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Cheong Ju, South Korea


The "steam baths" located in "tourist hotels" are money well spent.
Myself and a few friends are stationed here in the republic and were on
official business. We lodged in a tourist hotel in the city of Cheong Ju
for 50,000 won per night. With the Korean economy in turmoil, the won
for dollar exchange rate fluxuates between 1400 to 1800 won. In short,
this means you get nearly twice the won for your buck. Sex that was too
expensive just six months ago is now very affordable, even for us

I asked the manager where I could find a "business woman" in the
vicinity. He shrugged his shoulders and said he couldn't help me. I was
wondering if I had offended him when as I was heading for the elevator,
he rushed over, grabbed my arm and pointed at a sign posted near the
stairwell. "Third floor, steam bath," he indicated. Ok, now I had a
clue. Upstairs, I hooked up with my coworker who showed me a picture of
the steam bath in the hotel brochure. It wasn't at all what I had
envisioned. It looked like a medium sized room with a bathtub and, get
this, a BED? He explained we had hit "pay dirt" as several years ago he
had experienced the pleasures of the steam baths and suggested I try it
out, at least once. Believe me, I didn't need any urging as it had been
a good month since I had any ass - and it wasn't "good" ass to boot!

As I entered the door I was greeted by an attractive Korean agashi
sitting behind a small counter. She didn't speak english, but we worked
out the details. For 120,000 won (at the time about $80) you would spend
one hour in the steam bath with a woman. You weren't allowed to see the
merchandise ahead of time. After paying, I was directed to a vacant
steam room. The desk agashi accompanied me to the room and ran the bath.
Just before leaving I was instructed to remove my clothes, brush my
teeth (they provided the toothbrush) and bathe. I brushed, but decided
against bathing - If I was going to get bathed, my "hostess" was going
to do it. About 10 minutes later, a slender late 20ish agashi with
average looks walked in. She wasn't much on conversation and definately
had an "all business" attitude. She wore a very short sleeveless red
dress and 5 inch tall black open toe sandals. She instructed me to lie
face down on the bed (It had rubber sheets with a towel covered hot
water bottle for a pillow) and began pouring hot water all over me. If I
craned my neck around, I could see her - still fully dressed. Every now
and then I would attempt to grab a handfull, but would be politely
scolded for it (In Korean, of course).

A world class massage ensued; I was still feeling great the next day.
Then she slipped out of her clothes, squirted some fragrant liquid all
over my back and used her body as a sponge, moaning quietly all the
while.  She then rinsed me off, rolled me over, and did the same
treatment to my groin area and chest. Now I could see those erect
nipples and firm body. She stroked me to a full erection with her hands
and rubbed my cock all over her breasts. Then, without warning, she slid
a rubber on my shaft. She then began to negotiate a price for
intercourse. I politely rejected her 50,000 won offer and we quickly
agreed on 30,000 won (at the time about $24). She slid up along side me,
positioned herself for the customary missionary position, and we
proceeded to do the "nasty". I'm about 40, so I like to pace myself; slow
and easy, I was going to get my money's worth! She firmly urged me to
"speed up the stroke" and I reluctantly obliged. She felt very warm and
wet, even through the cheap rubber. I tried to steal a kiss or two but
you guessed it - no go. I orgasmed in about 5 minutes. She pulled the
condom off and exclaimed something in korean about the amount of jizz
present (I filled that puppy up - easy to do in korean condoms - they're
half the size of a Trojan). She gently soaped and rinsed me off again
and allowed me to touch her without objections. Then she directed me to
the tub where I climbed in and she squatted next to me and showered. We
washed each others backs and dried each other off. She instructed me to
get dressed. I helped her back into her dress (I noticed she wore no
panties!) She excused herself for a moment and came back with a beer and
soda. I started on my beer and glanced at a huge clock on the wall. I
still had another 10 minutes to go. She spread a towel on the bed so I
could sit and I requested she join me. For the next 10 minutes I gently
stroked her hair, kissed her shoulders and massaged her back. I got no
objections; I assume she enjoyed the attention.(Believe me, if you're
doing something they don't like - you'll know it).

With time being up, it was time to leave. She was most gracious as I
left, as she spoke to me in english, "My name Miss Kim." I deduced she
desired my repeat patronage. I needed no encouragement as it had been
the best 150,000 won I had spent since my arrival in the R.O.K.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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