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Columbia, Missouri

Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 14:32:03 UTC

For those of you who may be traveling on I-70 through Missouri, one town
of intrest may be Columbia.  Conveniently located half way between Kansas
City and St. Louis, and being a college town, it has some intresting
places of business.

The only places of business that offer action are massage parlors and
escort services.  All of which are available in the yellow pages.  Some
places of intrest are:

Abbey's escort and massage:  (573) 874-4155
Angel's escort and massage:  (573) 443-4481

Fuji Sauna:         (573)  874-2188
Scorpio's massage:  (573)  874-6088

Just last night we encountered an experience from a woman from Abbey's
escort services.  We simply made a phone call and asked who all was
available.  At the time, one was available (2:00 AM) on a Sun.   She was
described as 5'6", 110 lbs., strawberry blonde, 27, with big tits.

She arrived by herself and was actually 5'5", 115, dishwatwater blonde,
29-33 yrs. old., small breasts, with some needed dental work (not that
bad).  A Close, yet not so close description.

She sat down and asked for a SODA and started to get to know us, then she
called and checked in and told them she would be staying for a little
while.  She then went into the other room and began speaking to one of
the individuals about service.  She described the prices as $100 1/2 hour
massage, and tipping required for extras.

Extras tipping was to be the following:
 80 oral
100 intercourse
150 for both (what a great deal) (you save $30)
*prices were quoted for 1 individual at a time.

According to the customer the works were provided (intercourse, anal,
oral, hand job, short massage) that eneded up being rather enjoyable.
Sex was O.K. but lights out may have been a little better.  Her name was
Nikki (stage name) and we would recommend her to those who are still
partying at 2:00 AM on a Sunday morning.

Just like everything else in America, we never pay full price.  She cut a
deal to the individual and gave him the works for only $100.  All in all
not a bad make for 30 mins. of full service.

Subject: Re: Columbia, Missouri Date: 9 Jun 1996 23:43:28 GMT Hey, the last time I was thru there, March of 1995, I noticed they had a ton of massage parlors... I went to Scorpio's Massage, and had the time of my life.... Look in the yellow pages....
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 01:10:33 -0600 Subject: Fun and Games in Columbia, Mo. Feel free to put the following in your guide. Keep in mind that I gathered all this in a 24 hour period. Plus I spent some time with another young lady I know up there on a non-professional basis. Woof. My dick needs an ice pack! Please omit my e-mail address. 3/10/97 Having been introduced to the sex scene in Columbia, Missouri last year, I just got back from a trip to that fair city that was mostly to re-visit an old fave, and check out any new developments. The first thing to know about Columbia, like many close-knit communitys, the asking prices are pretty much the same. Room fees are $60 for an hour, $40 for the half. Full service is, at the most, $100, but I've found all can be haggled down to $60-$80 for full service. The nicest overall massage parlor in Columbia is Lynn's, 3215 South Rangeline Road (573) 874-8017 Clean girls, and usually a pretty good selection of different girls. Usually 8's and 9's, even the occasional chubby girl has a pretty face. The girls do not touch the money, you drop the cash in little baskets. Your first time there, just drop a hundred bucks, thank you, into the tip basket. Be sure to specifically ask for sex in your favorite way after the girl has returned. On your second visit, mention you've been before, mention the last girls name, and you might be able to negotiate downward. $100 will guarantee full serve. Lynn and her girls are a little nervous right now because of a recent bust of a nearby competitor, Scorpio's. Be sure to call first, the place is a little hard to find the first time, and there is no sign. Also of note, ask Lynn herself about "english." Open pretty much 24 hours, but the selection might be a little slim in the wee hours. Fuji Sauna (573) 874-2188, on Vandiver by the Budget Inn, usually has at least one very pretty Korean girl working, as with most Oriental parlors, ask to see all the girls. I spent a very enjoyable session with a knockout called "Kim." Five feet tall, gorgeous body with nice sized tits and an incredible ass. She did full service for $80. Highly recommended. Repeat. HIGHLY recommended. There was another place called Okinawa Spa on Vandiver, it's been closed. Ugly women, anyway. The same folks just opened a clean new parlor on I-70, near the Providence exit called Hong Kong Spa. Same ownership as Fuji, with pretty and clean girls. Same prices, as always, open to negotiation. Kim (see above) works at both places. A place to avoid is Seoul Spa, 1117 Vandiver. Used to be called Shangi-La, and still is in the phone book. Attractive women, but nervous, I guess, or actually trying to run an actual massage salon. $60 bucks down the tubes, just got a bath and massage. Good massage, tho... But who the fuck goes to a massage parlor for a massage??? ;) A new place is Kneaded Relief, 1203 Jefferson (573) 874-9720. Gets points for the name, but not the location. Jefferson is a short little street off of Business Loop 70, call for directions. It's a semi-residential place, in a fairly crummy house. The girls I saw today were pretty much a 5 a 6 and a 7. The girl I found out about it from works there, and she's about an 8. The real shocker was the price. $10 for a half hour, and $20 for an hour! Someone not wanting to get rich off of the door... Go fig... I promptly selected the 7, a pretty girl with a nice slim body called "Jasmine." She wanted the standard Columbia $100 for full serve, but I talked her down to $80. Luckily for me, she had been retired from the biz for 2 years, and I was her second customer since she'd restarted. She came back from the money drop, promptly stripped down and jumped on me with great enthusiasm. A great hour of pure fucking, sucking, petting and sweating that ended in her sweet tight asshole. So basically, I had one of the best paid-sex experiences I've had for a bargain price. Just try to avoid the owner, he's pretty fucking grotesque. That's pretty much it for parlors in Columbia. Scorpio's and An Elite Touch were closed down. No great loss. Some place called The Ultimate is still in the phone book, but closed for over a year, far as I can tell. Only two outcalls functioning in the book, Abbey's (573) 874-4155 and Angel's (573) 443-4481. They both quoted $120 agency fee. I had a girl come from Abbey's, Cheyanne. A couple of years older than promised, but probably a 7 or 8, if you like giant redheads with a semi-Southern accent. 6 feet tall, legs everywhere and a great personality. Nice slim body, too. She only wanted $80 for full serve, without haggling, but I didn't want to pay the agency fee so I suggested she come back later, off duty. She agreed. The best way to do this and not get the agency suspicious is to use a credit card you know hasn't got enough room on it for the fee. The girl has an excuse for leaving without any payment, and can come back later. About 2:30, Cheyanne shows back up with another girl in tow, Jade. I fell immediatly in lust with Jade's perfectly concise ass, and graciously finagled the situation so that Jade stayed and Cheyanne left. Jade has a 7 1/2 face, and a 9 body. Her face is saved by a pair of enormous brown eyes, and medium length brown hair in an interesting cut. We hit it off, and she ended up spending the entire night, actually making love instead of just fucking, if you can appreciate the distinction. Great night, great girl. I didn't do Cheyanne, but would recommend both girls. I considered having both, but Cheyanne admitted to being homophobic, so that pretty much killed that idea. Do any harm to either lady, and I will find and kill you. That's pretty much the sex scene in Columbia. All in all, not bad for a small college town.
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 23:03:27 -0700 Subject: Columbia, MO Just want to give a quick rundown on Lynn's in Columbia. Definately a great place to stop. Lynn claims to have 27 ladies working, and on a Sunday afternoon there were an easy dozen and not a reject in the bunch. If your staying in Columbia and don't have a car, she'll pick up the cab fare to get you out to her place. On my first visit, after a bit of confusion about which door to go in, I had the traditional line up and selected Misty, a tall, busty brunette. There is an upfront fee for the house and then the service tip is negotiated with the girl away from the others. What struck me was that Misty seemed to be genuinely interested in making sure I enjoyed myself. After Misty and I had finished, Lynn came in to check to make sure I had enjoyed mywelf as well. Like I said, everybody seemed to want me to have fun. Lynn's is located just north of Columbia on Rangeline. The phone number is 800-817-4333 or 573-875-1135.
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 22:51:45 -0500 Subject: Columbia, MO hello there. The following is intended to be used as an update to the Columbia, Missouri, post in the World Sex Guide, as I have not seen any recent additions lately. Use what you will if you want, of course keeping my name and whatnot undisclosed. It appears as if the sex scene in Columbia is alive and well. My experiences have been limited, but hopefully some of my rotten apples will serve to help others of you out there who happen to be running through Columbia. Basically, as is said earlier in the post, you are going to get what you pay for, though most always, full service is available for $100 or so, give or take. One location noted in an earlier post is Kneaded Relief, and I agree at least in part with what was said earlier. Great name, horrible location, definitely not trying to get you coming in the door, and stay the hell away from the owner. Grotesque is putting it lightly. Then again, three quarters of the ladies working there fall under the same category. If you are in the mood for FAT, ugly women, then walk right in. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely some gems in the bunch, but the chances of finding one on any given night vary. It appears as if Friday and Saturday nights, as would be assumed, are your best chances. I have had two experiences with Kneaded relief, and to be quite frank, was moderately pleased with the first and downright disappointed with the second. I believe they keep the place moving around, for they are out of business at the moment. It appears as if they have reopened under the name of 'Blue Rose Massage' just a couple of streets down on Garth. My first experience was a visit to the parlor itself. Located just of of buisiness loop 70, you really have to be looking for the place to find it. As it was my first time at this location, I was offered my choice of ladies, and made the mistake of making a hasty decision, not that it was a bad one. I chose a tall, busty brunette with hair out of the 80's. Upon entering a room, we sat down, decided on a price ($100 for an hour, full service, everything but anal), and things were set. Upon coming back, things went rather well, and she (can't remember her name) definitely seemed as if she wanted to please me. I decided about a month later to try one of the outcall massage firms. Though pricy, the difference was more contrasting than night and day. I was introduced to an absolutely wonderful woman who went by Lacy. It was a Sunday night, so I did not know what to expect. About 5'3, 105 or so, with a body to die for, I was pleased to say the least. Great legs, Absolutely bodacious tits, and the most perfect ass imaginable Only thing that would prevent me giving her a rating of 10 would be her face. Not ugly by any means, indications of teenage acne took away from the overal picture. Upon arriving, she sat down and we talked for a while. Really nice girl. Great experience, for she was definitely interested in making sure I was satisfied, which I was. HIGHLY recommended if you can afford it. The kind of woman you usually only dream of spending a night with. Since, I have had one encounter with a woman from Kneaded Relief (now Blue Rose), and it cost me $120 forthe hour, outcall. Worst money I have ever spent in my life. Basically, she was not like anything she described over the phone, and was about as enthusiastic about doing it as a rock might be. In all seriousness, if you put a tape recording of your favorite porn movie in the background, padded a tree pretty well, and stuck your cock in a hole, you would probably be getting close. She went by the name of Alice, for whatever that is worth. My attempts have currently been with individual ads placed in the paper. They seem to be a lot nicer, easier to deal with, and a better bet in general. A wide variety have come highly recommended from some of the guys I have run into. A lot are hard to get a hold of, though. Well, that is about it. Good luck to all of you out there, and post something once in a while if you find anything decent.

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