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Cleveland, Ohio

Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:39:31 UTC

     There used to be 10 or more massage places in the Greater Cleveland
area, but all have been shut down.  To get a massage you now need to venture
pretty far out.  The best action can be found in Warren and Youngstown, about
a 1-hour drive east on the Ohio Turnpike.  Only one or two list addresses and
phones in the Cleveland directory, so for a full selection you need to get a
hold of a Warren/Youngstown Yellow Pages. I was just there (March, 1995) and
went to a place on E. Market Street in Warren called something like Oriental
Health Spa.  It was $45 for one hour and that included some time in a sauna
and a great full body shampoo followed by a very good full body massage.  The
girl (I think her name was Penny) was a 9+ Korean girl with one of the best
bodies I have ever seen, she was very friendly, and gave a first rate blow
job for $70.  Highly recommended!

Date: 19 Nov 1995 05:17:37 GMT Subject: Cleveland call Girls Check the sports section of the Cleveland plain Dealer. There are 2 -3 places in Youngstown/Warren listed usually.
Date: 1996/10/12 Cleveland Cleveland is one of my all time favorite hookervilles. Cost, availability, safety, quality..they have it all. I will share 5 spots to get you started but believe me when I say that there are several more. The first area is Brookpark Avenue from Grayton Road to 130th Street. The concentrated mass is along the few blocks between the RTA Train station and 150th Street where there are several adult entertainment clubs and bookstores. Girls in this area are not shy. If you are not sure what a hooker looks like....start your training here! Drive through the lots and you will often find girls behind the buildings or in cars next to the buildings. Avoid anyone walking on the south side of the street. That side belongs to the village of Brookpark, not Cleveland, and they actually enforce the laws prohibiting the practice of free enterprise between customers and suppliers. They have been known to set up stings for both hookers and johns. This area offers wide variety on price and quality. Sidelights to this area....stop in Night Flights, a bar just east of Grayton, and have a beer. Several girls stop off there to adjust their make-up and slake their thirst. You may get lucky in the bar. Turn north on 150th and cruise through Pinky's parking lot. Frequent action available behind the building. Head east on Brookpark to Rocky's Adult Emporium and stop inside to scan the racks...if you catch my drift. It is not unheard of to pick someone up on Brookpark between Rocky's and 150th Street. Detroit Road from 25th Street west to Berea is a 24 hour a day smorgasbord. Action is better later in the month than in the first 10 days of the month. Watch out for the crack heads..unless that is what you want. Prices are less than Brookpark and you can obtain anything you want in this neighborhood. Lorain Blvd. from 25th Street to 117th Street is also a sure thing anytime of the day or night. The section from 38th to 85th is most productive on a regular basis. Quality varies with price. $20 will get you a BJ with or without a condom. As usual, the cost is dictated by the appearance of the girl you hook up with. Do not go over $40 for anything or anybody or you will make it tough on the regular local customers. 25th Street from Detroit Ave south to Route 71 is spotty. There are several nightclubs / bars in the area with nude dancers and a few porno shops that keep a few girls in their shadow but usually not until after midnight. After 2:00 am some of the dancers will pick up a quick trick to supplement their nights income. While you will see some of them in the street, most of these engagements are arranged in the bar before closing so you may want to wander into one of the establishments if you don't want to take your chances out on the tarmac. Fleet Street from Route 77 east to Broadway and then Broadway from Pershing to Warner is a so so section. You get a few part timers in this area that can be stimulating and a few housefraus that are out to earn an extra buck but some of them are really flighty and think they are Demi Moore or something. It has been reported that some of the average looking amateurs have asked for $200 for a topless handjob in the car. There are, however, also reports of terrific "bargains" available from the un informed neighborhood gals that just wanted to "try it once to see what it was all about". Check it out if you like but be aware it is not as reliable as the other areas mentioned.
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996 00:05:04 -0500 CLEVELAND-OHIO In this past year, Cleveland has changed abit. Used to be just like Columbus, bad. Check the alternate newspapers for ads. Always a good idea in ANY city. Anyway, look for the ads that advertise 'Full Service'. Twice, in past year I've used those ads. However, I was dissapointed both times. Ugly girls and dull sex. Cost around $200 cash. Good Luck.
Subject: [ASP] Cleveland Report Date: 5 Mar 1997 04:26:35 GMT I felt it was time that I take action and post some info. I am a native of the Cleveland area and as of late acquired some experience concerning the "night" life in town. Most of my experience deals with the areas Escorts services and a small part with Street Walkers. I have no experience with Massage parlor's as of yet as they are all at least an hours ride from Cleveland. As far as Street Walkers are concerned, it is a very fickle situation, and is everything but consistent. The majority, and I mean majority, concentrate their efforts along Brookpark Rd. as mentioned earlier in several concise reports on the area. It is a commercial area with a number of strip clubs and adult video stores. Most girls hang out between a video store and a strip club called Hollywood Nights. This area is conducive to high traffic because of the vast parking lots and the almost "drive-thru" arrangement of the streets. It is easy to simply drive thru pick a girl up and drive away with her. Quality varies on any given night. I find the numbering system used in various posting to be extremely relative, but for lack of a better system I will use it. On occasion I have seen a 8, but mostly between 3's and 7's. There are there it seems to cash in on the quick blow job trade, and lets face it for a blow job a 3 will do in a pinch. Price is competitive, girls will ask for between $50.00 for a blow job and $100.00 for straight sex, of course there is room for haggling. A sport I rarely practice, these girls after all working girls, and being of the entrepenurial spirit myself I despise people who do it to me. If the girl doesn't deserve that rate because of looks or some other variable I simply do not ask for her services and allow the free market economy work, she will either have to lower her prices or learn to adjust. As previously mentioned the availability is far from consistent, there are several factors. Cleveland's cold weather, politics, slow traffic, etc. I have found obviously warmer weather, toward the end of the month, and away from election time will greatly increase your odds of success. I have most of my experience from the areas escort services. The first thing anyone interested in procuring an escort in Cleveland should do is pick up a copy of "SCENE" magazine. It is free can be found just about anywhere. It is essential, if for only one reason, the yellow page ads are all owned by the same agency and are very poor quality. I have found only one exception to this rule as mentioned below. The "SCENE" magazine has adult personal ads in the back of the magazine and should be perused. Most of the girls advertised are solo units, no agency and in my opinion the only way to go. There are agencies advertised but they will be obvious. I recommend going for the independents, I have found quality between 6's and 9's and have rarely been disappointed. Prices are around $160.00 for full service up to an hour. This is usually half and half and only one orgasm, I have not found a girl that will negotiate for two or more, Cleveland is a busy market and they are out to make as much as they can. Time is money. There is one girl I have had from an agency which is worth mentioning her name was Mariah and she was sent from Elegant Escorts(yellow pages). She was at least an 8. Latino, young, long curly dark hair, with an incredible ass, nice oral skills as well. As far as the independents go, they come and go from week to week, so it is hard to recommend one. There is a girl who advertises her own web site which is about a 7 overall, nice body but not the prettiest. She charges $250.00 for 1 1/2 hours. Steep price but she takes her time very professional, I would recommend her if you have the extra cash. Her web address(with pictures) is . Check her out. Cleveland seems to be a town on the move with a healthy sexual appetite, escorts are all very busy and street girls are sometimes impossible to find. This research of late has become a little bit of an obsession, I would appreciate any criticism, good or bad. I am no expert but have an intense interest. As always take what you need from this and keep this useful info alive---post regularly!
Subject: [ASP] Cleveland Escorts Report Date: 14 Mar 1997 03:59:24 GMT Over the last few months I have sampled several of Cleveland's Escort services and wanted to pass along some info for those interested. Before starting I would like too post's experience say in the begining I was a simple amateur at procuring services and paid dearly for my naivete. And I would encourage all the newbies out there to benefit from everyone who post's experience. I have limited my sources to two publications, as they seem to be the most exhaustive. First is the Yellow pages, secondly in The SCENE, a free entertainment weekly which can be found just about anywhere. The yellow pages offer a variety of agencies under the heading escorts, at first it seemed to be a gold mine of info. Latter I would find, from conversations with independents that all of the ads are owned by the same agency and are there just to ensure cornering the market. Most independents dislike the yellow pages(for obvious reasons) and tell tales of bad service and ugly women. My personal experience has been rather good, I called Elegant Escorts and requested a brunette. I received prompt service via a nice curly haired young lady(Maria, I believe) probably of Latin descent. She was a 7+ to 8. (1-10 scales are so relative so I will use a common yardstick for sake of comparison. A lot of people who post seem to be familiar with Dianne of Dallas, as she has pictures posted on her web site I will use her as my yardstick. I would place Dianne at a firm 9 on my scale.) Maria(?) and I spent a nice time, full service for $160. Decent oral, did her doggy style, slightly enthusiastic. All in all a pleasurable time. My first foray into the ads in the back of Scene, which have become my staple for garnering service was with an agency which advertised under Malibu Models. I called for a blonde. Response was a little slow but was pleased to see a slime blond with a nice ass, put her at a 7. She was unrushed and a little chatty. Great oral, did her mostly missionary(legs over shoulders) and doggy. She was $170.00 full service and didn't mind staying as long as I took. Although I doubt she would have allowed for a second orgasm, she was unhurried to the first. Next I called another agency named Wildflower, requested a brunette. Received a slightly thick petite brunette, very young, probably a 6 to 7. She would only do oral, said something about being that time of the month( have learned to be wary of that a lot of time girls will put that thinking you will settle for that and that's all). Agency fee was $160.00, so that was a steep blow job. Learned a lot from that one. On to an independent listed under the A-List. Liked her add cause it said full service, no tipping. Price was steep $250.00 but that night I was in mood for games just wanted to get my rocks off, and damn did I. I would highly recommend her, Slim blonde, great ass. Not great to look at, but has SKILLS. Great oral, unhurried, aims to please, and did I mention that ass, do yourself a favor and do her from behind its worth every penny. She has a web site located at Moved on to another agency advertised under HELP PAY OUR COLLEGE TUITION. Called for a blond and got a nice hip young girl. Perky, and easy to talk with she was an 8 overall, had lots of body art and pierceings which I truly love. Excellent oral, no condom, did her doggy style, very enthusiastic another high recommendation. She was quite possibly the best I have had(other that a knockout in Vegas which I paid way too much for). Full service $160.00. I have heard that she has gone independent since, smart girl wish I could find her again. On to another independent advertised as STUDENT NURSE NEEDS PATIENT, her name was Stephanie, $160.00 full service. Not a good experience, she was a brunette, very thick maybe a 4 or 5. Bad oral, straight missionary I think she was doing her nails or at least balancing her checkbook in her head, totally lame. Avoid at all costs. The absolute worst that Cleveland has to offer is under YOUNG & TENDER. Was sent a down right fat brunette, 3 or 4. Who danced for $125.00, she even skimped on the message, matter of fact I don't think she even touched me. AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Most recent were two independents that advertised under MANDY & NICHOLE. A duo that charged $220.00 for full service. Had a blast, not the best looking girls, Mandy was a nice brunette, about a 7, nice tattoos, great ass(which if you haven't noticed is mandatory for me)Nichole was a little thick about a 5+ to 6. Both really into each other, put on a good show for me. Luckily Mandy was into guys as much as she was girls, I did her doggy while she went down on Nichole, total blast. Mandy was great fun, could have done Nichole too but just wasn't interested. These are my trials and tribulations as of yet, look forward to sharing more soon. Would hope those of you with other Cleveland experiences would e-mail them too me, questions will be answered as well. Look forward to your posts.
Subject: [ASP] Cleveland info update Date: 31 Mar 1997 04:08:14 GMT A new installment in my continuing survey of Cleveland's sex industry. Unfortunately this one is not a good report. In fact it is an emphatic warning to stay away from two agencies advertising in a local entertainment magazine called "Scene". They are both the same agency advertising as "Elegant Escorts" and "Young and Tender". They advertise full service for $125.00 an hour, and I should have known you get what you pay for. The girl was just plain fat, young but fat and there really wasn't anything appealing about her. After being assured on the phone there was no additional tipping I found this girl expected another $200 for straight sex and the $125 was just for nude dancing, needless to say I thanked her for her time and asked her to leave. By all means stay away from this place. As a side I recently reported on a local girl with a web site listed as "". I am sad to say she has moved out of state and is no longer bringing joy to her Cleveland clientel. I am looking for another regular, so if anyone has any recommendations they would be greatly appreciated.
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 15:08:52 -0700 Subject: Cleveland Prosititution update Prospect Avenue hookers have been shut down due to redevelopment of the area. Don't waste your time cruising Porspect Avenue. Detroit and Lorain Aves. between W25th and W.98th are usually the best spots in town now. Some girls work mornings but mostly in evening. After dark things tend to get sparse. Quality ranges from good to poor. If the girl looks like death warmed over or has boyfriend with to pass. Caveat---the girls will tell you they know of private locations located behind building, parking lots etc. Do not go there...the police (who some times work full time just getting hookers off the shit :-)) also know of these locations and there's nothing like getting a blow job and having a spotlight appear in your sideview mirror with your pants down. Cops do it more for the kick of scaring the shit out of you than anything else. So...if you are going with these girls find an alternate agreeable location after she is in the car. Some of the girls are experienced but if you are lucky you can find an inexperienced girl who needs to make a few bucks. Throw in an extra $20.00 and you can get a blow, fuck, and private room for a total of $45.00. North side of Brookpark Road is a tuff road to haul. Girls have been doing this for a long time and you won't get anything you didn't pay for. Also, they are there usually late at night...after 12:00 mid. and are way too agressive for me. I avoid Brook Park road. Also...NEVER go to the south side of the road to pick up a hooker. The south side is the City of Brook Park and they don't take kindly to it is probably a sting. Brook Park police patrol the south side of the road from dusk to dawn everyday. On a final note...Lorain and Detroit roads are your best bet. However, if you see more than one police car cruising the curb at approximately 15MPH they are looking for hookers. To obtain confirmation...look around. If you see no females other than old ladies..they've told the girls to get off the street.
Subject: [ASP] Cleveland Update Date: Sat, 07 Jun 1997 09:51:05 -0600 Please allow me to post another installment of my ongoing Clevand area update. First I am said to report the disappearance of a local escort has brought an inquisative eye on Cleveland's outcall escort scene. And the effect seems to have been directly impacted on the independants in the area, as they are no where to be found. The agencies still dominate the local advertising press and yellow pages. But I continue to look for another steady girl, anyone with info please pass it on. I am also sad to report that the infamous Brookpark Rd. (A virtual outdoor bazaar for streetwalkers) is coming closer to being closed down as the city begins to rezone an airport expansion. I also have a query, recently a local strip club called Lisa's Cabaret(in Akron) was closed down for solicitation and selling of sex to its patrons. I never had the pleasure of visiting there. Since then I have picked up on rumors that there are a few local clubs (specifically, Model T's & The Fox's Den) have carried on the tradition of selling sex. Can anyone substantiate this?
Subject: [ASP] Cleveland Ripoff! Date: 1997/06/15 Unfortunately things in Cleveland have not been looking up on the escort front, and in even more bad news is a report from yet another ripoff! As advertised in Scene Magazine under the heading MERCEDES ESCORT. It seems Mercedes's ad reads FULL SERVICE, and she doesn't pull through. I have it on very good report after announcing on the phone, and in person the promise of full service for $170 an hour. But only comes through with a body massage and a hand job, without mutual contact. Just a warning to everyone out there to stay away, unless of course you are into overpriced handjobs.
Date Fri, 31 Oct 1997 13:11:40 -0800 I tried 2 escort services while in Cleveland and one of them could not provide anyone as none of their girls were answering their beeper. I found this out about an hour after calling them which is rather annoying. Their number was (330)464-4391 and I think their name was personal touch. I tried them again on Oct. 31, 1997 and they were closed for Halloween. I am a stickler for dependability and if a service is not dependable I steer people away from them. The service was recommended by someone responding to my earlier [ASP]REQ:Cleveland Info posting following my in depth review of the Costa Rica scene. If you are after dependable and don't have time sitting around waiting for a call back I recommend staying away from this service. I did find a great service that was recommended by someone else and also I noticed they advertised in the SCENE magazine which is available many places. I noticed them mostly in strip bars. The name of the service is Avanti and their number is (216)391-3456. I used them 2 nights and their service was prompt - like 1/2 hour or 45 minutes max. In fact the second time I called and asked for Karen (recommended by Mia the night before) they said they'd call and see if she was available yet (it was only 6:30PM). 15 minutes later they hadn't called back so I decided to step in the shower. While I was in the shower there was a knock at the door and it was her. It was a little awkward but she was an attractive blond but perhaps 10 lbs overweight (max). Her service was fair, nothing special and she did not kiss. She didn't have a problem banging for 20-25 minutes where I have found most girls get tired and want you to come in less time (all after all the foreplay of course). She loves to receive oral and quivered pretty well in her orgasms (2). Mia the night before was excellent service but not quite as attractive but a 7, maybe a 7+ as she had a really pretty face with very long wavy brown hair down to her bottom. She kissed, loved oral both ways and in many places. She is opened minded but there are certain things that are not my cup of tea. Her oral was spectacular as her tung explored everywhere. Its surprising that she is a medical student (which I said sure lady) in this line of work. I believed her because we got into a discussion of electron transmembrane potentials of "A" to "C" nerve fibers and which ones were in dicks. I was a pre-med student before I switched to Chem Engring and had a lot of Biology, embryology, and Physiology, and she was right on par. She wants to do sex organ surgery. How about that for a trip. As I said her service was spectacular. She had me kneel in front of the closet door mirrors as she explored every inch of my body with her tung. Wow. I kept her for 2 hours as at $160 an hour, this doesn't happen many places; in the U.S. that is. That's right, this escort service is only $160 for an hour, delivered to your hotel. The catch is you are limited to one orgasm, and the session is over when you are done, although Mia stayed the entire time as we chatted afterward. Strip bars in Cleveland are pretty lame at best. Table dances are no contact although they have dollar dances to give you a sample during which there is subtle contact leaving you to believe the full table dance is better. Don't go there, they are not. I was at several bars all on Brookpark Road except Pinky's Saloon is on 150th just off of Brookpark. Amber Lounge, GiGi, & Hollywood Nights all serve Liquor and their table dances are worthless. GiGi was the best of these as later at night they got a little looser but not much. If you need liquor go to GiGi. Juice bars are Crazy Horse, Pinky's, Model Tease. Crazy Horse has the best looking girls but table dances are $15 and there is absolutely no contact. Table dances at all the Liquor places was $10. Model Tease has good looking girls but a lap dance is $40!!! and 3 is $90!!!. Big scam and rip off. One of the people that responded to my above mentioned posting wrote that he once $wayed a beautiful girl from Pinky's into following him back home for $300. I went in there to test the water. $10 cover. To get a lap dance you must first give the house $35, then lap dances were $25 each, maximum 4 then you have to pay the house again. There was a bunch of low life tattooed girls in there that looked like they were strung on cocaine or crack. Most all were fat & ugly but there was one or two that looked ok but not the caliber I would want in my hotel room. I didn't make it down to the flats to view that area but I was told all the bars with good looking women are nil contact. I have taken several topless dancers back to my hotel over the years (for a donation of course) but my finesse must be wearing off - at least in Cleveland. Dallas and Houston were great for that when I lived there (Dallas that is). One last note. I don't hire streetwalkers but was told they all hang out on Brookpark Rd. I do like to look just to see what kind of quality there is. I only saw one during the 2 nights there. She was overweight and turned her head and spit as she walked down a parking lot. I was apparently in the right place because there must have been 20 cars pull in and pull out in the 5 minutes I was there (near Hollywood Nights titty bar)
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 23:41:15 EDT Subject: Ripped-off in Cleveland I should have read your postings before venturing out on my own! I have some great experiences from other escort services in Phoenix, Chicago, and Orlando so I do know a little about the process. However, when it comes to Cleveland , whatever you do , stay away from Angeliques escorts. The sent over a hard bodied short haired blonde with a young black, they were both around a 7. I paid the "driver" the agency fee of 160 and he left...then they asked me what I wanted, and noted that my desires were more for nude massage with mutual contact, and perhaps their being into each other. They advised that they were there to please me...I should've known right there! I tipped them each 100 and they stripped and masturbated themselves (not each other) with a boredom reserved for political speeches. That was it. What a rippoff! It sure would be nice to find a great sensual outcall massage from an attractive and pleasant woman. This certainly was a learning and expensive experience.

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