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Cincinnati, Ohio

Date: 6-17-2001

Here is a review on Cincinnati, Ohio (Hamilton County). first of all if you don't live here, "don't even try looking." the cops are extremely big on busting "hookers & johns." simply said do not even try. now if you must, then vine st. near liberty is a very hot spot. mostly white girls, at the corners, but a good number of black women. it is a strong area for drug activity. all of this activity draws a lot of cops, and they are heavy and thick. vine street goes north & south, and all along the street are hookers. they are dressed down, so they look like everyone else. it is hard to tell, but they will give you "that look." price range from $20-50, according to the looks of the hooker, and your willingness to spend. alway start at $20, and avoid going higher, unless she is really what you want. ....... now there are some side streets to view, and they have a mix of black & white hookers mainly 5-6 rating, with a very few 7 & 8's. if you see aanything above an 8 and few of the hookers are around her, it is a sting .... beware !!!! now walnut st. in over the rhine area, mcmicken st, elm near mcmicken. all have hookers, and most will look you down. you can also find them around the linn st. area, near the fire station. check out all the side streets. if you are cruising and not a pickey person, then you will find a good selections. they are everywhere, but very unattractive. the she/he's are above liberty on vine street. they look very good, but they are males. they are dressed like you want a hooker to dress. beware !!!! now one last but important thing : the police will hassle you & detain you for any reason if they think you might be looking for hookers. they are rude & crude, so i say don't even look. if you luck up fine, but it is better to be standing outside your car, as they walk by. even in Newport & Covington, KY. just across the river, the action is not good. still, better than Cincy.

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In Vine St in downtown from 14th up to Elder. Left Elder to East McMicken. First Left and back down Walnut to 14th. About 1 square mile. Mostly black--a few good white ones...Vice girl cops can hang on Vine & Liberty. You're better off crossing the river into Covington/Newport --check out Monmouth in Newport & Scott &Madison Ave's in Covington--only 5 minutes from cincy. Good luck

Date: Sun, 22 Dec 1996


Cincy is a hard city though not impossible city to get laid in. First off most of the Escort Services are no touching, just topless dancing, adult conversation, talkin' dirty. etc.

One girl would give me full service, but wanted $500!!! That was too much for me. However, she spend some time with me and did give me the names of a couple services that had some girls who did full service. They are: Rumor Has It, Hailey and Barely Legal, Racquel. Expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $250. Payment can be either credit card or cash. There were a couple of other services, but I can't recall their names.

Be advised that it still will be hit and miss, as some girls move on/change names. Also, some of the Escort Services that are based in Dayton are generally full service.

Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 Subject: update on prostitution in Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is known to be a tough spot to get layed and even the sections on the Kentucky side like Newport and Covington become slower. But there is still hope.

I went on one of these date lines and in order to spot hookers, you have to go into live chat. They are quite smart and make it not to obvious but after a while you can spot them.

When I finally got a phone number they were still very careful and we were just talking to meet for having some fun. When going to their place I was however the luckiest guy in the world.

I had three gilrs to choose from: Alea, 18 years and a 10, Melia, 20 years and a 9 and Anyda, 19 years and an 8. Sex with one girl is $ 100, to a second girl it is $ 140.

I chose having two girls and I did not regret it. First I got a blow job by the first girl, then we went all naked under a blanket and hugged and kissed for while. Then I fucked one girl by kissing and hugging both of them. It was really worth it and I will do it again.

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