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Columbia, South America

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  • Bogota

  • General Reports

    Date: 06-04-01 Subject: Cali

    Hey Jackson,

    There´s a lot of houses around that have girls here. Depends on how much your willing to spend, anywhere from 30k to 150k pesos. Some of the most beautiful women in Latin America can be found here. Ask anyone and they will know at least one house that has it.

    See You

    Subject: Colombia

    I was recently in Colombia, and let me say it's an excellent place for sex work. Rates are relatively inexpensive, it's ALL full service, the women are good looking and nice, and the authorities will never hassle you since the whole thing is quasi-legal. Add to this the fact that the incidence of AIDS in Colombia is very low (use a condom regardless).

    In Bogota I went out cruising with a few friends and ended up at this place called "Escala 91" (Address: Cra. 15 #91-41, tel: 236-1979). You go in and there are all these girls sitting around, you find one you like and invite her to your table and chat with her. This gal I was with offered me a sauna, hot tub, massage followed by full service, for 50,000 pesos. Sadly I couldn't take her up on her offer because it was already 2:30am and I had to catch a place at 6:00 that morning, and the whole ordeal would have taken about 2 hours. If not for that I would have easily gone with her. Oh, and later I learned the price she quoted me was excessive -- locals pay around 20,000; and even the 50,000 she asked for is negotiable (800 pesos = $1US aprox).

    If you don't like that place, in that same area you'll find a bunch of strip clubs and places similar to the one above. There will be guys stopping you and inviting you in, for the simple reason that Colombian law forbids those places from putting up a sign or anything to indicate what they do. Also, in that area we saw a lot of streetwalkers -- avoid them, many are transvestites.

    If you still don't find anything, just ask any taxi driver. They know where the places are and even get commission on the customers they find.

    In Bucaramanga quite by accident I ran into a lady who owns 3 such places and took me to 1 of them, namely "Perfumes de Mujer" (Cra. 31 #21-69, tel: 427515). The place is small but great -- I got full service from a nice chick for the cut rate price of 15,000 pesos! By all means go there and ask for Doņa Miriam, she owns that place and 3 others.

    In any other city in Colombia places like this abound. Good sources of information are taxi drivers and bellhops at hotels.


    Subject: Colombia

    I am a land owner in both Colombia and Brasil. By all means, I love Brasil. I used to think that my favorite place for women was the northern states of Brasil. My how things have changed!

    I am now 100% soooooold.

    Colombia is my country of choice for sex. After traveling through many countries in Latin America and the Far East, I have found my paradise. Thanks to the Conquistadors, Africans and Indians for making the most beautiful women in the world (I think so!!!!).

    First is Cali, where the women are extremely edible. Believe me... You do not have to go to "House" to pick up. The local bars and disco are sufficient. Many women will just be happy for the good time and company. I do not recommend going to "Houses". I got a better bang for my buck just bar-hopping.

    Bogota...The problem in Bogota is that many of the better hotels will not allow for you to be accompanied by women that are not on the residency list after 10:00pm. My suggestion in either pick up earlier...arrange the night before or find a short stay. I had an apartment here. I would say that many of the women in Bogota are very cold. Almost work like. Not my favorite place...I generally went out here when I wanted a quicky or a challenge.

    Barranquilla...Definitely a working man's town...Just get in the cab and ask for the "Casas de Mujers"...any cab driver will take you on a tour. There are about three main spots... two do not have names...the other is a bar with sitting rooms and beds in the rear... I recommend one of the houses without names. They are the best. It is $5.00US approx. for the girl to leave. Drinks are cheap and everything goes. For the girls company (all night if you are good or she likes you) is about $40-80 US. Please do not pay more. We are dealing with economies of scale. Brasil use to be cheap and the big shot tourist drove the price up.

    Down the road about a two hour drive (east) my paradise... Cartegena... Here is a tourist town with much to offer. I recommend staying at either the Hilton or the Hotel Las Americas. I prefer the Hotel Las Americas. They have their own taxi service and a beach. Plus most women can not afford to go there, they will go home with you just for the scenery...probably one of the best in Colombia. Get to the point... My usual prowl is as follows... go to the casino..there are usually women there available for your pleasure (I recommend the El Caribe)...Next, if that is not working go to Noches de Americas...(talk to the women) and make your deal..But do not pick up anything...Remember the women can only drink "champange" (approx $20 US)... Next go to Mr. Babilia... This disco is always packed asked for Max...tell him Walter said hello...definitely will take care of you...this place is my lucky I have scored at least 3 out of 7 nights for free...If by midnight you are not hitting on anything...leave and go to Club Banana or Escoliera...these are discos where a lot of hookers hang out. The quality is the better in Escoliera than Club Banana. Pricing for Cartegena is as follows:

    Pick up in Mr. Babilia (Free) may need to buy dinner or something.
    Pick up in Club Banana nothing to leave about $30 to $50US for the night.
    Pick up in Escoliera nothing to leave about $40 to $100 for the night.
    Pick up in Noches $10 to leave about $50 to 100 for the night. fall back from Mr. Babilia is always Noches. The women are beautiful...they have hilarious show and variety. Ask for Oscar at Noches tell him Walter sent you...he will stir you to the better women. The best thing about Noches is (for the business traveler) you can put the women on your credit card.

    Auxiliary Information All inputs are welcome in Colombia. One week I only did assholes. Blowjobs are given but not always enjoyed...they prefer fucking. If you fuck them right in your cost go down immensely. Generally, I pay about $100 to $200 for extended stays of up to one week in a city. The girls will even travel with you to different cities.

    If anyone has ever been to any of these locations they will know what I mean...definitely an unknown paradise for men.

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