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Casablanca, Morocco

Subject: Morocco/Casablanca

Hi Atta, Please find below some remarks concerning prostitution in Casablanca, Morocco.

I've been there already a couple of times and each time I encountered the same kind of problems ! It's a fact that girls can be found at the disco/night-club of all big hotels. It's also a fact that for 100$ to 150$ you will get this girl for the all night. BUT, BUT, once you have your girl you should go back to your hotel and try to pass the security, I mean: the door-keepers, the manager number one, the manager number two, etc. until the director and each time it's a couple of hundred Dirahm (expect to give about 30$ per person) you have to give to the whole hotel staff and each day. I was in Hotel SAFIR (*****), very near the centre and really it was a rip-off, I gave, per day, more than the cost of the girl, very annoying. In this hotel, the whole staff was quite arrogant and often stopped the girl when she came back from the room and once more asked her money !! TIP: Try to rent an apartment, it will be much easier. Try to find the restaurant "Le BISTRO" in the city center, a lot of girls are available and ready to come with you for about 50 US$ !

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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