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South China

Date: Sat, 24 Aug 1996

My experiences in some of the small towns in southern China have generally been pleasant and very economical. The easiest access to the girls can be had by visiting one of the many "barber shops". Every little city has two or three of them. Even Shenzhen City has a few if you look in the right places. Don't be confused, the ones with glass shop fronts are ligitimate. Its the "barber shops" that dont allow much of a view from outside that you want.

In most of these places, speaking a little Mandarin or Cantonese helps alot but its not absolutely necessary. They will either service you in or you can take one or two back to your hotel. These places also offer a good hair wash and shoulder massage if that amuses you. The rooms used for bonking in these places may not be upto western standards of cleanliness. Also a word of caution if you take a girl back to the hotel. The girls are generally honest, but the hotel staff and local police may not be. There is a risk that you may have to pay more than just the girl. Some people I know recommend not keeping the little lady for more than an hour or two to avoid any trouble with the authorities. The girls usually know when to leave, afterall its her profits at risk.

Prices may differ from place to place. Services at one place I was recently at were as follows:

Hairwash and shoulder massage: US$ 2.50 Massage room 1 hr: US$ 5.00 Tip for full service: US$20.00

For this I was absolutely satisfied by a 20 yr old, pleasant and extremely attractive lady. One of the best values for money I have ever received!!! Another word of caution. Go somewhere else to get a hair cut!!!

Date: Tue, 04 Feb 1997

Here is something about my trip to southern China for your archive. Don't forget to remove my name...

This was around 3/95. I was in a tour group in Yuen Nan province. We were in some small cities (forgot the names), and I got a lot of information from taxi drivers that worked for the travel company...

There was a well known place to find hookers near a lake in a downtown park. I got there after 7pm or so. There were no street lights in that area, so the place was pretty dark. Surrounding areas were lit, so I could see many silhouettes moving around. I was told by the locals that it cost $10us - $20us for straight sex, but the girls spoke no English and very little Mandarin (national language for China). They mainly catered to locals. I didn't see any faces, since it was dark, but I was told that the girls are not good looking.

In a different city, a taxi driver and I went to a night club. There were a few girls sitting on sofas next to the entrance, but it was too dark to see anything. As soon as we sat down, a hostess came and told us we that we should, need and must invite two of those girls. She also said it was around $13us just to sit and talk. Anything else was up to the girls. So we told the hostess to pick out two girls for us. The girls came, sat, talked, ate, drank, smoked, but didn't want to leave with us. I did learn one thing though: every so often, the club turned off all the lights and played slow music. That's when the girls EXPECTED men to touch them. I didn't know that, so they were surprised. May be they thought I was clueless or a cop. In any case, they were average+ looking.

Some other night, the taxi driver drove me to another club. We didn't go in, but the driver knew the manager. I sat in the car. The driver told the manager to get a girl that would come with me for sure. So a girl came and all three of them talked. Then the driver told me it would cost $55us. The girl looked OK standing outside of the car, but actually she was a little chubby I found out later on. We drove to my hotel, but the girl was afraid of the police or the hotel staff, so we went to her place instead. After the taxi driver left, the girl asked for another $30us. Being a stranger in a strange land, I obliged. She didn't like touching, so we just got right to the business. It wasn't very good, since she was not any good at being sexy or making a man horny. No idea how to give a bj.

I also heard about these "haircut shops" and "massage rooms". I heard the massage rooms charges by every 15min for the room. You talk with the girls for service. $60us - $100us total per "massage".

Date: Sun, 05 Apr 98 Subject: items for World sex guide (CHINA)

RE - China Legal matters

Before I went to China in early 1998, I received a Travle Advisory for Visiting PRC (China) courtesy of US Dept of State. From it, I was somewhat leery of sensual alliances with Chinese ladies because of a part that said, "Foreigners have been arrested and fined heavily for having improper relations with a local citizen in their hotel room..."

After being there, my observation is that as long as you are respectful of the lady, do not make her false promises, and do not

give her a reason to have you arrested, nothing serious will happen. Of the cases (involving westerners with Chinese girls) I heard of, the girl got into more trouble than the guy, and that was years ago. Most often, the girl will not want a problem, because she probably can get in trouble, too.

Some hotels have an 11:00 PM curfew on outside visitors. If that is the case, I would recommend following the curfew. But that should not stop romantic interludes during the day.

Early in my trip, I asked a local engineer (who spoke very good English) about getting in trouble for having sex with girls there. He told me "Don't worry about it. The emperor is in Beijing, and it is a long distance from Beijing."

RE - Southern China

My experiences cover some towns in southern China, mainly Changsha, and Beihai. With limited time, and being part of a business tour group, my action was limited to what was available in the hotels (most of which were 5-star rated).

Most hotels offered a health/recreation facility which include massages. But not all massages offered were sensual in nature. One hotel in Guangchou (Canton) gave same-gender massages only (male to male or female to female)--I didn't even try that one.

Normally, the charge for a straight massage is 100 Yuan ($12) for 45 - 55 minutes, with many variations offered. A simple one-hour massage is a very relaxing experience, even with no sensual excitement added. The masseuse usually expects or gets a tip, varying from 30 to 100 Yuan, for a plain massage.

Can you get more than a plain massage? Sure! Here are tips I learned on how to get more:

(1) If private, deluxe or VIP rooms are available, they cost more (200 Yuan), and the girl will usually do more.

(2) If the massage is for two hours, the first hour is usually a thorough body massage, the second hour is devoted to very interesting sensual pleasures, sometimes a very exotic hand job.

(3) If she asks you to take a shower first, she probably will have sex with you if the tip is right.

(4) During, or toward the end of a regular massage, she can be asked if she will do more, either there, or in the room at a different time.

Tips for the girl were always in addition to the regular cost of the room. While, I am no expert on best deals available, here is a ball part figure on tips I paid:

regular massage (one hour) 80 Yuan ($10) two hour massage, girl nude, hand job 200 Yuan ($25) two hours, massage and full service 550 Yuan ($66)

The first time, I assumed I could do what I wanted and pay what tip I wanted, but the girl expected 800 Yuan, when I felt 300 was appropriate. Thus, I recommend asking about the tip for sex before going ahead -- she will probably ask for 800 to 1200 Yuan, but that can be negotiated down to half or less, depending on business, timing, and how the girl likes you. I know very little Chinese, but learned how to use sign language, so we could communicate.

In my opinion, it may help to compliment the girl on something honest. I liked to say "you are a beautiful girl" or "I really like your pretty eyes," but only if I meant it.

Because I got such good attention and respect, I felt the girls

deserved my total respect. I thought most were very professional, friendly, and competent.

The prices in local massage parlors or lower priced hotels were cheaper, but I did not have time to check out important stuff like sanitation, hygiene, security & safety, etc. I would have preferred to get more for less money, but I figured that if what is available in house is safe and relatively affordable, why risk an unknown. I felt totally safe while in my hotels, which was not true on one outing I will report separately.

I will share one experience with Jaling (not her real name). First, I called down to the health/rec center to ask about massage. Language was a real problem. A Chinese friend had translated some key phrases for me on cards so I took my cards down to the center.

I was asked if I like a massage. I said, "yes, what is the price for VIP room?" "268 Yuan." "How about discount?" "OK, for you, it is 200 Yuan for 2 hours." (Actually two 45 - minute periods.) The receptionist gave me a key, and I was met by two male attendants who showed me to a locker with towel, robe, and shorts.

I changed clothes, left my street clothes in the locker, locked it, and proceeded to the VIP room. Showered by myself, dried off, lay down on cot.

Then in walked Jaling, a stunning Oriental beauty, dressed in a uniform similar to what a butler might wear. She asked "Massage, OK?" I said sure. She began with my face, then my head, then neck, back, legs, feet, arms, chest. Very thorough massage. Then she began to probe around my groin. Noticing something inside my shorts waking up, she motioned wondering if it was OK to expose my privates, I said SURE!

So she pulled down my shorts, and began to sensually stimulate me in many ways, both on top and bottom. I reached over to touch her, and she seemed receptive. I then gently removed her jacket, and pulled her blouse out. As I was able to stroke her breasts, my erection escalated. She was very able to work as I continued to

stroke her body. As I was getting more excited, she motioned, wondering if I wanted to go to my room, for some in and out action. I said tomorrow, not tonight. She then took out some oil, and rubbed it over my whole bottom, butt and all. More on my chest. Then lots more stimulation in places that I had never felt before. When she realized I was getting fairly intense, she pulled off her blouse, and rubbed her breasts on my chest as she finished off a fantastic hand job. HUMONGOUS CLIMAX.

We discussed her coming to my room. I asked her to come next day before she was on full duty. She said OK, for 800 Yuan. I offered 300, we agreed on 500 Yuan ($60).

I paid her 200 Yuan, then paid 200 Yuan at the desk for the room.

Next day, I saw a slender figure approaching down the hall, it was Jaling, on schedule, now dressed in blue jeans, a great sight for lecherous eyes. Because of a pending change in my schedule, I held off starting for a bit. Then I asked if she wanted to shower with me. She took off her clothes, I took off mine, and we proceeded to the bathroom to shower. That was a real thrill, being able to soap and lather all of her really sexy body. (Her face was a 9 in my book, her body a 9-1/2, no scars or stretch marks, perfectly proportioned B-size breasts, with nipples that begged attention.) I dried off her body with a towel and she dried me.

Then we went to lie on the bed to hug and caress. When she saw that I was fully aroused, she motioned, wondering if it was OK to put on the condom. I nodded agreement, and she admired my member as she carefully rolled on the condom. Then she gently pulled it up and stroked her body with it, eventually guiding it inside her tight pussy. I allowed her to stay on top, and she showed expertise in several styles---a "squat" with little body contact, to horseback rider style, to full body hug style. It all felt so good, especially being able to hold her sexy body close while her pussy knew what to do for my throbbing shaft.

After my climax, she wiped me off, and gave me a back rub. After a while, I showed her I wanted to show her attention, so she allowed me to behold and caress her whole body from top to bottom. I did lick her in places but did not eat her out. Her slender body was a joy to embrace. I am sure that she would have allowed me more sex but my upcoming appointment dampened my immediate desire. We hugged a lot, she tried to teach me some Chinese works, we laughed a lot, and had a very fun time. Damnit, it had to end so early. I paid her, and she offered to come back again. Leaving the next day did not allow that.

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