on the left before you get to Graystone Blvd, and shares a parking lot with the Merry Maid office. Be careful, the driveway is a steep one, and it's easy to bottom out your car making the transition on or off the road (coming out is hard too, because you have no visibility of oncoming traffic). I think the sthick at 2001 is that they sell body lotion, or some such, and you can try it out for $40. You will generally have your pick of girls for the session. The girls are usually white or latin, though there has been a black girl there from time to time. (I get the feeling that they are somehow connected with an operation in Fla and that they rotate back and forth). Once you get into the session room with the girl, she will explain that she can give you a better session for an additional tip. They don't seem to coordinate this amongst themselves, and both the prices and the level of service will vary. (And the levels are never spelled out, just given different prices). At any rate, $100 will usually get the girl completely undressed and giving you a hand job. Most of the girls are rather leisurely, and try to give you a good time. Some will just jack you like a machine and try to get you off and out as quick as they can. Only once have I found a girl there to give full service (and I wasn't looking for it), she quoted a higher price and said she wasn't like the other girls. I don't usually look for full service, but in a situation like this, I usually pay, because it pisses the girl off if you only want a HJ, and who needs sex from a pissed off woman? I said OK, but I wanted a condom to which she readily agreed. At which point she went down on me bare. I hate this! I seem to be unusually susceptible to UT infections even when they aren't VD and it's hard to have a good time while you're worrying. Anyway, she did put a condom on me before cowgirling me. Plusses (relative to VIP) : More variety of girls (except no Asians), better English, naked girls! Minuses: No real massage, more expensive. A second Asian place has opened recently: The Golden Spa. It's on Two Notch Rd (US 1) between Spring Valley and the I-77 interchange. If you're heading towards Charleston on I-77, get off at Two Notch and turn left, it will be on your left, co-located with a Subway restaurant before you hit the shopping center with Big Lots in it. Sorry to be rather vague. If you get lost, call up the Subway on Two Notch and ask for directions :-) Like VIP, this place has steam, sauna and table bath. It's very new, nicely tiled, and the rooms have doors for what that's worth. I think the base price is $80 for 1 hr. Tips are required for services, and the girls will get naked here. I got a naked HJ for an additional $60, and got the impression that more would be available. The massage was pretty good, but not as good as at VIP. Plusses: Naked girls Minuses: More expensive than VIP. There is some street action in Columbia, mostly on Two Notch near Beltline Blvd. I don't recommend street girls anywhere. I've been ripped off several times, and once, when my car keys ended up in the possession of the "lady", was in considerable fear for my life. If you feel lucky, go ahead.
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 00:19:39 EST Subject: Update on Columbia SC There is a place just off of Percival Rd. in northeast Columbia called The Carriage House that labels itself a strip club, or "Gentlemen's Club". The place itself is pretty seedy and is in a dark corner. Upon entering only a bar is seen and a small amout (1-3) of ladies sitting at or around the bar. If you bear right there is another room with but a single stage. There is almost always a "dancer" on the stage. Usually she is bitching for someone to buy her a drink. The girls there are not the prettiest..( 8 at best). Just as I was about to leave a girl named Ann approached me and asked me several of the standard "tip me " questions. Ann said she was 23 but I expect it was closer to 28. A brunette, with green eyes...her breasts were small but suprisingly firm. We talked for a bit and she was very very likable. She was intelligent and very warming. After about 40 minutes she said that I could "tip her out" for the night. I asked how much that would be and she said it was a $175 tip, but that it was for three hours. At this point she pulled my hand under her T- bar and told me it would be worth my while. Anyway...we went to my place and had a great evening. She was very much into kissing which I like. She also gave me some very capable head. From what I understand from the place I got a very reasonable price, and a good bit of service from my choice. This was just last week and she said she works Mondays and Wednesday nights only...happy hunting.
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 18:57:23 -0500 Columbia SC There is a group called Digitaladults posting ads in news group for incalls. There are also several phony sounding reviews. I advice care with this group. It may be a sting or hustle.

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