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Canary Islands, Spain

Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Whores are usually cheap and well trained. You can get a full service
for about 15000 pesetas (just over 100 US dollars). The best whores in
town are found in brothels (as most everywhere in Spain), whereas
street fuckers are usually ugly and sick. Here are some brothels:

 GLORIA, at Claudio Sarmiento 3 in upper Santa Cruz (a taxi drive
will from downtown will cost about 800 pesetas, but the street is hard
to find: you should say it's just at the La Vuelta de los Pajaros
area). Telephone 655211. There you can find Fany who is just 19
(really), Claudia (very attractive blonde in her mid twenties, good
techniques) and especially my favourite Merian. Merian is 21 years old
and seems to have been born to have sex. She enjoys it as much as you,
I promise (or she deserves an Oscar for her performance while
fucking). She will first take you for a compulsory shower with her
(house rule) where she'll start caressing and sucking you. Like most
whores she'll kiss you everywhere except your mouth (inside). She
accepts any position, sucks real nice and licks your balls, and she
has a high talent for licking your chest, ears and other parts of your
body providing pleasure. Merian has a tight warm cunt that gets
reasonably wet if you stimulate it properly, and she will allow you to
lick it and to put your fingers in (something that you don't often get
in Spain). And Merian costs just 8000 pesetas (60 US dollars) for a
relaxed half hour or 10000 for one hour. You can come and fuck again
as much as you like during your time.

SCANDAL, phone No. 245281, for nice discreet hotel service. They
have also older women and sado-maso for those who like thos styles.

HECHIZO DE LUNA, phone No. 203010, where you can find Melany,
very classy and stylish (and a good sucker).

Puerto de la Cruz (Canary Islands)

Same prices as in the island capital. Call 240163 to get a girl a la
carte at your hotel.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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