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Cicero, Illinois

All of the strip/prostitution joints in Cicero have been shut down.. there is
no indoors activity going on at the moment... There was a sting operation that
began as a street sweep to catch Johns riding around roosevelt, then they
closed the strip places...

Date: Fri, 22 Sep 1995 09:58:41 UTC Just wanted to drop you a line about the Chicago scene. It's going to become harder and harder to find action streetwalker wise in Chicago. The States Attorneys office is handling the process along with the Sheriff's office. The main places to go in Chicago was to Cicero, IL. It is a small Western Suburb of Chicago. It was known as "THE" place to go...But a friend of mine who works for the States Attorney's office informed me that they are going to crack down HARD on the places in Cicero where a man could go. The rumor is someone in the State's Attorney's family who lives in Cicero, IL was approached and now all Hell is breaking loose. One other thing to pass on, is that Cicero, IL DOES NOT cater to African-American men. They have African-American girls there, but they can't even talk to the African-American me. I took a friend of mine from out of town who was looking for action to Cicero, along with my friend from the SA's office {he was our get out of jail free card!!!}. We were in three different places for at least 2-3 hours in each place and none of the women came up to us. We were dressed well, but casual {Dockers, casual shirt, Tommy H, Polo, and Calvin Klein}. Finally one of the girls who followed me to the head, told me that we might as well leave because "we have been told not to even talk to the brothers". They will not let us "service" you guys and it's quite obvious that you are here to spend some cash. I told her that we each had about $300-$450 each to spend on somebody. She was pissed, but I understood and told her thanks for the tip and we would leave. She gave us a lead on some places, but she also warned that it might not be to "cool" from a health standpoint. I thanked her again, got my guys and we left.
Subject: cicero ave Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 12:12:26 UTC About Cicero ave in cicero. I consistently see prostitutes hanging out at the Dunkin donuts. Drive by honk and they will come out, or if you like go in and get them that way. They have been known to stand by the bus stop. I think that they are inside most of the time is because of the cops. One question is cicero ave beter on the south side (39 & Cicero), or on the north side (North ave & Cicero)?
Subject: Cicero Ave. Dinkin Donuts Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 13:17:05 UTC The comments on 4/23/96, about the Dunkin Donuts are right. Thurs. at 3 am two girls were at the Dunkin Donuts counter asking if I wanted a date. The guy sitting at one of the tables was girl no. 2s pimp. To make a long story short, no. 2 was very nice (about 22 and Hispanic and pregnant), we went out in the car, drove 2 blocks away and had sex for $30. Because she was so nice I gave her an extra $10. Her pimp even delivered a rubber to my car window.

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