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Subject: Re: Beijing, China experiences

>>>Does anyone have any experiences with paid sex in Beijing? Prices, places,

>> I've heard that the Chinese goverment will execute you if they catch
>> you having sex with a Chinese citizen.

Yet another stupid urban legend heard from.

>My information is about 10 years out of date (I lived and taught in China
>in 1984 (appropriate?)) but at that time, the worst thing that could
>happen to an American citizen having sex with a Chinese woman was to be
>expelled.  On the other hand, the Chinese woman had a very good chance of
>getting a bullet in the back of the neck and having her parents getting a
>bill for 3 mao (about $0.13 then).
>Needless to say, I was largely celibate.  I'm good, but not good enough
>to be worth that risk.

I first went to China in 1990. I would say that the above sounds too stupid too
be true, but so much has changed in just 5 years  that this could be correct.
However, several chinese ladies did find me worth the peril. Frankly, if you
have to pay for it in China you are well and truly a loser.

>However, things may have changed.  The Chinese government might just want
>a lever in the trade negotiations (a la Sadam) and you could get your ass
>slung in jail until Clinton reduced the tariff on Chinese widgets.

The above could also be true.

BUT, if you still want to pay for it, stay in any large hotel for foreigners.
Go to the bar, or the disco. The whores are sitting around the bar, and they
expect you to come up to them. For the most part they are not pretty, they
smoke like chimneys, and may not speak good english. You may also find Ruskie
whores, but I don't know where.

You should expect to pay at least 100 USD, or more. This is available in
China, but it's not cheap. Don't expect bj, just a rubber fuck.

Oh, make sure you are at a business hotel, not a tourist place. No whores
there. Any place that caters to Japanese will have them, but you won't be able
to afford the girls.

Date: Mon, 20 Nov 95 18:29:48 +0800 The South China Morning Post, an english newspaper published in Hong Kong, writes on Sat, November 18th, in the China section, that a man was sentenced to death after found guilty for producing pornographic magazines. Other people in producing and selling these magazines were sentenced to prison for 15 months to life.
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 18:55:20 +0800 Subject: china law debate, shanghai Just wanted to add a few things to the Chinese debate, Prostitution is technically illegal in China, everyone knows it. Of course, so is bribing a government official in China, but both practices go on without intervention. Prostitution in China is controlled, there are no streetwalkers at all, all Chinese prostitution is in discos and karaoke places. Cops know about it, they don't do anything. The girls aren't worried about police. If you're white, and you walk in to a karaoke bar or disco, there'll be a group of girls who will basically fight over you. The only people they don't touch are the white students, who they've come to recognize and know that we don't have any money. All these girls want is you to take them to karaoke and sit with you, or sit with you at the bar and you buy them a drink. If you want to fuck them, most of them will. It's like 400 yuan for them to just sit with you, I don't have a clue how much it is to fuck one since I've never tried it, but it's definitely over the US$60 mark. The whores will also sit at bars, all dressed up like sluts, waiting for an unsuspecting (or suspecting) foreigner to come up and buy them a drink. But really, if you're white, and you have to pay for a girl in China, you are a true loser. You can always find good looking to decent looking girls whose life-long dream is to just talk with a foreigner. This is complicated, because you never know who speaks English. Just find a bar or disco popular with Chinese and go there. There will always be just a couple of girls who went out without guys who don't have boyfriends. I met a girl at Tequila Mama's once, that's very popular. As long as you got a room in a hotel or house, you can get them to go home with you. Oh, and I saw that your page said Galaxy has a cover charge, well there's none for foreigners. Just wanted to add that,

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