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Charleston, South Carolina

Date: Fri,  3 May 1996 04:10:57 UTC

Charleston, SC -

Out Call - Escort Services provide full service for the $150 - 200 range
and they can be found in the yellow pages.  In the Classified section of
the Post Courier News Paper you can find "Private Dancers" some of which
are escort services.  Best to ask if they provide full service before you
spend the bucks.

In Call - Silk Stockings on lower Meeting Street. The place is small and
dark, but the service is good. Price is $25.00 per song and you pay in
advance. (the songs last about 5 minutes) There are generaly three or
four girls to select from. The ladies range from 6-10. Tipping is
suggested, for right tip, anything is possible (including two ladies at
once). The selection is better after 6:00 PM.

Gentleman's Clubs - The Pink Pussy Cat next door is said to be a place to
get a cheap BJ. The ladies are 4-8.  If you want to look but not touch,
go to Diamonds right up the street. The ladies are 8-10++++ but touching
might get you slammed. Dorchester Road has serveral up near Leads
Avenue. The Hayloft (full of butt ugly women), Silver Slipper 5-10+++,
some dolls after 6:00 and some work afer hours on the side (around $100
for full service), The Firehouse 5-8 range.Also there is a place called
Blue Heaven or something like that (in North Charleston) were you pay
$100 for a private dance, with no contact. The girls are beautiful so if
you do not mind handling your own problems, then this is your place.

Hope this helps your readers that might travel to Charleston....

Subject: south carolina update Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 21:02:58 -0500 Thought you might like a march '97 update on Charleston, SC- Silk Stockings is still in business. They are EXTREMELY forthright now- the only time I went there, the girl I saw ("Peaches," who was blonde, crewcutted, decent-looking and well-shaped) asked me in the private room if the massage I had paid for was "all I was interested in," and then after asking me to touch her pussy (to make sure I wasn't a cop) gave me a price list directly- in addition to the fee to get in the room ($75 for a half-hour), the tip rate was 50 for a blowjob, and 100 for full service. There are rates listed right on the walls for two girls, girl and a movie, etc, etc, as well as some "fantasy setting" (cheerleader, dominatrix, etc). One would assume the tips would stay the same, one tip to each girl for two girl. I dunno. Might find out, tho. :-) I _would_ advise paying in front for the room, and tipping the girl _in_ the room, counting the cash into her hand directly and slowly- Peaches tried to short-count the cash.
Subject: charleston update part 2 Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 21:14:17 -0500 Almost forgot to mention- the Copa on Rivers avenue is a TOTAL ripoff. They'll ask for about $100 just to get you in the door (for an "exotic body massage"), and the one (and ONLY) time I ever went, the girl said that she absolutely could not touch a customer except with a sponge, and would not touch anywhere sexual WITH the sponge. DON'T GO THERE. ======================================================================C Date: 1998/01/16 Charleston: There are several "interesting" places in Chs (or North CHS to be more specific). Take the connector from I-26 (this is 326? 526?) and head for Mt. Pleasant. Get off on Rivers Ave. Head North on Rivers, and just after a grocery store on your right, you will see a suspicious looking place (board fence) which houses an X bookstore. Sorry I forget the exact name and location. Anyway, the X store has a video arcade with unlimited time for one fee. I suppose this is a gay meeting place. They also have a nude dancer (at really odd hours..) who will jack you off if you tip her. The lingerie place is not a typical jack shack. First of all, it really does sell lingerie, and some people actually come it to buy it, and just that. They do have sessions in the back though, and surprisingly domination sessions, which can actually be good if you get a girl who's into it. FS is (sometimes) available; it's very girl dependent. The girls are all white, and generally 5+. You work out prices in the room after paying the room fee up front. Further north on Rivers (crossing Remount) and also on the right is The Copa, which shares a parking lot with another X bookstore. Essentially these are the same business, and the girls move between the two buildings at random. Business at these establishments is conducted on a "song" basis (which I hate), which will be determined by whatever the girl cues up on her boom box. (You get your choice of girls.) Generally the show will start with a nude dance and progress from there (according to how you tip). FS is usually available as are two girl sessions. Annoyingly (to me) they tend to go into BJ mode without condoms, so keep a watch. I think the Copa is mentioned in the WSG as a rip-off. I recall a few years ago they were in rip-off mode (perhaps some local vice crusade?) but they are definitely offering services now. Late update (late Dec): Maybe it's just the holidays, but the Copa & bookstore looked closed.. If instead of going North on Rivers, you go south, you will soon see another X store with a nude dancer (also having strange hours) who will get you off. I'm afraid the girl on tap when I was there was a disappointment. She wasn't that attractive, didn't seem very bright, had a New York accent, and gave a mediocre HJ. Your mileage may vary.. Going further south on Rivers and jinking left onto Meeting street, you should find Amber's Silk Stockings. Watch out for potholes in the parking lot, some of them are killers! There are generally at least 4 girls on duty here, and you get your choice. Most are white, but there is usually at least one black girl. (I had a session with a very smart, attractive black woman there once. She claimed (and I believed her) that she was making summer money to stay in college studying psychology. Bet she got some interesting research material..) Anyway, you choose a girl (or girls) pay the house, and go into a private room where you work out the next fee which varies according to what comes off, and what happens after it does. Pretty much everything is available, including role-playing and domination.
Subject: Charleston SC Update Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 18:57:23 -0500 During the fall North Charleston zoned several Rivers Ave business out of existence. My favorite the Copa/Video Depot is now closed. The owner has said she is just going to run video poker machines now. The reviewer who said that the women in the Hayloft were butt ugly was being kind. The hook there is you have to buy Champaign to go in the back room very expensive. I have not taken them up on the offer. The firehouse is now Ts. I have yet to get to go there when they where doing a show. There are private rooms, but I know no details. Heaven on Earth is now Sweet Nothings. It is on Business Circle off of Ashley Phosphate. I have been there twice. A little of $80 for a 15 minute private show. Nothing was offered beyond the dance. Both times the first thing they did was to say "No touching."

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