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Cancun, Mexico

Date: 06-28-01

First, let me just ay that i'm thrilled to see the world sex guide get back on its feet - it's been entirely too long! my hope is that this site will continue the free, organic, grass roots spirit of the original.

The following review covers the action in Cancun Mexico. It is based on four different trips that I made between 12/98 and 11/00.

Most of the action available to the average tourist in Cancun is through the strip bars there, and a couple of relatively out-of-the-way in-call establishments. there is a little action in or around the old downtown area (Talum Ave), where the locals shop and eat. however, it's real light from what i could tell and i've been told by several people from the area to avoid at all costs. the few i did see were low 3-4s.

There are four well known strip clubs in cancun. two are near the hotel zone, two are around the outskirts of cancun, on the road that leads to the town of Marida. there are one or two less popular strip clubs in the old section of Cancun but I do not recall the names. Neither were that good - a lot of the women were older, a lot of 4s and 5s. Few of the women knew English.

The two main clubs in the hotel zone are "Shampoo" and "Boleros". Both are located on the upper level of an outdoor shopping area right in the hotel zone. If you can find "Daddy Rocks", "Coco Bongos", and the clubs nearby, you're in the right place. Both are noticeably more laid back than the clubs just outside cancun (detailed below). there is also a small door fee; i believe both are around ten dollars or less.

the girls at these two places range from modest looking to very attractive, bordering 9s. the girls here are not as aggressive as the girls at the other clubs. you're pretty much left to enjoy the pace of the dancing (slow) and drink while perhaps a few women will gently come up and say hi every hour or so. the problem with these two places is the cost: i found full service ranged from about $60 (a girl I new from a previous trip) to as much as $350. For $350, I could have done better where I live in the US. Althouh, many of the girls are willing to do and go just about anywhere for the price they quote you. Many will go back to your hotel (more on that later) and some will hang out with you the next day if they have time and if they think you're cool. Since many of the hotels are close to both Shampoo and Boleros, you might just save some cab fare.

Overall, the action at these two clubs is just ok. nothing really special. if you have the money you will be able to hook up with a very hot chica, it's a simple as that. i met one girl at boleros (or maybe it was shampoos) who was hot and had a pretty nice body. she spoke decent english so that also helped. i asked her if she wanted to go out with me for a few drinks one night, after she was off work. she agreed. what followed was a genuinely fun night out on the town with a girl who was providing a great GFE and doing so without asking for a dime. She had the nicest, most J-Lo supple ass in the world and it was held together nicely under some incredibly skin tight jeans, which I spent most of the night staring or grabbing at. Spent hours dancing with her at a place called "Dangers" or "Dangerous" - a combo bar/dance place in the old downtown section of Cancun. Amazing seeing a chica who can *really* dance and doing so with you.

Well, it was too good to last, on the way home (about 8AM) she let me know sex would run me about $350. Fortunately, I didn't have an ounce of energy left in my body or I would have considered. But to me, taking these women outside the club is the best part of the whole deal. It can be a lot of fun, especially if you can speak spanish or she can speak your language.

Club 21/Chilly Willies are the other two clubs that lie just outside the Cancun area; about a 20 minute drive from the hotel zone. Cab fare can run anywhere from $15-$30 each way. Most drivers will take $25/$30 round trip. They will try and talk you into having them wait for you, or go in the club with you. Unless you need a translator, which is kind of a fun experience to try once, don't bother - there are tons of drivers available at all hours just outside and around that area. You'll see more Cancun taxi drivers parked just outside some of these clubs than there are NY cabbies outside of JFK. Seeing a guy together with a driver (especially if you don't look Mexican) immediately puts $$ signs into the eyes of all.

Blackjack is by far my most favorite place. Why? Simply put, economies of scale. Don't like one club? Fine, leave and go next door and see what's doing. Don't like that either? No problem, there are about a dozen clubs all located on the same grounds, in almost a shopping center configuration with an indoor courtyard that seems to always bee in a constant state of construction. Some of the clubs that come to mind at Club 21 are:


The other names are a fog right now. Blackjacks is probably the best in terms of consistency. Katunga can be very good also but has really pushy waiters who will try to take every last dollar from your pocket before you even realize it. They do this primarily through drinks you buy for the ladies, which are somewhere near the $20 range.

Blackjacks is a little more laid back than that. The best looking girls are at these two places. Many seem to be young - 18-25yrs old and come from places like Monterrey, and Vera Cruz. blackjacks actually just put in a website not too long ago: Not the best site in the world but they have the pictures of many of the dancers on the site and supposedly (although i've never tried) you can email each one through the site. They also put up a web cam recently but it never seems to be working and when it does, it's impossible to make anything out.

Many of the girls will be all over you as soon as they see you're not mexican. if you're from america or europe, you must be wealthy - that's the mindset. realtively speaking, you probably *are* wealthy, compared to the living standards of many of these women, who are put up in rent-free or low-rent apartments in groups of up to a half dozen or more. I know this because i've been to one of them. it's fairly easy to separte which girls are money hungry and which actually seem to have a balance between wanting to make money and wanting to have a good time and meet some nice guys. again, in my opinion, one of the best things about hooking up with a girl from one of these places is getting them to go party with you back at your hotel, and then actually going out with them to perhaps dinner or one of the clubs in the area. better yet, a trip to one of the myan ruins or a bull fight with one of these hot chicas can be a really, really fun trip. it sure beats travelling alone, that's for sure.

The girls i've had from club 21 will usually do full service for about $120-150 but that's after you pay the club their $50 cut. if you can get laid at these places for under $150 total, you've done well. the later on in the night you go, the better your chances of landing something fine for less money, that's when the crowds thin out and they are looking to make some money before they leave. the real goal, if you can swing it, is to arrange to meet the girl after she leaves and avoid paying the $50 to the club. That usually means about 4am or later. from there, you and her usually grab a taxi back to your hotel and typically, depending on the hotel, you either just walk on through because the security is lax, walk on through with a couple of funny looks (the security knows what's going on but they don't care) or more commonly, you will be approached by a security guard. Don't worry, 99% of them can be greased for about $10. I've done that at the Hyatt Cancun Caribbe for one. I've also stayed at the Marriot Magna Carta (an even more upscale place) and just breezed through -nobody at the front door at 5am. in my opinion, combining an evening of sex, in the comfort of your hotel room, with one of these lovely chicas, followed by a day at the beach the next day, is the ultimate in paid sex experiences one can have in Cancun. Very few will expect to be paid for their *time*, although it did happen once to me (the girl was a very high class escort type who thought she was hot shit because her parents were from Italy or Spain or something.) you can sometimes find a few gems at some of the smaller clubs at plaza 21 (club 21). Climax is one place where at least one of the girls there turned out to be really great looking and very intelligent. We toured the town the following day and she went out of her way to take me to the best seafood restaurant in cancun - the ones that all the locals rave about. sure enough, it was great.

In general, don't use credit cards at any of these clubs. take it as a backup but that's all. you can really lose your shirt in these places if you get carried away. and disputing a charge with these guys from your home turf isn't going to be fun. in general, these clubs all slap on about a $50 service charge for using the card and they seem to be very limited as to which cards to take. There are ATM machines scattered all over the Cancun area, use them, they are a better bet. It's also a good way for you to realize how much money you're spending at these places. One could *easily* go through $150/day at these clubs and that's with *no* sex. You have to account for the taxi ride ($30 round trip), the small cover charge at *some* of these Club 21 places, 5 or 6 beers ($30), a coule lap dances ($30) and the one or two dancers who manager to cajole you into buying one drink for them ($20x2). Boom, you just laid out almost $150 an you're just getting started! Ouch!

Now, try imagining becoming very intersted in a couple dancers there (who have been fucking your brains out for the better part of a week) and spending almost six or seven nights out of your ten day trip at the club - adds up. This is expensive folks, it's tough but try and make plans with a chica or two to meet outside the club on their off nights.

They'll usually be much more relaxed and rested and you can have as much if not more fun for less. An ounce of kindness goes a long way with the Mexican people, especially so for these working girls, many of whom are supporting kids and/or families where they come from.

Chilly Willies is the club that it seems everybody in Cancun knows about, from the taxi driver, to the bank tellers, to the hotel managment to the police. the club is as much a part of the character of cancun as many of the other classic attractions in the area. Located near Club 21 (about 1-2 miles further down the road), the club is sticks out with its cone shaped roof that looks like it's made out of thatch. Inside, the club has a roundish, tent shaped feeling to it, with that huge ceiling and little plastic white talbes and chairs scattered around a fairly tine dance stage, located in the front-middle. the bar is located behind the seating. on the far side of the club is an open doorway that leads out to an outdoors area where there are many small and well kept bungalos for the girls to do their business. there is an atmosphere of professionalism and concern for both the satisfaction of the clients and the safety and welfare of the women. it's quite a little sight to behold if you've never been outside the US. A little booth is right outside, where you hand a lady a ticket in excange for clean towels. after that, you follow a little dirt path until you get to your bungalo, which was surprisingly well kept and clean, if a bit dim (red-light) and unfortunately, no hot water. but as a rule, i rarely take a shower outside of my hotel room because I don't like to let the girl out of my site, just in case... Chilly Willies used to charge about $50 to take a girl to the back and the girls would normally go for about $120. That was in 98. The last time I went, I was dissapointed to see that things had changed. Now, there is an mandatory open-bar charge that was somewhere around $60, i think but i can't recall exactly. i don't really drink that much so for me, this wasn't worth it. The girls seem to be asking for more, too. I think $150-180 is probably more average, but it depends (of course) on the girl. $130 can probably still get you what you want with many of the girls - think about it, no girl is gonna pass up good, hard-earned money like $130 because you wouldn't kick in another $20. the good news though is that chilly willies has felt the competitive heat from Club 21 for a while now and is actively trying to get customers in through competing anyway they can. Some of the girls at Chilly Willies actually stand or walk along the highway/road right ouside the entrance to Chilly Willies, looking to get picked up and make a few more bucks. There is a sall motel that is one of those drive-in types (you drive in, pay the $25, drive up to the garage entrace of your room and park. the room is on the other side of the garage. So, this can be a very cheap way of hooking up with some street action outside the clubs.

Saftey Issues

In general, Cancun is very safe. The police and the mexican army is feared by many locals, and for good reason. Corruption at the all levels is still everywhere in Mexico. But nobody wants trouble there and most people you talk to are extremely friendly. They realize their economy is dependent on tourism and they are some of the most friendly people i've come across in my travels. Unlike other parts of the world, and even other parts of Mexico, locals in Cancun are pretty laid back.

From what I've been told by numerous sources both in Cancun and here in the US, the Mexican gov't is fairly strict on making sure all prostitutes (including dancers at the above mentioned clubs) have healh inspecation cards which are date stamped by health officials after health checkup visits. The penalty in Mexico for being a sex worker without the card is pretty severe, including jail time as possible penalties. The clubs are pretty strict about hiring only those women who are carry proper and up-to-date health card documentation. the dancers usually get tested for hiv every couple weeks or every month. hiv levels in mexico have been relatively low, although studies show that this may be slowly changing for the worse. In general, hiv among working girls in Mexico is low. Of course, a condom should be worn at all times. It only takes one freak accident to ruin your life. Unfortunately, not all of the girls in Cancun are educated, some seem a bit naive or too trustworthy and may be willing to provide bareback full service. Make sure you have condoms at all times. Mexican condoms, in my opinion, are inferior to more popular western brands (i.e. Durex, Trojan) but all the major brands are available in Cancun. i've had several local condom brands break on me for no good reason. play safe and watch your funds and you will have one of the best times in mexico.

Subject: Cancun, Mexico

Watch out down in Cancun!!! There were two places that my brother and I went to and we were "less than impressed". 1) Chilly Willie's - had a nice selection of non-Mexican women, but.....$50 (American) to get a cab to go there and $10 to get in the door, beers are a total rip off and the girls think they can charge $100 for 30 minutes!!! So, you are looking at @ least $160 to get anything there. 2) Club Veinte Uno (Club 21) same as Chilly Willie's but a bit cheaper with uglier women, many who don't care about condoms or hygiene. Best bet....go downtown and hang at a 'locals' bar. YOU SHOULD be able to speak Spanish. Find a hot women and buy her a drink or two (send her over a glass of wine). Tell her you are not married (many Mexican women are looking to marry American men to get into the US). I picked up a hot-hot Mexican chick (looked *exactly* like Maria Conchita Alonsa) by buying her one glass of wine and feeding her a ton of bullshit (e.g. I am a single American millionaire....American women just don't understand....etc.). I brought her back to the Melia Turqesa (a very $$$ hotel where I was staying) and she did it all to me ALL NIGHT. She gave me her address (I promised to write <grin>). Good luck in Mexico and as you shouldn't drink the water, don't lick the pussy. Cheers:)

Date: 01-29-1996   Subject: Cancun/Chilly Willy's

My friends and I were in Cancun early Jan. 1996 and visited Chilly Willy's. There is a "show" every two or three hours were all the girls of choice basically show there wares in the traditional topless dancing format. The total for the cab ride was forty dollars plus tip. There was a thirty dollar cover charge to get into the club which covered all you can drink beverages(XX cerveza, So if you stay there long enough you get your money's worth). After the show, you can purchase a table dance ticket for seven dollars for the girl of your choice. If only table dances here in the states were this good and this cheap!! You then can negotiate to go to the back room. The majority of girls there didn't speak english but they did understand money. Started at $120 and negotiated for $100. This doesn't necessarily guarantee you a certain amount of time, only until you cum, so floor play is recommended. Also found out later through our cab driver that you can visit the place to choose your girl and then have them visit you at your hotel for a cheaper rate of $80 (no money goes to the house) and you are guaranteed an hour. Hopefully this information will be helpfull in helping to keep this very important web site current.

Date: 04-14-1996   Subject: Cancun/ Chilly Willies

I have been to this place 3 times. 1990, 1993, and 1995. Last Year was definitely the LAST time I will go there again. It is nothing but a "Ripoff". The 1st time I went in 1990 was just to check things out. In 1993, the cost was $30. US for a cab(round trip), $30.US cover, $100. US for girl and $30.US for the room. The girl was quite un-cooperative and said my dick was too big. Unfortunately I walked out of there that night with A.S.B.(acute seminal backup). In 1995 I had a different girl, and she was cooperative to a point. But I think the people that run Chilly's tell their girls, that If the condom breaks; No more sex. I was not going to get ripped off a second time though HA HA. The girl offered to give me a hand job, but had the "Mexican Death Grip" around my cock. I then told her to get into perro position(DOG) and fucked her in the crack of her ass. Mind you when I came, I shot all over her back, including the side of her face. She was very upset! Oh well I have had better luck with the putas at the Pacific Resorts(Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta). And I will post a report after my trip, this June.

Date: 04-07-1996   Subject: CHILI WILLY near CANCUN, MEXICO

The reports keep cumming in! THE place for Mexican prostitution (legal) is Chili Willy near Cancun, Mexico.

Two friends of mine went there one evening...and ended up going back for two more nights of fun.


U.S.$30.00 "membership fee" at the door buys you all the drinks you care to swallow, plus a good look at the lovely ladies.

Straight one-shot "cuntfuck" $120.00 No haggling. The price is fixed. Don't expect oral or anal...(some girls will give oral as a warm-up, but none will do anal. Period.) CONDOMS are fact, "double wrapping" is required.

QUALITY: TOP NOTCH The women are reportedly very young (legal, but young looking); most are very, very pretty. The cabanas (where the sex takes place) are clean, with private showers.

Apparently this is Cancun's proof to anti-prostitutionists in the Mexican government that prostitution can be clean, safe, friendly and professional; that it can provide women with top earnings at minimum risk.

Notice the evening at Chili Willy will set you back at least U.S.$150.00 (not including the cab ride from Cancun...if you get gouged, you'll pay $50.00 for the trip out...and around $20.00 for the return trip. Keep in mind however that this is Mexico's "showcase" legal brothel. You'll enjoy yourself in a clean, friendly, fun environment where the cerveza (beer) is cold and las mujeres (the women) are smokin' HOT.

Enjoy....and let me hear from anyone who LOVES "south of the border sex to order!"

Date: 03-29-1997   Subject: Chilly Willys Cancun, Mexico

I visted Chilly Willys in March are the details.

Cab Ride....first night $40 plus tip round trip ....second night $50 plus tip round trip so it just depends on your cabbie Cover ....$30 at the door all you can drink XX the girls might want you to buy them a drink(optional) $5 The go to the cabanas in back $120 flat rate which includes a rub down, blow job and a fuck. ....The first night the girl was about a 9 and fucked REALLY good. She could speak english which is recommended. I got a blow job and fuck her. Then she gave me a run down started sucking my dick again..I fucked her again and then came in her mouth. I was back there 45 minutes to an hour. ....The second night was not as good. The girl was a 7 or so and fucked ok. She gave me a blow job danced around and I fucked her. One shot was it and she was done. I was back there 30 minutes at most. Overall.....I would recommend it both nights afterward you get a shower and they wash your cock. As a tip take your time in choosing a girl, most of them are very pretty but some are not so hot. And lastly try to find one that speaks some english which I found to be a BIG plus.

Date: 08-18-1997   Subject: COMPLETE CANCUN MEXICO REPORT!

Here it is folks! The COMPLETE report from my past week in Cancun. Whores-de-houvres Mexican style! One thing I forgot to mention in the report: My favorite puta at Chilly Willy's told me that their services are very much enjoyed by a number of married couples. Sometimes it's the wife who wants to try a bi- sexual thing... other times the man is greedy for a 3-way and the wife consents just to shut him up! <GRIN>

Hope the information herein proves to be useful. Play safe, pay well, and support your local prostitute!

We just returned from a week in Cancun, and I have much useful information on the prostitution scene there. We learned of 3 incall (houses) and one outcall (escort) services in Cancun, although we only patronized one of the three. I will presume that the other information I have is correct, as I got it from taxi drivers, prostitutes who worked at Chilly Willy's (the house we visited) and a woman who once worked as a prostitute in Cancun. Chilly Willy's is the house we visited. US$30.00 at the door gets you virtually unlimited "domestic" drinks (tequila, rum, Mexican beer and wine). There are two "striptease" shows daily, one at 3:00 p.m. and the other at 11:00. All the women who dance are available for sex, but not all the whores who work there participate in the dance show. Full-nudity lap dances are available for US$10.00... a lovely dry-hump/petting session can happen right at your table! US$120.00 (firm, no haggling) gets you the services of the woman of your choice. We were there twice, and I used the same woman both nights, a lovely, busty 28- year old named Yvonne (presumably NOT her real name). She told me that all the women there will give massage, handjobs and straight sex, most will do oral (blowjob) at least as a warmup, but very few will do anal. Those who do will only do it for "special" customers (frequent repeat clients, very wealthy/big tipper types). Two and even three girl parties are available, but are expensive. Sex takes place behind the main club in sparsely- furnished but immculately clean "cabanas." The one I was in (both nights) was #18; it had a small shower/sink/toilet room, a pallet bed (futon) and a dresser and mirror. I felt both very secure and very comfortable at Chilly Willy's, but each night (including cab ride to and from the hotel zone) cost just over US$200.00. Condoms, by the way are mandatory, although the woman I was with offered both handjob and blowjob without condom. She was good natured, fun, had a pleasant sense of humor. She was enthusiastic about the sex but not particularly skilled. All in all, I'd say that Chilly Willy's is a great tourist spot, especially if one has had little or no experience with bordellos. Security for both workers and clients is a high priority, as is cleanliness and a relaxed atmosphere. One problem: If the club is busy, you'll be expected to finish your business in 30 minutes; there is a high demand for the cabanas when things really get swinging. The nights I was there, the club was not terribly busy, and I got an hour both nights, including a shower (she bathed me) afterwards. Very nice. The cab driver we had told us that Chilly Willy's is owned and operated by the Mexican government. The women who work there take real pride in their profession and its earnings; most Willy girls earn between US$100.00 - 200 per night (compared to most Mexican service workers who earn US$7.00 - 10.00 / day. Tipping is NOT required; Chilly Willy's has a "one price" policy, however, buying the ladies a drink or two (at US$3.50 each) is considered a sign of friendliness. I treated my Willy girl as if she was a date; I was respectful, tried to be funny and charming, and tried to be a caring lover. My efforts were indeed appreciated, if the service I received was any indication. A warning here is in order: Chilly Willy's DOES accept credit cards! BUT, the same sex that you'll buy for US$120.00 will cost you $170.00 if you use your Visa, American Express or MasterCard. The management offers neither apology nor explanation for the $50.00 surcharge… but it's a guaranteed money maker for the club. Keep in mind that most tourists have heard horror stories of robbery and assault, and most choose to carry very little cash. The management of Chilly Willy's is trading on paranoia here. Don't fall for it; the Chilly Willy's office will happily accept travelers' cheques for the sexual services. In the case of your AmEx card… leave home without it if you're going to Chilly Willy's.Another warning: The cab driver will offer (for a fee) to wait for you while you spend time at Chilly Willy's, BlackJack or any other place you care to go. This gets expensive and is unnecessary, as there are always cabs waiting outside the bordellos. In fact, most of the girls go home to their apartments in the city center via taxi… if nothing else, ask to share a ride with the lady with whom you spent the evening. We chose to have the taxi wait for us; the total was US$100.00.

Also available in Cancun (same policies, same price range) is BlackJack, a newer club closer to the airport. Although not as popular as Chilly Willy's, and although smaller, BlackJack is getting a good reputation from whore- dogs like me! The women at Chilly Willy's are virtually all Mexican or Central American; BlackJack features a few European ladies and one Asian (who we were told stays VERY busy). No reports about cleanliness, etc. however their price (including the cover charge and open bar policy) is the same...US$120.00 regardless of the sex you want from a single girl.

A fun alternative to the houses is Shampoo, a massage service located near the Convention Center in the Hotel Zone. Shampoo offers "full service" incall for around $120.00, but a Shampoo girl will visit your hotel room for $200.00 for a two- hour romp. Again, the sexual acts you will be permitted to perform with the lady are completely up to her, but all (I was told) do massage, handjobs and straight sex. Most will also do very good oral, and MANY will do anal for an additional tip. Again, condoms will probably be mandatory for all but handjobs. The Shampoo women are reported to be the loveliest prostitutes in Cancun. We never tried the service, because we learned about it after our "whore budget" had been spent, but I intend to try it the next time I go to Cancun.

By the way, Chilly Willy's and Shampoo both have ads in the Yellow Pages. BlackJack does not (it's still too new). Look under Night Clubs and Massage (An index in English can be found at the front of the yellow pages).

Mr. Loco's is a "clandestine" nightclub hidden away in a condemned (!) hotel. On the Avenida Yaxchtilan downtown stands the old and supposedly abandoned Hotel Yaxchtilan. The side door to the lobby reveals a number of "putos," transvestite prostitutes lounging around. Go past them to a short flight of stairs down to the hotel's swimming pool, where you will be greeted by a doorman and charged a 20 peso (about US$4) cover charge. You will be led around the cracking and empty swimming pool, the area dimly illuminated by torches (careful - watch your footing here) and to a longer staircase. Down the staircase and WHAM! Club MTV! Video monitors line the walls of a small mirrored room, the music is loud, the drinks are served by teenage girls in lingerie. The prostitutes here are very forward, some were VERY young and most were at least passably pretty (the one who hit on me was GORGEOUS - 5'9" tall, slender, long wavy black hair to her waist, legs-up-to-here and perfect (silicone?) breasts. Offeredc price is anywhere from US$50-150 depending on the sex desired. Sex is SUPPOSED to take place in the dilapidated hotel rooms above (40 pesos for a half hour), but the girls will usually come to your hotel room for 50% additional plus cab fare back to the club. Interesting note: Mr. Loco's is supposedly owned by Cancun's President of the Municipality (mayor)! That may explain why it was open on a Sunday night, when all bars which do not serve food or which have nude dancers are supposed to be closed by law.


1. Most Mexicans can't afford to go to prostitutes in the above- mentioned places. Therefore, these tend to all have the feeling of "tourist traps." However, as tourist places, they tend to be more secure than other Mexican brothels (e.g. Boys' Town in Nuevo Laredo, the red light district in Tijuana, etc. They are more expensive than other places, and safer.

2. All Mexican prostitutes are required by law to have a Tarjeta de Salud (Health Card) updated weekly, usually on Wednesdays. The checkup is paid for by the prostitute and is expensive; don't PRESUME that just because it's the law that she'll (or he'll) have a current card. Ask to see it.

3. Speaking Spanish and knowing about Mexican custom is a very good idea. I feel that I had more fun and that the whole situation was more comfortable, because I am fluent in Spanish and know how to treat a Mexican lady. And I do say "lady;" keeping in mind that these women are at the top of the service- industry earnings ladder.

4. Although legal, prostitution is still frowned upon by many. Taxi drivers, bartenders, hotel doormen and bellboys, even cops are good sources for information...walking up to a housewife who is shopping with her kids in tow and asking for directions to the nearest whorehouse will probably get you arrested.

5. If you haven't learned how to enjoy sex while wearing a condom, either learn or limit yourself to handjobs (not bad at all). Don't get it into your head that one sexual act is "worth more" than another. Enjoy the lady for whom she is and for what she can do for you. And if you have something to prove, do it elsewhere. Bordellos are supposed to be centers of relaxation and fun; amusement parks for horny grownups....nothing more, nothing less.

6. Don't expect a date with your favorite puta outside the bordello. It can happen, but rarely does. No offense... she has emotions too and probably doesn't want to get involved and probably hurt by falling in love with you. In other words, see rules above. This is supposed to be like a carnal carnival ride, not romance. Even if you treat her as a date (which you SHOULD!), it isn't one...and love will not follow.

I hope all this stuff helps. Let me know what YOU learn in Cancun! Mucha suerte (Much luck) and have fun!

Date: 06-18-1997   Subject: CANCUN

Thanks for all your good work. Pancho Villa says while in Cancun an alternative to Chilly Willy's would be Casablanca downtown. The place is dark and drinks are expensive but it pays to hang out for a while to find a girl you might really like. I met a sexy mother of two who started out asking for $150 dollars but quickly negotiated down to $100. Beware that the hotel down the street that the girls use is a total flee bag dive and if I had it to do over again I would spring for a $30 dollar room at a cleaner place downtown or ask the girl back to my own hotel, if possible. Anyway once we got to the room she delivered as promised with lots of foreplay and oral. Totally unhurried and relaxed. The second time she sucked me to get me nice and hard and then proceeded to talk dirty to me in spanish it was awesome as she mounted me and it was good to the last drop. So speak a little spanish and be prepared to spend a few bucks but check out Casablanca if you think Chilly willis a ripoff.

Date: 07-18-1997   Subject: Cancun Trip

After seeing the post regarding Cancun, I thought I would offer a little insight on some of the other locations. Yes, Chilly Willy?s is great place to find gorgeous women. But, they are not definitely the only place. A place that I would rank just as good, if not better, is Casa Blanca.

There is a continuos show all night long. There appears to be approximately 15 dancers and about another 15 women waiting for left overs. You can take any of these women out for a short time - this varies between $60.00-$100.00...if your spanish is adequate you can negotiate an entire night.

Best of the best:

Karen: 5'6'', 120lbs. light skinned, beautiful green eyes, brown hair (usually pulled back), killer ass. She speaks very little English and does not try to converse that much. After speaking with her in Spanish for a while her attitude changed dramatically. Hard worker in bed and every bit worth the higher than average price that she requests.

Marisol: 5'7'', 130lbs., long, black wavy hair, full lips, pale skin, medium size tits, awesome body (you can tell she works out - just look at those perfectly sculptured legs). If you like a woman that has that Mediterranean look - this is the one. I negotiated for an all niter, which turned into an all-dayer on the beach for the cost of some butt floss and drinks. We were having a great time and I did not want to waste my time looking for another woman, so we negotiated for another night (my last night). She left her makeup and returned home to get a change of clothes for the evening. She returned to the hotel soaking wet from a workout - words cannot describe how sexy this lady is. I could not tear those clothes off of her fast enough. After showering we headed off for dinner at a nice restaurant, danced Salsa at Azucar, and capped the night off with another workout till the wee hours of the morning. After catching a couple of hours of sleep I had to wake her up to catch a 9:00am flight to Havana, Cuba (that story to follow).


Date: 07-10-1997   Subject: Current information on Cancun

Gentlemen: Here is a good report on the action in Cancun. Archive this one, because it's the most up to date information you'll find. Regards, Brockton O'Toole.

The scene in Cancun is definitely alive and well. Of course, those familiar with TJ you will be disappointed with your dollar value. Those who deal with escort services in the US will find yourself getting a much better deal.

Women: The woman in Cancun are above average what you will see in TJ. Due to the higher cost of living in Cancun and who they cater to expect to pay more.

Prices: In the top clubs, prices are generally 2-3 times higher than what you will pay for in TJ. You may find a woman in the $40-50 range, but if your expecting to hook a real looker forget it.

Where to do the dirty deed: Most of the clubs in downtown some distance from most of the resort hotels. Most women do not like going all the way to your hotel, unless you make it worth their while and this can amount to some buckage. Otherwise, there are always the $10 sleaze rooms near each of the clubs.

For those who are not familiar with Cancun most of the resort hotels are some distance from the clubs (which are not situated one after another like in TJ). To give you an idea a taxi ride from one of the furthest hotels will cost around $10 each way. You can catch the bus (very convenient and runs very often) that while slower will cost around $0.45. This will get you at least into downtown where you can then catch a taxi the clubs for $4-5.

If you desire to bring a woman back to your hotel it is not a problem, with the exception of one hotel - The Ritz Carlton. They actually asked me to check out the next morning (lol)...BFD, we moved down to the Westin Regina. They had a nicer less crowded beach, nice jacuzzi, and no hassles. I checked in the girl as my wife and everything was cool. Because these hotels are set up so far away from everything the Westin actually sets up a small buffet in the lobby area for late night party people. I had a different woman with me that night and when she went to the lobby restroom the security guard approached me and said in a low, serious tone, "Oye, did you exchange your wife?" The hot dog I was eating shot out of my mouth and flew over the buffet table. Someone always has to be a comedian...we all had a good laugh.

[Sounds like that guy had a great sense of humour!]

Locations: Chilly Willy's - Cover $30; all you can drink. This location caters to the tourists, so expect to pay big dollars for a bunch of ice bitches. However, without a doubt, they have the most beautiful women in Cancun. 20+ women. A few 6's; lots of 7-8; some 9+. Private dances, floor show, blah, blah, it on the other posts. Quite a few women here that can speak passable english.

We went one night, didn't leave with any women, and never returned.

Black Jack - Similar to Chilly Willy's. Women rate a little lower in beauty. Private lap dances, continuous floor show, same 'ol same 'ol. I had a couple of lack luster private dances. Both had nice bodies and implants. At around 2:00am I was sitting on pervert row when the next dancer, Gaby, came out on stage. At 5'6", black hair, tan body, C cups, nice looking face, an incredible ass, legs with the muscular tone of a cyclist, and a lot of class. I let it be known that I wanted to do more than watch her dance...yeah, drooling is a little extreme, but hell, it works for me.

We quickly struck up a deal to go back to my hotel. I told my buddy who was still wanted to hang-out. I paid the salida, $200 pesos, and we were off. When we arrived to the hotel (Ritz) we were immediately called to the front desk where the clerk notified me that I had failed to register her earlier and that they did not allow _guests_ into the rooms. I guess I was in a dickhead mode cause I said screw the mordida, Ill register her, pay the extra amount, and fuck you.. Gaby was real nice and a pleasure to be with. Very relaxed love making session. Well the next morning after eating breakfast I was called to the front desk where they politely ask me to leave. So, we packed and headed out...not to worry...there are a shit load of hotels.

Casa Blanca - Cover $ 6.50. Includes your first drink. This was my favorite place in Cancun. 20+ women. Not as many guys or tourists. Continuous floor show, private lap dances, there was a lot of beautiful women and the price-to-value ratio was much better here. My buddy and I were sittng at a table when this girl came up and sat at our table (I dont even remember her name). She had a red, white, and blue 2-piece g-string bikini. 52, a lot of black wavy hair, passable face, C-cups natural (she was proud of those tits), solid body, spoke very good english...problem is she talked like a car salesman on speed. You me make busy, busy. I do sucky, sucky, fucky fucky...doggy, doggy,  Your friend come, you, me, friend make busy, busy., I get girl for your friend, we all make busy, busy SLOW THE FUCK DOWN!!! My friend and I were cracking up when he reached out and grabbed the hand of a girl walking by.

Her name was Karin. 55, light complection, spoke no english, B-cup, solid body (not too skinny, not too chunky), *beautiful* face and and *incredible* smile, brown hair slicked and pulled back. After a brief introduction, Speed Freak, slammed her hand down on the table and announced it was time for,  fucky, fucky. My buddy cannot speak Spanish, so he and Karin were not hitting it off that well. I had to get away from that psycho bitch. After a while my friend told me that he was going to take Speed Freak back to the hotel...I bid him luck. I, OTOH, hooked back up with Karin and we headed off to the hotel. Karins best kept secret is that she shaves. What a beautiful sight. After a passable 10 minute blow job, she jumped on top and just kept on going until I just could not hold it any longer. I cant believe how wet this woman got. We jumped into the shower, and crashed for the rest of the night. The next morning, she wanted to spend the day on the beach so we changed into our bathing suits, called my buddy who was already out of his room, and headed to breakfast. There we met up with my buddy, and yes, he had Speed Freak with him. We spent the day on the beach were he told me that SF fucks likes she talks. Fast and continuous. He said that he they were going to spend the entire day/evening together. Hes a glutton for punishment and he was happy that he hooked up with one that spoke fairly good english.

I, OTOH, had to tell Karin that I was just going to kick back tonight. Sorry, to get her go...but, I wanted to check out some of the other action in town.

While my buddy was busy with Speed Freak, I took this opportunity to check out a couple of other places:

Club Hawaii: Cover $3.00; includes first beer. Very local flavor. 12 ugly women and 1 passable woman. Had a beer and jammed.

Rodeo: Cover $3.00; includes first beer. Scarey. Didnt even order my first beer, just left.

Bolero: Cover: $5.50; no first drink included. Closer to the tourist section of town. 6 dancers that night that were in the range of 6-8s. I asked a couple of the women and they said that they only danced.

Night Club: Azucar - Salsa dancing place. Fun. I did notice a couple of girls that worked at some of the above mentioned places.

Last night, I retired early 3:00am. My buddy and I had a 10:20am flight to Havana the next day.

[A most excellent report by a correspondent who is obviously committed to thorough research. Well done.]

Brockton O'Toole

Date: 11-23-1997   Subject: Cancun

Having lived in Cancun for two years until just recently, I thought I would add a couple of places where "the locals" go to get laid. In Downtown Cancun on Avenida Yaxchilan next to the Suites Caribe hotel is a place called the Casa Blanca. It is essentally a strip joint and nothing much happens before 11pm. There is a five dollar cover charge and many cute girls working within. It will cost about 200 pesos($28) to get these girls out of the bar, and another 300 pesos for the girl or about $80 total. This exit fee is known as a salida and is very popular in the girl bars of Cancun. Most of the girls at Casa Blanca are from Veracruz or Tabasco and bien Caliente!

On Avenida Lopez Portillo there are two clubs essentially across the street from one another, the "Oyster Bar" and the "Hawaii Club". You can fuck most of these girls for 300 pesos plus a 100 peso salida. Hope this gives readers a good alternative to Chili Willies when in Cancun.

Date: 12-22-1997   Subject: Cancun and Cozumel

I have enjoyed all the postings to this group and hope I can add a little info to anyone traveling to Cancun and/or Cozumel.

I speak a little spanish which is extremely helpful to not getting ripped off as well as making contact with the ladies of the yucatan. If you don't speak spanish Cancun is still a great place, but your options are a little limited. Chilly Willy's is by far the safest (both physically and "your going to have a great time"). The only draw back is it will cost a little more $(all in US dollars). This is a very clean, well run strip club/fuck emporium @ 10:00pm-3:00am will have 12-15 absolutely stunning dancers who will do $10 lap dances and $120 suckee/fuckee. In addition there are another 15 muchachas for suckee/fuckee only. The club is open 2:00pm-early am Mon-Sat. They have a $30 (US) cover charge which includes all free drinks. (not bad if your a drinker-but don't drink wally to sleep) It is located 10-15 minutes outside the downtown which makes it ~30-50 minutes from the hotel zone. Every cabbie knows where it is at and will love to take you there. If you are the nervous type the first time you may ask yourself-"where is he taking me" Chilly's and Blackjack are well outside Cancun on the hwy to Merida. The cab fare will cost between $5-$100. Yes-you saw that right. I have taken a bus downtown (30 cents) and grabbed a local cab from there to chilly willies for 40 pesos ($5). The first time I went to Cancun I got taken from the hotel zone by a good english speaking hotel cab. He implied that I may get stranded if he didn't wait for me (I had so much fun I kept him there 5hrs)-he charged close to $100. (side remark: I have traveled extensively in many parts of Mexico and have had very few bad experiences-it is safe and the people are wonderful. The three times I have been ripped off have all been by extremely good english speaking Mexicans. If someone approaches you with a half cocked smile and "come here my friend" beware.) If you go there after 5:00 and leave before 3:00am you won't have any trouble getting a cab back to town/hotel zone. Chilly's has the cab rates posted for the various hotels so you won't get ripped off. Tell the cabbie -one way only (don't wait for me).

If you go in the early afternoon you may want to keep him there,but establish a price first. The # of girls (age 18-24max) will be 7 total and build up to about 35 at 11:00 pm. You can still have a great time at 3:00 pm with one of these beautiful 7. A number of staff members speak good english (this is a tourist establishment-your safe here and they won't rip you AND the ice is purified), but most the girls speak very little english. You will have no problem understanding what she wants when she grabs your dick and smiles with those pretty brown eyes. The cost for 1 hr is $120. Can you get it for less? Yes-but don't haggle with these sweet things. (One gal told me the house gets 60%} If you want a $30 blow job ask a taxi to take you to "Mr.Loco's". At Chilly Willy's you will have one of the best $120 encounters in North America. I always start my encounter with a 200 peso propina ($25 tip) I would rather overpay and have a great time than underpay and be disappointed. The rooms are very clean with showers in a neat little courtyard area. The madam who is in charge of the rooms will follow you back and expect a $2 tip (10-20 pesos). Condom is mandatory for fuckkee, but sometimes optional for suckkee-ask your muchacha first ("no condom por suckee - OK?") Beginning Spanish #101.

As you can probably tell I am in love with Chilly Willy's-All things considered (cleanliness/safety/friendly staff/many beautiful women) this is the place for the tourist to go in Cancun. The minimum you will spend however will be $150-175. My suggestion is to take a 2nd on the homestead and not cut corners. I just got back from Vegas where a 20 minute BJ by and escort girl with a bad attitude cost me $350. Chilly's is a bargain. If "Paloma" or "Jennifer" are there don't pass them by.

This above part of the report was for the casual tourist with no savvy and lots of money where safety is their biggest concern. I like to travel and stay where the locals stay. If you want to be central to the nightlife with easy transportation and quality/cheap food & rooms stay at the "MEXHOTEL-Tropical Inn" (Cabbies know it as Mexhotel). Tel. (98) 84 30 78 address: Av. Yaxchilan Nol 31 SM22. It is located near the intersection of Yaxchilan and Avenida Sunyaxche. within 2 blocks of this intersection are "Casa Blanca", "Mr. Loco's" and "Jardin+ Fuente" There are even a few other places, but even I didn't feel comfortable there. A nice clean room with AC/TV good bathroom runs $35-$50/night depending on season. They have a nice restaurant but only a small pool. They may/maynot ask for $10 if you take a "guest" to your room. It depends who is working the front desk-which you have to pass by. It is a quaint hotel that you will enjoy with friendly staff, some who speak a little english. Cab fare from here to Chilly's is $5. Bus fare to Playa Del Carmen $3. Right across the street is a bank with 24 hr ATM just in case you need a few extra pesos at 3:00 am (Incidentally-you get excellent exchange rates at these machines, better than at the money exchange joints). Your close to many excellent restaurants (my favorite: El Pescador-"the fisherman") The best seafood in Cancun (not cheap,but reasonable$8-$14)

As is true with almost all Mexico nightlife, nothing gets started till 10:00 pm. If you want to get laid at 4:00 in the afternoon- you really only have Chilly's- unless you had the foresight the night before to make "arrangements" Casa Blanca and Jardin fuente are very similar in quality and structure. I really didn't spend much time at Jardin but it was OK. All these places may open at 8:00, but nothing even begins to happen before 10:00 and actually after 12:00 is when you want to be there if your going to go. ON WITH THE STORY:

Casa Blanca is next to hotel Caribe International and Mr. Loco's is just down the street another 6-8 buildings on Yaxchilan. The Jardin Fuente is one long block down Sunyaxche on the right. All these bars have a small cover ($5) and drinks are about the same price. I was at Casa Blanca in March/97 and Nov/97. In March there was a great selection of muchachas, but in Nov it was a disappointment. My guess is that it varies on the tourist season. Lap dances are available in a private booth for $15 (rip off) and the girls can be taken out for suckee/fuckee for $80-$100. The hotel they take you to is a real dive (get your Kwell at the pharamcia across the street). Mr. Loco's is located in a dilapidated hotel. Return of the nerds in paradise had a seen with them checking into a place just like it (junk/garbage all over-no water in pool). I did find a real cutie there after waking up with a hard on at 4:00am (cost-$80). It is nice being close to the action so that you can crawl out of bed, walk down the street and be screwing withing 15 minutes.

All the cabbies said the "oyster bar" is the place to pick freelancers to take to your room. I stopped there twice but they only had 3-6 not so goodlookers. Again both times I stopped it was before 9:00pm in November. At 11:00 in April it very well may be paradise. Very close to here is the "Hawaii Bar"-same story. Both these bars are on the side of downtown on the way to Chilly Willy's and Blackjack. Blackjack is a very small knock off of Chilly's located 1/2 mile before Chilly's. Cover was $15 (which they waived when I turned around to leave). They had 6-8 girls (Quality 5-8). Lap dances were 2 for $15. They have rooms there, but I don't know what full service cost. I would guess $100. This is one place you DO NOT want to let your cabbie go. My buddy and I were stuck in the parking lot for 1 hr. while the trusty parking lot attendant was out on the hwy. trying to flag down a cab flying by on their way back from Chilly's. (He got a nice tip) ON TO COZUMEL:

Took a bus from Cancun station to Playa del Carmen. We were going to rent a car, but I am glad we didn't. The bus is much less of a hassle. They leave every 15 minutes and drop you off right on the beach one block from the Jet Boat to Cozumel. The bus trip to PDC takes 45 min. ($4 one way), the boat trip to Cozumel takes 25 min. ($5 one way). The boat leaves every 1 1/2 hr with last one a 8:00). At the dock they drop you off take a cab or hoof it to "Salsa". It is located to the right 1/2 mile down to the international pier (where the cruise ships dock?}. There you take a left 2-3 block and "salsa" will be on your right. I have never seen any posts on this place. It is a typical Mexican brothel. At 3:00 there were 12-17 girls (qual 2-8), three pool tables, court yard, bar, dance floor. This is not a strip club-just pick a girl-buy her a drink-take her back to the rooms they have in back and fuck. My cost was $80 total, but my buddy got it for $40. (I don't like to haggle and frankly my girl was MUCH prettier}. The guy handing out towels and key had a security shirt and headset communications to keep the traffic flowing. The rooms aren't anywhere as nice as Chilly's, but after spending and hour in a Mr. Loco's room I felt I had checked into the Hyatt. All in all a good time. We had to catch the boat back to play del carmen and thus didn't have a chance to check out any other places. I have seen posts on a brothel called "3 and 1/2 kilometers" and strip/fuck club called "platinum". Will have to save that for another trip. Sorry this report got to rambling a little-future ones will be more concise. Adios- jr

Date: 04-09-1998   Subject: Cancun Houses

I recently was in Cancun during spring break. Chilly Willy's is still there. The taxi drivers really push it. You should be able to get a taxi for about $20 U.S. You do not have to keep the taxi while you are there. Even late at night there are several taxi's in front. The trip is about 45 minutes from the far end of the hotel zone.

It costs $30 to get in. The girls are about 5-8's. The 5's will be on you in a second, so you should pick out a pretty one ASAP. There were some couch dances, but not much. The facillities are as described elsewhere with the back rooms. It is now $150 for blow job, straight sex and massage. They have some shows which do not involve all of the ladies. They dance for one song each, some with there clothes on, some without. All in all not a bad place.

Shampoo is still open. It is now a disco. The girls are prettier, but the cost is $200 for the same as you can get at Chilly Willy's. The cab driver told me there is also a private house in town where you can get practically anything for $200. I did not try it.

Plaza 21 and some of the other places mentioned elsewhere herein are still around. The cab drivers say that they do not have as pretty girs. However, they may be getting a kick back to say this.

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