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Cambridge, Massachusetts

Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 04:01:43 -0500 (EST)

Hello, im writing to inform others of a great place, it has been mentioned
a few times, it is the Broadway health club, located on Broadway in
cambridge, mass. for $60.00 you get a nice massage, and i have received
almost anything else for a fee. discretion is assured, as it is a
non-descript location, and very private.  it has an exercise room, and a
sauna it is clean and neet, the women range from a 5 to a 9 not bad!!  try
it!!!, also, there was a place called Royal Sauna, on alewife brook parkway
in cambridge, it was the BEST!!!! however, i think they got evicted so that
a furniture store could take over their space, damn!!! i loved that place,
and im searching for another.   I may be trying one of the new b&d in call
services, for $250 you get a couple hours with the madame, i'll try it and
let you all know, keep up the referrals please it is for all of us to
share!!!  f.d.

Subject: Re: [ASP][REQ] Broadway health club? Date: 13 Mar 1997 14:17:48 GMT This report is definitely dated, but should give you some idea of what to expect. I went to the Broadway Health Club about 2 years ago. At the time it was slightly cheaper than the Old English Health Club on Main Street in Cambridge (and may still be). The charge was $40 for 1/2 hour and $60 for a full hour ($50 for 1/2 hour $60 for 45 minutes and $70-75 for an hour at the Old English). The Broadway is actually behind some buildings - not right on the main street, but there was a sign that was fairly visible on one of the buildings set back from the street pointing your way. Just watch the addresses. You walk in off a deck into a large lobby area with a couple of couches where the girls sit and there is a window where you go to pay the fee. You let the attendant know whether this is your first time or who you would like to see (no recommendations here as its been so long). They take your first name and give you a lock/key for a locker. There was only one shower/bathroom right off the lobby, which means you may have to hang around for a bit. What I do remember was not all of the girls do everything. I chose Jackie (best looking for my taste - and she did not allow intercourse, BJ for $80, but indicated others did $100 and 2-girl sessions were also available $?). I enjoyed her very much and found we both enjoyed traveling to Aruba. I am partial to Old English, though, and have been going there for a number of years. Haven't been for a long time and went just recently. My particular favorite is Tina, who gives an excellent deep massage, in addition to a wonderful full service, and have also enjoyed Asia (who also has a timeshare on Aruba!) and Kylie. They have a locker room setup with a couple of shower stalls, a separate room with lockers and a big TV room with widescreen tv. The massage rooms are rather small - just a table and enough room to move around it. It is located in the basement of the building and I wouldn't call it the cleanest (the showers/bathroom is fine), but the decor is not my first concern. Even though I've been going there for a long time, it wasn't on a very regular basis and once left (about a year ago) without getting the full service (just got the massage and left a $20 tip) because they didn't recognize me or I said something that made the new girl nervous. As I think about it, maybe it is time I head back to Broadway and check them out again.
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 18:26:52 -0400 (EDT) Subject: My adventure in Cambridge Massachusetts August 1997 Cambridge Massachusetts I had heard about the Old English Health Club, so I decided to check it out being very horny today. Once I got there, I went down the stairs into a sitting room which to my surprise was full of guys at 11:30am. I paid the $60 for the 45 minutes and was told to get undressed and take a shower. The locker room was full of traffic, including the girls who worked there. Also the old lady sneaking peeks while washing the dirty towels. After putting on my wrap, I sat in the waiting room with four other guys. Talk about being uncomfortable. Anyway this gorgeous girl named Taylor called my name out. I thought to myself, (@$#%^ you've hit the jackpot). She led me to the back were the doors on the rooms have small tinted windows. Once in the room she had me lay on the small table.There was only enough room to walk around the table. I asked her if she accepted tips and she said only for massage purposes. Immediate red flag. She told me that I couldnt find what I was looking for here. She also told me several girls had been fired for that kind of behavior. Dam, this place has the looks of a brothel. Can anyone tell me why I couldn't get and action here? Thanks and better luck than what I had today. Needless to say Taylor gave me a so-so finger massage so I tipped her $20 and was out of there. I have heard of full service being offered there.
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 16:20:18 -0500 Subject: Cambridge Mass - reply to last listing there One guy on the list asked about why he didnt get any at the Old English. They get paranoid about cops there. On your next visit they may remember you and give you full service. Tell your massage girl that you've been there before, that will make her at ease. BTW guy, you missed out. Taylor is the best girl there. She likes to talk and is friendly and she doesnt act like she's only in it for money (even though you obviously know she is). Rebecca is also very pretty but with her it's a lot of money talk, "i usually get more for that", etc etc. Turns me off. These are the only two knockouts, though some other girls there are pretty. They've kind of painted over the sign there, but it's at 905 Main Street cambridge, the door to the right of Toscanini's ice cream. Ring the bell and go in to the left, and you'll be buzzed in again at the door underneath the staircase. Also, I went to the Broadway club for the first time and I saw only one girl there, and she was skanky. Apparently one or two others were in session. But i wasnt about to wait around. They didnt give me my $50 back, but i saved the receipt so I could use it next time without paying the fee. They say on the phone that they're expanding, hopefully they'll get pretty women at the same time, but for now i'd avoid this place and go to the Old English. Note to out of towners: do not pick up streetwalkers in Boston! There's a good chance she'll be a cop!
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 15:54:55 PDT Well, it looks like the Olde English Health Club in Cambridge MA is out of business. According to the Globe, the police shut them down sometime early this year. This venerable institution had been in business since 1982, when it overcame some community objections by getting a court order to allow them to open. Sounds like the authorities are cracking down--they also shut down the Broadway Health Club. OEHC was a terrific place. I'd been a fairly regular patron over the past few years. I'll miss it! So long, gals, and thanks for the memories!

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