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Ciudad Acuna, Mexico

Subject: Ciudad Acuna June '97

I want to give everyone an accounting of my first trip to Ciudad Acuna
last weekend (June 14, 1997).  I see there is a category for Acuna, but
no inputs, so here is the first one, and it is very positive.

I am not a big Boys Town aficionado.  I lost my cherry in Nuevo Laredo
when I was 18, and that was a long time ago, because I'm in my 50's
now.  Now don't let my age drive you younger guys away.  I am very
knowledgeable about your lifestyle and have owned three ultra-modern
nightclubs, so please don't run away from what I'm saying quite
yet...especially if you live in an area which is convenient to Acuna,
such as Austin, San Antonio, even Dallas and Fort Worth.  It's (though
only slightly) the closest place, and might be an interesting night out
for you.  If you are going to be in the Del Rio area, don't miss it.
And above all, don't be confused by the lack of night life in Del Rio.
It's all just right across the border.

But let me start off by saying a couple of little preambles:

I'm one of those older guys who has always dated younger women, because
I look much younger than my age, have a little money to spend on them,
and frankly, am turned off by the attitudes of older American women.  I
have been taken advantage of to the point of tremendous expense FOR
NOTHING, and have been lied to and cheated by women who wanted money and
intended to give nothing in return.  I have bought women jewelry,
clothes, nice weekends, etc., and got nothing but frustration in
return.  I have heard the phrase "You men are all alike" so many times
that when I hear it early in a relationship now, I usually (even if I
picked her up at her house and drove her to wherever we are at the
moment) excuse myself to go to the restroom and then leave her to do
whatever she normally does with those men she is used to being around.

So the idea of sex for money, something I used to laugh about because I
could have sex with almost anyone I wanted at one time, now is pretty
appealing.  But along with the older age comes the problem of slow or
incomplete erections.  This is a problem if you do the Harry Hines scene
in Dallas, or even in some of the massage places.  They expect a
quickie, and older men don't do quickies.

This past weekend, I decided to take a trip down to the Uvalde area to
see some relatives, and thought I might just scope out Acuna while I was
in the area.  I'm glad I did.

First of all, I was driving from Fort Worth, and decided to stop for a
while in Austin for a little rest.  I went into a Tit Bar called "Crazy
Lady" which is right on the east side of I-35 about midway through
Austin.  .......Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dallas and Fort Worth have NOTHING
to compare with this place.  First of all, most of the DFW clubs have
women who seem to want to make a big show of their dancing, and some
come off pretty boring.  There is a wide variety of music at those clubs
because each girl chooses the songs she wants to hear, and the DJ must
chatter and replay parts of the music  while she changes out of whatever
she started out wearing.  It makes things very slow.

Crazy Lady is ALL TECHNO!!!!!!!!!

The music never stops, never backs up, and though the DJ does some
little speed raps occasionally, there are very few times when the music
stops for him to talk.  Since the music is Techno, it is very fast and
requires real dancing rather than the slow sensuous stuff the DFW girls
play around with.  It also means the girls turn over faster, and you see
all of them more quickly.  If you want a table dance, you don't have to
wait three hours to see the whole selection, they have a different girl
up there every 6 minutes.

But that's not all.  I saw this cute redhead (long hair, long, lanky
body, lots of freckles - one of my fetishes) and decided to sit at a
table close enough to see her doing a table dance to another guy.
Instantly out of a door came this gorgeous blonde.  The sexiest girl I
have ever had on my lap, and she walked up and said, "Is this lap

She had one of those butts that is so small that you can feel her
digging into your leg,  in fact I could feel her little pube rubbing on
my leg, just with her sitting there.  She asked if I wanted her to dance
just for me, and I told her she had already given me the best sex I'd
had in 6 months.  But the dance was a whole other world.  I have not had
sex with anyone that was as exciting as that table dance in the last
three years.  I had tits in my face, pussy rubbed all over my thighs and
my stomach, she went down and rubbed her face on my cock (of course it
was inside my pants, unfortunately) and kissed it several times.  For
the same price I pay some gal to stand in front of me and wiggle her
bottom at New Orleans Nights in Fort Worth, I felt like I really didn't
need to go on to Acuna, because that was the best sex possible for me.
If I had been twenty, I would have lost it in my pants with this girl.

Ok, so much for that.  I went on to Uvalde and woke up the next day with
a boner the size of the Washington Monument, dreaming about that
dancer.  I knew that if I didn't get quick relief, I would be out
committing sex crimes of some sort, so I headed to Acuna that night

As I was driving through Del Rio, I started getting a little chicken.  I
am kind of shy anyway in situations that are strange, and this situation
was definitely scary for me.  Thankfully I had read a lot of the entries
like this on and felt like I wasn't walking into something
totally foreign.

I got to the border and saw the taxi stand, with a huge field of parked
cars.  Decision number one was at hand.  I was in a brand new Maxima.
Did I want to leave it in this dirt field or take it across with me.  I
could remember when I went to Nuevo Laredo that time when I was a teen,
I just gave a kid a dollar to watch the car for me, and he even cleaned
it a little while I was inside.  So I decided to drive across.  It was
very early, about 8:30, and that was my plan, because I wanted to drive
around and scope things out.  I paid the border patrol guy a dollar and
he wished me a good evening very politely.  I crossed the bridge and got
waived through on the Mexican side after a quick glance into the car.
Nothing in the back but my sport-bike helmet, who knows why that was
back there.

I drove past the row of already busy night clubs and restaurants.  Quite
a few clubs, some with music spilling out onto the streets.  Obviously
this was where the Del Rio young set went on weekend nights.  I drove
around, found the big market, found several interesting shops, found
lots of dirt and rock streets that I didn't want to put my Maxima
through.   I went as far as I could in all directions, and found many
other clubs, probably just for the locals...Acuna is a pretty large
city, it turned out, much larger than Del Rio.

I drove around until about 9:30 or so and decided I would never find the
red zone by myself.  So I drove back to the border area, and looked
around for help.  There were people on all the corners, but then I saw a
taxi driver getting out of his car to talk to some friends.  I asked him
where I could find someone to take me to Boys Town.  He offered to take
me in his cab, but I wanted to drive my car.  A little boy, probably 14
or 15, stood up and said "I'll show you for a dollar."   I opened the
door and in he jumped.

We drove straight out the main road, a little farther than I had gone
before, and then jagged left and then right to get on the main road
heading out of town.  We went only about a half a mile past the city
gates (in Mexico the "city limit"is a little more elaborate than in the
U.S.) and he pointed at a white gravel road heading up a hill to the
left.  There were no signs or flags or lights of any kind, just a gravel
road going over a little hill.  I turned and saw a winding gravel road
going around several little hills.  As I crested the last one, it kind
of reminded me of "Dusk til Dawn" because it was a *compound* out
totally by itself.  About an eight foot chain link fence, gates and a
guard house.  The guard came out and the boy said "just give him a
dollar"  The guard joked with the boy for a minute, and then  we went
in.  Clubs in a cluster, kind of back to back.  As it turned out - at
least to my observation - they all used the same hotel area, which was
in the middle of the cluster.  I asked the boy which was best and he
smiled and shrugged and pointed at the biggest one called "The Hunters
Club".  I said "Where should I park?" and he just pointed and said "You
have a nice car, park right in front"  so I did.

We were met by 3 valet-type guys and I gave one of them a couple of
bucks to watch the car.  I paid the boy $10 and he let out a whoop and
disappeared (I really thought he would take me back, but I remembered
the way).  I figured it was well worth the $10 because I would never
have to have a guide again.  I walked into the club for a minute, then
turned around as though I had forgotten something, and went back out.
All of the valets were looking into my car, but they were just admiring
the interior.  Nobody hurt a thing.

So I went back into the club, and a waiter showed me a table.  It was
really early and the lights were still up.  There was no music, no show,
a couple of TV's going at the bar.  But it was a very, very nice place.
Nicer than New Orleans Nights, and not far off Lace in Arlington.  The
chairs were comfortable, and it was pretty quiet.  I ordered a coke -
because at my age, I can't drink alcohol and get it up!!!  The coke was
only $2, and I tipped the waiter a dollar, as recommended by (that's what I usually tip waitresses at tit bars anyway,
but cokes are usually $3.50 or so.  I told the waiter I was waiting for
friends, and I didn't want to be bothered by any girls yet. He said he
didn't care what I did with the girls, he served drinks...

I started looking around.  Probably twenty customers, forty girls or
so.  I saw none below a five, and there were several eights in that
first scanning.  But immediately, here came a strawberry blonde lady,
wearing very high heels and fishnet hose.  She was wearing a wonderbra
with the cleavage all poofed out at the top, so I knew she had some big
ones, but probably a little droopy.  But she was gorgeous.  About 4'11,
100 lbs, pretty face, light skin, blondish hair.  She was very polite,
and talked to me for a minute.  I didn't want to be rude, but wanted to
scope the ladies a little more.  But then I took a good look at her, and
realized she was pretty close to my peak requirements, so I decided not
to chase her off.  We talked for a minute, and I asked her how much.
She said she did a little more than most girls, and preferred older men,
because they take their time.  I knew I had found the right lady for
me.  She said she did a full body massage, and then would fuck my brains
out.  Hard to say no.

I asked her how much, and she said "not much" and we both laughed.  She
said including the room and the rubber, $60.  I knew I could have talked
her down to half that if I had been looking for a in and out deal, but I
wanted a full-service deal, and agreed.  She was a little surprised.
She said she needed $11 up front for the room and the condom, and I gave
her a twenty.  She gave me back my change and I followed her down
several long corridors and up some stairs.  We got to her room, and she
obviously lived there, with pictures of people on the dresser, clothes
and shoes laying around, but it was quite nice for its small size.

She said take your clothes off and lie on the bed.  I did, she stripped
down and got the baby oil, and started rubbing my back.  I noticed she
had baby shoes on the doorknob and a poochy tummy after she took off her
control-tops, so I think she had not been too long past childbirth.  I
was wrong.  She was so tiny and tight, it was hard to get my slightly
larger than average dick in, especially since it wouldn't respond quite
as well as it had that morning (no monumental performance).  She lubbed
me up and tried and tried, but I couldn't get in.  She took off the
condom and tried some more.  Finally it came up enough to stuff in, and
we tried several positions, and when she felt I was about to cum, she
stripped off the rubber and finished me by hand, almost damaging my
gonads for life!

She did the hot washcloth bit, and toweled me all over to get the last
of the oil off, and I gave her even more than she asked.  We had been in
her room over an hour, and she had not complained or hurried me in any
way.  We walked back out and I saw other girls in the corridors that
were eights or even more, so I know there is a lot of action there, and
I will be back.

I told the lady goodbye as we entered the club, and she wanted me to buy
her another drink and watch the show that was in progress (a stripper)
but I was happy just to hit the road.  I went out into the biggest
thunder and rainstorm I have seen in over twenty years...maybe God was a
little concerned with my behavior, but I don't think He really

I was glad I had brought my own car, because I would definitely have
been drenched and probably stuck in the mud at the taxi stand on the
Del Rio side of the border.  I had no trouble driving, even in the heavy
rain, in Acuna, and other drivers were pretty courteous.  Del Rio had
more problems, both with stupid drivers and with flooding, than Acuna.

I had the biggest blast between Crazy Lady and the Hunters' Club that
I've had in quite some time.  Considering my age and my shyness, I think
it was spectacular.

Try it.  You'll like it.

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