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Carson City, Nevada

but decided to skip the mustang ranch because last time I went there the
girls were not all that great and the prices seemed too high.  Carson
City is about 40 miles south of Reno, and so it's only another 20 or 30
minutes farther than mustang.

Deanna at the Kit Kat ranch was great!  Just 18, and eager to learn
anything new.  Her only rules were you can't touch her pussy and you
can't kiss her.  And, she didn't like to do anal.  She charged $130 for
the hour, and it was a full hour and she started it out with a nice
massage.  She was from the Bay area, and I hope they let her come back.
I've noticed that the older and uglier girls don't like the younger cuter
ones, and have a tendency to force them out because the young cute ones
make all the money.  Nevertheless, I have on my last two trips to Carson
City been quite satisfied.

Kit Kat is 6 1/2 miles E of Carson City on Hwy 50.  Turn right on Kit Kat
rd, and there are about 4 places around a parking lot.  There's also a
place off to the left before kit Kat.

Oh yeah, Deanna had a friend named Monica or something like that.  Hope
she's still there.

Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 08:54:08 UTC The best brothels in Nevada are in the small town of Dayton, which is east of Carson City. It's a very small town, so you should have no trouble finding the places (about four or five of them). There's some sort of bar (on hwy 50) at/near the center of town, which is basically where the places are. Ask inside if needed. Enjoy!
Subject: Kit Kat at Carson City, NV Date: 24 Oct 1995 16:57:01 -0400 I had a very pleasant experience at the Kit Kat Club last week - Oct. 17. I recommend Chelsea at Kit Kat #1. The $250 was well worth it.
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 1995 06:52:02 UTC Their are four brothels in the Dayton area (just east of Carson City). The best, in my experience, is the Sagebrush Ranch. The ladies are friendly and there is no heavy-handed hustle or hassle. Personally, I don't like picking ladies out of a lineup, so after the ladies introduce themselves I will politely thank them and take a seat in the parlor/bar. You can relax, have a drink, talk to the ladies and decide which one you might have the best time with. You may be asked if you want to "party" or if you would like a tour of the house's jacuzzis and fantasy rooms, but you will not be pressured. If you are into rating ladies, they run the gamut from 4-9...with an occasional 10. There can be anywhere from 3 to 20 on duty depending on day and time. Prices normally run from about $200 for "half and half"...More if you want to vist the jacuzzi or the fantasy room...Less, sometimes, depending on how busy things are and if the lady finds you pleasant. Don't be afraid to negotiate. (Although most ladies will party with almost anyone, they would rather spend their time with a gentlemen than a drunken jerk and will adjust their prices accordingly.) Blow jobs, hand jobs, etc are also available for less. There actually two sides to the Sagebrush, each with its own girls and parlor/bar. I prefer the orginal Sagebrush over the Sagebrush II, but both sides are well run and comfortable. I consider the Sagebrush a comfortable neighborhood bar with very nice "fringe benefits." (Directions: Go east on HIghway 50. About 1 mile past the Lyon County sign, turn right on Kit Kat Road. There is a sign at the turnoff announcing the Sagebrush, as well as Kitty's and the Kit Kat, two other "guest ranches". The road ends in a cul de sac where the three brothels are located.) I don't know too much about the other brothels in the area. Because the Kit Kat (and the Moonlight Ranch which is located on the other side of Highway 50) don't have parlors/bars, I have not tried there. Kitty's does not have a bar, but it does serve drinks in its parlor and you can take your time. One nice touch here is that you don't get a lineup at the door, but the manager invites you to take a seat on one of several couches in the parlor, asks if you would like a drink and lets you relax a moment before the girls introduce themselves to you. Although I have stopped in several times, I have only partied there once. There are fewer girls, they don't seem as nice and I don't find the atmosphere are upbeat and comfortable as the Sagebrush. (I may have gotten the names of Kitty's and the Kit Kat turned around. The one I described above is the first house on the left side of the cul de sac..the other is next on the left. The Sagebursh is on the right side of the cul de sac.) BTW, I was at the Sagebrush a few months ago and found Amber, Anna, and Denise to be especially nice. (While trying to make the hard decision which lady to party with, be sure to say hello to bartenders Laura and Diane. Diane tells the best jokes around. Also the "housemothers", Ruby and Betty are great. And if you stop by Sagebrush II, Ruby will keep you entertained from behind the bar.) Hope you have fun...I always do!
Subject: Brothels in Carson City & Vegas!! Date: Sun, 10 Dec 1995 09:30:25 UTC Well first of all I have lived in the Reno Lake Tahoe area for about 15 years. I can say that The Houses in Carson City are The Best!!! The only thing is that the Sagebrush #1 has some girls in there that can price you pretty High!! As far as the Moonlight Ranch goes, the new owners as of a couple of years ago have really done the place up nice. They have put in a new bar & they have new & sexier women there who will treat you nice Whooooooo!!!!! Look, I have been going to the Ranches for some time. Let me break it down to you this way. The Sagebrush#1 has girls in there that are fine looking but at times have really attitude. Kit Kat & Kitty's have fallen down in their selection shall we say. The girls at Mustang 1&2 are well like being married to, all they do is Nag & Nag!!! I will say however what everyone is saying about Vegas is true: Those Houses SUCK!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! The trick for me is Carson City. I know the women are going to work me hard for Doe Rae ME! However The advice I can lend is this. Just like in any negotiations in business never let them beat you down! Remember, they want money as bad as you want to get laid!! I have personally negotiated my way to receiveing two times for an hour less than what most whell out for once!! You can do it too: Remember that if they see you walking out the door they see extra $$$$$ they could have now!! Right now as I type this the economy is very slow in surrounding area; best time to get great deals because of no Snow!!! So just think about that during the Holidays!!! I know I WILL!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 19:43:19 UTC Try the Sagebrush Ranch just east of Carson City. Go down the hill from Tahoe on US 50, through Carson and look for the sign at Kit Kat Road just about a mile into Lyons County. There are several brothels there, but the Sagebrush is the best of the bunch. I used to get there whenever I could when I lived in Sacramento. Now is get out there once a year or so and am never disappointed.
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996 06:19:00 UTC Trip Report, Carson City Nevada. Sagebrush Two. Saturday night around 10:00 and the field looked kinda slim. There were about 14 girls working. Their looks ranged from 3-7 with three 9's thrown in for good measure. The problem encountered was one mentioned here before, the better looking ones had attitude problems. There were three of us and one of the group quickly snapped up the only good looking one with a good attitude. She wanted $400 for the works and he settled for $150.00 for a tit fuck and BJ. Our next stop was the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. Now this was what we were looking for. The ladies ranged in apperance from 5-10 and were for the most part all very friendly. The prices of course ranged by lady, but I found a beautiful lady named Jade that treated me right. She wanted $400 for the Jacuzzi Party, but using the advise of your articles, I was able to work her down to $200 for a double shot. She is very smart and beautiful. I highly recommend Jade at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. She will be out of town until August 26, but after that she is all yours. WELL WORTH THE BUCKS. While I was being entertained, another member of our party was treated to a $100. BJ by a very cute Brown haired beauty who's name I did not get ( she was walking around in shorts and a white Bra, about 5'3". She told my friend he could have a 1/2 and 1/2 for the same price, but all he wanted was the BJ. In summary, let me say, do not waste the time going to SageBrush II and go straight to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. The girls look better and are much more accomodating. Thanks to all of you who posted about Carson City before I got there. I used your info to have a very good night. Good Luck!
Date: Monday, 27 January, 1997 14:31 PM Hello Sportsfans, It's been a while since I contributed so here's the latest: The Sagebrush in Carson City, Nevada ------------------------------------ Visited in early December. Unfortunately the quality of girls seems to be in a steady state of decline. With each successive visit the choices become more limited. This seems to be true for both brothels near Vegas and those near Reno. At first I thought this might be a seasonal phenomenon, but I've seen this pattern even during peak season. First let me say that the brothels are now engaging in significant misrepresentation of what girls are actually available. The story I got when I arrived was quite different from what I was told on the phone. Out of the 9 girls (yes, only 9, even though I was told 16 on the phone ) that were available I only saw 6 in the lobby. Out of these 6 only 2 were what one could consider passable. I waited for about an hour to see if the other 3 would turn out ok, but they never made an appearance. I finally settled on one of the passable ones. She turned out to be adequate, but I won't go out of my way to see her again (much higher quality can be had here in Chicago for a lot less). She turned out to be an ex-Orlando escort and lamented over how the law was driving escorts out of Orlando. At least I got some useful info. :-) Since I can't recommend her I won't post a more detailed account (she's late 20s, long straight black hair, fake tits). It is highly unlikely that I will be visiting Nevada brothels any time soon. On my next visit to Vegas or Reno if I don't locate something in the bar I'll save my money for back home. My money is better spent on local independents. Hosenwurm
Subject: Nevada info for the FAQ Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 21:16:35 -0700 Carson City area Sagebrush 1 and 2: Went on a Sunday morning, so the selection was rather reduced. 1 had 6 or 7 ladies, 2 had 2. All were friendly and welcoming. Got an extremely well done, leasurely half-and-half (with a foot massage thrown in for free) for $200 from Bree. She's fairly attractive (6-7) and quite good. She gave me her email address on the way out, but being a gentleman I won't share it without her permission (which I forgot to request). The cost might have been lower, but I figured that haggling might have diminished her attitude. Racially diverse staff, the ladies ranged from 5-8 in both places. Whirlpool, "Fantasy Room" with round or heart-shaped (don't remember) bed and looks like a hotel suite, full-service bar. Just south-east of Carson city. Worth the trip from Reno. Pick up a copy of "The Official Guide to the Best Cat Houses in Nevada" for directions. Kit Kat Ranch, Kitty's Guest Ranch, Moonlight Ranch: Toured and shopped the ladies, but they didn't interest me after seeing the Sagebrush ladies. Much smaller selection, ladies are 3-6 that I saw (but between all 3 places that was about 7 ladies). Again, this was a Sunday morning, so most were recuperating from the previous night.
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 00:29:51 -0800 I was in the Carson City/Reno area a few weeks ago, and stopped by the Sagebrush 1. In spite of other posts, there seemed to be a wide selection (14+ women on a Saturday evening), and most of them rated a 7 or better. M********, a very tall brunette, was a courteous, sensitive, and very pleasurable woman who's company I enjoyed very much. M****** has requested that I keep her anonymity, and works sporadically, so she won't be available all the time. However, she was worth every moment, and every $. Obviously, I had a good time. Services and prices were within the range quoted elsewhere. I'd highly recommend SB1, and M******* in particular. Sorry to make this a high-effort search, but M***** was sufficiently kind and gentile that I'm compelled to respect her wishes. Hopefully, a pending trip to Reno will allow me to sample the other places nearby.

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