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Cologne, Germany

Date: 12-21-1996

The information on the Eros Center in Hornstrasse in the World Sex Guide is no longer correct. According to a German TV report of Dec. 12, 1996 the center has totally changed. After a reconstruction costing around four million Marks it is now called Pascha and has become a very good place. Now it is walk-through brothel which is more like a hotel style with modern rooms and facilities. There is also a bar and a small bistro restaurant. The Gals are also treated like customers of the hotel. According to interviews during the TV report, the Gals are very satisfied there due to the comfortable, clean and safe environment. Prices start from around 80 to 100 Marks. On the opposite side of the street there is another new brothel which is - according to the TV report - not so modern and comfortable. No personal experience so far.

Date: None

There is also a famous place for German fellows: Auto-Strich

Women at the street and men pick them up to have fun in the car.

Place is former Hitzelstrase ( don't know exactly ) at the Militarring

prices BJ 50 DM , Fuck 70 DM , Both 100 DM

Date: 05-20-1997   Subject: Update Prostitution in Cologne/Germany

Actually the name of the street is 'Robinenweg'. This is the former south-end of Hitzelstrasse.

Date: 04-03-1997   Subject: Cologne

To Europe's biggest brothel Pascha in Cologne you wrote:

"On the opposite side of the street there is another new brothel which is - according to the TV report - not so modern and comfortable. No personal experience so far."

I can only warn about going to this brothel with the name "Das Bordell". The atmosphere is not like in the "Pascha" where you can start fucking for 100 DM, even though it is a little "cold" and "quick action". In the brothel on the other side of the street the girls want you to come in saying that you can fuck for 50-100 DM. Pls. do not believe, you must invest at least DM 300-400 DM, and this is a really a shame. Pls. pay attention and do not enter, it is not worth to spend such big amount for very little service, even no service.

Date: 08-04-1997

I think you need some assistance in telling the world about the AUTO-STRICH mentioned on this page.

Former name was HITZELERSTR.

This is how to get there:

From Highway No4 - crossing KÖLN-SÜD you have to drive in direction of the city of Cologne. You have to pass a "Verkehrs-Kreisel" I would translate it as a round-about. Drive along it and exactly before there is an ARAL-Station (There are TWO of them, don't take the FIRST) you go RIGHT into the MILITÄRINGSTR. After something like 1 km you have to turn LEFT into the street of pleasure.

Date: 06-23-1998

Regarding Rubinienweg (fromer Hitzeler Str.) there are some other places to have fun in the car.

From the round about a fellow poster mentioned you drive the Militärringstr to the next big crossing. Once there you drive LEFT, on your way you will come to a small parking area (you'll see it on the left hand), sometimes there is an older women from Tschechien. She does not speak so much german but if you go to her she will right away grab your dick through your pants and says something like: "Ficky Ficky - 50 DM" (fucking fucking - 50 DM). She will not take away her hand and leads you somewhere in the woods, where she undresses herself completely, opens your trousers and start to give you a "french without". You are allowed to touch her everywhere and even stick a finger in her pussy and her asshole. She then will wrap up your dick with a condom and you can start to fuck her from behind. She believes that you pay afterwards if you tell her you would do so. She has a georgeous body and is in the late 40s. Prices are: 50 DM full service (french without and intercourse), she expects you to give her 80 DM if you want to fuck her into her ass too. Special service: Ask her if she wants to take a mouthful and she'll will give you a french without and will not finish until you have given her your liquid into her mouth. No intercourse is accepted then and price is 50 DM too but she is totally undressed though. My tip: In times of AIDS ask her if you can do handjob for yourself to shot your load into her mouth. This will be 50 DM too but who knows how many men have filled her up. She will not follow you into your car !!!! Please think about, this place is a famous place for voyeurs and you will be watched !!!

If you leave this place drive further and you will come to a bridge. Sometimes there is a girl in the late 30s and you can have fun in the car for same prices as in Rubinienweg. She offers to have have sex in her room for 300 DM / hour and its worth it. She has big breasts and the typical cologne slang (she speaks KÖLSCH). She does not refuse to touch her anywhere but your are not allowed to stick your finger in her pussy or asshole. 300 DM includes full service as mentioned before, anal penetration is 50 DM more and she will give you here urine for another 50 DM. If you visit her often at home 300 DM is pricing for full service, anal and watersports. You are not allowed to piss on her.

Coming back to the Rubinienweg there is sometimes a boy in the late 20s waiting for male customers. Pricing is: 50 DM french, 80 DM french without and 100 DM if you want to give him a mouthful. He is not shy and will start to work on your dick from the moment on he comes into your car. He will even give you a blowjob when you are driving, you only have to ask. He insists in paying in advance but its worth it. Special Service: Handjob is free of charge (funny what?) and he often turns to give you a french without and you don't have to pay afterwards. Please give him a tip then. You are allowed to touch him everywhere but cuz he only has one ball you are not allowed to touch his dick and do not stick a finger in his ass. He will not penetrate you in your ass and he will not let you do this to him too. If you want to have service out of the car ask him. He will lead you somewhere in the woods. Don't force him to do anal-sex, he may be an ugly and a little bit fat guy, but he IS TRAINED. You can find him mostly on Sundays. The later the evening you have the opportunity to give him your urine directly in his mouth, but only if you have service out of the car. He will give his cum to you as well, but not that often. Special Note: He does group services for men groups not more than three and you are allowed to take photos. Group services are 80 DM each person, with photo 100 DM each.

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