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Cardiff, United Kingdom

Date: Mon,  4 Sep 1995 02:53:49 UTC

Predominantly, massage parlours and private massage services operate
in Cardiff. All charge a stlg10 entry fee.

The Health Spa, City Road:- have many ladies to choose from but most
are dissapointing.  There are two shifts, which change around 6pm.
Try calling first and I can recommend Loiuse, a 19 yr old brunette
with big knockers, about 5ft 3in tall, and Samantha, a 26ish yr old
blonde. They are the better ones. Don't recommend any others.

Oasis Health Club:- Has a correction theme room although this is not
advertised. The best and tidiest place of all but without the women
to match.

Cardiff Health Studio, Broadway:- Used to be the best, but a little
run down. Try Cindy, a 5ft 8in slim  blonde or Rhian for domination. She is

Other services are advertised in the local paper, The South Wales
Echo. Many other parlours operate in private flats, many of which are
based in Atlantic Wharf. Don't have much info on these. It's a case
of suck it and see.

Out of Cardiff, try the Paradise Club in Briton Ferry. There is a
38yr old blonde called Denise, who gives mind blowing oral.

Date: Fri, 13 Oct 1995 04:26:41 UTC Additional information with regards to the massage parlours which operate in Cardiff. The Health Spa, City Road, Cardiff. Tel: 01222 465970 ------------------------------------------------------ Entry Fee: stlg10 Cleanliness : average Facilities: sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, 3 massage rooms, video and lounge Choice of Ladies: 3-4 with a shift change around 6pm. Description of some ladies: Louise: about 20 years of age, attractive brunette, 5ft 3in tall, guesstimate measurements 34B-24-35. Probably the best one here, but can be moody and may even rush you. Rating: 6/10 Samantha: a 27 years old blonde 5ft 4in tall, guesstimate measurements 34-24-34. Quite friendly to talk to and can give a reasonable massage. Has a cockney accent. Rating: 5/10 Jessica: at 24 yr old blonde with a big arse. Quite popular since she gives french kissing! Rating: 4/10 This is just a small selection and as you may be aware, the girls change quite frequently. Most girls here are characterless and are just interested in taking your money quickly. General Rating: 5/10 Cardiff Health Studio, Broadway, Cardiff. Tel: 01222 493270 ------------------------------------------------------------ Entry Fee: stlg10 Cleanliness: average Facilities: sauna, steam shower, jacuzzi (out of action), 3 massge rooms, video and lounge Choice of Ladies: 3 each shift Once reputed to the best and possibly first parlour to open. Cindy: a tall 5ft 8in blonde, with guesstimate measurements 34-24-34. Gives a decent massage. Rating: 5/10 Rhian: around 27 yreas of age, Rhian is a brunette, and specialises in domination. Rating: 7/10 These two girls are the better ones, others are below average but you may get a better massge here than Health Spa. General Rating: 5/10 Oasis Health Club: Tel: 01222 493311 ------------------------------------ Entry Fee: stlg10 (stlg20 for correction room) Cleaniliness: Good Facilities: sauna, 4 rooms plus correction room, video. Kira is the mistress here for the correction room, She is in her mid thirties and blonde. Rating: 4/10 Most ladies are below average in appearance here but it is a clean and well managed place. General Rating: 5/10 Pick up the South Wales Echo to see other massage services offered. Outside Cardiff, the Paradise Club (Tel: 01639 823269) in Briton Ferry is a reasonable place to visit with a stlg5 entry fee. Facilities include a sauna and jacuzzi. Make an appointment with the owner, Denise, a voluptuous blonde, who gives a good massage and also full service. Rating: 7/10 In Swansea, visit the Park Lane Health Club opposite the railway station. This place is reasonable clean and has several decent women. Rating: 5/10 Other establishments can be found advertised in the Evening Post.
Subject: cardiff Date: Thu, 15 Feb 1996 16:36:40 UTC Further to Cardiff Health Studio, furthr information on the girls are s follows:- Donna: 20 yr old, takes her time, gives a good sexy massage and takes her time. She is 5ft 2in, slim build brunette. Very good. There are about 20 + girls working her, Take your pick
Subject: Cardiff in the Uk Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1996 03:42:58 -0700 Just an update on Cardiff, South Wales (UK). The area around the 'Custom House' is now regularly patrolled by the police who are keen to warn off any potential 'gentlemen seeking services'. I don't know if the punters are being booked, but they are certainly being stopped and questioned. The entire area is about to undergo massive redevelopment and one suspects that the police activity might be part of a 'respectable image' creation program. If you go there, park your car (for god's sake lock it) and walk.
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 1997 15:44:17 +0000 Subject: Cardiff Massage&Saunas I have recently used several cardiff saunas, here are my views:- AMBASSADOR HEALTH SPA (Formerly Health Spa), City Road, Cardiff. (7/1/97) Very clean with 3 rooms and a sauna and jacuzzi room. I saw Jessica(EX-BLONDZ MASSAGE) who is about 23/34, but not the same one previously mentioned i dont think!, she is Blonde, very slim with big tits, FANTASTIC body!!! She is very frendly and starts with a basic massage which is included in the #10 entry fee, her prices then go from #30 for topless hand relief to #70 for full (Protected of course!) sex although for selected customers/regulars she will reduce prices and she offers a SPECIAL of #80 for everything- this lasts about 3/4 of an hour to an hour and the bonus is you get Protected sex but she gives a fantastic BlowJob WITHOUT A COMDOM to selected (CLEAN) customers she even let me COME IN HER MOUTH!!! but did not swallow, can`t have everything I suppose!!! She loves having her tit`s played with and her niples sucked(THIS MAKES HER CUM!), she is very noisy and tells me that she does the job because she loves it, she will play with herself and make herself cum, for real!! Overall the total visit cost me #80 including entry as she gave me #10 off! and I was in the room with her for well over an hour, she also french kisses, really enthusiastically- you would swear that she was enjoying it as much as you, if not more. Well worth the money, and time if you are in cardiff, visit the Ambassador health studio, on city road, behind the sunbed centre and ask for JESSICA she is wonderfull!!!!!!!!! The Studio (FORMERLY BLONDZ), Woodville Road, Cardiff. (6/1/97) I visited this site regularly when it was BLONDZ, and was where I first met JESSICA, mentioned above. Here the girls range from reasonably attractive to MODEL and are very Horny (***** in M`coys massage guide!) The girls are very frendly and this time i saw SAPHIRE who I haven`t seen before, she said she was new, she was short, about 5ft3``, with small tits and a tiny waist, v.slim, and she had mousey blonde hair The girls in this parlour will do anything, SAPHIRE gave me a fantastic blowjob(with a condom!) whilst playing with herself with a 8" vibrator and looking me straight in the eye, she then licked and sucked my balls whilst she fingered herself and I used the vibrator on her, then we had sex( again with a condom) and to finnish she played with her self right in front of my face with her hands and the vibrator and I came over her Tits, which she then rubbed in! (#70) I have also had a FANTASTIC 2 girl session here with 2 LESBIANS it cost me #75 per girl (SAPHIRE WAS #70) and we were in there for 1 1/2 hours and they did EVERYTHING you could imagine both to me and EACHOTHER including licking each other out, fingering each other, and all the usual sucking and fucking, I came twice over each of their tit`s (A personal preference of mine) and they preceded to rub it into each other it was expensive but worth saving for, but book in advance to ensure that you get 2 specialist Bi girls and you will have a brilliant time. The girls here really love their job, and come second only to the FANTASTIC Jessica, who told me that she may be moving back to The Studio(formerly BLONDZ) where we first encountered each other.
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 18:50:13 -0400 Don't go to the Ambassador Suite in Cardiff. It is a shithole, run down y a group of yourng and old slappers. Anyone venturing into this place, tr not to pick the girl with tattoos on her breast. Shee is downright rude nd useless.
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 11:47:48 +0100 Subject: United Kingdom - Cardiff I found a great place in Cardiff (South Wales). It's a massage parlor called "Madonna" just behind the main railway station on Penarth Road. All services are available and I had a great time with Andrea who is gorgeous, sexy and good fun. Entry is GBP 10, everything else is negotiated with the girls (most expensive is GBP 60). Definately fullest value for money.
Subject: World guide: report on Cardiff (UK) Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 08:06:48 PST Here is my experiences with prostitution in Cardiff (Wales, UK). Tried a few street-workers in the custom house area. The price range are approx. 10-20stp for a BJ (30 without condom), 20-30 straight sex with condom, all this in the car. Some will charge 5 or 10 more for going to their room. As far as the look is concerned, prepare to be disappointed: they range from acceptable to very ugly. The attitude is also VERY variable: I have been insulted by one who I wanted to bargain with, I have been ripped off 40spt by one who promised me sex and blowjob without and finally ended with a fake penetration (she hold my dick in her hand trying to pretend that I was in her) and a pathetic wank with the condom still on. Some good surprises sometimes, though: a old but classy woman who blowed me with great skill until I shot my wad in her mouth. I also had a HUGE busted young (but not minor) girl with a schoolgirl look. We went in a secluded place and I fucked her brains out while she was holding her wonderful tits in front of my face (no condom-free BJ allowed, though). She later told me that she did that because she was a bingo addict (sic) and showed me her house and told me to feel free to knock to get some business again. Another good surprise was Sharon, a has-been beauty (she may have been a beauty but was desperately in need of a dental surgeon). We came to her place and for 40stp she blowed me condomless, sucked my nipples, French-kissed me while massaging my balls like the filthiest porn-star. Then, just like I asked her, she blowed me until I came completely in her mouth and then spit my semen right into my mouth in a wonderful French-kiss. I was extatic ! I just came back to her a few days ago, just to feel again her wonderful tongue running on the tip of my cock (15 for fuck, 30 for BJ without plus french kiss in the car). Conclusion: street workers can be very dirty and very cheap but be prepared to be sometimes ripped-off big time and be assured to fuck no model. After these adventures, I decided to try out massage parlours. As a foreigner with no massage parlours in his home country, I was a little bit shy to try one out. As you will see I did not regret it at all. Naomi (The Studio) [date:July97 ; time: afternoon] First of all I have to say that the Studio is a very well furnished house. I ever had a large room with a very luxurious bathtub and a kind-size bed surrounded by mirrors. It was well lit and a light music was playing. The entry fee is 10stp and is definitely worth it. Naomi is a over than average beauty of black complexion with a pierced belly and small hanging tits. Very friendly. For 60stp, she gave me a massage followed by a fantastic blowjob (with condom). I could see her big red lips running over the tip of my cock and could hear her moans of (faked) delight and various suction noises: it was gorgeous. She wanted 10stp more to go into 69 position so I declined. When I was ready to come, I removed the condom, she lean over the bed and wanked me slowly with her oiled hands until I shot my load on her tits (I was so excited that I even spilled on her ear and hair). No rush, always a smile: Gave her 5stp tip. Before leaving, she showed me the best room for one hour massages: jacuzzi, king-size bed, mirrors, I wish my bedroom was like that ! The next morning I had terrible pains in my back because of the massage. Until this time, I never go through the massage stage but directly to sex. Sasha (The Studio) [date:Nov97 ; time: Tuesday 11pm] On the first glance, the only things that attracted me to Sascha was her big bust and the fact that she was wearing hold-up stockings and high-heeled shoes. She introduced me to the other girls and was very friendly so I decided to take her. Otherwise, she is not very young (easily 30-40) and full-figured on the flappy side. For 60stp (and no entry fee, this time), she revealed her plain figure and full hanging breasts. Then, we caressed each other and allowed me to lick her pussy while she was moaning and sucking my dick. She then allowed me to kiss her and we indulged ourselves in a very passionate sex session. I took her missionary and doggy style, we hugged while kissing deeply before she let me remove my condom and stick my cock between her generously oiled tits. I came there frantically. She tried to bullshit me (I think) about how it was good and how different from others I was, but I suppose she says that to every customers. Anyway I appreciated the effort. I tipped her 10stp. On the door-mat she kissed me on the mouth. Nicole (The Ambassador Suite) [date: Dec97 ; time: Thursday 5pm] Wanted to try the Ambassador suite for a very long time so here I was. The house is pretty small and so the rooms. In the one I tried, there was a large massage table looking like a medical examination table (I missed The Studio). The only good thing was the huge mirror all along the table. Once again 10stp entry fee. There was 4 or 5 girls but decided to follow the rule that lead me to happiness last time: take the girl who answers the door and wears hold-up stockings. Nicole was petite, thin, young, short haired brunette and pretty. I asked for full sex and I gave her 50stp.She undressed and I had the wonderful surprise to discover a ring on each of her nipples. The tits were very tiny but looked wonderful this way. She also had a belly piercing. We chatted a bit on SM and told that she was doing domination, bondage and SM but the fee was 80stp (I decided to make a mental note :-). Then I asked to go straight to the sex preliminaries and we fondled each other. She had a very nice trimmed pussy so I went down on her. After a few minutes she still didn't looked like to be willing to stop me so I continued with the help of one finger. She started to twist her hips and moaned very realistically. So I continued with even more application and more fingers during a long time while rubbing her right nipple with my free hand and playing with the ring. She was now grabbing the towel and was breathing harder and harder. I was so excited by the scene, by her lace-stockinged legs, her fuck-me-shoes and her beautifully erected nipples that I was on the verge of coming straight away on the table. To make a long story short, I wanked her cunt (now very wet) with three fingers and heard her come between her teeth while feeling her vaginal contractions on my fingers. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes, smiled at me and gave me a thumb up while saying "thank you". (I tell you this story in details because I would be really amazed if it was a faked orgasm, and I am not very naive usually). Anyway, all in all, it took me a long time and effort to achieve this. Partly because of the obvious fact that she don't care about this on a first basis and partly because I discovered later on my lips and tongue that she was using (like Sascha, btw) a slight anaestetic lubricant. My lips felt dizzy and unsensitive for hours afterwards and I suppose that she is using that in order to avoid to feel any soreness. Anyway, after this wonderful but demanding experience, I kind of lost my... ahem... concentration, so she started to blow me, and on my demand, did that in the 69 position. I had a wonderful access to her bum so I decided to indulge me in some anilingual activities. During this time, she was sucking my cock with great enthousiasm but with a lack of strength, though. I then took the matters in my own hands and she took the initiative of licking and sucking my balls with even more enthusiasm: Wonderful... I made this moment last as much as possible and when I regained my composure she asked me "You want me to fuck you ?". So she straddled me and fucked my brains out. I was so excited by this firm body in motion, the rings jumping on top of these fully erect nipples, the wonderfully shaped legs tensing in rhythm and the sparkle of filth in her eyes, that I came in a few seconds. She slowed down the pace but didn't stopped and I felt a second climax coming. She continued like that until I regained consciousness and thanked her. She then smiled and kissed me on the forehead. Definitely the best sex I ever had with a prostitute and probably in the top ten of the best sexual experiences I had with anybody in my life. To finish with the awards, if she was faking all the time, she deserves the award of the best acting performance of the year. In the bus, I had a ear-to-ear smile on my face all the way back to my home. I will definitely see her again, one day. After this experience I was happy to be broken because I really felt hooked on her. Fat Blonde (Madonna) [Date: Jan98 ; Time: tuesday around midnight] Continuing my tour of Cardiff massage parlors, I tried the Madonna on Penarth rd. It was very late so when I came in, a lot of the girls were fully clothed like they were on the leave. The girl that opened the door just directed me to a fat but pulpous blonde who looked very friendly. I was a little upset by the fact that I had no other choice but I was in the mood to taste some healthy british beef products (just kidding). Anyway, we went to a very small room and after a little chat we discussed the prices, she looked witty and in a playful mood so I asked for straight sex: 50stp. I asked also if she could wear some lingerie, she agreed and left. When she went back, she apologised for not wearing anything because she couldn't put her hand on any lingerie. She then started to wank me while she was talking to me about just anything. I found this a little bit annoying but she was doing a good job on my balls, so I let her do her way. I asked for a blowjob: 10stp extra. I hate extras, so "No thanks". A few minutes later, she put me a condom on and leant on the massage table (by the way the table was *very* small and even worse looking than in the Ambassador's). I asked if I could eat her pussy: 10stp extra. No thanks again. I went on her and started doing my business. She didn't allowed me to guide myself into her: She did it herself and let her hand stay there to hold the condom. She also grabbed me to plunge deep into her although I like to stay "on the border" for better sensations. All that was becoming really annoying. On top of that, she started to moan and shout in the pathetic attempt to fake enjoyment. This was really too much for me, I was beginning to soften, so I asked her to take her doggy style. Strangely, she had lost her nice sense of humor and was mumbling, now. The doggy thing was even worse: I couldn't see my dick because of her fat buttocks, I couldn't feel anything enjoyable, her back was orange-skinned and ugly and she was shaking and moaning like a mad cow. OK, go back to missionary style. This time she complained about how long I was (only 5 minutes had just elapsed) and that the parlor had to close soon. I came as fast I as could to finish this sad session and left. I didn't asked her name. I'll never come back to this girl or parlor again. Conclusion: to other parlors standards, it was a rip-off. The end.

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