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Date: Sat, 13 Jul 1996 12:13:49 UTC

CHILE is an interesting sexual journey:

Chilean girls can be extremely attractive, and really are much nicer
to men than the girls in many other countries.  the only place i
prefer to chile is brasil.  the brasilian girls just seem born to sex;
the chilean girls seem born to love which is not the same, but still

There is no age of consent in so far as the man being guilty of a
crime.  there are laws that keep girls under 18 out of any of the
three kinds of places mentioned below, but if you find them elsewhere,
go to it!

the following refers to Santiago, but the same can be said for Vina
del Mar, and i expect the rest of the country as well:

the lowest level is the Sauna, or really a massage parlor.  in the
newspaper: the most notorious are tahiti, hawaii, etc.  they rent the
girls strictly by the hour, and some of the girls like to keep you
talking until you have to buy another hour. they are paraded before
you one by one and you make your selection.  i think they do not have
the best girls.  see the ads in El Mercurio or the other papers

the Cabarets (emmanuel, maeva, and a few more in Los Condes and
Providencia) have many beautiful girls.  the range is from about a 2
to 10.  a few speak some english.  the girls are coperas: they want
you to buy them watered down drinks (don't ever buy champaigne!!) for
which they get paid.  however, if you buy them drinks at a reasonable
pace with many you can touch, kiss, french kiss, touch anywhere,
dance, etc.  if you wish you can take them to a privado or leave with
them, which can be for the night if you work that out ahead of time.
the "salida" in either case can be ridiculously expensive, and then
you have to pay for the girl.  the salida is often $200 and then the
girl wants as much or more.

there are also some cabarets in the centre and if you find a girl you
like there ok, and she may be cheaper.  but be careful where you go
with her.

the "departamentos" are the best (but for a visitor that doesn't speak
spanish the cabarets may be better).  they have the same kind of girl
in terms of prettiness, but in general a higher social class.  these
girls do not want to be known as prostitutes so they usually can look
at the clients before they are presented to be certain that they do
not know the person from another life.  many have other jobs or are
married.  the best apartments function from about 2:00 to 9:00,
although some run all night.  the girls are presented to you either
together or one by one - you choose.  many apartments want you to call
first so that they can get the girls, many of whom use pagers or
cellular phones.  if you see a young girl with either of these you can
figure that she is not a physician.  you can usually get a good girl
for 1-2 hours for $100-200 dollars, or even less at some.  there are
ads in the paper for these too, or ask the doormen at the Hyatt and
the Sheraton.  these apartments can also send girls to the hotels or
arrange private parties at one of the many "motels" in chile where you
rent the place for 3 - 12 hours.

the girls at the cabarets are insistent about using condoms for
intercourse, but i have never had one insist on using latex for oral
sex.  in fact, there is very littly hiv in chile, so the girls in the
apartments may require condoms the first time, but are not insistent
for repeat customers.  in fact, if the girls really thought you were
hiv-positive they would never go to bed with you, so the leap of being
certain you are not is easy.  i suspect this is true everywhere.  good
thing female -> male hiv infection vectoring is rare.  however, every
other vd you know and love (?) is alive and well in chile.  a word to
the wise....

in general, chilean girls are easy, but you MUST have some kind of
introduction.  this makes it hard to pick them up generally, but you
will find some pros or semi-pros in the bars and discos on a street
called Suecia in Providencia.  the discos elsewhere in the city are
very difficult and not worth the time.  Santiago needs a HELP as in
RIO!  as you walk down the street, most chilean girls avoid eye
contact as this has been seen as an invitation to the man that they
are prostitutes.  too bad....

in any case, i cannot wait until i must travel there again!

P.S. many of the streetwalkers are not really girls, so be warned.  my
recommendation is to stay away from them.  there is usually some
reason why they are not working in one of the places above (which
could be that they are too young), the first two kinds of which are
licensed by the police and the girls have health inspections and
cards.  the apartments are clandestine for obvious reasons, and the
best ones do not advertise but have the telephone number passed from
guy to guy.

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