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Christ Church, New Zealand

The sex industry in Christchurch/New Zealand is alive and
kicking. Best start is to check out the ads in the daily paper "The
Press". Brothels are called "Bathhouses". Some
names are Cat Ballou's, Atami, Jojo's, Femme fatale, Felicity's 140,
Candy, Alamein, Lace, Charlies, Regal, Blondies, Carlton and

All these places operate more or less in the same way: You pay for a
massage and negotiate additional services with the girls directly. The
price includes using the whirlpool, pool billard, sauna and drinks at
the bar. The girls chat with the guests at the bar or join them for a
game of pool, and you can pick the one you like best. Prices are
N.Z. $30 for 30 minutes and N.Z. $60 for 60 minutes massage. There's a
shower in the room. Some girls will already be nude during the
massage. When the payed massage is over, she will ask you whether you
want additional services, and you can order another hour sex for
N.Z. $80.


Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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