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Charlotte, North Carolina

Sexual services in Charlotte can be difficult to find.  There are a
number of very good topless bars, and the phone book has plenty of
escort services, Massage parlors are nowhere to be found.

There are two establishments that suggest they offer Adult
entertainment, but beware.

One is Lady J's Lingerie on South Blvd.  $180 got me a forty five
minute "private modeling session" .  Although the model was quite
attractive, ther was absolutly no contact, and she never took off the

The other place is Total X-perience on Tryon (I think Greensboro has
one as well).  Basically the same deal as Lady J but the model is
topless.  The first time I went there I did get a reasonable handjob,
but they appear to have cut that out as well.  Save your money and try
Alpine Health Club in Salisbury (on I-85) or Sun's in Greensboro.
(Alpine is strictly HJ, but inexpensive and quite pleasent.)

Subject: [ASP] Charlotte N.C. Review Date: Sun, 01 Jun 1997 09:51:04 -0600 I was in Charlotte NC from 5/22 - 5/26. Here is my report. Good Strip joints, nice ladies, daytime crews smaller (5-7 girls) than night (15 - 25) and not as nice looking. Full alchohol bars, $5 table - girls get really close, $20 VIP Lap dances- girls get even closer they touch you, you can touch a little if you're careful about it as they get in trouble with mgt. if caught. Not as much fun as a Memphis Lap (see Memphis Review to be posted later) and I assume not like S.F. or Tampa but I've not been so I'm not sure. O.K. now more ASP pertinent info. Charlotte North Carolina is dead and is a rip-off. I tried contacting Tabitha who works Tri-Cities and has had favorable reviews but could not locate her. I resorted to Yellow Pages (about 25 Escort services listed) . I called Madame Marilyns 335-0033 at 4:30pm I was told I would get "Top-Model" in about 1/2 hour and to have 200 with Driver License on table by phone . Girl finally arrived at 6:00pm. Her name is Carly, 22yo, long hair - brunnette, 5'6", 115 lbs., 34B, nice tan, Face would be a 6-7 if not for slight case of facial herpes. She wore a nice print miniskirt dress and she was carrying this big tacky yellow smiley face plastic purse. If this is thier "top model" I'd hate to see thier average model. Anyway, she collected , checked out D.L., phoned to service, then asked me to get comfortable - I did. She lay next to me, fully clothed, and put on condom and began BJ. This felt good. I began carressing her butt but she kept pulling down her skirt. I thought this odd and asked her to get undressed to which she replied "No - I dont do that". Scam, Scam, Scam. She continued with BJ and alternated to a bad Hand Job. I knew I was not getting what I thought I paid for but I tried to hurry up and finish. As I lay on bed - eyes closed- she asked me "Are you concentrating or sleeping". How rude. She continued alternating with BJ never going long enough to get job done. After a few more minutes she said " hurry up" to which I replied "hey its only been 15 minutes". She said 'Oh its been longer than that and I've got a ride waiting" That's all I could take. I told her to leave and told her I'd post unfavorable review of her and her service on internet for the whole world to see. At first she looked surprised and then pissed as she left. I looked at clock it was 6:16pm what a burn. Oh well, life has a learn as you go policy. This was my first and last experience with an Escort Service. Now I understand the importance of ASP and the need for people to post these reviews. As far as the Charlotte NC street scene, it is pathetic. I've been coming here for last five years for WC race and have never seen anything worth a second look. The only location that I know of is on North Tyron, 5 miles east and west of Sugar Creek and on Sugar Creek south of Tyron to East way and back to Tyron on East way. Also in lot of closed mall behind "Park and Shop" corner of Tyron and Sugar Creek. Day time after 11:00 am I counted about 5 girls all of which were one or a combination of the following; over 35, fat, toothless, crackhead, drunk. No Thankyou. At night I saw no one. I visit Charlotte once per year and would appreciatte any info on good - professional Escort Services or good clean streets. If you have info please post to ASP or email me. If you want to remain anonymous and still want your information to help others you could email it to me and I would post it for you. Remember - always use a condom. Death Sucks. Stay Safe.
Subject: [ASP] review on Charlotte NC Date: Wed, 09 Jul 1997 13:41:35 -0600 some simple reviews on Charlotte NC essential lingera behind club 2000 off old pinville rd. it is linked with one in stone mt. Ga (Atlanta) most of the girls are from Atlanta and stay a week a few local girls work there as well. the girls from Atlanta are the best rates $40 for 30min $60 for hr. i always get 30 never can last a hr. tipping is required at this place min is what you paid up front 40 or 60 min tip is u jack yourself, 20-30 more she will show u what she has real good show, 40 more she will jack you, 60 more total of 100 tip i had got a good lay with her on top. all girls rate above 7 mostly 8 and 9's Stay away from slippery when wet the girls there do not go nude,not even topless just bra and panties.(same one of craig ave. the operate under 2 diffrent names) total experienc is topless only and u jack yourself. lady j's on south blvd if you pay enough she will put on a see thru outfit but still jack yourself i have been there 2 times last time i shelled out 140 tip to see what i could get she was hot looking 8+ i only got a seethru outfit personal services off of tryon st. they also are linked to some place in Atlanta i have been there 2 times first time the girl was so hot looking she made me shoot in about 5-10 min. she was from atlanta and she new how to talk dirty and sexy at the same time she did pull her panies aside and play with herself while i watched. no sex that time. the next visit i paid for 30 min went to the room laid down 80 tip the girl starts off by saying that before some girls were doing stuff that they were not suppose to do. well i thought sex and said oh that did not happen last time, this time the girl did not even get naked left her bra and panties on she said she could not take them off the place did not have a adult permit. well after i finished i said to the woman up front that i felt like i got ripped off because of no nudity she said they should have thier adult permit soon and would give me a free session, well i have not been back i do hear that they do go nude now.
Subject: [ASP] RIPOFF in Charlotte NC Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 10:23:33 -0600 beware of a street hooker name Heather she will rip u off faster than you can blink. i have never picked up a street walker before i do not know why i did this time, she was walking down Wilkinson Blvd at about 2pm picked her up did the are you a cop thing after all that got down to talking about what i wanted to do she said she had a girlfriend that does tricks with her, she talked about how i would fuck her friend doggie style wil she ate her pussy she told me 100 i said 75 she agreed i gave her the money she said that the money would be for sherry her freind and she led me to a place downtown on tryon st a old folks home she said her freind got a apt because she is a nurse for them i parked around back as she said and she would be right back with a parking permit and to make sure sherry did not have a customer which i thought was ok because as i drove up thats what the sign said. well i waited and waited and waited about 30-40 min well she never came back the funny thing about this whole ripoff is the parking lot she has you park in is the same the police use as a substation i saw a bunch of cops that day while i waited. about 2 weeks later i saw her walking again i stopped picked her up and asked her why she did not come back, she said she did i was not there and sherry had a customer with her and she joined in when she opened the door, well the dumb ass that i am i believed her she said she was sorry and wanted to know if i wanted to do the 2 girl thing with sherry i said yes she aske d for 100 i said no you done riped me off once i said this one should be free she said but i owe sherry rent money of 50 bucks i said ok but i would give the money to sherry myself when i saw her, she said ok took me to this daycare place off of clanton rd and s. tryon she said sherry was working here give her the money and she would take it in to her welldumb ass me 50 bucks she went inside and she did come out with a real good looking redhead she got back in the car and said sherry will meet us at the apt. we went back down to the old folks home and told me to park in back a diffrent lot but the sign did say for visitors of XXXX she said she would be right back with the parking sticker well i sat there and sat there and sat there she never did come back i was there maybe 20 min when i see her pull up in a pick up truck with a diffrent guy shit i had been had again. i do not know how long that guy stayed out there but i left hoping to never see her again 100 bucks total i will never pick up a street walker again. i did see her a couple of weeks later same place walking down wilkinson past little rock rd going out of town. i stoped and asked her if she had my money she was stoned out of her head this time i just said fuck you bitch i felt better she is in her late 30's always in blue jeans and t-shirts she has enormous tits long brown hair she is ok to look at but not above 6 i have always seen her walking west bound on wilkinson blvd past little rock rd . down by the dirty book store there are some other girls that work that area anybody know how much a blow job goes for
Subject: [ASP] review Charlotte NC in-call Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 07:51:48 -0600 on 7/14/97 I used a in-call service in Charlotte NC here is the details A perfect ten is the name of service I found thier ad in Gastonia news paper under personals. $125 out call $150 in call I picked in call be prepared to give name address and phone number to the girl that sets it all up,she does call information to double check, also wanted to see my regestration to the car they set me up with a girl her name was Rebbeca, they gave me directions to her apt. near south park mall I found it with a couple of goof ups, Knocked on the door and she answered it she was attractive and in lingerie, we chit chatted awhile she called in to double check all the info we sat on the sofa rubbed each other on the arms and stuff i rub her breasts thru the lingerie. She ask me if I was ready to go upstairs,I said sure, we got up stairs and I started taking my clothes off and she started out of the lingerie, She is about 5' 6" tall about 100-110lbs 35B breasts (I like em small) 36yo she had nice nipples she was skinny but not to skinny. ok we lay down on the bed and to my surprise we started kissing,tounge included she reach down for my cock started rubbing my balls and shaft along with the kissing, my cock got hard quick, I reach down between her legs to find her pussy she spread her legs for me I started rubbing her spreading her open rubbing her clit I geuss the kissing and rubbing turned her on to, her pussy was very wet, she was tight she really like to have her clit rubbed after about 10 min of this, I asked her if she wanted to 69 she said no(some do-most don't) she said lets get some protection she slid the rubber on and got on top and inserted me into her, man she looked good from this angle I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them and rubbed her nipples, after some of this we changed position we tried it doggie-style,we just could not get that to work she was to short or I am to tall just the wrong angle, so we went to regular me on top, this was better she is the type of woman that you do want to look at while doing it, she spread it open and guided me in, I grabed her legs holding them up and began to thrust, she grabed her breasts and began massaging and pinching her nipples, she moaned some started asking me to cum so I started to pump harder and faster. then I blew my load, oover all she was about a 8 face 8 body(small breats) 7 performance she seemed to really enjoy the kissing and pussy rubbing but seemed just ok when it got down to the actual intercorse(maybe she was nervous for the first time seeing me) after we got dressed we went back down stairs and sat and talked for awhile, then the service called her back to make sure evrything o.k. she hung up and we sat around and b.s. for about 30min I WILL BE BACK TO SEE HER
Subject: Re: [ASP] REQ.?? Charlotte NC Lingerie Action Date: 1998/01/10 > I have not been to any Lingirie places lately and was wondering if > anything has changed any updates would be appreciated Well, based on a very recent trip, the only thing that has changed at Lady J's is that 30 min sessions have gone from $40 to $60. I had a session with Alex, a 30-ish blond(not natural). She very politely told me that nudity was not allowed and no contract was allowed. So it's all up to you, if you get my drift. With tips the 'session gets sexier', to use her words, but not much. When I walked in, 3 girls were sitting on a couch. I went with Alex because she was 'up' but I had the feeling I could have gone with one of the others. By the way, Alex says the place has its own web site. I havn't seen it, but I suspect if there are any pics of the girls that it won't let you touch any of them with your mouse pointer! I'm lucky I can maintain a sense of humor about this sort of disappointment. Anyway, 2 thumbs down for Lady J's from me. Tried Essential on Old Pineville Rd first. Of the three girls there, there was none that really turned me on so I left. Didn't get very good vibes from the place. The people I saw seemed really burned out. Well, 1 thumb down for Essential but, based on the reviews from clt34, I'll try again sometime.
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 13:47:47 EST Subject: Charlotte NC, General report on "Lingerie" establishments "Lingerie" establishments in Charlotte, NC I have visited, over the last year or so, all of the most prevalent "Lingerie" establishments in Charlotte (Personal Services, Lady J's, Total experience aka Total Rip Off, Sensations, Essential and classify them all as nothing more than sorry, totally misleading, clip joints! Nothing more and nothing less! They obviously are in the business of preying on unsuspecting out of town business men who are looking to relax a bit while in town. With a few exceptions, they all work on pretty much the same premiss which goes as follows: You pay a rather steep entry price (steep for what you ultimatly get, or rather, do not get) for usually a very attractive, nicely tanned, busty 20 to 30 yo lady who almost always seems to be from out of state "just visiting". You are then taken to a small room by the gal and told to get as comfortable as you like and before leaving the room she advises that tips are appreciated and that the more the tip the better the show etc. and so forth, always dodging or slick talking around direct questions such as how much for this or that, or how much she suggests for the best show or the works. You will generally get an answer something like "We are not allowed to say exactly or discuss such, but I assure you that the better the tip the better and more enjoyable the session." After leaving a tip on the table, (I have left as much as $200) getting undressed and waiting a bit, the lady comes back to the room either wearing a robe or very skimpy bikini swim suit or the like and promptly takes whatever tip you leave on the table, counts it, leaves the room to stash it and returns. She then takes off her robe, if wearing one, to reveal her bikini or very semi revealing lingerie and either dances for you, gives you a body scrub (being careful not to go near your genitals) or doing whatever the chosen establishment advertises up front that they do, and that is ALL they do. They DO NOT even get undressed period the end! Does not matter what you tip, or offer to tip, they still do about the same, never expose themselves and YOU jack YOURSELF off!!! Total ripp every time!!!!! I have even visited a couple of these places 2 or 3 times to see if maybe they wanted to get a feel for me and develop a level of trust before doing more all with the same results. As I said earlier, these places in Charlotte are total Clips joints and should be avoided. Save yourself some time and money and buy a girly magazine and a bottle of hand lotion if you know what I mean. You will get about the same satisfaction and save a couple of hundred dollars and hard feelings to boot! OR!, you might want to take the advice of the person who submitted an earlier report and try a place which is located, depending on traffic about 35 to 45 give or take minutes east of Charlotte on I-85 in Salisbury called Alpine Health Club. It is a very nice establishment which I have visited on numerous occasions for roughly 15 years now. Through the years that I have been familiar with this place it has always been consistent in its service, quality of ladies and cleanliness. To get to Alpine you want to take the Days Inn exit. (I think it is exit 75 or 76 not 100% sure of that) and take the service road just as if you were going to the Days Inn... drive a tad bit past the Days Inn and Alpine will be there on your left. As stated earlier, it is a very nice, very clean establishment, with private parking in the rear. You do not get your choice of ladies here, they alternate customers between themselves, but I can assure you that you will never get an ugly or plain looking lady. They generally score between a 7 to 9 with an occasional 10 and all range in age between about 20 and 28. Besides being attractive, they are always very friendly, well groomed and clean as are the rooms. I have not been to Alpine in several months but the best I remember the prices run around $60. (I think) for what they call a 30-40 minute session, which includes a nude mutual massage as well as a hand relief and nothing more! Not sure why they quote the session as being 30 to 40 minutes as I have always gotten at least 40 minutes the times I have been there. They are not by any means clock watchers and the girls here seem to really enjoy their work! Also, tipping is optional and there is even a sign to the effect posted in each room stating that they ladies are not allowed to solicit tips, but they are permitted and appreciated! It is a bit of a way out of Charlotte but a pleasant change and much less expensive than all those lingerie clip joints in Charlotte.

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