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Caracas, Venezuela

Date: 9 Sep 1995 18:41:39 -0400

It's all legel in Venezuela.  There are several nice bars (houses) in
the business district [of Caracas] next to the Central University.
However , do not go alone and you must speak Spanish.  There is no way
to get it from your hotel.

Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 01:15:41 UTC VENEZUELA (Caracas). Visit La Guacharaca, a cabaret with live fucking on the stage where from time to time customers are invited to join the orgy on the stage. I was so lucky to be there on the right day and I'll never forget it. It's a real paradise. Sorry to contradict you: yes you can phone a girl and have her visit you at your hotel, just read the ads on the main papers, especially El Universal. But it's true they'll take a lot of security measures. It's a violent and unsecure city.
Subject: VENEZUELA Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 19:16:44 -0800 Just spent a week in Caracas, Venezuela. Sex is there in quantity, from street (not recommended) to clubs. Easiest deal is to ask a cab driver, assuming he speaks English. This is the single biggest problem with the city, as NOBODY speaks much English. My friend and I were first taken to Hotel Sava. Not much of a hotel. Has a bar in front. On most nights, after about 9PM, there'll be maybe 15-20 girls of all sizes/ages. Some will readily approach you. Negotiation is the name of the game. The girls MUST drink a minimum of 2 "specials" from the bar at (as I recall) $10 each! Then, the hotel room is about $10. Next comes the "chicky-chicky", and this part seems to be quite adjustable, though you pay little, you'll get little. From my experience, expect to shell out around $60-70. Rooms in the hotel are "reasonably" clean though strictly for sex. The girls were clean, and may or may not use condoms for oral, but always for fucking. Expect up to an hour. Mine was 23, had a good body with shaved pussy. Next trip was to a club called Morrison. A definite step up, though the price of the drinks for the girls is much higher. No hotel, so you take the chicky back to your hotel. Many girls, most good looking. A lot of business guys as clientele. I spotted a work of erotic art (20), and before long we were down to business. Once I got over sticker shock (the bar tab for the girl was $50!!!), I found the girl had to either stay 'til 2AM, and then stay all night in your room, or must return to the bar after a 1 hour scene. On the way back to the hotel in the taxi, my long-legged beauty spread her legs, and put my hand on her pussy. The fun had started. I was bent over a bit with a hard on walking into my hotel. Once in the room, she turned on the full show. Her basic fee was $75. Early on, she encouraged me to stick my finger in her ass. Then, for another $25, she would allow me to fuck her in her ass. HOT. Condoms all the way. Can't wait to go back.
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 21:39:36 -0600 Venezuela - Caracas There is not much action in terms of bars, table dance joints or street hookers - but there are several brothels. The problem is that some of them are dangerous - be careful and don't go alone. There is one place called "el morrison" where you'll find the girl of your dreams. There are only 9.5 & above girls (miss universe - kind) and they cost about US$100 - to US$500. Don't show up to desperate or they will extract every penny you have! Ask for a girl named Veronica - she will wear you down - it seems that she never get's tired!
Date: Sat, 16 May 1998 18:54:15 -0700 (PDT) Subject: Comments about Caracas, Venezuela, May 1998 Can definitely recommend the Hotel Embassy on Avenida Las Acacias just south of Torre Lincoln and the Plaza Venezuela metro stop. There is a whole line of hotels along this strip, most with ground-floor girl bars. An air-con room with double bed & private bath at the Embassy was 11,000 bolivares, or about $21 with the exchange rate then of 535 to the dollar. Rooms are a little smallish, but clean and well kept up, the location's good and you get XXX movies on the TV included, and they have safe deposit boxes. Can be tough to get a room on Friday or Saturday night, though. The Hotel Embassy also had one of the better bars with more and better-looking girls than the average. Overall, though, I'd agree that the bars don't get the best-looking girls. No English is spoken, either, so the scene isn't very accessible to foreigners like in the Philippines or even Thailand (Thai girls will know a lot more English than Venezuelans). Pay phones require CANTV phone cards (available everywhere), as bills are used for even small cash amounts (5 bolivar bill = 1 U.S. cent), if you're thinking about calling escort services. Crime is a concern, especially downtown and near the bus station after 8 p.m. I didn't feel unsafe along Sabana Grande or in Altamira. Still, the police and Guardia Civil often seem to move around more like a military force in a guerilla war than a police force. Not comforting. Some of the concentrations of cheaper short-time hotels or hotels doubling as brothels, such as at Carcel y Monzon block downtown, are in very unsafe areas at night. Note all the bars on doors and windows if you're there during the day. Marriage-minded guys are probably better off using a tour or other service that rounds up the interested senoritas, as they're more a minority here than in countries where it seems like most women might want to marry a westerner. Overall I'd say Caracas isn't worth a special trip if you have skirt-chasing on your mind. But if you're there anyway on business and want to have a go, you can do OK provided you speak some Spanish.

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