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Chiang Rai, Thailand

Subject: Update on Thailand

Chiang Rai:
Now this is the place to go if you are looking for the real Thailand
adventure. First it way up North and much cooler. Its also smaller and
cleaner. Few bars and the hassles of the bar girls. Great treking from Chiang
Rai. I recommend the Golden Triangle Inn. Fax (053) 713963. They also have a
good restaurant attached to the Inn. Not a bad place. I wouldn't mind
retiring in chiang Rai.

I didn't try to score and smoke while I was there (those days are behind me)
so I don't have any information on that subject. If I had two weeks to spend
in Thailand I would do it this way: 5 Days in Bangkok in the Sukumvit area.
Or for backpackers the Banglumpo area. (Really low budget, but acceptable).
the night train to Chiang Mai for a few days. Then the bus to Chiang Rai for
3-4 days. Next time I am going to try the Southern part of Thailand and will
report on my experiences there.

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