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Chapel Hill, North Carolina

North Carolina - Chapel Hill
There is one massage parlor in Chapel Hill named University Massage.  It is
located on Franklin Street about 4 blocks down from UNC campus.  There is
sparse parking, so park at McDonalds and walk over.  You must go to the
back of the building and knock on the door.  When you enter, the girls line
up and you choose your girl.  There is usually 3 to 4 girls working there
all the time.  Most are college girls, trying to make money.  Most of the
girls range in the 6-9 range as they are mostly college girls.  There is
one room upstairs where you come in and 3 downstairs.  All of the rooms
have beds in them.  Some of the girls will fuck and give blowjobs, some
will not.  I have had 5 sessions here and 2 of them I got a fuck and the
other three I could not.  If they carry you downstairs to one of the back
two rooms, you've got a pretty good chance to get a fuck.  Upstairs, no
way.  Prices range from $40 - $60, depending on what you want, with tipping

I don't remember much about the first time I went, just that I couldn't get
the girl to give a blowjob or fuck.  This session was in the upstairs room.

The second time I went I picked this petite itallian looking girl (The name
eludes me).  She was probably all of 90 lbs, soak and wet with a rock in
her pocket.  She had long black hair and dark eyes.  Small tits and ass but
well proportioned to her body.  An overall pleasing package, a high 7 1/2
to 8.  She took me downstairs to the back room and gave me a nice massage
and started stoking me off with baby oil when I flipped over.  I offered
her a tip to fuck, but she would not.  So, I gave her a $20 to let me eat
her pussy.  I ate her pussy for about 30 minutes and she really enjoyed
this, grabbing my hair and pressing my face into her.  She actually came.
After that she finish jacking me off.

On my third visit, I was sadly disappointed.  I picked a very nice looking
girl named Ashley.  She was wearing a bra, jean shorts and hiking boots.
Long, light brown hair, halfway down her back and hazel eyes.  She had to
be around 18, so she had a very tight body, with nice tits and ass, an easy
8, 8 1/2.  She took me to the room upstairs (bad omen) and we both got
comfy.  She really wasn't much of a massager, she just ran her fingers up
and down the body.  I tipped her a $20 and she let me feel her tits, but
other than that she would not do anything else.  No fucking, no fingering,
no eating her pussy, no sucking her tits, no touching her ass, nothing.  I
was pretty pissed, and she got me off really quick with some lotion.

Ronnie was my fourth experience.  A bleach blonde bimbo (you could see her
dark roots showing), pretty ditzy.  Large tits, skinny waste, wide hips,
awsome ass.  She had lots of makeup caked on though, and was trying very
successfully to get that sleazy look.  I payed for a 1-hour session and she
quickly took me downstairs to the back room.  We undressed and I
immediately asked her up front for a fuck with a condom. $80 later I was
set.  I laid back on the bed and she laid on top of me and she started
french kissing me.  I spread her asscheeks apart and starting finger her
cunt, she was sloppy wet in no time.  She flipped over on her back and
guided my head between her legs and she was super wet.  She rolled a condom
on me and we fucked a little while missionary, and ended up doggie style.
She really got off on this and I came hard.  I'm almost positive she would
fuck you without a condom if you wanted.  Go see her, she's good pussy.

My last visit puts me with Denise.  A black girl with the traditional big
black tits and big black ass, but she looked real nice.  I started with a
one hour session with her.  Again downstairs, 2nd room from the back.  I
handed her $80 and asked for a blowjob and a fuck and said she'd glady do
both.  She immediately started sucking my cock, using her teeth alot, very
nice BJ.  I bought an additional 30 minutes, she hooked me up with the
condom and we commenced to fucking.  She ended up on top and riding me till
a came.  The she leaned over and started kissing me and she would not get
up until she was sure every drop of cum was out of my dick.  If you like
black girls, she if well worth it.

Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 20:13:41 -0400 (EDT) Subject: North Carolina...Massage parlors Chapel Hill and Snow Hill Chapel Hill, North Carolina 9/22/97 University Massage This particular establishment, located on Franklin Street, has been pretty much an institution in Chapel Hill for well over 20 years or so BUT has become a TOTAL rip off palace over the last few months.... The first visits I made to university massage back from about 1981 thru about 1986 or 7 were all better than wonderful experiences! Back then there were generally 6 or 7 girls, mostly college gals, to chose from (your choice)... all scored between 8 and 10!.... never had to worry about having to settle for an average or below average looking gal and you NEVER saw a gal over 25 back then... Then in the late 80's up until about the last year give or take, the quality of the ladies there droped for the most part (in all aspects including appearence, mannars, dress etc) with only a about a 50/50 chance of finding a gal who was better than average looking and fewer gals to choose from (usually only 2 or 3) most were over 30 and NO college gals.... never any real dogs but a BIG dissapointment from what they offered in the early and mid 80's.... Well, I tried university out a couple of times about 3 or so months ago and was surprised not to mention very pleased to be greeted by 3 very, very attractive college ladies.... The first gal I saw went by the name of Linda (i think) she was 20, attractive, and a student at UNC studing psychology I believe. She turned out to be not much brighter than a burned out light bulb... not sure how she ever passed the college entrance exam if she even was a student..... after paying $90.00 for a 40 min. session (that's the max they offer in a session and is a bit steep for this area to begin with and especially so as you will see after what happened next) she came to the room wearing a bikini and informed me, after I enquired about her getting more comfortable herself, that It would cost another $100.00 for her to become totally nude, touching her would be another $50.00 a hand job on top of that another $50.00 OR I coul d shell out another $200.00 on top of the $100.00 disrobing fee for full service! Total price NEARLY $400.00 for only 40 mins &full service!? $10.00 per minute? I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!... Even high priced high power attorneys in this area don't even come anywhere close to charging that much! do your math at it works out to nearly $600.00 per hour ALWAYS in the past up until this eppisode the girls were automatically either topless or nude, depending on the session chosen, HJ's and touching were always included in the price (even tho tipping was apprecaited and to a certain degree expected) and anything else never cost much more than $100.00 above and beyond the initial entry fee and generally was negotiable.... After thinking and hoping that maybe this gal, being new and all, was possibly just a bit too stuck on herself and a bit greedy on top of it all, I decided to go back and try another gal at University Massage a few weeks later. She was also a 20 yo college gal at UNC studying business and had just returned from the caribbean, or some tropical destination. This gal had one heck of a set of breasts and a total 10 from head to toe with long dark hair and a GREAT tan... best looking gal i had seen in the place in many many yrs... unfortunatly my scession was practically identical to the one i had had a few weeks earlier with Linda. Fees for undressing and all... This is one place I will never go to again at least until I hear that they have come back down to reality! Better off staying with one of the escort agencies in the area.... I have only been moderatly dissapointed twice out of about 12 or so times I have used the ones in this area over the years. They generally charge $150.00-175.00 for one hour (not 40 mins) and usually all inclusive but they do appreciate a nice tip at the end... MUCH better deal that what university massage charges even if you had to rent a nice hotel room to meet the escort... One bit of advice as to the escort services in the RDU area and that is that they generally lie a bit as to the girls age by about 8 to 10 yrs.... generally works like this... If they tell you the girl is between 18 and 22ish that is generally her age if they quote you 25ish or better add about 8 or 10 yrs... but still for the most part very attractive, I have never been sent one that was much over 35.
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 18:58:58 EST Subject: Chapel Hill, NC- University Massage I have to totally agree with the person who placed a post about University Massage dated 9-22-97. Just as the last person who placed a post here, I too have been pretty much a regular customer for about 17 or 18 yrs. now. Even though the ladies here (actually hustlers is the more appropriate word today) have improved greatly in their looks and much younger than most of what this establishment has had to offer its clients since, as the last contributor said, the early 80's or so they really are into outrageous charges for extras. As the last writer said they now do come to the room fully dressed or maybe dressed down to a bikini swim suit or the like and want extra to show anything... Prices I have been quoted in addition to the room fee of $90. for a 40 minute session ranged from $50. to $100. for disrobing, anywhere from $50. to an extra $80 for a hand job and upwards of additional $200. on top of disrobing fee for sex or BJ. MUCH MORE than just a tad bit over priced for the area. OH! and another thing is that you do not know or have anyway of knowing if the girl will or will not do anything besides a massage or hand job until you pay for the room and get to it! Then if she doesn't do extras its too late bud! your money is gone and you are stuck with the lady you got unless you want to send her away and shell out another $90. to take a chance on another gal. STAY AWAY FROM THIS RIP OFF JOINT!!! Unless, of corse, you have a major desire to get ripped off by a cute, sexy college gal who, ain't too bright except where it comes to knowing how to over charge, not much of a conversationalist, not all that great in the sack from lack of experience and has little or no concern as to if you do or do not enjoy your over priced screw or BJ! The other massage parlors in the RDU area are ok (mostly offer looks on a scale of 5 to 7's with an occasional 9) are more reasonable and do not charge extra to disrobe but do charge extra for more than just a massage and HJ's are never extra at the others in the area I have visited. Or, try one of the local escort services, the ladies there may be for the most part 5 to 10 years older than Universities offerings but are much more reasonable price wise, more fun to be with and in many cases just as attractive!
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 17:15:46 EST Subject: University Massage/ Chapel Hill, NC Having been an occasional customer of University myself over the years. I have to agree totally with the last person who wrote about this establishment... I visited University Massage a couple of times over the last 6 or so months, both times with a different gal, and had pretty much the same results each time as the last writer stated he had. I have visited many massage parlors all up and down the east coast from Mass. to Fla. and all points in between as well as a few in California, Texas and Illinois and have never seen or been with gals who expected customers to shell out what these gals expect you to shell out! I also never have been to a place that had a 4 or 5 tiered pricing structure (ie. It'll cost ya another $100. to get me naked, another $50. if you want to touch me and other $50 if you want me to touch your cock and so much more for a blow job etc. and so on) This on top of a well over inflated, from my experiences all over the country, $90. for a 40 minute session. The 2 most recent girls I saw were young and on the cute side but not very pleasant to be around as they were very hurried and not much in the conversation department. I have had better looking more pleasant ladies of about the same age at other establishments for far less money! The last visit I had at University, last week, was with a gal who went by the name of Evonna. Evonna is a 19 year old blonde, cute, about 5'5", 125 or so pounds with average size breasts (not flat chested but nowhere near the Dolly Partin class either). After getting to the room with her, I very quickly saw it was going to be the same old thing again as with the young lady I saw a few months earlier. Almost as soon as she got in the room with me she, in a very matter of fact fashion, started quoting me the $100. to get her naked routine etc. I told her that what she wanted money wise was a bit out of my price range and that I would settle for a good body massage and a good hand relief. She then gave me a look that was a combination having been highly insulted along with you got to be f*cking crazy to reject me look! She told me she would take nothing less than $80. to, as she so sweetly put it, "make ya shoot ya wad," pretty much in the same fashion that you would expect your mechanic to quote you a price on rotating your tires. She would not budge so I gave her the $80. After she went off for a few seconds to hide her tip she began to massage my back and legs and a very poor excuse for a massage I might add! After about 6 or 7 minuets of this she told me to roll over so she could massage my front side a bit. Well dumb me, not knowing what she had up her sleeve, rolled over onto my back, after doing so she began to smear lotion into my chest for a couple of minuets then without warning she rested her side on my waist to pin me down, then grabbed and began to violently stroke my cock until I shot my load. I asked her to slow down and that I was not ready just yet but she ignored me and kept on till I came and even deliberatly rubbed my very sensitive head, despite my protests, for several seconds after cuming. I looked at the time and saw that we had only used up 15 minuets of the 40 minuet session. I made comment about the time and she said "Hey ya gets what ya pay for!" I said yes but I paid for 40 minuets not 15 and she went on to tell me that she could not be responsible for premature ejaculations. I protested telling her that I tried to get her to stop and that besides how would she expect anybody to hold off when they were being so violently stroked. She then said "So sue me!" I just shook my head and told her that I felt the place had become nothing more than a clip joint and that I had been ripped off as I had just paid $170. for not much of a massage and a very quickie jack off that lasted a total of only 15 minuets not the 40 minuet session time agreed to. She said "hey like I told ya before ya gets what ya pay for I'm da best lady here and if ya want me to be at my best ya got to pay da price!" I saw I was getting nowhere with her so I just shut up put my clothes on and left. She then had the nerve to loudly and proudly say "hope you enjoyed, I did, come back and see me again honey!" as I was walking out the exit. I turned around looked her in the eye and said considering all I seriously doubt it saying it loudly enough for the others in the waiting room to here. Then I walked out the door got in my car and left the place FOR THE LAST TIME!!!! I have no intention of ever visiting this place again!

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